13 practical tips on how to promote a website yourself from scratch?

We are constantly asked what is the secret of effective website promotion. And every time our answer is the same: «Love your project and respect your users, then the promotion process will cease to be a complex science»…

The most important thing in the promotion process is…

Before talking about the specifics and naming the exact methods that can help you increase the project’s awareness, I would like to talk about the basics. Never forget that website promotion should be an event of exceptional importance and all its tools should be approached from your side. Search algorithms in the realities of today are constantly improving, and in light of this, the ability not only to create unique content, but also to update it among the first is of paramount importance. Standing out from the crowd of competitors, not becoming a robot for gaining link weight – all this requires increased attention if a positive reputation on the Internet is important to you. The fundamental criteria for determining the level of website promotion include:

Behavior factors; Genuine attitude of visitors to the site; Real concrete actions caused by visiting the site; Links posted by authorities and giants of the Internet; Personal commitment to leadership.

The popularity of your resource directly depends on whether you personally love it.

The site owner is the main person interested in acquiring knowledge and the ability to raise the site’s rankings in the search results. In order to independently effectively and quickly promote your resource, you will need a considerable investment of time and effort. Among other things, the promotion process must be entrusted to a person with experience. Otherwise, there is a risk that all your investments will be in vain and will not pay off in any way. And it’s also good if, as a result of an illiterate approach, you just stay in the same place. On the contrary, it is highly likely to damage your performance. In such a situation, you will have to start all over again, only from lower positions, which is no easier.

Resource promotion on Google is the main task.

For optimizers in Ukraine, this is really the main issue in working with an Internet resource. A competent, experienced specialist, subject to full dedication to work on promotion, may take three to four months. The speed of promotion depends on many factors, the main ones being the competitiveness of the site and the popularity of key queries. Professionals in their field know all of them and know how to properly structure their work, taking them into account.

But what if you are a beginner and do not yet know how and what works? In this article, we will give all the necessary recommendations and a clear list of the stages of work. In addition, in the corresponding section you will find simple and understandable answers to questions that interest you. So.

For effective website promotion, it will be more useful to resort to a set of tools. Used together, well-known promotion methods with a powerful blow from below will boost your ratings much higher than used individually. What do you need to do to make friends with search engines and in a whirlwind of similar, if not identical sites to catch and keep attention on yourself?

The key to your success is content exclusivity. Take care of your visitors – give them something that no one else will give but you. As in life, on the Internet, you need to have absolute advantages to stand out. Real, justified advantages, and not supposedly examples of your activities taken from somewhere from the Moon.

Internal optimization – how to do it and how it will help.

Optimizing the resource inside is the beginning, the first step. Before getting indexed by search engines, you need to prepare. First of all, attention is paid to the internal optimization and exclusivity of the content. And therefore, since you have decided to promote the site with your own hands, you need, first of all, to write individual texts, to optimize the site for search engines. Copying material from third-party sites will not lead you to popularity – search robots will first of all prefer resources with unique content, which is not found anywhere else.

So, about the elements of internal optimization:

1. Meta tags. In the work, the main attention should be paid to the following data:

Title – the title of the page corresponding to the request keys you selected for promotion; Description – the main description of the pages and their benefits; Keywords – a list of keys that will be used for promotion.

2. Creation of exclusive content and its placement.

The main task for website optimization is content. You should not take texts from third-party sites, it is better to write them yourself. Or let those who know how to do it write them at your request. The owner of the SEO blog ivansotsenko.com.ua, Ivan Sotsenko, says that the overclocking efficiency is based precisely on the development strategy, which implies the use of tools together with each other, and the basic condition is the ability to timely update the site and fill it competently, with high quality. The most optimal is to post five or more new sections / pages of exclusive content per week.

3. Heading h1 and subheadings h2-h6.

The h1 and h2 headings are the main headings for the material, which highlight the main information contained in it. In addition, they are a kind of leads for search engines. Therefore, you need to select the headers according to the site request keys. They must be understandable for both visitors and search robots.

There are separate tags to highlight the key material inside the text. «strong» and «b»… When working with them, of course, there are subtleties. We analyze them in detail in training courses.

4. Relinking – «with what it is eaten» and why it is so important.

Resource pages work together. The information you post must be understandable, but also must be accessible. This is necessary for the convenience and possibility of viewing by clients, and for obtaining indexing.

You need to link pages using a stepwise method. If you share any information with a visitor, he should have easy access to it. Suppose you have an article that you post on your resource and give an announcement on the home page. So after clicking on the announcement, the user should get to the page of this article. That is, the destination in the address bar should look like «…article / article1 /», but not «catalog / products / article1 /»…

It’s a pity, but this also happens often, on many resources. In the course of working on courses with our students, we quite often found such oversights. Avoid such mistakes – love your user and make the work with the site simple and understandable for him, as well as for search engines.

5. Correct nesting depth of pages. What should be the structure?

Imagine, you went to the site using the query key that fell out in the search, and then for fifteen minutes you searched for the page you need, because a bunch of links took you deeper and deeper, often completely in the wrong direction. Unpleasant, isn’t it? So – do not think that your users will be pleased to be in the same situation. Don’t hide information too far, limit it to a couple of clicks. It will also help the search engine index your resource faster. In case you have a rather large portal with a lot of information, catalog it and redirect it in such a way that by clicking on the catalog, the visitor will have access to a page containing all the products broken down by categories, which will also not be easy to navigate to. labor.

Free website promotion – how to start?

Yes, the ability to promote a site without investment today – «headache» of paramount importance for employees who want to keep most of the finances for themselves at the expense of savings, and for the owners of resources, because, as you know, there is never a lot of money, especially for advertising. Taking on the promotion of the site, bypassing the investment of money, get ready to make a huge investment of labor and time. You will have to leave your links on dozens and dozens of dozens of third-party resources. And the closer they and your theme touch, the better.

And so, you have created a website and even optimized it. The next step is registration with search engines. Of course, on condition of high-quality promotion work, soon search engines themselves will notice it and index it.

6. Registration of the site in catalogs.

Many novice optimizers brush aside directories, but in vain. There are many such resources that will agree to cooperate with you both for a fee or for free. Most of them will easily host a high-quality (!) Site, but with the condition of placing a backlink. How it works? Very simple. You place your site in the directory of your choice, and in return, insert a link to it on your site. This partnership method is a great opportunity to promote your website at no cost or with a minimum investment.

But, of course, this method has a number of subtleties and peculiarities. They must be taken into account in order to correctly carry out the work with the extraction of maximum profit from this. We also consider these questions in the training course.

7. Placement of the site in article directories.

Writing an article and posting it is a good start and one of the most effective tools for long-term promotion. You place an article in the catalog, leaving a link to the request key in the text of the article. This allows you to get link weight. More unique articles with similar links, more rating platforms for placement – more weight. Everything is simply obscene. A useful thing for increasing PR and TCI.

8. Placing the site on message boards.

This type of promotion should be treated with caution. On similar «landfills» all and sundry are accommodated. If you do not want to coexist with some forbidden site, it is better to abandon this venture. Moreover, search engines also do not favor such resources very much. Plus, you yourself can make a conclusion about their rating.

9. Tools for website promotion without investment.

Refer to social media, forums and blogs, RSS feeds, and link exchange services in this question. Of course, this is just a small part of the instruments, a drop in the bucket. But, as a beginner, you will have more than enough of them to learn how to promote as such. If you want or need to promote a site with more competition in terms of query keys, you will be faced with the need to use more extensive and serious methods.

Knowledge is minimal, but do you really want to take up promotion? There is an exit!

If you have a desire to quickly and professionally learn website promotion, take a course from our specialists. They are ready to share with you important working information, their secrets, which will help to raise your resource to the TOP of the search results relatively quickly.

10. Contextual advertising on Google.

There is hardly anyone who can argue that this is the most working method for those who want to quickly get their visitors and start trading. But it should also be used in conjunction with other methods. Spending on contextual advertising is far from always justified and even more «not always» pay off. And, of course, such work should be carried out by a specialist with a decent level of experience.

11. Exchanges of links and articles – purchase of links. Just be careful!

The main, most common method, both among professionals and beginners. If you are one of the latter, pay special attention to automated services. They provide the ability to do it yourself, and it’s easy to create and manage campaigns in the right direction. These resources are collaborating with many reputable Internet systems. Mastodons such as sape.ru, miralinks.ru or seopult.ru will provide you with temporary and permanent links at prices that will not make you flinch with horror.

12. Perpetual links – expensive, but angry.

Compared to temporary links, they have a huge advantage. Over time, the weight transferred by them increases, as a result of which the site’s indicators also grow. Calculate your average monthly or annual ad spend, then compare to the cost of a perpetual link. Another priority. Over time, your site, due to such a link, will receive a fairly large rating, while, apart from the initial payment, you will no longer spend a dime on this link.

13. Natural link promotion.

No matter how things are with automated promotion, the natural should still come first. Everything that is done with your own hands, everything that your soul is invested in – this is the key to the success of your project. Links from various blogs, for example, will relate specifically to natural promotion. In addition, it can also include internal work with the site – improving the structure, developing the design, and so on.

Self-promotion and the benefits of passing special courses from masters.

Anyone is capable of promoting a site on their own, without attracting third-party specialists and without shifting their hard-earned money into an unknown pocket, provided there is a sufficient supply of patience. It turns out that it is not enough for the mass of beginners.

There is a great variety of educational literature on the Internet, a bunch of resources that promise to teach «of magic» promotion. Of course, the information is not always working and of high quality. Agree, hardly anyone will easily agree to give away their tricks and secrets that have been earned over years of hard work.

We offer you an alternative – courses of our trainers for SEO training. Studying with us, you will receive not only important and, most importantly, high-quality knowledge, but also a whole arsenal of tools and auxiliary materials that have been accumulated and tested over several years.

Training in «SEO practic school» – we teach to promote sites in three to four months!

Having opted for the course that you like the most, you can even after completing it, take with you an individual plan for working with the site to promote it for six or twelve months. It is an individual one – we draw up a plan based on your keys and requests, and also reserve the right for you to receive advice for a few more months after graduation. We will support you until you say that you no longer need it, because you are a real specialist.

So long ago they started promoting the site, and the work phone is still not torn from customers’ calls? All you do is to unbuckle a tidy sum to the SEO team, which convinces you that literally tomorrow visitors will flood to you every day?

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