Business promotion on Instagram for stores: detailed instructions.

Compiled for you a great guide to promoting your business on Instagram together with an expert — producer of SMM agency projects «Rezaltika» Dasha Lukyanenko. If you want to promote your account and make a store out of it, but don’t know where to start — you definitely need this article.

We analyze the promotion process completely: how to create a business account on Instagram, how to properly create content and organize its production, how to prevent account blocking or theft, which promotion methods work, and which should be forgotten forever.


What does business promotion on Instagram give?

Instagram has long ceased to be «girlish» social network. According to for 2022 year, largest audience segment — equally men and women 25-34 years old, they make up 34% of users. Another 31% — boys and girls 18-24 years old, quite suitable target audience for inexpensive goods.

An Instagram account can be made a standalone store. Sell, communicate with customers, publish engaging content, run ads on the social network — the playground is suitable for all tasks. Taking into account a large, active, solvent audience — an Instagram account is a must have for a business.

How to make an Instagram business account.

There are three types of accounts on Instagram: Personal, Business, and Authors. For full-fledged work, you need to create a business account — it will allow you to view statistics, launch ads and make active contacts of the company in the profile (I will talk about this in more detail a little further). For bloggers, the author account option is suitable: there are also statistics and advertising opportunities there.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, create one first. Download the application to your phone in the App Store or Google Play, install and open. If registering from a computer, go to You can register with your email address, phone number, or through your existing Facebook page.

Done, now follow the instructions on how to create an Instagram business account. To do this, click on the icon with three stripes in the corner or scroll the application to the left to the end — the control menu appears.

Instagram management menu.

Go to the settings, select the menu «Account»…

Go to settings in Instagram.

Click on «Switch to a professional account»:

Instagram account settings.

The app then talks about the main benefits of a business account. We press «Further» and move on to choosing an account category.

Categories on the home screen — basic, you can also select a subcategory. For iOS devices, the subcategory selection will appear after the main selection. On Android, like mine, you need to enter a category in the search bar, and the social network will give you all the appropriate options.

Selecting an account category.

Now we set up the contacts that will be shown in the profile. By default, for a business account, Instagram will suggest the contacts you signed up with, but you can change them and add geolocation. Contacts can be left blank or changed later in the settings.

Adding contact information.

Note! Specify geolocation if you have one physical point — salon, restaurant, shop. It makes no sense to indicate the location if you have a network of offline stores or you provide services remotely.

In the next step, we connect the Facebook page. If you have one, connect immediately — from the Facebook ad cabinet, you will set up ads. In addition, this is another chance to return the page in case of hijacking.

Connecting a Facebook page.

Ready! Now you — Instagram business account owner:

Business account on Instagram.

If for some reason you don’t like working in a business account, you can switch back to a personal one. And again to the professional one. And back — Instagram allows you to do this an unlimited number of times.

How to protect your Instagram business account from hacking and blocking.

You can lose your account due to hacking by scammers or blocking by the social network itself. Usually, in such situations, you can return control or restore your account, but it will take time: sometimes, up to a week or more! If you are promoting an Instagram account for business, such a break should not be allowed. So it is better to take precautions so that your account is not hacked by scammers and does not break the rules.

Anti-theft protection.

Choose a complex password that you don’t use anywhere else, especially in the mail linked to your account. Change it for prophylaxis every few months, as well as after suspicious activity in your account or after connecting third-party applications.

To make it easy to regain control in case of hacking, bind all possible contacts: mail, phone, Facebook page. Turn on two-factor authentication in your account settings («Settings — Security — Two-factor authentication»).

Don’t be fooled by fake notifications. Instagram sends notifications only to the mail linked to the account or to the notifications section in the app (the heart icon in the bottom bar). Do not pay attention to other mail or messages in Direct supposedly from the administration, these are scammers.

Blocking protection.

Instagram has rules of conduct — limits on the number of actions and compliance with copyright. Copyright infringement is recorded based on user complaints, and action limits — automatically. For these violations, they can delete the post, temporarily or permanently block the account.

Actions — these are unsubscriptions, subscriptions, likes and comments. All this you will need to do to promote your Instagram account. Since 2019, the social network has not published official limits, but you can be guided by the old rules. These numbers work for accounts older than 6 months, if your account is younger, feel free to halve the number:

unsubscriptions and subscriptions — in total no more than 60 per hour; likes — 60 per hour; comments — 60 per hour.

There is also a subscription limitation — 7500. It does not affect account blocking in any way, it is just the maximum possible number of subscriptions.

Important! In 2019, Instagram greatly tightened its liability for using third-party services. For any abnormal activity in your account, you risk getting a partial (temporary) or full ban. This applies to all services: from automatic greetings to new subscribers to auto-views of other people’s Stoties.

How Instagram punishes violations:

Temporary blocking for excessive activity, lasts from 15 minutes to two days. Additional confirmation of actions in the application, by SMS or email. This is not even a punishment, but a security measure. — suddenly the account was hacked. Removing a post for copyright infringement. Account deleting — if you have violated the copyrights of major brands or are very active in the new account.

A safe way to promote your new Instagram account would be:

first two weeks — only likes, up to 20 per hour; second two weeks — likes, maximum 30 per hour; after the first 500 subscribers, you can start subscribing to other accounts, up to 20 per hour; no third-party services, only manual work.

How to get a business account on Instagram.

Guests will receive the first information about the account from the profile description. Fill it out briefly and meaningfully, so that it is immediately clear where the person has ended up and what can be done with your help.


On Instagram, the avatar is round and small. Consider these features: do not try to use avatars from other social networks here. Make an avatar specifically for Instagram. The image should be meaningfully related to the content of the account and be readable even on a small mobile screen.

Like this tea shop — on the avatar there is a teapot and a name. Together with the description of the account, it is immediately clear where you got to:

Themed avatar in the tea shop account.


Upper large line, here you can write up to 30 characters — Latin letters, numbers, period and underscore. Try to choose a short nickname that:

easy to read — so that there is no question of how it is read correctly; sounds good by ear and does not cause unpleasant associations, is easily pronounced; fits the theme of the account.

For example, here is a philologist’s account. Nick is easy to read, on topic and humorous:

The nickname selected in the topic for the account.

The first line in the profile description in bold. You can put up to 30 characters here — Cyrillic, Latin, numbers, symbols and even emoticons.

The name will help decipher the nickname. Write here keywords by which potential customers are looking for you, for example, «family psychologist Anna Petrova» or «cakes to order in Moscow»…

This account combines a nickname and a name. Nick, aka the name of the store, matched to the profile theme — sportswear. The name specifies what types of sportswear can be bought here.

Correctly chosen name.

Profile description.

The description contains 140 characters, including emoticons. Write here important information for clients: what exactly is convenient and cool in your service.

For example, the store for confectioners explains that there is a physical and online store, many payment methods and points of issue, and most importantly — all goods are in stock.

A good profile description on an Instagram business account.

Please note: mentions of other accounts can be inserted into the description in the form @name. This comes in handy if you want to promote your related project or give someone a contact. In this case, the store links to the founder’s profile — chef and food blogger Andy Chef.


Only one active link can be placed in a profile. But there are special services that allow you to create a mini-landing page with all the necessary links to messengers and the website. For example, try or Taplink.

This is how the landing page link looks in the fish restaurant profile. «The SEA»:

Instagram link to mini-landing page.

The link opens a landing page:

Mini-landing page for a fish store.


Contacts in an Instagram business account are displayed on the mobile version of the app. Clickable address — in the profile header. Phone and mail in a separate button «Contacts»: button «How to call» transfers to the call window, where the number has already been dialed, and the button «Email address» — to the window for creating a letter, where the recipient’s address is already indicated.

Contacts in the Instagram business account.

The desktop version does not have this data:

Active contacts are not displayed when viewed from the desktop.

Stories Highlights.

Stories Highlights, or section «Actual» — a way to archive Stories. Highlights are stored under the profile description and look like little circles. Every circle — this is the album where Stories are saved. Inside Stories, highlights look like long rows of Stories from old to new.

Highlights can be used for business on Instagram — as a menu for getting to know your account. For example, as in this basketball store:

An example of using Stories Highlights in an Instagram business account.

Note! If you want to use Highlights as a menu, then create separate covers for them: round, without unnecessary elements, as in the example above. Come up with captions that are clear and consistent.

To save your Stories in Highlights, go to it, click on the button below «Highlight» with a heart icon. If you are saving Stories for the first time, add the album name. For example, I want to make an album in my account for Stories about my cat.

First, I select the Stories I want:

Adding Stories to Highlights.

And then I add to Highlights:

Adding Stories to Highlights.

Later Highlights can be edited — choose a cover and add a title up to 16 characters. Just go to the album you want, click on the three dots in the corner and select «Edit current»…

Editing Stories Highlights.

And here is what Dasha Lukyanenko from the SMM agency tells about account registration «Rezaltika»:

Dasha Lukyanenko, specialist of SMM agency «Rezaltika»

«Create and «comb your hair» account. It seems obvious, but businesses that decide to refer customers via social media often miss the fact that a new person may not know anything about the company.

Imagine this is your first time opening an account. Do you understand which company the profile represents and why subscribe to it? And if you don’t subscribe, what should you do?

Below are some simple rules that will work for both personal accounts and company profiles.

1. The profile photo is clear to the new user.

Yes, everyone loves cats. Nobody has anything against your child. The nature is very beautiful. The designer tried, and the director wanted this pattern, we understand. But at the first contact with the profile, most likely, the user simply will not understand where he got to if he sees something of the above. If your photo has something unobvious — take away.

If you plan to develop a personal brand, post a high quality personal photo in your accounts. Your face should be clearly visible on it, and then everything depends on the image that you plan to create: you want to look serious — post a photo in a business suit, friendly — smile and so on.

In your company profile, place a logo or other image that matches your brand. If there is no logo, the name of the company will do on a plain background, in accordance with the corporate colors of the company. If you have a brand book — super, follow it.

Small details on the logo will have to be abandoned. If the logo has a company name and symbol, select either text or symbol. Most users access social networks from their phones. All together it will be problematic to read.

2. The profile description briefly explains what you do and how you differ from others.

To find out about a brand or a person, users often go to their profile (Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte). This is the easiest and quickest way to find out if it is interesting to look further.

It is very important that from the description it is clear who you are and what you are offering. Instagram description — 140 characters. Tell us the main thing: what you are doing, what do you share in your profile, how you differ from others. Do not forget to indicate where to find out more about your company.

3. Your account has an easy way to contact you.

Ultimately, both businesses and personal brands want to make contact with an unknown user more personal. Make it a client, get a phone number or mail.

Give the user the opportunity to contact you outside of the social network. Indicate in the profile the phone number, website, if available and used.

Life hack for personal accounts: place a link in your profile to chat with you on WhatsApp. Now this can be done without third-party applications and services. — by a link like;numbergt ;. Instead of lt; number gt; substitute your phone starting at 7 without zeros, brackets and dashes.

For businesses in the service sector, this contact option is also suitable. For example, in your beauty salon, an administrator keeps a record, he also answers customer questions, and he does all this from a corporate phone. So set a link to this number in WhatsApp so that users can contact you as quickly and easily as possible. Just don’t forget to warn the managers»…

How to create content for Instagram promotion.

In creating content for promoting a business on Instagram, it is important to find your visual style, write about what is interesting to the target audience, and do it regularly. So you don’t have any extra work to do, just follow this step-by-step guide to create content.

Step 1. Analysis of competitors.

Find competitors in your niche. You can do this:

in Instagram itself — for example, by thematic hashtags and key queries; through competitors’ sites — if they have social media, the social media buttons will be on the site; in the search engine — type a relevant search term with the word Instagram, for example, «crochet toys Instagram»…

See what content and how many posts your competitors publish per day. What is the ratio of informational, entertainment, image and selling posts, how are they visually designed? See if there is any custom content — reviews or re-posts from bloggers. Analyze which type of content gives more comments and likes, how the account works with comments.

Important! The main goal when analyzing competitors — to do better, but in a different way. Don’t try to copy competitors’ content. You can use good moves, but always adapt them for yourself.

Step 2. Content plan.

educational — interesting facts, how to instructions, unusual use of things, life hacks, other useful materials; entertaining — memes, funny stories and photos, games, contests, quizzes; image — about the company, your principles, goals, the wrong side of work, everyday life of employees, interesting news for clients; selling — promotional posts about specific products.

Views can be mixed, for example, make a life hack with your product — the result is a mixture of educational and marketing content. If you do «naked» selling posts, it is better not more than 20% of the total content. However, watch the reaction of subscribers. — maybe your audience is best «will come» exactly selling posts.

Come up with some regular headings that will appear on specific days of the week. This will make it easier to come up with topics, and it will give subscribers a reason to log into your account for a new post.

All topics need to be collected in a table — content plan. This document will help form the big picture: how many posts are ready, what are the results of individual posts, and so on.

The content plan can be done in Excel or Google Sheets. Enter the details of all posts there:

date of publication; heading and content type; theme; readiness degree — what is left to finish.

You can add any information that is important to you to the plate: for example, information about those responsible, additional hashtags, and so on. Here you can also collect engagement statistics — likes, comments, reposts.

Here’s an example of a content plan for a conditional cleaning service:

Sample content plan for an Instagram business account in Google Sheets.

And here are some tips to text on your Instagram «hooked» eye, easy to read and brought in leads:

Start your post with an engaging sentence. The Instagram feed displays up to 70 of the first characters of the post, the rest is hidden under the ellipsis. Try to catch the audience’s interest at the beginning of the text. Break the text into paragraphs using a secret space, otherwise it will stick together in «sheet»… In the post creation window, beat off paragraphs from each other with an empty line, and insert this character into it (copy the space in quotes) — «⠀»… … Emoticons can help highlight important thoughts, separate blocks of text, or add emotion. If the post mentions specific products, then add purchase information — how to order, who to contact. If your profile contains this information, write, for example, «Order from the link in your profile»… Engage in dialogue. This will give you more comments. — the feed will understand that your posts are interesting and will rank them higher. At the same time, in communication, you will be able to persuade customers to buy.

For examples of creative and engaging text, check out this selection of awesome copywriting examples.

Don’t forget about Stories and IGTV!

Stories — the mini-posts you see at the top of the app, they disappear 24 hours after being published. In Stories, you can quickly publish content without lengthy processing: a vertical video or photo, a few words on top of the image and you’re done. They also publish announcements of their posts, ads, commercials, and just live content about working days:

Stories on Instagram.

Stories engage more than regular feed posts. They are in plain sight, they do not need to be scrolled — you can scroll through the entire list by tapping on the screen. Stories are interactive: in addition to text, you can place a hashtag, emoji, poll, a link to a group chat, a countdown timer on the image — all this in the form of funny stickers.

There are two ways to create Stories: either click on the circle with your avatar and plus sign (it is located right in front of the Stories list), or scroll through the application from left to right until it stops.

IGTV — a channel in your account where you can post long videos. You can attach a video segment maximum per minute to posts in the feed, you can cut the video and post it as a carousel one minute at a time. But this is not very convenient for subscribers.

IGTV helps out — here you can publish videos up to 15 minutes long! Directly from there, you can create a post with a preview of the video in the feed. Subscribers will see the first minute of the video, then the social network will offer to watch it on IGTV.

Click on the TV icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then in the same place — to the plus icon. Choose a video from 1 to 15 minutes long, choose a cover for it — one of the frames, fill in the title and description. To publish the video to the feed as a post, turn on the slider «Preview»:

Adding videos to IGTV.

The published video will appear in your posts marked — TV icon. At the same time, a new tab will be created, where all the videos uploaded to IGTV will be:

Step 3. Visual design.

Instagram — it’s always about the visual part first, and only then about the text. Your images should be high quality, vibrant and in a similar style. If you are making covers for posts with text, choose one font and a couple of colors for the plates.

Life hack — if you constantly have different photos, process them with the same filter. This will slightly smooth out the differences in color, brightness and contrast. You can add your own logo to the covers. It is advisable to choose simple processing, which can be done in an online editor or directly on Instagram, then a designer will not be needed.

Remember your materials — better than stock, and video — better than a photo. Make your own content: shoot products or services, company everyday life, employees at work.

Always keep a stock of photos and videos. This is where the content plan will help: write the topics a couple of weeks or a month in advance and try to shoot in one go. This will seriously save time and save in a situation where «nothing to post»… Capture all the interesting things that you see — you can always quickly write text to a good photo.

Important! Sell ​​not a product, but emotions, mood, lifestyle. Keep this in mind when creating your content. Your customers are not buying a product — they buy happiness.

Step 4. Promotion strategy.

Collect all the developments in one document — business promotion strategy on Instagram. All information on USP, competitors, target audience, content, design. Break the promotion process into stages, for each, write down the terms, work scheme and set KPIs — the number of subscribers, their engagement, and so on. Don’t be afraid to plan: it’s better to adjust your strategy on the fly than to move without it.

The strategy will allow you to look at the situation from above — whether you have deviated from the plan, and quickly bring a new person up to date if necessary. Yes, and as a cheat sheet is suitable if you suddenly forgot the desired color of the plate or want to re-go through the list of competitors.

Step 5. Distribution of responsibilities.

Distribute account management tasks. Who will be:

write texts; shoot, search and process images; view and publish ready-made posts; reply to comments.

Business promotion mistakes on Instagram.

First, I’ll tell you what not to do. For example, mass following and massliking, giveaway contests as ways to promote a business on Instagram can work, but with big reservations. You should also avoid stealing content and not forgetting about the quality of photos and videos.

Automatic mass following and massliking.

Mass following and massliking — this is when you subscribe to the accounts of your target audience and like their posts. People see the notification and go to see who you are. If the account is interesting — will subscribe.

Fresh and inexperienced accounts indulge in mass methods to quickly catch up with the audience. This is usually done using third-party services, for the use of which Instagram can ban you. And the result can be so-so: if the parsing is poorly configured, bots and inappropriate subscribers will come to you. Accordingly, such an audience will only drop the level of engagement in the account.

Mass following and mass liking work if you do them leisurely, and better by hand. And you certainly don’t choose them as the main promotion tool.


Giveaway, aka giveaway or simply giveaway — a type of competition when a prize is drawn between everyone who subscribed to the accounts of the sponsors of the competition or liked the posts.

Givevas cause uncontrolled influx «prize-catchers» — non-target audience, which comes only for prizes and leaves after the competition in a wave, killing engagement rates. Instagram will see a churn of followers and start reducing the weight of posts in the SERP. As a result, you can lose the indicators for which you have been working for years in one weekly competition.

Instagram giveaways can be useful for promoting a business under two conditions: if you sell products that are useful to everyone, and over a large territory — for example, all over Russia. It is better to create a separate selling landing page for the giveaway and drive competitive traffic there. Then, in the event of a failed competition or subsequent audience churn, your main account will not be affected. This is how a landing page might look like:

An example of a landing page of nine posts on an Instagram account.

Someone else’s content.

You can drive on someone else’s content exactly as long as you are not blocked for copyright infringement. The coolest ideas are usually on the promoted pages, which means — many subscribers and great authority. Someone will sooner or later see copy-paste.

Look for your style. No one forbids looking for inspiration in other people’s ideas, but always adapt them and add something new, something of your own. Who knows if your next video will go viral?

Poor quality, uninformative visual.

Instagram sales — this is a chain «had seen — read — wanted»… It is in this sequence. If the visual is uninteresting, low-quality — text won’t save you.

Decide on the style. You don’t have to do a sleek studio shoot — shoot outdoors, in the office, behind the bar, anywhere. Look for an unusual angle and take shots that are engaging.

Note! Don’t add a lot of text to images. Facebook and Instagram underestimate posts in which more than 20% of the image is occupied by text.

Ways to promote on Instagram.

You already know the non-working ways to promote on Instagram, now let’s figure out what works. Let’s divide the promotion methods into two groups: shareware and paid. Conditionally, because in any case you are wasting your valuable time, pay an SMM specialist or provide someone with your account for advertising.

The first four — shareware.

Regular posting, interesting content.

You already know how to create content. Remember, account design and cool content — this is the foundation without which Instagram is nowhere.

You need to post regularly: this is how you gain weight for your posts in the feed. If you disappear for a week, the results of new posts will be much worse.


Helps you find posts on a specific topic. You can also subscribe to them as an account, or vice versa. — hide all posts mentioning the hashtag.

You can insert a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post and several in Stories, but you really don’t need that much. Use up to 10 — the main ones that characterize the business, and a couple of thematic ones for each individual post.

How to find hashtags that will help you get promoted:

Choose hashtags based on your keywords and frequency. Better to take those that are mentioned less than 100 thousand times. If you want to break out in the top publications by hashtag, see how many likes the top has. If the average is 2 thousand, and you have a maximum of 200 — this is not your option. See hashtag spamming. If there are many off-topic posts among publications, users are unlikely to search for it. Don’t use the same hashtags, test different ones and choose the ones that fit the topic.

Advice! Publish hashtags separately from the text of the post so that they do not become an eyesore: beat them off with a couple of paragraphs or place them in the first comment.


A good way for local business — shop, cafe, service and so on. If you enter a keyword into the search, Instagram, in addition to users and hashtags, also gives out geotags. If you click on this, you can see all posts with this tag. Top of the search results page — the map, in the mobile version it is clickable and when clicked, transfers it to Google Maps:

Search for posts by geotag.

In a post, the active geotag is displayed under the account nickname:

The geotag in the post is located under the account nickname.

Geotag all your posts and motivate clients to do the same. For example, for a post with a photo from a store and a geotag — a gift or a discount on a purchase.


You need comments, they are good for the weight of posts in the feed and provide contact with potential customers. In each post, encourage people to leave comments: ask questions, ask to share experiences, advice, come up with a joke, and so on. You can even play in cities if nothing comes to mind.

Affiliate posts.

Sharing courtesies with other accounts — you write about them, they are about you. Two tricks:

Choose accounts with your target audience. Post affiliate posts at least a couple of days apart. Then you will get the impression that you are just recommending an interesting account, and not doing mutual PR.

Next, I’ll tell you about paid promotion methods on Instagram.

Paid promotion of posts.

The point is to show the post not only to your subscribers, but to the right audience outside of your account.

Instagram ads can be run in feed or Stories. What an ad post might look like:

one photo or video; carousel with several photos or videos; slide show up to 10 frames.

Ads can be run on Instagram itself from a business account or via Facebook AdsManager.

To run Instagram ads, click the button «Promotions», it is located on the home page of your account. The social network will prompt you to select the post you want to promote. Then you need to choose:

Destination, that is, where the button on the post will lead. Variants — to your profile, website or Direct. Audience — you can either automatically select an audience that is similar to your existing subscribers, or you can set it up again. Customization criteria — geography, interests, gender and age. Advertising duration and daily budget. Instagram will tell you how many people you can reach with these settings.

At the final stage, before launching, Instagram will offer to see how the promotion will look and, if necessary, change the settings. You will also have to link your bank card if it has not already been added to the linked Facebook account.

Create an Instagram promotion.

To run ads through the Facebook Ads Manager, visit the Facebook page to which your Instagram business account is linked. To go to Ads Manager, in the control panel at the top, click «Create» and select «Advertising»:

Advertising creation via Facebook Ads Manager.

Now we set up the campaign:

Choosing the goal of the campaign. Depending on what you need: get leads, drive traffic to the site, increase the engagement of existing subscribers, and so on. Setting up the audience. Facebook has a lot more technical possibilities for this, and you can customize it more flexibly than in Instagram itself. We indicate the location. If you want ads only on Instagram, check only the corresponding checkbox. Setting up a budget — daily and general per campaign. Create the ad itself — format, images, text, link.

Game activities.

These are contests, quizzes and any other game action for which you will present a prize to the winner.

Here are some basic mechanics for promoting an Instagram business through a contest:

Random selection among post comments. Ask them to answer the question in the comments, mark friends there, and even just put a serial number. Repost post in Stories. Ask subscribers to publish your post in their Stories with a mention of your account. In order not to lose participants, either immediately enter all the reposts in the plate, or ask to fix the contest Stories in the current one. A post with a branded hashtag. Let subscribers publish a post with your branded hashtag — it can be a testimonial, a story, a beautiful photo of your products. This option will give you good coverage: the post will be seen by their followers and, possibly, will also take part.

Describe in detail all the conditions of the competition in the post so that no one has any complaints:

time spending; the terms of participation; prizes, delivery time and the way to collect them; mechanics of choosing a winner.

If the document with the conditions turns out to be large, separately secure it on your website or Facebook. In the contest post, tell us where to read the detailed terms and conditions.

Attention! Choose the prizes that your target audience wants. Make the conditions simple, so that people can participate, but not elementary, so that freeloaders do not come running.

Advertising from bloggers.

An effective way to promote on Instagram — find a blogger with a suitable audience and buy a post from him. The amounts of fees are very different and can go up to hundreds of thousands per post from top millionaire bloggers.

It is not necessary to save up for advertising from such bloggers. Advertising with microinfluencers with an audience of up to 10 thousand people will be more effective and much cheaper. Microinfluencer keeps a lively contact with his small audience, besides, he can be a well-known person in the city, which is good for local business.

What to look at when choosing a blogger:

Is your target audience in the account? Content quality and subject matter — whether the post about you will look organic. Are there any competitors’ publications — can not advertise «both yours and ours», it is two-faced and will cause negativity among subscribers. Involvement — how many views Stories get, how many likes and comments posts get in relation to the number of subscribers. Compare the metric with similar accounts. If the difference is big — most likely, the blogger has subscribers. Statistics for the last week — ask for a screenshot.

Let the blogger prepare the post itself. — he knows what kind of presentation his audience needs. A good option — give the contractor a detailed TOR and write down all the points that you want to see in the text. Let the blogger make the visual too, then the photo or video will be in the style of the account.

Dasha Lukyanenko, SMM agency «Rezaltika»:

«There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for promoting a business on Instagram. You need to choose tools taking into account the tasks that a business or a person wants to solve with the help of social networks.

About manual mass following. If you have a task to attract new users to your account, then try to subscribe to target accounts manually. Yes, there are paid services where you can customize the audience, but often good old manual mass following works better.

This is a luxury because it takes a very long time. But third party services — it’s always a risk that one nervous Monday morning you won’t be able to log into your account. You can restore it after blocking, but you will waste time, and the audience will lose contact with you.

Stories autoviews no longer work. Previously, they worked well: users were interested in who was watching their Stories, went to commercial accounts and bought (if you imagine the perfect picture). But since October 2019, this young and very popular tool has been banned by Instagram. — due to increased liability for the use of third-party services.

React interactivity in Stories. Instead of autoviews, reactions to interactions in Stories are gaining popularity. Ideally, this should also be done by hand: go through the Stories in the accounts of target users and answer questions in them, respond to interactive elements (polls, polls, etc.).

If you don’t want to work manually, you can take a chance and look for new services for auto-reactions on Stories. But here’s how much you can use them before Instagram detects it and blocks the account. — unknown.

Solid no — buying comments, likes and followers. To attract a new audience, as well as to solve any of your other tasks, we do not recommend buying likes, comments and subscribers. At all. Please do not. You kill organics with such tools. That is, even those live, real users who are interested in you stop seeing you.

Instagram gives priority to reaching new audiences. That is, you show your content to bots that you just purchased. And to others — do not show. This applies to the promotion of subscribers.

There is also a reminder that the social network officially refuses to show the number of subscribers. We disperse.

It seems to sound logical: users come to your posts, see a lot of likes and comments, think that you are cool, and buy from you. In fact, users see a huge amount of unprocessed comments like «gorgeous», «want to make money in 3 weeks on the Internet»as well as untranslatable folklore of Indians and Arabs. They understand that they will not be answered here and leave to look for another site.

The impact of a lot of likes on the body of the average user is not obvious. Invest in other tools better.

About paid promotion. If you want to develop activity in your account, increase the number of transitions to the site or to your profile, start promoting posts for a fee. By the way, the number of likes and comments is likely to grow too.

Promotion of posts — it is not as expensive as a full-fledged ad campaign, and you will start showing your content to someone outside of your subscribers. With the right choice of audience and high quality publications, including texts in them, the result can be very good.

About communication in the account. A tool that is highly underestimated and often overlooked: simple human communication in comments and private messages. It is very important for users to be answered. They come to social networks to chat. And here you are trying to sell something again. And talk?

Try to reply to all comments and messages. Even those that seem silly. First, you will boost your organics. Including coverage. Secondly, you will be surprised how activity increases over time.

Important: none of the tools above will bring you sales by themselves. To build work in social networks, it is important to understand the tasks for the business on this site, create a strategy, build a system. Social network – it is a long, daily and rather monotonous work»…

Something to remember.

Instagram — suitable platform for business promotion. An active and solvent audience gathered here, its largest segment — equally men and women from 25 to 34 years old.

To fully promote on Instagram, you need a business or author account. It allows you to view profile statistics, show active contacts — phone number and address, as well as launch advertising campaigns directly from your profile. You can switch to a business account in the settings («Settings — Account — Switch to professional account»).

Take care of the security of your account right away. To prevent it from being hijacked, come up with a complex password that you don’t use anywhere else, link your phone, mail and Facebook account. Turn on two-factor authentication in the settings. Remember: official notifications from the Instagram administration come only to the linked mail or to the notifications section of the account. All the rest — they are scammers.

Don’t break Instagram rules. Observe copyright. If someone complains that you are stealing content, they can either delete the post or block your account — temporarily or permanently. Do not exceed the action limits for your account.

Make up your account so that it is immediately clear where the user is.

Make a custom avatar image that is appropriate and clear in the form of a small circle. Choose a short, sonorous nickname that suits your topic and is easy to read. In the name, write the keywords by which customers can search for you. In the profile description, briefly describe all the important information for customers. Put a link to the site or make a special mini-landing page where you can place links to different messengers so that it is convenient to contact you.

To make good content, create a strategy ahead of time.

Analyze your competitors. How much content do they publish and what is it about, which formats get the most likes and comments. Make a content plan. Mix educational, entertainment, branding and marketing content. Come up with permanent headings and plan topics for table posts — it will help you not to forget anything. In addition to posts, create stories and videos for IGTV — these formats engage the audience well. Think about the visual design. If you don’t have a designer, keep it simple so you don’t waste a lot of time. Collect all the best practices on competitors and content in one document — promotion strategy.

What not to do to promote your business on Instagram:

automatic mass following and mass liking; giva contests; buy likes, comments and followers; use someone else’s content; publish uninformative photos and videos of poor quality.

What methods can you use to promote your business on Instagram:

Post interesting content regularly. Use hashtags and geotags. Ask subscribers to leave comments and always reply to them. Exchange affiliate posts with other accounts. Organize different contests and quizzes with interesting prizes. Promote posts through the ad account. Buy ads from bloggers.

With this guide, you can safely launch your store on Instagram. Try, come up with, try not to break the rules and love your subscribers. But don’t forget about email newsletters. — in combination with SMM, they will give you much more benefit. Register with SendPulse and test our convenient editors: create email, SMS, push and Viber mailings and even chat bots for Facebook and VKontakte.

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