Fast promotion of the site and output to the TOP.

This is how I will answer your question regarding the rapid advancement in search results.

Well, hello now Next, I’ll tell you why you won’t be able to quickly promote your site to the TOP-10 of either Yandex or Google.

By the way, I wrote about how to promote a site in the TOP-10 earlier, but do you need it? You will find the answer in my last article.

Why fast website promotion # 8211; it is a myth?

To understand why it is impossible to quickly promote your blog and bring it to the TOP of search engines, you need to understand the issue at least a little.

To rank sites, Yandex uses about 800 factors, Google about 200. In order for a site to arrive in the top ten, it needs to satisfy the maximum number of search engine ranking factors, including:

Each of these factors is broken down into a large number of small details affecting the promotion.

I hope by this point you have already realized that the ranking algorithms are quite complex, which means that the promotion itself in the search engines will not be an easy task.

However, it is not the difficulty in following all the requirements of the search engines that is the stop-cock that slows down the promotion, but the fact that the search giants, as is typical of all giants, are very inert. All changes made on the site are not immediately perceived, but after they are perceived, they are far from immediately applied.


Let’s take an example. You have a product card or article that is within the TOP-30 and does not move up or down. How do you know what exactly is wrong with the page and what exactly needs to be corrected in order for it to go up? Right # 8211; you need to experiment. You need to change first one, then another, then the third, and then remove the position and draw conclusions whether you did the right thing or not.

SEO # 8211; it’s constant iterations, did # 8211; I looked at the result, if everything is ok, we do it further, if not ok, then we roll back and do it differently. But every iteration # 8211; this time, and not only the time of the SEO itself, but also the time of the search engines, which chewed and swallowed the work of the SEO.

Artyom Vysokov Author of a blog about SEO and making money on websites – I have been promoting information and commercial sites since 2013. Ask a Question.

If the SEO itself can affect the operating time of the SEO, then the SEO cannot influence the speed of the search engine in any way, and this process is the most time-consuming.

Thus, the reason for the long site promotion is not a lazy contractor, but the inertia of search engines.

In addition, it is one thing when you are doing work on internal website optimization. # 8211; this is one speed, long, but acceptable. It is completely different when you work with external factors, namely links and social signals.

When working with external factors, the search engine needs to recalculate the indicators of the correctness of the work performed on your site, as well as bypass all those sites that link to you, take into account the number of conversions, behavioral factors and other metrics. Do not forget about the speed of indexing of all pages with links to you, which are not immediately accepted by search engines.

All this makes it impossible to move quickly and to the question: # 8220; How to quickly promote a site? can only answer # 8211; # 8220; NO! # 8221;.

And finally, for those who still think that they can quickly promote their blog on their own, and even for free, and I supposedly # 8220; rubbing some game here # 8221;. Stop believing in miracles. Even if experienced SEO or web studios cannot do this due to the specifics of search engines, then you will not succeed for sure. Take off your rose-colored glasses and stop demanding quick results from SEO.

Fasting is partly related to personal pain Sometimes there are customers who want to quickly advance and start making millions and often for 5000 rubles a month, by the way, cheap SEO is another topic for an article

Example request # 8220; real terms # 8221; in 1-2 months for website promotion.

By the way, here you can look at the results of the sites that I promoted in 2016. Although some of them began to show good traffic after the first month of promotion, this is more the exception than the rule.

Again, the speed of promotion is influenced by many factors, ranging from search engine algorithms to the competition of a particular niche and the region of promotion.

And here are my results of website promotion in 2016, results for 2017 and 2018, you can familiarize yourself and, if necessary, order the promotion of your website from me if you want the same results, here are the contacts.

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