First steps on the Internet. Small business instruction.

A simple option is a public page on social networks. You can run ads on it or offer people products. Leading social networks have already created the conditions for running a small business. But still, this is more of a temporary option.

The best option is a website with a constructor. There are many platforms, choose based on convenience and functionality. We advise you to pay attention to Tilda Publishing – it is a pleasant-to-use tool with ample opportunities, beautiful design and a wide variety of content blocks. Unlike many other website builders, in Tilda you can create an externally unique website.

Examples of sites on Tilda Publishing of our production:

Recreation center “Midel” Chain of stores “TSVETYtorg” Beauty salon in Moscow “MANGO” Tourist portal of the city of Cheboksary Presentation of a house in the microdistrict “Novy Gorod”

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Set up analytics.

All results must be measured and tracked. Analytics systems will help you with this. The most common are Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica and Liveinternet. Google Analytics has many features and is difficult for a beginner to set up, Liveinternet is outdated and provides little data. The best option is Yandex.Metrica.

The analytics system code must be installed as soon as the site is ready. For full-fledged operation, Yandex.Metrica must be linked to Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Audience. Thus, the analytics system will collect data in a complex, this will allow you to set up retargeting and analyze conversions from contextual advertising.

Metrica has unique tools, one of which is Webvisor. You will be able to watch the recordings of user sessions and study their behavior. The Link Map and Heatmap will also be useful. Before you start, read the answers to frequently asked questions about Yandex.Metrica.

Fill the site / page with content.

Texts come first. Write yourself or order from a copywriter. Photos are required. Shoot yourself or find a photographer. Some areas of business may require illustrations from a designer. Video is desirable. Use them when it’s easier to show than tell. Create a YouTube channel and embed videos on your website.

Content is very important. It is thanks to him that people will be able to learn better about your service, product, company. In addition, the content can be used for promotion on social networks. Don’t skimp on it.

Please note, you must either use your own content or buy from authors. Otherwise, problems may arise. Read about legal nuances in the article “Copyright on the Internet”.

Drive traffic.

All site visitors can be divided into two groups.

The first group is natural visitors who learn about your site from offline advertising, from friends, through word of mouth. This is “live” traffic, the so-called vital queries – when in search engines you are searched for by the name of the company, brand, mail, phone, etc. But such visitors are not enough.

The second group consists of visitors from search results, social networks and paid advertising. They can be attracted through promotion. Read more about traffic sources in the article.

Optimize your site for search engines.

Pick up requests – you can do this in Yandex.Wordstat. Group them by direction. Based on groups, create a site structure – several related queries on one page. Write texts and meta descriptions of pages based on search queries.

Do not write texts just to be on the site. Think about how the potential client will benefit from them, focus on solving his problems. Don’t spam with keywords – just mention them once. Remove duplicate words. In general, write for people, keywords are just a recommendation.

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Take advantage of the power of social networks and open spaces.

Social media is not for everyone – some areas of business will find it difficult to find their audience here. Each social network has its own profile of the user: age, profession, gender, hobbies, etc. Photos and videos that were used on the site will be useful for the initial filling. New texts are needed.

If the site is a showcase, then social networks are the “kitchen” of your business. Here you can show internal workflows, employees, share tips. Tell your followers about the secrets of your case. Demonstrate expertise, it will pay off.

Of course, you will not replace a full-fledged SMM specialist, but even basic work will have an effect. Social media pages are indexed well – you will get an additional position in the search and attract even more people. To simplify the work, you can use special tools.

Forums, message boards, catalogs – everyone can use it. But there is one important caveat – do not use original materials from the site. If you just place your text everywhere, you get the opposite effect. The site will lose its uniqueness and drop in the search results.

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