How to add a site to Google.

Getting into Google search results is easy. Usually, it is enough to place a website on the Internet. However, sometimes web pages do not appear in our search results. In the article below, you will read about how to check this and how to improve your content rankings on Google.

What it takes for your site to appear in Google search results.

Before moving on, please answer the questions below. For more information on what to do first, see our Introduction to Search Engine Optimization. You can also download a printed version of the checklist.

Are your site pages appearing in Google search results?

Getting into Google search results is easy. Usually, it is enough to place web pages on the Internet. To find out if your site’s content is indexed, search for it in Google Search with the following query:

Replace with your website address. If you can’t find a site, you can verify ownership of the site in Google Search Console and request that the pages be indexed.

Why isn’t my site showing up on Google?

Google crawls billions of pages, but may miss some of them. Most often this happens for the following reasons:

Other sites rarely link to your pages. If the site is new, it is possible that Googlebot did not have time to crawl it. The structure of the site makes it difficult to crawl. An error occurred while trying to scan.

Review the Google Webmaster Guidelines and make sure you meet the prerequisites for your site to appear in Google search results.

Does your site’s content meet quality standards?

Your task is to make your pages interesting and user-friendly. Think about what makes your site unique and valuable. If your site contains one page, read a quick guide on how to optimize your site for search engines. Also check the Google Webmaster Guidelines to see if your site meets our quality criteria.

Does Google have information about your business?

Use Google My Business, a free service that lets you publish and manage your business in Search, Maps, and other Google products.

Does the site’s content load fast enough on different devices?

Since users most often search for information using smartphones, your content should load quickly and correctly on any device. Check if your pages are optimized for viewing on phones and tablets.

Is your site secure?

The HTTPS protocol will help you to ensure the protection of user data when working with your website.

Do you need help?

If you need to improve your site and its position in search results, you can turn to search engine optimization specialists. More details …

Is your content dedicated to a specific topic?

The type of content affects the ways in which it can be added to Google search results.

A Google Retail Company or Individual Submit a digital catalog of your products to us to promote them on Google Shopping, Google Offers, and our other services. Google Small Business Use Google resources specifically designed to support small businesses. Street View Take customers on a virtual tour of your restaurant, cafe, store or office. Knowledge Box Manage how Google represents you as an individual or organization by updating your knowledge box. Personal card Add information about yourself to Google search results by yourself. This feature is not available in all countries. Google Digital Content Books and eBooks Advertise books online and sell digital versions of them in our eBook store. Academy Add your research papers to a special Google index. Google News Show your content in search results in Google News. You can also provide users with an electronic version of your publication by subscription. Local Information Uploading Geodata Add information about roads and addresses in your area to Google Maps (for verified businesses). 3D Panorama Create panoramic images of the area and add them to Google services. Street View Offer customers virtual panoramic tours of your restaurant, café, store or office. Public Transport Make public transport more attractive by helping you find routes, timetables and fares. Media Geodata upload Add information about roads and addresses in your area to Google Maps (for verified organizations). Videos on Google Search Publish your videos so that Google crawlers can find and crawl them. YouTube Download, distribute and monetize videos. Podcasts Publish your episodes to Google Podcasts.

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