How to create a website and promote it?

Any person can create an Internet resource on their own, for this you do not need to have many years of knowledge. Of course, it will be necessary to assimilate a certain amount of information. In this article, we will look at the stages, after going through which, you can create a high-quality resource that makes a profit.

The very process of creating a site, so to speak, of the mechanical part, is laborious. It includes writing a lot of codes, scripts. Today on the Internet there are free and paid constructors and templates that include a ready-made technical part. Three quarters of all sites are built on the basis of such templates or builders. This is not surprising, since their use simplifies the whole process, allows you to proceed immediately to the most important thing: creating a design, filling information, setting up and promoting a resource. Create a website completely from scratch, write each line yourself or use various templates, constructors; it’s up to you to choose. Of course, a web resource created from scratch is the best option, since it can be completely unique, but this requires a good in-depth knowledge of the topic and time. The main criterion responsible for the popularity, profitability of the site is setting up, final preparation.

Site creation plan:

Choice of topics. Choose what you are interested in, the topic you are good at, do not try to implement what you don’t understand. Semantic core; correct composition of key queries (words, phrases) by which users will search for your resource. Design; appearance of the site. Its main task is to interest, lure the visitor, formulate a pleasant impression of the resource. Content. You can keep users only if interesting information for visitors is regularly posted on your site. Website promotion; this is one of the main key components of a successful resource. No matter how good, unique and interesting your site is, you can’t get many visitors without advertising. Site promotion should be performed throughout the entire lifetime of the resource. There are several ways to promote your site yourself, which can be found at

Website promotion.

All promotion methods can be conditionally divided into two categories: white and black.

White category (legal):

Placement of advertisements in the media, etc. Promotion using social networks. Exchange of links, advertisements with other resources. Advertising on other sites and in search engines, placement of paid ads. Placement of unique high-quality content. This is what will get users to visit your site more often. Contextual advertising, posting articles, messages on various resources with a link to go to your resource. Registration in the databases of search engines. After launching your site on the Internet, for some time it will not be displayed in search engines, and some less popular search engines may not include you in their base at all. In order not to wait for your resource to be checked and added by an automatic bot, you can do it yourself.

Black category of website promotion methods:

Spam. Cheat counters. Invisible content. Doorways (meaningless information with a link). Cloaking (oversaturation of the text with keywords).

The black category is only effective for the short term. Overuse of such methods can lead to your site being excluded from search engine lists.


At first glance, it seems that it is more difficult to untwist a resource than to create one, in fact; it’s half true. There are two ways: to invest money in advertising (pay people who do it professionally) or to do everything yourself without investment (this method will require a lot of time and additional knowledge). The advantage of the second method is that if you thoroughly understand this, you can provide paid services for website promotion.

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