How to grow your site on Google in 2022?

In Belarus, promotion on Google is very different from the principles of promotion in Yandex or even SEO in the USA or Europe. The Internet space is changing rapidly, so there are more and more competitors. It is important to keep up with search engine updates and stay competitive.

Why is Google important to SEO?

According to statistics, 57.6% of users in Belarus prefer the Google search engine. The bulk of this audience is young people, the solvent segment of online business now and in the near future. When promoting in Google, results appear faster than when working with other search engines. New pages are quickly indexed and appear in the search results. An SEO specialist has the opportunity not only to quickly get the result of promotion in Google, but also to evaluate the effectiveness of the work he has done and the edits made on the site.

An important nuance! If you get to high positions on Google faster, then it is more difficult to hold them than in other searches. The database is updated very quickly. As soon as competitors are active, your site can slide down the rankings.

That is why it is important to know and understand how to develop a site and prioritize ranking factors with regards to your site.

Top Google ranking factors in 2022.

All these parameters are relevant not only in 2022, but also earlier. It’s just that the requirements are getting stricter, there is more competition. A separate emphasis was placed on mobile devices. Therefore, if you want to stay in the top, you will have to work on quality even more seriously, close all customer needs on the site.

Content length. When drawing up a task for copywriters, you need to analyze the TOP in order to determine the required amount of content. Consider: in the TOP-3 of Google SERPs the volume of content is 45% more than in the TOP-20. Moreover, the amount of content for long and short keywords will be different. For long ones – 20% more. Takeaway: The higher the search frequency, the more content. When analyzing competitors, we advise you to pay attention to young sites that have appeared on the first page recently. For what? It is important to understand the criteria and reasons for achieving a result. We fix them and implement them in projects at the stage of revising the project structure. Keyword in the title. 18% of domains for high-frequency queries and 45% of domains for low-frequency queries do not have keywords in Title. Consider the fact that the search robot keeps track of the location of keywords on the page. The best and most profitable option would be to place them at the top of the page. Be sure to prescribe the Alt attribute in the pictures. HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS implementation process has been going on for a long time, and in 2019 it is important for SEO at Google that all sites are safe and go to a secure protocol. The main conclusion: in 2022 it will be simply impossible to get into the TOP without HTTPS. … To understand the essence of how to develop a website on Google, it is important to know that only resources with a low bounce rate get to the TOP. This means that you need to work with behavioral factors and gain the trust of users. For this it is worth: create only relevant content; increase website loading speed.

An indicator of trust can be a visit to a large number of pages on a site after going to it from Google.

Around 92% of the world use mobile devices to access the Internet. People increasingly spend time on their smartphones and practically ignore browsers. Most purchases are also made via a smartphone. Therefore, it is recommended in 2022 to pay more attention to the mobile version of the site, adaptive, mobile advertising.

Pay attention to the zero position in the search results. These are blocks in the SERP with short responses to queries. To get into this block, you need to revise your work with content:

Write short, understandable, without “water” Use many lists of 5-10 points Create text in question-answer format Use the words “what” and “how”

By getting into the zero position blocks, you will increase your company’s credibility and conversion rates.

Experts from SEMrush conducted a study and determined the degree of importance of various factors for the ranking of sites in Google.

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