How to improve the position of a site in Google.

Organic issue – important thing. This is an opportunity to always be in the first places in Google and not spend money on advertising. Generally. SEO site optimization solves the situation – and you can even do it yourself.

SEO is not such a scary beast as it might seem at first glance, and it is quite easy to raise your site’s search engine rankings. Even a beginner can do this. And you can achieve results in just a couple of weeks!

The biggest mistake – make a website and wait for the weather from the sea. Unfortunately, in most cases this is the case, but this approach to doing business will never provide an opportunity to overtake competitors. We need to act.

Where to start website optimization.

There are methods that allow you to quickly raise the position of a site in Google, and even without the participation of a professional SEO. There is no need for any special SEO services or paid resources. – initial website optimization can be done completely free of charge.

The first thing to do is collecting keys for all sections. SEO experts call this process the compilation of the semantic core of the site. Keys play a major role in promotion, so it is important to choose the right words and exclude outright spam like buy, order, price and inexpensive. Qualitative semantics – these are, first of all, words that are appropriate in their meaning, describing the essence of a product, service or phenomenon.

Collecting the semantic core.

First of all, you need to promote by the keywords that potential customers drive into the browser. – in most cases, these are high-frequency devices like «buy something there», but sometimes the introduction of medium and low frequency keys can be justified.

Important! It is much harder to rank high on Google for a keyword with a high frequency than for a less popular query.

Use the most effective keywords to quickly improve site rankings – To do this, check their frequency: add queries that are searched for at least a hundred times a month to the SYS. At the same time, avoid high competition, as it will be extremely difficult to break through to the TOP using such keys. It’s better for a new site to focus on mid and low frequency keywords.

At the same time, requests should not overlap on different pages of the site. – the separation of semantics must be extremely clear (this is called clustering). As a result, you will have a list of effective keywords for each landing section with great potential for promotion.

Prescribing the Title and Description meta tags.

When all the keys are collected and divided into the appropriate sections, you can start writing the relevant Title and Description tags. The third tag, Keywords, is no longer used, so leave this field blank.

Title and Description meta tags should not become a comma-separated list of keys – spam is not acceptable here. First of all, they should be readable, informative and provide the user with maximum useful data. In most cases, these tags become snippets on the SERP, that is, they serve as a description of the page, and after reading them, the user makes a decision – go to the site or not.

It is ideal when the title and description contain one high-frequency key and one «diluted» or low frequency.

Writing text.

Optimizing text requires a special approach, and therefore copywriting should be approached as responsibly as possible.

First of all, it is necessary to carefully analyze the target audience and draw up an ideal selling proposition for it. – USP. This is a specific call to action that emphasizes the benefits of a product or service by forcing the user to take the targeted action. After reading it, the client should exclaim: «Cool, this is the offer! We must take!»

How to draw up an SCP:

study your product (if you have a store, ideally know all your products); study the needs of the target audience; analyze the offers of competitors.

Think about how your products or services differ from your competitors’ offerings. What makes them special and what you can bet on (better price, better quality, larger assortment).

USP example: Effective copywriting for the price of a business lunch! We will bring your site to the TOP in a month – or we will refund 50% of the cost!

It’s simple. We develop a turnkey USP with an interesting commercial and supplement it with additional benefits.

And now the most important thing – each separate group of goods or type of service requires its own landing page. It’s not worth writing about all the services in one article – nothing good will come of it, there will be only chaos. The reader simply will not understand what it is about and what exactly is being offered to him.

The article should be well structured, have an introduction, body and conclusion with a proposal for cooperation. Also, the text should contain headings of the level h1, h2 and h3 – the most informative and ideally containing the main key either in direct occurrence or in declension.


Maximum Key Occurrence – it’s not always good. Moreover, it is necessary to exclude spam and add keywords only where they are really appropriate. Google values โ€‹โ€‹natural text – relevant to the key query, and not packed with keys for the most I do not want.

On average, no more than 3 are required per thousand characters–4 occurrences. In this case, important keys should be located closer to the beginning of the article, and less important – below.

As a result, the content will respond to user requests and solve a specific information problem. After all, the main thing – these are not keys – but the real benefit of reading. Information, after acquaintance of which the reader will turn into a client. Simply because he has learned everything he needs and is ready to make a decision to purchase or order a service.

SEO promotion – this is the key to the success of your site, and the position in the search results depends on how high-quality the optimization will be!

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