How to promote a blog at BLOGGER 2022.

How to promote a blog on Blogger (Blogspot) full guide.

Every year the rules of search engine optimization change, but the basic concepts of blog promotion remain unchanged. If you stick to them, then you can very well count on successful promotion in the search engines.

1. Setting up a blog.

Personalized robots tags for headers Meta Description tag (description) Optimization of permalinks of pages and publications Activating the adaptive version of the template Switching from HTTP to HTTPS.

After watching the top video, you already know how to speed up your blog, but that’s not enough, here are a couple more tips to speed up page loading:

Defer loading hidden images – text + video. Find out which code is better to use for Yandex metrics – text + video Postpone downloading videos from Youtube, Vk, Facebook and other media networks – text + video Smooth loading of Adsense ad units – instructions.

An equally important step is to add your blog to the Google search console:

After adding, we activate statistics on Sitemap files.

After the article is published, we all want it to be in the search as soon as possible. Let’s see how to do this on Google.

2. Optimizing Themes.

You can also drive traffic to such blogs from social networks. The best option is to create a channel on Youtube, even the newly created channel has SEO several times better than that of many sites and blogs. In general, a site plus a Youtube channel is a great combination, if you haven’t done it yet, then what are you waiting for?

How to solve the problem with Template optimization? Most of the materials on the topic can be found in the Google search engine. You can study the following materials:

The Blogger Templates Feature That Will Increase Site Search Traffic – Video. An equally important step is headline SEO.

In addition, there are many other interesting videos on my channel in which I talk about Blogger promotion. You can also use my services to customize and optimize Templates.

3. Content writing.

Subsequently, it is very difficult to compete with such publications, but it is quite possible to surpass them. How to do this, let’s figure it out:

Pick one blog topic and stay on track. Do a keyword analysis before composing your title and text for your publication. … … Update posts from time to time.

4. What readers like.

5. First of all, the user.

And so, when he introduced a free version of the chat bot, which performed only a small number of functions, its traffic, as well as the positions immediately rushed up, the site reliably entrenched itself in the first position. And of course, sales followed.

6. Social networks and email distribution.

7. We pump over the profile.

Therefore, the time has come to adapt to the new EAT algorithm (experience, authority, trust). First of all, this applies to those blogs whose topics affect topics such as Medicine, Finance and Entertainment. But sooner or later, the algorithm will turn its attention to other topics, so you should not postpone solving the problem on the back burner.

The essence of the EAT algorithm, which is also characterized as YMYL (your money or your life – your money or your life), is to display on the first pages of search results only those resources whose content really benefits the reader, besides it was decided that the author of the content must meet the same criteria, that is, he must understand the topic, prove his authority and that he can be trusted.

8. How to increase user stay on the blog.

But you can go even further and place this plugin between the lines of text, this is another + 50% that the user will not only stay on the site, but also make an additional transition, or even several transitions. Go to Install Recommended Posts.

9. Conclusion.

Promotion of a blog is a process of more than one day or even one month. Find the strength and patience in yourself, see it as a long-term game, where you are the main player who dictates the rules and decides what the outcome will be. Climbing a mountain is always difficult, but descending as a winner is an unforgettable feeling.

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What about the Tech generation blogosphere for promotion? I would like to know your opinion on this matter.

Alas, I did not come across it. If a web resource is able to be indexed in search, then it is quite possible to promote it, so that various blogospheres with such an opportunity will have a positive impact on the process of blog promotion.

Hello Mark, and if you take content from different sites and at the end of the article indicate a link to this source, what are we violating and how do the search engines relate to this?

Hello. We are violating, read the terms of use of the content, if they are of course tough, just some sites allow you to copy the content. Search engines do not approve and do not display sites that copy content to the top.

Hello Mark. Very instructive and easily accessible information. Three days ago I decided to start my blog, got confused and lost in the terminology and the process of creation. Not easy, but interesting, the main thing is not to stop halfway. Your tips help in solving many blog problems. Good luck to you!

Good afternoon! My question is: if I add my domain to a blog, how profitable is it for search engine promotion? Does this equalize it with sites that are on paid hosting? If you have more time.

Hello. No, it will not affect your search rankings in any way. However, there is one interesting fact about the length of the domain, you can find it at the link: in the paragraph titled "Keywords optimize content"…

Hello. in 2017, I decided to try to make a blog too, I kind of approached this issue seriously. I focused on internal optimization of articles, headlines, keywords, pictures. I killed a lot of time on content, added 20 articles and then did nothing, did not write anything new. I only ordered a run on some profiles to improve indexing and positions, as I understand it. But the bottom line is that I’m impatient, it seems like there were no results for a long time, there was no traffic, and somehow my hands dropped by itself, scored on it. Then, at the end of 2019, I accidentally remembered, went in to see, the counter was inanimate. Climbed, looked, in general, the blog flew completely out of the search engine index. In the blogger control panel itself, it was clear that there were views of articles, which means that at some period of time there was still some kind of traffic. And then he was thrown out of the index. This is the essence of the question, why is it so, what is my mistake? Do not you need to do left runs or is the reason for abandonment that you did not blog regularly? And another question like this, there are ideas for a blog, but there is no place for pictures, only text content is implied, is it possible with one text? I heard before that pictures are necessary, but I saw on the network only sites with text and traffic.

Hello. If there were views, the blog would not have flown out of the search engine index (maybe it was your views, even when bots visit the site, views are also taken into account). Could lead to runs, poorly optimized template, errors in the settings of the blog itself + low-quality content. This is the basis, and there are a lot of factors, without a visible picture looking for the reason is like poking your finger into the sky.

The site is primarily text, not pictures, all web resources are promoted thanks to the text, even youtube). It’s just that it is easier for users to perceive an article with pictures. In general, if you correctly structure the text, and it will be useful, then yes, the chances are the same as with pictures.

Hey! And my question is – is it really possible to compete with a blog on a Blogger against regular sites? Well, for example – there is no money to buy a domain and pay for hosting, but is there any useful information? That is, it is simple – to take and create a simple blog and post articles there (well, of course, not forgetting about the optimization of the blog – the initial setting)? Do you have such experience or maybe there are examples of such blogs? Which are competing with sites on paid domains and hosting? Why do I ask? I explain – I created sites on paid hosting and bought domains, poured money into this business (bought links and runs) – but there’s little sense (well, probably it’s my inability to promote such sites or sites in general). So, what if – not to waste money in vain, but to create a regular blog on the Blogger and promote it with purely content? Is it worth the time? Or do you buy a hosting domain and go ahead?

Hi. Is quite real. I have experience, even with my first sports site I managed to bypass sites with paid domains and hosting.

There are examples, write down Widgets for Blogger in the search, and you will see sites with the blogspot domain, under them paid sites created on WordPress, screenshot //

The domain question is about nothing at all, free or paid, it does not affect the promotion. Hosting, yes, the site should always be available and not slow down, the Blogger is OK with that.

It doesn’t matter where the site is located on a blogger, WordPress, Joomla or Vix, etc., everywhere you need to first optimize the HTML of the site, then optimize the content and internal optimization of the site and, of course, if the external optimization is still strong.

Hey! I’ve been blogging since 2012, but here’s ads and tags – a dense and dark forest. Is there even such a service where they do it for you? If I’m an absolute noob in this))

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