How to promote a forum.

Hello friends! Today we’ll talk about how to promote a forum on your own and for free. Promotion of a forum is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. When promoting a forum, you need to use completely different strategies and recommendations, in contrast to website promotion.

How to promote a forum yourself and for free.

The forum is primarily a platform for communication. Therefore, it is important to start with the correct first post. After all, an empty forum will not interest anyone, users can only be hooked on with useful and high-quality content. The task of promoting a forum is to arouse the desire to answer the questions posed in it and comment on various topics. In this case, a discussion begins, and the forum begins to expand and live. Also, you should not create a huge number of sections and topics, as this can alienate the user. If there are so many topics and all are empty, users will immediately leave the forum.

It is best to start small and create up to 5 sections when setting up a forum. At the same time, it is important to make catchy headlines and conduct dialogues on topics that attract users so that they want to click on these headings and participate in discussions. You can also take a broad topic and split it into several secondary, but interrelated ones. It is very important to provide users with pages where they can familiarize themselves with the rules of the forum, get answers to their questions.

At this stage, it is important not to rush, to come up with something unique on the forum so that it differs from other competitors on the Internet.

How to publish information on the forum.

Here, the main rule can only be that you need to be patient. There will be no traffic on the newly created forum immediately. But at the same time, the forum must be constantly updated, publishing only high-quality, useful and unique information. It is at this stage that many forum administrators give up. I write, but there are no people. Therefore, it is important to understand here that SEO-promotion of the forum and the time to the first visitor are needed quite a lot.

The main thing when promoting any forum is to get people to leave their messages, to cause a discussion.

To do this, you can create several accounts and start communicating with each other. Believe me, other users will be happy to enter into polemics, consider that the conversation has started. But here you do not need to communicate with yourself by 20 messages, it will be pointless. It is best to create 5 of such accounts. This is enough for users to understand that the forum is not empty and there are people on it.

Now for the content. It must be unique. You cannot steal information on one site and insert it on the forum. Search engines will immediately apply filters to the forum and it will be banned by Yandex and Google search engines. Now this is very strict.

Constant work with the audience of the forum.

Here you need to make the user want to return to the forum again and again. This way, you can start rewarding newcomers and rewarding them for doing something. The forum should be understandable as soon as a person entered it. He should immediately understand what the forum is about, what is interesting here, why he should register, and so on.

But it’s also important not to forget about the experts in your niche. After all, if people see expert opinions, people who know their business, they will register on the forum, only to ask the opinions of these people. At the beginning of the topic I will be “thin”, few messages, but over time, when the forum becomes overgrown with users, the discussions will be hot and involved. And here it will be necessary to efficiently administer the forum, from various bots, spammers, boors, inadequate and so on.

Open comments on the forum.

If various news, reviews, statements and so on are published on your forum, then be sure to give people the opportunity to comment. Create a nice comment form. It is best if you do this in such a way that such a comment can be left without registering on the forum. The primary task is to attract attention and interest the user. Make him come back and sooner or later he will register.

If the forum has a website, then you can highlight the trust pages and link to the forum topics. For example, they wrote some useful article, did not open the whole point and invited people to discuss it on the forum. If the site is visited and with high-quality traffic, the forum will quickly begin to grow overgrown with comments and posts from users, and as a result, it will be promoted.

How not to lose users on the forum.

On the Internet, there is such a thing as email marketing. This means that you can send users interesting events, updates, and so on directly to the mail. Therefore, it is important to get the user to leave their email. As a rule, you need to offer something to the user (book, video, podcast) in return for a subscription. This way you can control your audience.

After that, send the user an email with a nice and catchy header. Put interesting topics in the letter and add a “discuss on the forum” button at the end. People will begin to switch just for the sake of interest, but what is there.

Now let’s imagine that, for example, 5 thousand people received such a letter. As you can see, this is a very useful and important tool.

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