How to promote a landing page step by step guide.

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Good day to all! Today I have prepared a very interesting material. While working on this post, I wanted to collect comprehensive information on SEO Landing page in one place. I think I got it # 8230;

Promotion of landing pages; and indeed a very interesting and controversial topic. Especially noteworthy is the fact that with such a high conversion, many use it exclusively as a landing page for contextual advertising. And why? Yes, it’s just that all attempts to advance are stopped in the bud.; the studio that developed the landing page, a friend who took part in this, as well as most of the information posted on this topic in the Internet. How to promote a landing page?; no way, you need a website for promotion, and a landing page for Direct and teasers! This is exactly what 97% of the people with whom I had a chance to communicate on this topic thinks. And after all, they are in many ways, but what a sin to conceal; they are right in almost everything, if we overlook several interesting features, namely: very few understand that the same Direct can be a powerful SEO tool and no one for some reason tries to focus on the undeniable advantages of a landing page. And the third thing; this is working with keys Yes, I’ve written about this a hundred times already, but in relation to the landing page, working with keywords takes on a new meaning; we may not be able to pull out a landing page for competitive requests (although we can and at the end of this article you will find out how), but I assure you, dear friends; every niche has some very sweet NK searches. And you don’t have to spend money on Mutagen! Just read the article to the end.

Before proceeding with the main story, I would like to give one parting word.; even if in the first paragraphs you find a diagram that is perfect for you; do not be lazy to read to the end, as the approach to landing page promotion becomes more complicated, I will tell you more and more progressive approaches that can be applied from the very beginning!

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[VIDEO 2017] About SEO Landing Page promotion.

First step; clearly set tasks.

First of all, we need to clearly define the tasks and capabilities of our project. Let’s formulate the problem like this; get cheap traffic from organic search; this will be the most successful formulation! Do you think the task is simple? Why, then, do most of the newly minted owners of landing pages and sites in general undertake leading queries in the topic?

We decided to sell teddy bears, so we will promote the request; # 171; buy teddy bears # 187; # 8230; No, we will not promote this request, especially if our sales tool is a landing page! Do you catch the difference ?! No leading queries in the subject matter, you need to soberly assess your capabilities at the initial stage.

We will return to queries later, but now I would like to tell you what # 8230; We have decided on the task! And here are the ways to solve our problem at the initial stage:

1. Work out in detail the conversion of the landing page. Get the best possible response from your visitors. Apply all the latest conversion techniques. It is the conversion that will become our main trump card when we decide to compete for requests with serious sites (not a typo; sites). Conversion in this case is our everything; it is she who will help to stay afloat in the initial stages and to penetrate organic matter in the future. Here we are in no way contradicting the main doctrine of search engines.; the site should be for people, interesting for people, convenient and fully respond to the request. I’ll run a little ahead, but even when choosing the keys, we will choose only those phrases to which our site is able not only to answer well, but to answer, at least no worse than the best sites in the subject, so queries of the form # 171; product reviews # 187; we immediately sweep aside!

2. Ideally, we need Yandex and Google contextual advertising systems. In principle, Direct alone will be more or less enough! And very important; the context should be set up very, very dignified; it is he who will help us get off the ground.

Knowing the new tricks in Yandex Direct will make an advertisement the most popular for displaying the goods you are selling to an interested end buyer. To properly promote the site in the search engines Yandex and Google, pay attention to the information posted here.

3. As appetites increase, we will need developed accounts in social networks. Least; high-quality account on Vkontakte. And Attention! No bots; we need a live account that generates real traffic. In principle, bots can be caught up at the very beginning, so that real people are more willing to join our group. I will not talk about the creation of groups in detail here.; the purpose of this article is somewhat different.

4. The technical part of our landing page should not only be good, it should be perfect, but we’ll talk about this in more detail.

5. The semantics of promoted queries should be large enough! Few people know, but each specific phrase has the likelihood of promotion on this site and it is not always possible to catch it by eye. You just need to understand that only a third of the total number of equally competitive queries can be promoted on an average site under average conditions. Everything is rough, but still makes it clear the picture of what is happening. Of course, it often happens that 100% of requests can be pulled into the TOP, but this is rather a special case, especially if we are talking about a young project! Why is that? Yandex does not know itself; his Matrixnet has become so complex.

If you have absorbed information a few centimeters above; we can safely move on to the main story!

We will work on our advantages.

When a small business enters the market; the only chance for him to survive is to focus on his merits (unless, of course, this business offers a product / service that is unique in this region). So in our case; all the emphasis is on the merits. What advantages can we have in comparison with large sites in organic search results? Well the first and most obvious; conversion, in other words; we can, must and will respond to the requests put to us better than the surrounding sites. Websites never track their traffic; if we look at the request statistics; 99% of all online stores there are simply mountains of garbage traffic, which not only do not bring money to the site, but also drag it to the bottom! We shouldn’t have such traffic. In practice, this means that in the same Direct we will not be running very cheap requests that give a bunch of rejections. We only need high-quality traffic that will settle on the landing page and turn into money, even if at the initial stages, clicks on such requests will cost a lot. Anyway; working correctly with an ad, we can always get a good CTR, and with it a cheap click.

Our second advantage will be mobility in all understandings of the word. One side; the site must be fully displayed correctly on mobile devices (have a responsive layout), and on the other; we can easily and naturally introduce the most advanced layout technologies on the landing page, which not every online store can afford due to the elemental nature of architectural transformations.

And our last plus (it must be taken into account at the stage of LP development); it is unrivaled speed. After all, we simply will not have a garbage-laden, ever-lagging database, which is an integral part of almost all modern sites. Personally, I recommend that you stop using the CMS altogether.; with the proper level of customization, we can easily get the smartest site in the niche, but this also imposes certain restrictions; no complicated graphics # 8230; Fortunately, modern HTML and CSS tools allow you to work wonders even without using images.

So, the 3 whales on which the landing page SEO will hold are:

And to these 3 great whales it is worth adding an elephant; correct elaboration of semantics, but for now a few words about technical optimization.

Brilliant technical optimization.

The first thing to start with; it is technical optimization for search engines. I think everyone understands that our landing page simply, by definition, does not have such problems as duplicate pages, broken links, and so on.

But despite this, our site must fully comply with the requirements of search engines:

1. a robot must be configured, in which the sitemap and the main host are specified, the directives for Yandex.

2. There should be an XML sitemap, although it almost makes no sense.

3. WWW mirrors must be glued together and a redirect set up.

4. The 404 error page must be configured.

5. All seo tags (title, description, keywords, h1, h2-5) must be present

6. Favicon must be present.

7. The site must have at least Yandex Metric installed.

With this, everything is extremely simple, but it is important, understand; we have a very small site, and Yandex does not treat such sites very well, and for them our project is another potential doorway. The reason for this attitude towards the landing page is extremely simple.; every day millions of such one-pages are created with the aim of manipulating search results, and therefore Yandex keeps an eye out.

Modern technologies.

But this is already a very important point! Our landing page must be equipped with the most modern web elements. These include:

1.responsive layout.

It is she who will greatly reduce refusals when switching from mobile devices and when viewing the site by users with a non-standard display resolution. Also, in itself, the presence of adaptability gives a good bonus in the results of Google, which the latter officially acknowledged. It is likely that in Yandex, the mere presence of adaptive gives a bonus in ranking.

2. Shema layout (micro-markup)

Microdata has been actively and for a long time used in Google search results and every day more and more actively in Yandex. The site snippet with micro-markup elements looks much more attractive, which noticeably increases its CTR in the search results, and with it the external PF of the site.

3. High speed of the site and content generation.

Speed ​​is paramount.

The next important stage in the preparation of our page; display speed. Firstly; you must have a nimble hosting, and secondly, the site must fall into the green line for both stationary and mobile devices in the Google test. Test here.

We select high-quality NDT requests.

Our website is almost ready. Now you need to find low-competitive words. I described this process in sufficient detail here.

It is worth giving some clarification; in that article, I suggested a rather tricky way to assess the competition, in fact, it is much easier to use the Mutagen service after collecting and initial screening.

And it’s even easier to use the KEI formula for the Key Collector program, which gives a result almost similar to Mutagen:

(KEI_YandexMainPagesCount * 6) + (KEI_YandexTitlesCount + KEI_GoogleTitlesCount) + (KEI_YandexDocCount / 73000)

Optimization for NDT.

Next, we need to prepare a text for our NDT requests. Everything is extremely simple here.; to reach the TOP of queries, it is enough just to mention each of them 1 time in the text. The most important thing here is not to over-spam, although in our particular case it is not so scary, tk. even if we inadvertently create strong spam; the higher frequency, shortened versions of our queries will be filtered. Remember a simple rule; We mention 1 request 1 time, no more.

We will talk about detailed text optimization at the stage of promoting SK requests.

Landing pages are made for context, so let context help your SEO.

So, we have everything ready, but I bet that our newly-minted project will get into the index with a huge scratch. You can, of course, buy links, but still this is not the best option for a landing page, that would be a website; another thing.

Here we need Direct. We pour Direct on the site and more and fast indexing is provided to us. At this stage, it does not matter at all for what requests there will be visits, the main thing is that there are not many refusals for them. How much is that much? If I average everything, then I can say; 20 or more percent is no longer the best indicator, especially since high-quality PF will become one of the main promotion tools in our case.

In addition to Direct, you can also use links, especially; Yandex has officially announced that links are working effectively again! (I predicted exactly this development of events here, when this Santa Barbara began)

Analysis of the situation, adjustments, work on failures.

Now it’s worth taking a little break. During this time, we have to work out in detail the conversion for the site and Direct. It’s best to use A / B testing here. Traffic from contextual advertising must hit the target. If people are happy, then they will buy much more willingly. Your goal at this stage; start getting stable contextual traffic that will give a minimum of bounces, ideally; less than 10%.

A little more than a month will pass before you yourself will not notice that many requests will already be within the visibility limit, and it is in Yandex. Things will get a little worse on Google, but that’s only because we don’t have links yet.

After a while, it’s worth buying some quality links from the GGL with the correct anchors. 20-30 pieces will be more than enough. Sapa is also very useful, but it still takes experience to work with.

If all my recommendations are followed; in 2 months, some of the requests will be in the top 10 and you will consistently receive, albeit not large, but targeted traffic from organic search results.

At this point, carefully check the bounces for organic traffic. Here the average indicator for commercial requests is 18%, we should be much better if we are going to compete with sites in the search results. Study the sources of failures carefully and work them out. Of course, you can just wind up behavioral ones, but what we need is that the site itself gives good PF, otherwise all further work simply does not make sense.

After doing all of the above; you can be sure that the snowball is running; we have traffic from Direct and organic, which not only brings customers, but also makes our site more and more interesting from the point of view of search engines every day.

Moving on to the UK; preparation.

This is where the fun begins. Honestly speaking; SC is the maximum to which we can jump, tk. VK promotion on landing pages is already pure extreme and almost beyond fantasy, but we’ll talk about this below.

With NK requests, everything was very simple # 8230; We deliberately chose such requests to which no site on the Internet could answer better than us. And the search came as expected; gave us worthy positions on these requests.

But NKs alone won’t get a lot of traffic! Why?; everything is just # 8230; If this was a site; we could work with NK until old age, expanding and expanding our site indefinitely, fulfilling hundreds and hundreds of new requests. On a landing page, this is impossible, unless, of course, after a successful experience with NDT, you decided to convert the landing into a website.

The basis for the promotion of our project will be precisely the requests of average competition or those that have a value of competition up to 25 according to the Mutagen version (or according to KEY).

And the first step on the way to new heights will be the painstaking setting of Direct for the selected SCs, but first things first, because the requests still have to be selected.

The basis here will be the correct selection of these same SKs.

In addition to the level of competitiveness of the request, here’s what you should also pay attention to.; the average number of pages of sites in the TOP. More precisely not so; in the TOP, there must be at least 1 site with less than 200 pages, and preferably less than 100.

If this condition is not met, promotion is still possible, but its probability becomes much lower.

Don’t pick too many queries. Optimally; 10 or less.

Setting up Direct for requests of an average level of competition.

Now we have to squeeze the maximum out of the Yandex contextual advertising system. For each of the queries we select, we must have a perfectly customized ad with well-targeted targeting. We will change the ad text until we get the best CTR possible. After all, it is profitable for Yandex to show a site at the top on which there are a lot of clicks, which means that the return to the pocket of a search engine from such a site is the highest.

Having received a good CTR and having worked out in detail on the site refusals for requests, we will get a completely natural, safe and very effective cheating of behavioral factors for our selected requests, and this is already a huge step on the way to our goal.

The breadth of coverage of the subject.

Now it’s time to use one of the secrets of modern SEO.; the width of the coverage of the subject. This thing allows you to pull out quite competitive requests on weak sites, practically without using a link and PF markups.

Yandex has a conventional understanding of every topic on the Internet. This includes the query base itself (tails from HF) and similar words and search suggestions and some other sources. That is, Yandex at its level conventionally imagines what belongs to a particular topic. And notice; sometimes this does not quite coincide with reality, but in the overwhelming majority of cases it does.

And it is from here that the phrase to bring something new to the subject comes from, but this is already a topic for a separate post.

We need to make a mind map for our topic. You will have to study Wordstat, organic search and search suggestions for various tails from the main query. It should be said right away that in this case we do not have the slightest moral right to neglect any areas, for example, very often and in many topics we can meet requests of the form # 171; # 8230; do it yourself # 187;; we will simply have to use them as well.

After we imagine a theme map; it is necessary to prepare a text on the basis of this map that will describe our topic in sufficient detail, but will describe it as extensively as possible, without missing a single branch.

Now this may seem like an unrealistic task to you, but take my word for it.; for me, copywriters have prepared not a single dozen of such texts, so everything is more than real.

Setting text relevance.

So, we covered the topic completely, but I bet that on the way we got just wild text overspam as a bonus, and for SK requests this is already a significant problem, but do not despair; about half an hour of your time and text spam will be done once and for all.

And here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make powerful seo copy yourself (2017 guide).

You may have already heard about an effective in the past methodology for optimizing key density by the median of a given value of sites that are in the TOP 10 of search engine results. Yes, this technique used to be very effective, but now Yandex has more and more cockroaches in its head and the theme does not work very well in the classical form, but the guys from Sape were able to create a wonderful service that allows you to adjust the density of keys in the text so that this text really likes Yandex. I can’t say for sure what specific variables this service operates on, but it’s absolutely unambiguous that the same technology was taken as a basis, it was simply adapted to modern realities.

You can use the service by adding our SK keys to the Wizard and clicking on the button on the right side of the interface (the screenshot was taken for the old version of the Sape design):

Further, the following picture appears before us:

Click on the relevance value and get a detailed step-by-step guide to fitting our text:

I have never seen a single more detailed service, so I highly recommend it.

After optimizing the text, there is very little left to do and our small landing page will soon be able to receive organic traffic for SK requests.

VIDEO; how to buy the best link to Miralinks.

The most diverse link profile.

Even to promote NK we needed links, and it is simply unrealistic to promote average competition requests without links. And again, the good old glanders will help us (from myself I will say; for many years I have just been crazy about this service).

And here is a step-by-step guide to buying effective links.

Here we should set up the purchase of rental links for promoted requests, as well as connect the purchase of social signals in automatic mode.

We will buy eternal links by hand through the services of GGL and Miralinks. I’ll tell you right away; the main factor when buying links for Yandex; donor purity. Against the background of this factor, all the others have long lost their significance. Links from news sites are very important. Logically; news sites; the only sites that often link to other projects on the web without selling links.

Don’t forget to keep track of your anchor list; this is incredibly important. I have already written in detail about the anchor list.

So we have rental links, perpetual links, and social signals, but that’s not all. We need the most diverse link profile, and without links from forums and communities, there is nowhere in this case. Especially for these purposes, crowd marketing was invented, which, by the way, you can order through me.

The techniques described above will be quite enough for some requests of average competition, but not for all. Constant monitoring of positions is very important. And if after 2-3 months from the moment you did all the manipulations described above, some positions did not go beyond the TOP 50; they should be discarded.

Cheat PF.

Just a few words about this SEO tool. There are too many myths around him. As part of my blog, I have repeatedly mentioned the manipulation of behavioral factors. (here, here and here).

I’ll tell you right away; this tool is very effective in Yandex and much less in Google. But it is necessary to wind up both Yandex and Google at the same time so that there are no problems with Yandex. Now read and understand the following axioms carefully:

filter for wrapping PF is not a myth. And this filter is the most brutal Yandex filter.; it is understandable; Yandex is very dissatisfied with the fact that behavioral ones are screwed up, because their influence on the search results is enormous, the probability of filtering can be easily reduced to 5-10% and for this you do not need to have expert knowledge in the field of SEO. Just enough not # 171; get burnt # 187; in our case (when the natural PFs of the site are very high), the risk of falling under Yandex sanctions becomes even less.

For PF cheating, I personally use the Userator exchange. It’s up to you to cheat behavioral or not, but you should definitely take into account the fact that when promoting a landing page, some words will turn out to be beyond our strength without using markups.

What else can you use.

It is not uncommon for a landing page to create groups in social networks. And we can use these groups for SEO purposes. VK and FB groups are best suited. There is only 1 requirement for groups; their community must be real, capable of generating real human traffic.

Also, the groups should have a name similar to the promoted search queries.

Next, we just need to force traffic from the group to flow to our landing page and not give refusals. Ideally, traffic should come to your site on a daily basis. To do this, you will need to regularly post interesting messages and news on the wall of the group, as well as promotions that will encourage users of the group to go to your site.

In addition to traffic from groups, social factors such as user posts on their pages with a link to the site, tweets, likes and other types of mentions are also important. To manipulate them, at a minimum, you need to place the main social media buttons on your landing page.


In conclusion, I would like to say that it is quite possible to promote a landing page, the main thing is to set feasible tasks and fully use your advantages. The feasible tasks include the requests themselves, which we will promote. It’s not worth taking on VK; the budget will simply be drained, but most of the correctly selected NKs and even some ICs can be quite successfully brought to the TOP and receive traffic. And notice; the value of traffic for us will be several times higher, because the conversion of the landing page is on average 2-3 times higher than that of a high-quality website. That is, to achieve the same result (sales level), we need 2-3 times less traffic. And it is 10 times easier to follow the landing page, adjust it to the constantly changing search algorithms than the website. On my own I want to say 1 simple thing; so that the promotion is successful; the page itself must fully respond to user requests, be of high quality and modern.

But you shouldn’t delude yourself here either, otherwise after reading this material you may get the opinion that moving a landing page is much more profitable than a website! No; not more profitable and not easier, but much more difficult! Many sites made # 171; from bulldozer # 187; at the very least, poor, but it can be promoted. But a well-made and optimized website will grow even on its own, without any link buying and text optimization. And in a few years, it will completely independently reach a decent level of traffic. With a landing page, you can never do that.; to start getting traffic from organic search; it should not only be good-looking, but it will have to carry out an extensive range of optimization work. A plus; search engines are initially extremely suspicious of this kind of sites, so any careless action and you can easily get a filter, which would not have happened with a regular site!

If you were interested in this material; I will be glad if you become a blog subscriber following the link.

You can also order the creation and promotion of Landing Page from me.

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