How to promote a new site on google? +200 unique items per day for 6 months!

Hello everyone, friends! Most recently, our blog turned 6 months old and during this time a lot of interesting things happened in terms of promotion (SEO) of this blog, so I look forward to sharing with you my news, experiments, the results of which we have achieved in this short period of time.

So, let’s start with statistics.

1. The first and most important thing I want to say is about articles. We write very often, on average one new article (post) is published every day. And during this time, not so few have come across. See screenshot:

And the most painful thing with this is that somewhere the first 100 entries were written completely incorrectly. Why? Yes, we just wrote, not suspecting anything, that most of the articles were simply not interesting to the reader. The text was mostly from the water, the keywords were not used correctly, they were sculpted all into one pile, etc. In a word, all this can go on forever. About a month later, we suspected that something was wrong, the blog traffic is not growing, as there were zeros, and remained. Search engines, in general, were silent in our direction. No shifts!

And to the delight of all this, one small article came (I don’t remember the blogger), which in a nutshell told: how to write articles correctly for newbies to a blog?

While adhering to those ground rules in the future, we noticed that there were significant shifts at Google.

Friends, I wrote in detail about what adjustments we made in this article. To that, if your site or blog is still new and does not have a large number of posts, then be sure to read it.

2. The second important step in website promotion is inbound links. We made a big mistake here. The site is only 2 months old, and we fools ordered a run through catalogs. From the figure, it can be seen that before the run the attendance was 20-30, and after 5-10.

Friends, in any case, do not order runs. They are now generally not relevant. Search engines have raised the level of quality of inbound links, so it is better to buy links from proven and expensive sites.

By the way, external links should be taken seriously. Why? A lot of webmasters waste their budget just like that. Since they do not know how to buy links (eternal) correctly. Don’t you know either ?! Dont be upset! There are many posts on the blog that go into detail about this. I recommend reading them all, and especially this one, in which the most necessary information: what you need to know when buying perpetual links.

3. The next thing we did on the blog was internal optimization.

It was she who greatly influenced the indexing and issuance. But! Every webmaster should know that incorrect internal optimization can impose sanctions on “AGS” and bring Google Panda to visit. So, be careful with this, unfortunately, I have not yet written an article on this topic. I plan to write it in the future. Subscribe to the blog! Do not miss!

4. Moving on. Our next step in promotion was writing announcements on special services that provide additional traffic to the site.

We tell them: “Thank you very much!” It was these announcements that saved us in the most difficult times, when the attendance was only 100-120 unique per day. Traffic from announcements increased these indicators by about 20%.

To be honest, turned out to be the best of all projects. For example, you wrote a new article, published it, and immediately write a short review on it. You can learn more about how to write announcements in subscribe here. I almost forgot, besides the extra traffic, here you get a good perpetual link from Titz 11000.

5. Our last step is to add social media buttons to the blog. Here we say “Thank you” to the Uptolike service. Setting up, adding code to the site, etc., everything is undertaken by Uptolike. If you don’t have social buttons. networks, then this service will suit you 100%.

Uptolike is the strongest aggregate that has many additional functions:

Likes; Subscribe; Share a picture; Polls; Rating of articles; Invisible counter; WordPress Plugin (free download); Joomla plugin (free download).

What else I would like to say is about fast indexing and delivery to the TOP. Yes, friends! It is these buttons that increase the optimization of your blog at times. Readers share articles with their friends, acquaintances, thereby advertising the blog in social networks, and as you already know: advertising, as a result, is equal to additional traffic.

Here are friends and all the basic steps that have brought the blog to traffic of 200+ visitors per day. From all that has been said, I want to add a few more simple tips that we personally adhere to, and we also recommend that you pay attention to them.

Council number 1. Be unique! For example, there are already many articles that you want to write about. What to do. Open 5 or 10 articles, re-read them all, choose the most interesting and the best for yourself. Trust me, it won’t go to waste. You yourself will not notice how after indexing your articles will be (at least in the TOP; 20), which is very important for us.

Council number 2. Write articles for people only. Do not rush to write, think carefully about everything. Get the reader and yourself interested. At the beginning, we did not adhere to this rule, we wrote simply to make it happen. That is exactly what we had 100% refusals, etc.

Council number 3. Believe in yourself and your strength! Don’t look at attendance every day. Think only about your goals. Remember! Blogging is a slow-motion job.

Council number 4. Well, I just could not miss the word about external links. Register your blog yourself on other projects (forums) or buy through the SAPE, RotaPost, Miralinks exchanges. “Buy” means only high-quality and expensive links.

Council number 5. Run various contests and promotions on your blog. Friends are the path to regular readers (clients). Trust me, nothing can be better for the continuous friends who visit your blog every day.

Probably all that I wanted to tell today. In the future, I plan to write similar articles more often. I know from myself that it is from such posts that self-confident webmasters (bloggers) are born. Did you like the article? Subscribe to blog updates! Promise! In the future, the articles will be even more interesting, and most importantly useful.

Thank you friends for reading the article to the end. We value our readers, and we give out various nice gifts to them. More details here.

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