How to promote a site for free – 15 working ways.

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It is quite possible to promote a site for free, but you need to understand what and how to do. This article will talk about ways that will help you promote your site for free and get visitors to it. All you need to do is have the desire and spend your time on it.

It clearly shows that free is highly conditional. Since time and attention is the currency of the 21st century, and everyone is valued differently.

Now let’s get down to business:

1. Guest posts.

It is a very powerful tool that works well. This requires:

# 8212; find sites that are suitable for you on the topic (sites or blogs)

# 8212; offer them material (relevant and useful topics)

# 8212; write quality content.

# 8212; place on the site and get the impact.

If we take the promotion of English-language sites, then this is one of the best ways to attract attention to your site and business.

But it is extremely important to create high-quality and valuable content, in this case, both parties will benefit, as well as increased loyalty.

You are getting:

# 8212; a backlink from a thematic site.

# 8212; referrals to your website.

That is, it affects both search engine optimization and the advertising of your site in general.

2. Forums.

Topic forums can provide a good stream of targeted conversions to the site. Necessary:

# 8212; make a list of such forums.

# 8212; register for them.

# 8212; actively conduct discussions.

In almost every topic there is a bunch of thematic forums where a normal audience sits, which can also go to your site.

For example:

We have a client who registered at many thematic forums – auto clubs, conducted active communication there, and then sold tires to everyone.

The number of sales was normal as he was a reputable user and had a lot of unsubscribing issues quite often.

As a result, the site gets backlinks, visitors and sales.


Comments are a great tool for getting attention, visitors and backlinks to your site. Necessary:

# 8212; find thematic sites and blogs where there is activity.

# 8212; ask provocative questions.

# 8212; leave more than detailed answers.

People love that. As practice shows, it works great in terms of attracting visitors.

You can do this:

# 8212; find media in the top for the queries you need.

# 8212; leave a comment there.

Or regularly like this:

# 8212; compile top resources.

# 8212; constantly comment on them.

Both options work. The main thing is to constantly do this. Then the result will be normally noticeable.

4. Services of discounts.

There are dozens of top discount services like Groupon, Pokupon and others. You can do it in different ways. For example:

Option 1.

Reduce the price of a product or service by 50% and sell. I do not know how profitable it will be, but in practice for beauty salons, companies providing services, it is better than simple.

Option – 2.

Raise prices for services by 50% and reduce them by 50% for discount sites. Then you have nothing to lose, and there is a possibility:

# 8212; attract visitors to the site.

# 8212; get links to the site.

# 8212; sell a product or service.

To understand exactly how this works, you need to at least test and see. But I know for sure that this method does not need a budget.

5. Social networks.

Social networks work great and if you constantly submit great content to them, you can get great results.

At least you need:

# 8212; create pages on main sites (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Google +, Odnoklassniki)

# 8212; think about options for how to serve content.

# 8212; add people to your friends.

# 8212; attract subscribers to company pages.

# 8212; constantly submit interesting content.

Most of the successful social media groups have gone without a budget and are now getting normal results.

All you need:

# 8212; availability of free time.

And the most important thing is to do everything all the time. Then there will be a targeted flow of visitors to the site.

6. Bulletin boards.

Bulletin boards are a good tool. On them tens of thousands of people sell goods and services every day. And very quickly.

Take Slando as an example. Add a product to it, leave a backlink. As a result, we get 2 in 1. There is a high probability of getting sales and clicks on the link to the site.

With the help of message boards, you can sell well, as well as attract visitors, so at least you need to try it.

7. Subject catalogs, city portals.

There are hundreds of thematic sites where you can add your company to the site for free. Fill out the profile and get a backlink to the site. Moreover, from this page of the company there are chances that they will go to your site.

Everything that’s needed:

# 8212; collect a list of such sites.

# 8212; add a company to directories.

Most resources like prom, and others have a free addition of a company to the site. This can and should be used.

8. Viral content.

Viral videos or pictures or text give a very good return. But it’s pretty hard to come up with a virus.

Viral can be:

# 8212; Video.

A cool example of how the guys from Blend Tec did it. They created the site Will it blend ( and began filming videos of grinding various objects, from the most famous iPhones.

# 8212; Pictures or photos.

Anything that can be interesting can also cause a viral effect. Therefore, it is at least worth testing, here is an illustrative example:

This picture has spread to many sites. They say a man decided to order a cake, threw the company’s logo into a pastry shop, and received not a logo on the cake, but url links where the logo was).

9. Competition.

Contests are a good way to attract visitors to your site. To make it free you need:

# 8212; have a good idea and idea.

The easiest option is to give something in return, for example a service. But it is extremely important:

# 8212; for the user to take a certain action.

# 8212; and understood the criterion by which the winner would be chosen.

Often, even small contests can give a normal return. The main thing is to think about the idea and the benefits, both for yourself and the user.

10. Useful content on the site.

About this on the blog has been written dozens of times. If you have something to share, then you need to do it. For example:

# 8212; articles instructions (how to do something)

# 8212; cases (how did you do it)

# 8212; reviews (anything useful)

There are many options about what to write, you just need to do this. Plus, optimize articles for low-frequency queries.

11. Services of questions – answers.

There are many Q&A services that also have a target audience.

# 8212; find questions similar to your topic.

# 8212; answer them in as much detail as possible.

# 8212; create targeted questions yourself under the same users.

# 8212; under others, answer in as much detail as possible.

It actually works. Not so noticeable, but it gives a return in the form of thematic backlinks and transitions to the site.

12. Google Maps and Yandex addresses.

There are targeted conversions to the site from Google maps. The main task is to reach the top in cards.

If you reach the top on the maps, you can get a good flow of targeted visitors for competitive keywords from the search.

2 – the first place with the help of seo promotion.

3 – results using Google maps.

In order to achieve high results using Google Maps, you must:

# 8212; add photos and videos.

# 8212; ask customers to leave reviews.

# 8212; link page to google +

# 8212; attract few links.

The article also tells about Yandex addresses.

13. Interview.

Interviews are a great method to get attention, backlinks and visitors to your site. Necessary:

# 8212; make a list of interesting people in your industry.

# 8212; write to them that you want to interview.

# 8212; prepare interesting questions.

If the interview is really interesting, then it will be published on media sites, thematic portals, which will put back links on you and give you a stream of visitors.

The easiest way to interview is via e-mail, but more interesting live at a thematic conference.

14. Barter.

Barter is also an option. For example, if the topic of your site is not very competitive, then this is more than real.

From our practice, this was done:

# 8212; lunch delivery companies.

# 8212; sale of tea and coffee.

But as practice shows, private website promotion specialists, not seo companies, can agree to barter.

At the very least, you can try, someone may respond, and this will solve your problem of attracting visitors to the site and increasing sales.

15. Percentage of profit or affiliate program.

There are many affiliate programs that webmasters and experienced SEOs work with.

This allows both parties to make good money.

At least you can:

# 8212; find someone who is interested in providing services for a% of sales.

# 8212; try to work on that basis.

In this case, you do not lose anything at all, and you pay a percentage of sales as you would pay a manager.

# 8212; organize your own affiliate program.

# 8212; get a good return, as many do.

There are an order of magnitude more ways to promote a site for free than described in this article. All that is needed for this:

Then the result will not be long in coming!

PS: if you turn to those who live and breathe their business, constantly improve their skills, and at least save your time, and at the most, give the desired results. Contacts here)

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