How to promote a site for free and on your own.

All the most popular and working methods for website promotion.

Hello everyone! So I took and wrote an article about website promotion. Do not judge strictly, as the article is written, roughly speaking, on the knee. I will write in the simplest and most understandable language. And so let’s go! 🙂

– Internal factors of website promotion.

– Site markup.

– Re-linking on the site.

– Beautiful and harmonious website design.

– Displaying the site in different browsers – cross-browser compatibility.

– Sitemap – Sitemap.

– What is it “External factors of website promotion”

For those who want to promote their site on their own and absolutely free, it will be interesting.

The easiest reliable and most importantly working way to promote pages and the site as a whole.

I must say right away that website promotion is not a quick matter and it will not work out quickly, no matter how good it is. I will not pull the cat by the balls, so as not to tire you, but immediately get down to business. And if you are attentive, you will learn from this article all the most necessary and important for the promotion of your site.

And so let’s get started!

What we have? We have a website or a specific page. (Nowadays it has become very fashionable and the most important thing is to promote all kinds of pages! Why !? This is another question! :-)) And now we will start to promote it (her). First, we will do it theoretically, and then you will start to practice and here the most important thing is not to be lazy!

Today there is a huge number of all kinds of paid and free ways to promote and promote your site on the Internet or any service on the Internet, again located on the site’s one-page site.

In order not to poke around in the network for a long time in search of the coolest and optimal ways in which you can actually get bogged down and completely confused and thereby waste time in vain, we will immediately divide all these methods into two main groups. They will be called paid and free! To these methods we add two more very important factors – such as external and internal. And if you don’t need to explain the first two ways about paid and free of charge, then the second two ways I’ll tell you this is just as easy just without money. The external way is when we increase the external factors of the popularity of the site, and the internal one is when we are promoting with the help of good content, optimization, etc.

Internal and external promotion, I’ll tell you a little more about this so that you understand and remember the basics.

Internal factors of website promotion.

What are the internal ways of website promotion, you ask? But what!

1. Domain name. When displaying search results, keywords in the domain name of the site are taken into account, as well as its regional affiliation. For example – You shouldn’t sell furniture in the city of Voronezh from the domain

2. The title of the page. It is important that the title of the page itself is with the keywords you want it to be promoted by. The title should reflect the essence of the page itself.

The content on your page, that is, the content must match the theme of the page. It is worth paying a lot of attention to what keywords your page contains. Never go overboard or try to place too many keywords. It’s not that bad it’s very bad! Highlight keywords in any way. This can be done, for example, using the headers h1, h2. also with strong, b, and so on. Don’t go overboard with tags either. Try to place keywords as close to the beginning of the page as possible, that is, at the beginning of the text.

Site markup.

HTML markup.

The markup of the page should be error-free and structured, although if the page solves the essence of the question, that is, it gives an answer to the question, this is not really important. Try not to follow links with JavaScript, search engines don’t like this. Add alt and title attributes (image title) with keywords to images. Spiders will love it!

Meta tags keywords, description.

The presence of meta tags on pages helps search engines define the essence of the page and, in some cases, present information from tags on search results pages. So here it will only depend on you what title and description of your pages will be seen by users of search engines. Although it is rumored that recently, tags are not that important. But of course it’s better with them!

Re-linking on the site.

The site should have good internal linking. This is really important .. Users do not like to search for a long time. They want to navigate the pages comfortably! Well, this is also convenient for spiders! (Through linking is used in the picture)

– End-to-end linking method. In this form, all pages of the site link to each other. This option is great for small sites, blogs, where all pages have the same importance and weight.

Site functionality.

Be sure to create some useful functionality for your site users. Think of something like that!

Site structure.

Any important and promoted page of the site should be 2-3 clicks from the main page. Of course, you don’t always need to try to do this, but for some reason, search engines find it easier to find a page. Although it happens, on the contrary, the page will be taken out of the asshole and indexed, but on the first page they do not see it at point-blank range.

Beautiful and harmonious website design.

You need to create a convenient and pleasing to the eye, you can even create a beautiful and memorable design, which users will inevitably like.

Social links.

These are beautiful buttons with logos of networks and services. It is advisable and obligatory to install a block of social links on the site (social networks, bookmarks.) With the help of which users could recommend your site or an article they like on the page to their friends and acquaintances. To implement this opportunity, use the services of social buttons. You will find them without any problems.

Displaying the site in different browsers – cross-browser compatibility.

Website design should be optimized for popular browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Sitemap – Sitemap.

Why is it needed? And because it is convenient for site users and search engines! And that’s it!

Website optimization.

A terrible word! Although there is nothing terrible in this. The main thing is that the site loads quickly, there are no critical errors, etc.

Next is very important!

Update your site content regularly. It is important. Robots have to come in, the more often the better. The quality and usefulness of information on the site is one of the most important and main characteristics. Completeness and detail of the answer to a specific asked question that the user is looking for in the search. The better the answer, the higher the page will be in the search. Ease of reading information on the site. The text should be readable without any magnifications, etc. Do not forget to register with Google and Yandex to be aware of what errors occur and how to fix them. All the rest is the tenth thing ..

To understand the internal factors of website promotion even better, I advise you to read the guides from Google and Yandex.

Now let’s look at external factors.

What is it “External factors of website promotion”

I’ll tell you without brainstorming. External factors of site promotion are when there are links to your site from other sites. They write about your site in chats, on forums, and in general, wherever possible, write something! Any information on the Internet about your site will be an external factor.

About paid promotion. That is, for money.

Paid website promotion.

You can buy custom articles, you can write them yourself. It will be very good at helping to promote and promote your site. In the articles, as if inadvertently, there will be a link to your site, on which traffic will go. Let this traffic be very small, but it will be! The easiest way to write articles about your site yourself and post them in article directories. Any directory will accept and post nice and unique text.

Buying links temporarily and permanently.

In this case, you are required to pay for placing only a link to your site with the link name you need. Links can be expensive and not very good. The main thing is that the building of the link mass was smooth, so to speak, natural. What is link weight and link weight.

Offline promotion methods. Bigboards, flyers, business cards, etc. Help for non-profit organizations and much more.

Banners. Payment for an advertising image that leads to your site. It is inexpensive and effective.

Free promotion includes:

Mailing lists (spam and not only) Social bookmarks (buttons for networks and services) White directories (gray directories) Social news Profiles of sites with high TIC Services FAQs Bulletin boards Article directories Site directories Site ratings Comments dofollow blogs Forums Chats Social networks Broadcasters RSS feeds Site contests Authoritative directories Dmoz and Yandex (closed) Link exchange Using viral marketing Offline promotion methods Promotions (participate and create yourself) Create a useful video Write a guide Adding a site to search engines Advertising in video materials.

Paid and free services for automatic website promotion.

Recommended for promotion as well as deprecated to use. The choice is yours. As well as various link exchanges. It is recommended to buy articles on the article exchange. Yandex or Google will help you find good exchanges.

And also to help you 1. Contextual advertising (Expensive, but very effective.) 2. Banner advertising (Average price, average traffic. Particular importance should be given to where this banner will be located, since traffic will go exactly from where you place the banner.) 3. Advertising in popular blogs and communities (Prices are reasonable, average traffic.)

In the end, at the conclusion of the article, I want to wish you good luck. Although it will definitely not help in site promotion .. Only your daily work and the desire to develop your site will help. Thank you for the attention!

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