How to promote a site for free.

In one of the previous articles, I wrote a post about how I managed to promote the site to 1000 visitors per day in 4 months. However, its promotion was mainly built on the purchase of good, eternal links from the GoGetLinks exchange. Therefore, for some users, the issue of site promotion remained open if they decided to promote the site for free. Especially if they want to promote a site using uCoz technology. Today we have collected the best tips for free website promotion and are ready to share them with our readers. So, let’s begin.

11 tips on how to promote your website for free!

Learn and practice all the rules of internal optimization. An important role in site promotion, as we have said in previous articles, is played by internal site optimization, since it is from it that site promotion begins. Bad optimization will slow down the promotion, good – on the contrary, speed it up. In the article “Website Optimization for Search Engines” we described in detail the basics of internal website optimization, so be sure to read it and remember all the tips, since each of them has been tested on personal experience. In short, you need to take care of the correct linking of articles, categories and the main page. Distribute the weight in such a way that the bulk is focused on the pages that “expect” traffic, that is, are optimized. Optimization of articles includes the selection of keywords and their distribution in the text. Internal optimization is good because it does not require money from you, everything can be done “with your own hands”, the main thing is not to be lazy to read various manuals, as well as to experiment on your web projects. In general, good work on the site can already give tangible results even without buying links. But in this case, a prerequisite is the presence of high-quality content on the site. Write interesting and useful articles. The main assistant in website promotion will be the articles, since the success of the site is always based on them. They should be not only optimized, but most importantly interesting and useful for users. To do this, it is necessary, firstly, to design the article beautifully so that the information is easier to perceive for the reader: use markers, highlight important phrases with a quote or bold type, break long articles into subheadings, supplement the material with pictures and videos. In this case, the article will not seem boring or drawn-out to the visitor. The usefulness of an article is determined by the importance and uniqueness of the information. Do not be unfounded in the article, use only verified information, and also refer to your sources (only without an active hyperlink). Share your personal experiences. If you manage to convey the information to the user, then he will certainly thank you for this: he will tell your friends, share the link on the social network, add the page to bookmarks, write a positive comment, share the link to your article on the forum where he often communicates, once again will visit your site, etc. But the most important thing is that search engines are already able to partially determine the usefulness of an article. Believe that in less than a year they will learn to recognize such articles in no time, therefore, your site will have more chances to break out in the TOP than a competitor’s site, which contains delusional information, but gets out in the lead only due to the purchase of links … Share links. You can get backlinks not only with money, but also through exchange. According to many reputable webmasters and bloggers, exchange links have an effect even more than links from the same sites, but purchased. It is believed that Yandex and Google perceives such a link as natural, and not as a selling one, therefore it is more trusting. However, you need to be careful when exchanging links. You cannot link your sites, even if their topics are similar, give them the opportunity to develop independently and not depend on each other. You only need to choose sites for exchange that have the same topic. It is better to send an offer to exchange links in bulk, since many webmasters may simply not respond to your letter or see it (if they rarely visit this email account). It is better not to write an offer for an exchange in the comments, as it can be counted as spam and can simply be deleted. Look for contacts on the site, and write to them. It is best to exchange with those sites that are knocked out with you for the same promoted requests. “Strong” sites rarely agree to an exchange, but projects on a level with yours will go to a deal. Try to exchange with promising sites that are relatively young, but clearly have a great future. If you are trying to promote a site on uCoz, then we advise you to exchange links with sites on the same platform, since they will certainly agree to exchange, which cannot be said about sites on paid hosting. The thing is that among webmasters, sites based on uCoz technology do not enjoy special respect (although a lot of webmasters have sites all on the same platform). Leave links in the comments. Despite the fact that such a promotion method is considered spam, it still produces a certain effect. If you mindlessly post comments to all blogs and leave comments like: “Very useful article! Thank you! “,” I’ll keep in mind “,” I’ll read it later. Thanks to the author! “; there will certainly not be any sense. And if the comment turns out to be expanded, complete, useful for the author or for other readers of the article, then naturally such a comment will not be deleted, even though the name will contain a link to your site. In addition, you should leave comments only on thematic sites, for three reasons: 1) no one will remove the thematic link from the name; 2) If the comment turns out to be useful and expanded, then people will want to look at the author’s site, and this is additional traffic; 3) Sometimes you can even insert a link into the comment itself if you are respected on this site or the link complements the read article very well and does not look like a spam message. It is advisable for you to make a list of thematic sites and blogs that allow you to post a link under your name (i.e. have a corresponding field for a link). Such links have a good effect, first of all, on the promotion in the Google search engine. Yandex needs links that are not closed with the NoIndex tag and the NoFollow attribute, of course there are fewer such sites, but they are also available. Insert links in profiles and signatures. Another not the most honest, but very effective, and most importantly free way of website promotion. There are thousands of sites on the network that make it possible to register on the site and enter the address of your site in a special field, which will become a link in the registered profile. About 2-3 years ago, such links gave an incredible effect, now the results are not so comforting, since everyone started using this method for promotion. However, the results are still quite good: the rise of the thematic Citation Index, the rise of positions in the search engine results, the acceleration of indexing, etc. The complexity of this method lies in the fact that it is quite difficult to find “non-spam” sites where you can leave an indexed link. As a rule, more often you come across projects that are already full of external links. However, the one who seeks will always find. You can, of course, not engage in such a routine and order the so-called “Run on trust sites”, which is carried out by a special program (XRumer). She puts links on such sites with great speed. In total, in just a few hours (without your participation) you will receive from 20 to 500 links from similar sites. The advantage of such a run is that you do not have to do anything – you do not need to spend whole days searching for sites and placing links. There are more disadvantages: low quality links, a small link explosion and the inability to fill out a profile in such a way that it is not considered spam and subsequently deleted. Promotion using a video. Free website promotion requires you to be smart and cunning in everything, and website promotion through a video is a vivid example of this. Online video is another of the freest niches on the Internet. And I’m not talking about films or TV shows now, everything is just the opposite. I am talking about video instructions, that is, articles only not in printed form, but in video format. For example, the instructions for installing a water heating tank are easier to watch in video format than to read about all the nuances, since it is easier to remember by ear and visually than when reading. So you can prepare such video answers for each of your articles (in addition to the text) and upload them to the YouTube.Ru service where you can put a link to your article, and place the video itself on your website. Thus, your advice can be read not only on your website, but also on Youtube. And the link will push you to go to the site to watch additional videos. In addition, it is advisable to add the address of your site in the corner when editing a video, because your video can be copied and placed on another web project, blog or forum, and the address in the video will help to keep the authorship. Good videos spread quickly on the network, which means that thousands of people will be able to learn about your site, and if you release more than one such video, then you can generally glorify both yourself and your site. And you will do it completely free of charge! PR in social networks. A very effective method, however, if we speak correctly, then the promotion of a site in social networks is usually called SMO (promotion in social networks). There are paid and free promotion methods as well. Both are effective, the only difference is that in the first case you spend money, in the second – time. Time will take, of course, a lot, but over time it will pay off. Website promotion in social networks is as follows: creating groups of your website (in Vkontakte, FaceBook, MoiMir, Odnoklassniki, etc.) and inviting people to it, as well as creating a twitter feed. You will add news from your site to the groups and feed, report on new interesting articles, contests, innovations, rules, congratulations, etc. People who have joined the group or subscribed to the twitter feed will be able to visit your site, thereby increasing your daily traffic. These people can also be called regular readers of your site, who follow the development of the project. You can offer to join a group or subscribe to the feed both in the services and social networks themselves, and on the site itself, thus turning the visitor into a regular reader. In addition, social media links are gaining more and more influence in search engines today. If earlier only SEO methods influenced the position of the site in the search results, now SMO (social promotion), too, but the main point is that SMO is only gaining momentum, which means that you still have the opportunity to get into the TOP positions without any problems. until this “topic” became known to everyone! Follow promotions on SEO forums. You can promote the site yourself for free using another clever method. Most webmasters and bloggers are in the habit of chatting on SEO forums. However, only a few people realize that such communication can be turned into a very useful tool for promotion. The secret lies in the following: many “runners”, opening their thread on the forum, begin their work with the fact that the first work is done either for free (for a review) or at a very low price. Accordingly, the more you pay attention to new topics created on the forum, the faster you react to such offers, the cheaper (and maybe even free) it will cost you to promote your site. What can be found on the forums for feedback: the rise of the TCI, runs on trust sites, runs on directories or comments, complex runs, services for internal site optimization, layout or design rendering, etc. Naturally, in order to be entrusted with writing a review, you must be a respected person on the forum, so you should communicate more often on this project and gain a positive reputation. And in general, reading forums and entering into various discussions on the topic of website promotion, you learn a lot of useful and new things. Participate in contests. You can also promote a blog or website by participating in various contests or marathons, which are very often held in the blogosphere. As a rule, the essence of participation comes down to the banal writing of an article, which is subsequently posted on your site with a link to the organizer. If you win the competition, you will receive a prize, as a rule, in cash. And once again you can spend it on website promotion (buy links, order a design, buy new optimized articles, etc.). In addition, you can be the organizer of the competition yourself, and the participants will also have to write articles and put a link to your site. Only here is the problem with the prize – although it can be solved if you find an adequate sponsor (for example, a young affiliate program to earn money on the Internet). Use press releases, guest posts, and article directories. You can also get a free link in this way: there are special sites that allow you to host press releases, guest posts or just articles. Their benefit lies in the fact that users fill the site themselves, and your benefit lies in the ability to put an open link with the desired anchor, which will be surrounded by thematic text. It is easy to find such sites, but they need to be well filtered in order to remove those that are no longer indexed by search engines (often not indexed by Yandex, for spam), as well as to choose the right theme of the site. One of the most effective options in this way is – guest posts, usually blogs, which provide an opportunity to send an article to the author, who will subsequently publish your post with a link, but keep in mind that your post should be really useful for the readers of this blog. There is no need to hope that a cheap rewrite will work in this case. Create mini sites on free platforms. The method is laborious, long, but very effective. We all know that there are a lot of hosting and services that allow you to create your blog or even a website for free (ucoz, narod, blogspot, liveinternet, etc.). So you can create from 10 to 200 such sites, fill them with information (a little) and send them to the index of search engines. After they are all indexed: place your article with a link on each site (the article must have a unique text and a different link anchor on each site). In total, we will get from 10 to 200 free links of quite decent quality!

Here, perhaps, are all our tips for free promotion of your site on the Internet. How do you promote your sites on the Internet for free?

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