How to promote a site. How to independently promote your site to the TOP of Google.

Site trust is a key indicator of any search engine’s trust in a resource. It is he who is an important aspect in the issue of ranking a resource in search results. You can increase the authority of the site by increasing the incoming link mass, in other words, by getting natural backlinks. Backlinks affect effective website optimization, which leads to an increase in incoming traffic and […]

How to independently promote your site to the TOP of Google.

Google Corporation is steadily increasing its presence in the Runet zone. It is foolish to ignore this vast field of possibilities and potentials. Domestic webmasters are seriously mistaken when they forget about Google and direct all their attention to Yandex. In certain topics and areas, Google can easily become the main source of search traffic with minimal costs for promotion. Promotion in the world’s most popular search engine […]

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin customize sitemap for users in WordPress.

Hello, dear readers of the site, in this article I will tell you about a very old, but still needed Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin. This plugin creates a list of all posts; a map that your readers can browse and find posts of interest to them. On the example of my blog; sitemap you can see how this plugin functions. Functions of the plugin Dagon Design Sitemap Generator […]

Beautiful WordPress breadcrumbs: customization, design.

Hello, dear readers of the blog, in this article I will describe in detail what WordPress breadcrumbs are, how to make them using a cool SEO plugin, set up in a couple of minutes and beautifully design, fit into any design. Breadcrumbs are an important site navigation element that performs two main functions: increasing usability (usability of the site’s elements and content) […]

SEO for beginners.

If you seriously decided to engage in search engine optimization, then I would like to tell you that I only welcome your intentions and, for my part, I will try to explain everything to you as clearly as possible. You probably already know how to choose keywords for the site, compose the semantic core and how to optimize the text. I would like to note that on this […]

The difference in website promotion with a domain containing WWW and without WWW.

The question often arises, to give preference to domains with www (Three double-U) or without www in the site address? People want to know what is preferable to use for SEO and whether it is worth changing the url of their site. Let’s consider the main points that determine which is better – a domain with www or a regular domain name with a registration zone. The article is designed for all sites but […]

Setting up the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Optimizing a website for search engines should start with the correct setting of meta tags and titles in all articles, pages and sections of your blog, special SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast are suitable for this task. In this article, we’ll take a look under the hood of this powerful machine called WordPress SEO by Yoast, talk about setting it up correctly, and some useful tricks. We all love it when our articles […]

We speed up the indexing of the site; free and legal.

Site indexing is the most discussed topic by all webmasters, as it has a lot of approaches to its implementation, which are not always “white” and legal. In addition, there is an opinion that it is possible to speed up indexing only if you make a good investment in promoting your site, but this is not at all the case and in this article we will analyze absolutely legal and […]

Internal linking of the site.

Successful website promotion in search engines is inconceivable without proper internal linking of all its web pages. In this article I will tell you what interlinking is, what its types and schemes are, I will touch upon the interlinking in WordPress and, of course, I will provide instructions on how to set up the correct interlinking. By tradition, at the end of the article I will share my experience in working with this method of website promotion. Re-linking Re-linking […]

How to remove link rel = # 8217; shortlink # 8217; from the WordPress site code.

Do you have a WordPress site? Have you replaced the standard URL’s with CNC? But search engines for some reason # 171; eat # 187; both urls, and this is no matter how doubles. For those who do not know, the most unpleasant thing about takes; this is what they can be called internal plagiarism, the fact is that CMS WordPress, like other popular site management systems (for example, Joomla), is not uncommon […]

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