How to promote a site in Google.

In 2022, the question is often asked how to promote a site on Google, promote a site on Google, how to promote a site on our own for free, we decided to share our experience.

When a user searches on Google for how to promote a site, he is interested in free and independent promotion. This article will discuss how to promote your site for free.

What do you need to promote your website?

To quickly move to Google you need:

responsive site semantic core content.

All the instructions below will allow you to promote and promote your site to the TOP of Google for free. We recommend reading the most valuable article on how to open an online store in 2022.

To promote a site on Google, you need to find out what words visitors can use to find you through a search engine. For more information on what keywords are and how to collect them, read the article on keyword selection.

Let’s say you have collected the number of keywords for which you want to get visitors. The number of keywords should be at least 300 for one page. At this stage, you need to distribute the resulting mass of words for specific pages of the site. All manipulations are carried out in Excel, this will allow you to clean, sort, add keys. Let’s consider how to correctly compose the semantic core.

How to quickly build a semantic core.

We remember that we have 2 objects of attention: Excel and our site. Excel has a lot of keywords, some of them are clearly superfluous, since they are not your topic, some have no frequency of queries. What we do: first, we remove from the list of words those words that do not fit the business niche. About 15% will be eliminated. We run those keywords that remain through any service for checking the frequency of requests. If you have a valid Google Adwords then look through the Keyword Planner. We also remove words with zero statistics from the list. Another 20% will be eliminated.

After these 2 manipulations, we should be left with a subtracted, cleaned up list of real keywords by which users are looking for a product or service.

Next, the task is to group keywords by page. This process is monotonous and important. At this stage, you need to decide on which page of the site the grouped keywords will be placed (clustering). The output should be an Excel file with a list of keywords and an indication of the url for each key. By sorting the columns, we select sets of words for each page and embed them.

In practice, it happens that you have to redo the existing structure of the site, the tree of categories and menus, start publishing news, blogging — this is normal. Not every site owner is able to dare to make large-scale changes in order to promote the site.

But there is a way — start small and doable. For example, you can take a simple segment of the semantic core, complete it as much as possible with key phrases and use such words in the text of a separate page. It turns out that on our page all the words of the segment (cluster) will be used at least 1 time. The content is ready.

It remains to register the meta tags and wait a bit (5-10 days). After checking the position of the site for keywords, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

After making sure that you are able to promote the site yourself and quickly, you will be able to systematically introduce new clusters of semantics, increasing the number of visitors.

The only way to believe that it is realistic to promote a website in 2022 for free is to do the manipulations described in the article. Nothing complicated.

As always, there is one caveat. Since the task of promoting the site is free, you will have to do all the work yourself and devote time to it. Be prepared to write feature articles 2-3 times a week.

At this stage, it was successful to compose the semantic core. Next, we will indicate what it means to promote a website on Google in practice, as well as how to save on SEO if you do not have a website yet!

Website promotion on Google in 2022 — how to save.

It so happened that not everyone has a website. There is an idea, but there is no website — familiar situation? So, if you don’t have a website yet, you just want to make it, now there is a real chance to save a decent amount.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to promote a website in Google 2022 before the start of development. — how to do it right and save tons of money.

If you are just going to order a website from any web studio, freelancer — immediately think about whether you want to promote it in search engines. The decision to promote or not is critical during the development phase.

If you decide to promote your site on Google, be sure to inform the developers about this before starting the design. The development price may increase slightly, but this will save a lot more money in the future.

Smart developers, even if they don’t do SEO, can at least roughly navigate in your niche and superficially structure semantics. Yes, they will not work through the semantic field for any money, because they do not know how.

To do both the site and the promotion right the first time, — order the creation and promotion of a website in Seo-Design.

What will hinder Google promotion?

When the site is ready, developers in most cases open it for indexing by search engines (done via robotx.txt). Just think: you have not yet filled all the pages with content, after the developers there are still texts of all sorts of fish Lorem ipsum … And the whole thing is indexed by Google at once! By the way, if you are interested in promotion for Yandex, read the article Website Promotion in Yandex.

Even if your developer turned out to be a perfectionist, and you paid a lot of money for such an ability, it is far from the fact that all the pages of the site are ready for entering the search. The pages of the site that you see with your eyes are not all pages, there are more, they simply are not displayed in the menu and continue to exist in the database.

What to look for: be sure, when you accept the site while still on the hosting site of the performer, ask for help in cleaning up the site from unnecessary garbage. They don’t want to do it for free — pay, it is no more than 2-3 man-hours, which is equivalent to $ 30 -50 $.

The site must be on a CMS, otherwise you will not be able to add information and generally manage it.

Let’s summarize the conditions that can interfere with promotion in search engines:

Tell the developers that you will promote the site. Clean the site from garbage before launching. There must be a CMS.

Promotion in the Google search engine independently.

There is a way to promote your site yourself if you follow simple steps. So, you have a small site with no extra pages. Now attention: you can already start promoting yourself.

You won’t get far on tough, high-frequency searches, but you will lay the groundwork for an explosive CEO in the future. If you don’t know how to choose keywords, read this article.

1. Think over what is the most important key request for your business. You open Google and open the leaders’ sites in different windows (just do not press for advertising). Important: you are looking at sites that the search engine found it necessary to put in the first place. This means that the structure of such sites is the most acceptable.

2. Rewrite the structure of each site in one file. It can be Excel (convenient) or, for example, XMind. The result is a large structure.

3. Remove duplicate structure elements. Please note that similar elements are not duplicate. Perhaps one of the leaders worked out their niche better and included this particular element in this formulation for some reason.

A remark for those who consider themselves the smartest inventor of the best structure. You don’t think that one nugget person can be smarter than the whole Google or Yandex, do you?

4. We implement the structure of these sites on our own. Important: write out the structure — it doesn’t slam the texts. You will write the lyrics yourself.

What is the result? You have already started doing website promotion on Google yourself: you have created a cool SEO structure on a young website. This is enough for a launch, because your budding competitors will definitely not do that. They will do like everyone else — will order a site, throw it into the index, and then for a lot of money and for a long time SEOs will get rid of garbage and prove to the search engine that the site is white and fluffy.

Finally, one addition: if after launching a new site you do not see any changes, do not rush to panic. Add the site to Google Search Console (google how to do this for your engine) and after a couple of days look at what the search engine is swearing at. Most likely there are technical errors. These errors can be easily corrected by specialists as part of a technical audit.

Promote your site for free.

Advertising costs a lot of money, but there is always a choice: print, TV, radio, Bigboards, etc. The same goes for online advertising. There are many options to promote your products: website promotion to the top of Google, Google Adwords, contextual advertising, advertising on forums, social networks, message boards. Advertising can be either paid or free…

By contacting a company that is interested in long-term cooperation, they will always tell you where to save money and how to advertise yourself better. Up to the development of entire concepts. Actually what we are doing.

Where and how to promote?

The easiest and cheapest way – it is advertising on message boards. By regularly placing ads (at least once a week), you can advertise yourself absolutely free. You can also advertise yourself on thematic forums by creating topics for discussion. If you have time, then there is an opportunity to save a couple of hundred hryvnias. You can also create groups on social networks. The main thing is to organize everything competently in order to interest the public. Thus, you will be able to increase the number of visitors to your site. Write articles and post them on the site with a link to your site. If you don’t have time, copywriters can do it for you. One article is inexpensive. Paid advertising on websites has never been a cheap pleasure. But as a form of advertising – one of the most effective. By placing your banner on thematic popular sites, it is your potential customers who will know about you. But it is completely free to not be able to advertise yourself in the promotion of the site itself. We’ll have to form a budget. You can cheaply advertise yourself on Google AdWords. You can do this both yourself and by ordering a service. – promotion in Google AdWords or contextual advertising. This is where you pay for your leads. You don’t pay a monthly promotion fee. If you have 100 UAH, you independently form the cost of each click. And money is deducted for each visitor. You can advertise yourself once a week, once a month, or every day. It’s up to you to decide! But no one will argue with the fact that there is no advertising more effective and more profitable. — website promotion in the TOP-10 search engines. Everyone knows that when searching on Google, few people go beyond the TOP 15. The higher you rank, the more customers you have.

Content writing.

After creating the site, it’s time to start filling it. The content of the site can be any information: text, photos, videos, emoticons, etc. Depending on the topic of the site itself, a choice is made where to get information for it. If this is, for example, a forum, then you should not expect that it will be filled mainly by visitors.

After all, attract them to this forum – not an easy paramount task, but here the main thing – the right choice of content source. And if the site is devoted to the intricacies of technical progress, then one chapter is certainly not enough.

Write original content – it is not only a desire to stand out among their own kind, but also an important task to promote the site. The more creativity is put into the text, the more unique it is, the more chances of being «approved» Google. Google does not tolerate plagiarism!

A site with copied text from another resource (copy-paste), in the index of search engines will not live long and will be banned or filtered. And sometimes it is impossible to fix it. Not to mention copyright infringement and its consequences.

How to fill the site with content.

There are several options:

Order copyright writing (unique text) from professionals (i.e. from us). Entrust such a responsible work to a group of people who will write for you 100% unique text (this can be checked programmatically), which will be most suitable for SEO conditions, as well as have psychological techniques. That is, it will talk about exactly what your customers want to hear. What exactly needs to be emphasized and will make your weaknesses your merits. Connect all your creativity, allocate a lot of time and write articles yourself. Money-saving, but not time-saving. Yes, and only SEO copywriters can write an ideal article for website promotion, use all the keywords. As a result, you will get a self-written, beautiful text, but not practical for website promotion. Rewrite – find an article you are interested in and rewrite it in your own words. This will produce the original text, but not the original content. But as an option, it will do… Buy an article on the exchange. In this, however, there are more minuses than pluses.

To summarize: from the article you learned how to promote, promote your site in Google yourself for free.

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