how to promote a site on google.

I answered the girl in the comments, but so much happened that I thought of copying it into my diary. Maybe later I’ll add something for the story. So:

“Hello, Ksenia! We need active, motivated, positive people! My name is Elena! Do you mind if we switch to you? I am recruiting people to the new Internet project Evency. I personally train everyone, give a clear plan of action and bring them to a result. If everything If you do as I say, then in the first month you will be able to earn from 10 thousand and more! Interesting? “

Of course interesting =) As a sane person, I generally adore such projects!

First of all, I google what this Evency is and what it is eaten with. Their website immediately pops up.

Simple money making on the Internet, which is suitable for anyone, both a beginner and a professional! The profit depends only on you and your hard work! This method is not a freebie – you have to work hard, but it’s worth it – believe me! Just read to the end, it is Important and interesting and will take you a few minutes. You will receive a fully working, proven earnings scheme that will bring you tens of thousands of dollars every month!

I am constantly looking for new ways to make money on the Internet so that I can work from home and still devote several hours to work. What projects I just didn’t go through, and what schemes didn’t use, I can say, I tried them all!

I participated in various projects and companies, invested in HYIPs, played on different farms, earned bitcoins, wrote articles, promoted blogs and websites, social groups. networks, selling goods and so on … If I earned somewhere, then quite a bit.

After analyzing the experience of past years, I came to the conclusion that most Internet projects are built on the principle of linear marketing or a pyramid, just many of them are disguised as companies where they give you some kind of product or justify fabulous percentages – the turnover of funds on exchanges or bets.

I began to remember where my steps to make money on the Internet began). I went to Google search and typed – work from home, work on the Internet, and so on. And the first thing I tried was making money on entering “captcha”). Then it was surfing sites and mailers with reading letters and completing tasks …

Now, ten years later, it looks ridiculous, because, working full time, I earned no more than 50 rubles!

But still, there was one positive project, if you can call it that, in which I participated and made good money – this is earning on 7 webmoney wallets. No matter how anyone thought about it – but it worked – the earnings were real, but everyone played by their own rules – everyone entered their wallets and started a new list…. And then WebMoney began to block such wallets.

And just recently I came across an interesting Project based on the same idea with seven wallets, only not in the WebMoney payment system, but on Perfect Money.

The advantages of this project include the fact that it took into account all the disadvantages of making money on webmoney wallets, namely:

All processes in the 7 koshelkov project are automated – automatic change of the queue of wallets in the list, each user can enter only one wallet, you cannot register without an invitation – invite, automatic transfers directly to your wallet and more. You can view the project in more detail by going to the website and watching the video presentation on the main page.

Now I will tell you how to make money on this project!

The 7 koshelkov project (7 wallets) works on the principle of a mutual aid fund – that is, people give each other money. There are 7 levels in the Project.

So, you register on the site 7 koshelkov. com and enter 51 in the invite field, or follow the link http: // 7 koshelkov. com / 51. When registering, be sure to indicate your real contacts so that people can contact you, as well as the Perfect Money dollar wallet number. If you do not have this, register in the Perfect Money system on the site http: // PerfectMoney. is – you can find step-by-step registration on YouTube.

After registering 7 wallets in the project, the system will give you a list with 7 wallets to which you make a transfer of 15 dollars from your Perfect Money account (if you don’t know how to replenish it, “google” or find it on Youtube). $ 2 will be transferred to each wallet – the remainder of 40 cents – goes to the system for its maintenance (60 cents is Perfecta’s commission).

After you donated 15 dollars, a personal account will open for you, where there will be your affiliate link for an invitation, as well as instructions and promotional materials, plus a program for automatically sending messages in Skype.

Then you redo this article for yourself – insert your affiliate link and post this article on the forums and in the comments of Blogs and sites. You also post it on your social media pages. networks, write posts in thematic groups, as well as invite friends.

Write several different ads and post them on bulletin boards for networkers and MLM professionals …

Create a blog on Blogger. com and put your article there, just be sure to redo it so that search engines can see it and display it in the search.

To find forums and boards – go to Google or Yandex and type a request:

work from home forum.

forum remote work at home.

forum about making money on the Internet.

networkers bulletin board.

mlm bulletin board.

+ create a new topic.

+ add a new topic.

The search engine will give you millions of results with forums and boards – just follow the links in order – go through a simple registration (confirm by e-mail) and post a new topic.

To comment on entries on sites and blogs, just type in the same way:

how to make money at home.

how to make money online.

Follow the links and insert your article in the comments.

The more articles and ads you post, the more earnings will be! Submit your article to no less than 200 forums and message boards, remember, the more the better.

By bringing only 3 participants to the project, you will earn more than $ 6,000, but imagine if you invite 10-20 people ?!

The main thing is not to be lazy! And do not stop, perhaps the result will not be immediately! Today is my fifth day of such work at home))) – I received more than $ 170 and transfers are literally every 10 minutes!

The whole trick of such earnings is that at minimal costs (about 1000 rubles) you can go to a growing income, since each new participant who registers using your link advertises your wallet too – imagine you invite 10 people who promote your wallet to thousands of message boards and forums.

If, while posting a new theme, you see a similar one – place yours on top anyway – create a new one – it works!

Isn’t that what you dreamed about? Get paid simply for posting information on the Internet! Do not be lazy – do everything right and you will succeed. Good luck!

2)) Next is the promised example with non-standard advertising for a non-standard object like yours.

We will talk about indirect advertising, the purpose of which, first of all, is to form (awaken) the very desire to own such real estate. And only then, when the individual appears (matures, wakes up) a desire to own such real estate as you, “direct” the activity of the individual to find real estate in the “right direction”. So that he (she) would find your object himself.

This is a very effective method, especially in the current conditions, when many direct (standard) advertising channels are already crammed with a competitive offer, and the citizens themselves generally lose the desire to own suburban real estate.

See Alexey how it works.

Armen mentioned the promotion of advertising for an object in search engines, so that when asked in Google “a house by a big water” (or similar), the advertisement of your object would appear in the first lines. This is certainly good. But the problem is that this advertisement is aimed only at those who are already in search, who have already thought about purchasing suburban real estate near the big water. And the Oka is still not big water, in the conventional sense. Rather, the one who asks such a request is interested in real estate near the reservoirs. And here, by the way, it makes sense to compare your object with similar ones located at such a distance from the Moscow Ring Road. This is the Ivankovskoe reservoir (the Moscow Sea), and this is a completely different clinkor … There are water sports, large wrecks, etc.

On the other hand, the query “house on the Oka” is asked by the one who is looking for it on the Oka, and he will find your offer anyway (with the correct advertising).

In fact, there is a HUGE latent (dormant) demand. The demand to be “awakened”. This demand is mainly generated by the owners of Moscow apartments, mostly “ordinary people” who, for one reason or another, have no need to live in Moscow. They may think (be interested) of moving out of town, to a good place, but so far they do not conduct targeted searches … It may also be people with an “extra” apartment (or even with several apartments), etc.

EXAMPLE of working with such an audience:

– in each magazine “real estate and prices” an analytical article is published on the suburban real estate market. The topics of these articles are repeated regularly. One of these “duty” topics – areas (houses) near the big water. Or plots (houses) with forest trees. Or an article on the topic – what factors affect the cost of suburban real estate, etc …

– Consider the example with the article “plots (houses) near high water”. This article will focus on real estate near reservoirs. Various market experts speak out, etc. Blah-blah-bo-in short, the idea is introduced – yes, the plots are near the water protection. This is this and that, and in the south of the Moscow Region the Oka serves as an analogue of large water, and recently attention to the lands on the Oka has been steadily growing …. Blah blah blah – … the prices are still reasonable, but there are not so many good habitable places, especially individual housing construction, they are in stable demand … Blah blah blah …. Houses are also represented. Basically this is a tree (which is understandable), although there is also a high-quality stone, but there are not many of them … blah blah blah … In short, the Oka itself is popularized, and the unique properties of your object are emphasized (WITHOUT DIRECT INDICATION, only several villages, including yours).

– And then, the interested reader, lists on the heading “suburban real estate – Simferopol (Kashira) highway” and sees … and sees your object presented in a quality manner. The key word is qualitatively presented (4 photos, close-up …). The second key word is the Kashira (m4 don) highway, even if it is much farther from you than to Simferopolka …

-Ideally (in general, the standard!), That the declaration would provide a link to a more detailed source of information about the object. For example, to the site of your object (house). T.N. cascading information about the object and control of the search …


1)) Considered only one printed source. In fact, there may be more sources and not only printed, but also electronic …

2)) I think you noticed that this method of promotion is possible only for an object with certain unique properties (like yours, for example). An attempt to promote a standard offer in this way will inevitably lead to a “direct reference” to the object of advertising in the article itself, which will immediately show potential buyers the “customized” nature of the advertisement. This will harm sales more than help … The buyer must, as it were, find your object …

3)) For your object, the situation is even more interesting, because it has several unique properties at once (trees on the site, species characteristics, proximity to water). The potential of this promotion method is great specifically for your object (or similar to yours, i.e. for your direct competitors!). More on this later … Here you need to clearly understand the pros and cons of your proposal … If you make such an advertising move now, it will rather help your competitors’ sales! They will “parasitize” on your advertisement … You need to have an object brought to the point of sale!

4)) In continuation of the previous paragraph. As you probably already understood by yourself, such a promotion, although effective, is suitable for objects that stand out for the better against the background of their closest competitors! This is not the case for your object yet.

5)) This method of promotion is not the fruit of my nightly fantasies. It is regularly used, but is not noticed by many specialists (realtors), because focused not on specialists, but on potential buyers. If you read the filing of real estate magazines, you will immediately notice it (even if you haven’t noticed it before) …

6)) Other print sources may also be used to indirectly advertise your object. For example, in near-construction magazines (such as “ideas for your home”, etc.), an article may appear about the miraculous transformation of a typical box, and even one that has design flaws, into a pleasant living environment in all respects … the moment the house is being sold because … (or, unfortunately, at the moment the house is being sold, because … ..).

7)) For expensive objects such a printed source as the magazine “Beautiful Houses” is regularly used. How effective is it? Ask the experts – is it easy now to sell a house on Rublevka for “about 9 million dollars”?

8)) With regard to the target audience I described. Namely – the exchange “city-country”. (possibly with various additional payments, mortgages, etc.) … The influence (value, significance) of this audience for sellers of suburban real estate is constantly growing. You can see this at least in what factors began to be emphasized in the ads for the sale of suburban real estate:

– the possibility of getting by public transport is emphasized. The same thing in requests for the purchase of suburban real estate at a price of 15 million rubles may include the obligatory availability of the opportunity to get to the house by public transport (that is, the buyer of suburban real estate at a price of 15 million rubles is not necessarily a rich person, each family has a car and so on. These can be quite ordinary families moving from city to city.)

-in some ads for the sale of a country house you can see the words – “or exchange for an apartment in Moscow, I will consider any options, etc.”. This does not mean at all that the seller of suburban real estate wants to move to Moscow, especially if the house was built for the purpose of sale. This is an example of SIMPLIFYING the acquisition of real estate for the buyer who is now reigning supreme in the suburban market …

-As you have already noticed, you cannot yet “catch” this target audience, in spite of the fact that your proposal might interest them. It could, if your house was in the most complete condition. Meanwhile, it is this audience that is the MAIN buyers for you at the present time. Those who wanted to themselves “gold trim” have long done it in their country houses, and now many of them are trying to sell them unsuccessfully … But this is so, by the way, I had to … You just built a house for some buyers, and now there are completely different ones on the market buyers, and you are still waiting for those, your buyers, who, in the “happy” pre-crisis time, took bare boxes for lam bucks. And at the same time you earned on them … And now they are not there, these buyers, but there are others. You can also work with them, only you need to satisfy their requests and their wishes …

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