How to promote a site, the most important thing for site promotion.

Two things matter in every business; advertising and production. Without advertising, there will be no sales, and with them there will be no profit. Therefore, invest in advertising, it will give you profit in the future!

In the same article, instructions are given on how to promote a website in Google and Yandex, that is, we will reveal the secrets of SEO optimization to you. And you don’t need any cash infusions or super skills in programming!

(Website promotion is a separate service, and is not included in the price of the site. In all IT companies in Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA and the world.)

The text is very important for website promotion.

The first rule of SEO optimization says – “Content is King!” This rule says that the text is useful or interesting, or both.

What sites do you read?

That’s right, interesting or useful sites, no one will read a site just because it is yours. People will search on your site for what they need, what is useful to them! And it would be better if this is on your site.

If you sell vacuum cleaners, give a complete description of each model. What kind of vacuum cleaner? What is its advantage? Why do I need to buy this vacuum cleaner from you?

Often in many online stores there is no text in the product card, which means that the buyer will not find out in detail about this product on such a site. And you may not buy it there.

Don’t steal someone else’s text.

The second rule says – never steal text from other people’s sites!

This is probably the biggest delusion in Kaznet, many users (among them there are even some site developers) simply do not understand what: For theft of the text, the site can be penalized by search engines.

That is, for this they can lower the site so that it will be easier to create a new site than to fix the old one!

The number of pages matters.

The third rule says – the more you create interesting pages, the more traffic will be on the site. It is not necessary to create all the pages in one day, it is advisable to fill the site gradually, if you create one or two pages in a week, then in six months it will not be so little!

Don’t create duplicate pages.

The fourth rule is – don’t create identical pages.

Search engines do not like to have pages with the same content, such pages in most cases usually appear due to the fault of some CMS. For example, in Joomla, the home page can be accessed both at and at Fortunately, there are no such problems in WordPress!

SEO title and description for better website promotion.

The fifth rule is – correctly format your SEO data (title and description of the page).

There are fields for entering SEO data on every site with a CMS, for example, in WordPress, they look like this:

The “title” is the most important attribute for search engines, which provides basic information about the page. In addition, the title is shown on the site itself, for example, this is how the title from the picture looks like:

It’s hard to overestimate the role # 171; heading # 187; in the promotion of the site in search engines!

“Description” is also a very important element of website promotion. Although the description is not visible on the site itself, it does appear in search results under the heading:

Therefore, the description should also be given due attention. The heading and writing pattern from the figure above can serve as an example of correct spelling for you.

The essence of the title is to give a short description of the content of the page (no more than 60 characters), and the essence of the description is to give more detailed information (no more than 160 characters).

Keywords are no longer important.

As for the keywords field, its value no longer makes much sense in website promotion, so this field can be left blank (or filled with more or less suitable 2-3 keywords, as shown in the picture).

Website promotion takes time.

After you write a page, it may take 1-2 weeks for it to get into the search engines, that is, for it to be indexed. And then she will already take a certain position.

It should be noted that not all pages will be in the top 10, on average they will be in the top 10, out of five optimized pages, only one or two.

Therefore, the more you create pages, the more chances of success you will have!

The results of your work, you can analyze through any counter of site traffic, the best of them is certainly the wonderful product Google Analytics from Google.

If you create many pages on your site, it is advisable to make a backup at least occasionally.


We created this article a long time ago, and it helped many, many thanks to it were able to achieve success in the sale of goods and services. Some have even built a business network. However, it all depends on the person, his time and skills. Not everyone has time for such things.

In addition, these instructions may not work if the site is not made with high quality, or is made on a template. SEO modules on the site may not be present at all, or may not be configured correctly.

We make all sites with the necessary SEO settings, which is why we give such articles with advice in open form.

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