How to promote a site to 1000 visitors per day.

Good day to all. Today our article will be devoted to the story of how I managed to promote the site to 1,000 visitors per day without much investment (both in terms of finance and time). The article, of course, cannot be exemplary, since I did not do anything beyond new and did not pay the site due attention. This material is focused primarily on beginners who seek to get the first and coveted thousand people from the site and start earning money from it. So to say “The story of one site …” or “The harsh experience of promotion in Yandex …”

How to promote a website yourself up to 1000 hosts per day.

Let’s start from the very beginning. The domain was purchased and registered in the last days of November 2011. The site was opened in early December 2011. The most simple hosting was chosen: About 10-20 articles were immediately added to the site. Site subject: “Home and Family”. Site structure: Home-Categories-Articles; If possible, individual pages were completely excluded, only a page with contacts and a site map remained. Only internal pages were promoted, i.e. all articles were optimized for a specific low-frequency query, all of them were linked using the “Read also” block, as well as using direct links from articles. Links were purchased for some articles, the higher the frequency of the request, the more links.

The purchase of links took place gradually (during the first 3 months). It began literally immediately after the site got into the index (no more than a week after its creation). I bought links through the GoGetLinks system (exchange of eternal links). Since the topics of the articles were varied (from repairs to medicine), I made a purchase like this: I bought a link from a site about medicine to an article about medicine, an article about repair I took a link from a site about repair, etc. In total, 5,000 Russian rubles were spent on.

50 links. In addition, I bought about 20 links directly (through forums and blogs) for the amount of about 3,000 Russian rubles. I bought all links based on thematicity, attendance, belly and availability in YAK or DMOZ. Links were put down only in articles (middle or beginning). Anchors were, as a rule, exact requests for the articles on which they were promoted. When I bought up to 5 links for one article, I began to dilute the anchor list by inserting new words or conjunctions.

The site did not run through any directories, trust sites, forums or comments. That is, all external links to the site are purchased links from articles, as well as natural links from social networks, blogs and comments. Did it in principle!

The design took the standard one, but seriously altered it – added a column in the article, changed the code and the type of header. I hid links to categories and the main page via AJAX, that is, in the articles (from the point of view of the code) there were no links anywhere except to other articles, although the user saw them and could go to the categories. I did not use AJAX technology on the main page and categories. All this “fraud” was done exclusively on the advice of Alexander Lustik.

I wrote articles myself. Picked up requests too. I chose the topic and request to which I knew a clear answer, so I often did not even use third-party literature to get new information from it. Hence, the copyright was written. The frequency of keywords was from 300 for the exact match of the query. I didn’t bother with the density of requests, I wrote for people. But the request was necessarily mentioned in the title and Title. The volume of the article was from 3,000 to 5,000 characters without spaces. About 7 articles have written more than 10,000 characters without spaces. I wrote it in 4 months.

60 articles. Only 30-40 articles managed to “shoot”, since by that time more than half of the articles were just beginning to occupy the first worthy positions. When writing an article, I pursued the goal – first of all, to fully disclose the topic, very often I inserted photos and my own screenshots, supplemented many articles with videos, be sure to insert a sufficient number of beautiful and bright pictures. At first, I compared the volume of each article with competitors, then I did not do this anymore, because I realized that this niche mainly includes articles with 3,000 characters or more without spaces. In more detail about how to write an article for the site, I wrote in the last post, so I will not repeat myself.

The CMS WordPress was chosen, so I had to tinker a bit with compiling a robots.txt file that tells search engines which pages of the site to index and which not. In particular, the following were closed from indexing:

Search pages; Trabeks; RSS; Comments; External links via redirect (although they were not on the site); Pages (categories and home page); Tags; Calendar; Reply to comments; Print pages; Files and folders of the engine itself (wp-admin, wp-includes, etc.); Pages listing the author’s articles.

Only the UpLoads folder was allowed for indexing, since pictures were loaded into it, which means that additional visitors could be received from them.

The result of website promotion.

Of course, you cannot say that I was promoting the site from scratch, but it is quite possible for everyone to allocate $ 300 for 4 months to promote the site in search engines. So what did I get.

Exactly one month later, the site gained 250 visitors, which allowed me to register the site in the affiliate program (60% of the traffic on the site was women). Therefore, the first “kopeck” he was already bringing. Of course, I did not immediately start monetizing, but still there was an opportunity. The second month of my life was February, which means the February holidays, I did not miss such a moment and wrote an article on request for February 14th. Traffic jumped to 6,000 per day. The article was written in such a way that not only gave information to the user, but at the same time offered to buy goods. Therefore, in one week, I not only raised good traffic on the site, but also earned more than $ 300 on a percentage of sales. In the third month, there was a drop in traffic, mainly due to the fact that the article on Valentine’s Day lost its relevance. On March 8, I no longer bother with the festive article, since I wanted to pay more attention not to seasonal, but to constant requests. In March, the traffic was about 850 people per day. And in April, for the first time, the site exceeded the mark of 1,000 visitors per day. In April, buying links and writing articles was suspended until May, although traffic continued to grow – approximately monthly average daily value increased by 500 people. In July 2012, the traffic is more than 2,000 visitors per day. Links were no longer purchased. At the moment, 132 articles have been written of the same quality and according to the same principles that I described earlier. The site is accepted into the Yandex advertising system (YAN), where it earns its first money. As for the TCI, it went up literally on the very first update by 10 points and is still holding up to this day. I did not follow PR, but I remember that there was one, now it is 0.

What mistakes were made.

Despite the encouraging results, some mistakes were made. First of all, this is the lack of SMO (social media promotion). The fact is that I focused on SEO (search engine promotion) and was too lazy to engage in social areas, but in vain, given how many natural links the site now has, it could have several times more of them, which means there would be more traffic … Has invested little money. Frankly, the money was free, but I was greedy to invest it in links, again – in vain.

On this it seems to me that my mistakes end. I do not regret that I wrote myself and did not hire a copywriter, nevertheless, the articles turned out to be of much better quality, and I did not spend time looking for a good employee and I did not need to control anyone. Optimization of the site, too, I think, was worthy.

Questions and answers on site promotion.

Finally, I will answer a few potential questions that I may be asked in the comments.

How much does it cost to promote a website?

I think the question is rhetorical. Depends on the topic, your experience, as well as the goals you set. I did it for $ 250, not counting the time spent building the site and articles.

How to promote a website on Google?

I am not engaged in the promotion of sites for Google, I always focus on Yandex to a large extent, since there is much more traffic in it when it comes to Runet. Although it often happens like this: by promoting a site in Yandex, you inevitably promote it in Google, and the positions there are higher, but the traffic is still less.

Is it possible to promote your site for free and quickly?

Yes, if you set yourself a low level for your goal + write articles yourself + optimize the site yourself + are ready to offer the user additional information that is not yet on the Internet, but there is a great demand for it. Experience decides everything! Take action and in time you will learn everything!

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