How to promote a site to the top 10 on google or yandex?

Are you familiar with ads for SEO-site promotion for 10-20 thousand rubles per month for link promotion? Comprehensive promotion is many times more expensive. Links; this is just one of the factors that affect the position of your site. This article reveals some of the nuances of seo. If you need commercial promotion in Moscow or the regions, then you should contact the specialists.

In practice, the promotion process is very cumbersome and consists in keeping the audience on your site or the promoted page.

The main golden rule, thanks to which a new site can appear in the top positions of search engines; it is the availability of unique and useful information. For low-frequency queries, a new site will immediately fall into the top 10 or 20. You can find out the frequency of queries using Google AdWords and tools.

For medium-frequency queries, your site can also take quite good positions. I will give an example regarding my site. Article # 171; Choosing a template for a wordpress site # 171; it was created by me spontaneously, and I would not say that it was of very high quality at the time of writing (you need to work on the quality of the site’s content constantly), but nevertheless, upon request, wordpress templates, which has an average number of requests per month of 5400, the site turned out to be 40 place, that is, I got to the top 40 just a week after indexing. Targeting has been selected; all locations. When checking; entering a query and selecting, for example, the Moscow region, the site still ended up in 40th place.

I also observed when for various requests, which have a frequency of 500 or 1000 requests per month, the site was in the top 10-20. For example, my site has taken good positions in terms of medium-frequency queries, which encourages me to work on the quality of the material. You can look at the site positions for a specific request at In fact, there are a large number of resources where you can check the positions of the site, but I came across this one first, and although I didn’t compose the semantic core for my site, the site took the following positions in terms of average frequency queries. Data as of November 6, 2013 are presented in the figures below:

According to article # 171; How does Google search engine work? # 187; not every site can come out at the top of the page, or even appear on the first page of search results. Google’s algorithms are based on more than 200 unique signals, such as how often a web page is visited, the title of the title, and so on. Google Help contains articles that answer our question: # 171; How to increase the position of the site? # 187;

I have compiled the following graph to show more clearly how to promote the site to high positions. The very first and most important; it is unique and useful and well-designed content. During the existence of the site, this item will be very important. Next comes the website traffic. It is assumed that a high-quality site will be visited, it will be searched for in a search engine, it will be linked to, and the TIC and PageRank will increase. The upper steps will be meaningless without a foundation. The least significant factors are located at the top of the pyramid.

Summarize. To promote your site to the top 10, you need to do the following:

1. Make up the semantic core of the site. This primarily concerns the sites of companies, if you keep your blog and do not seek to monetize it, then it is not necessary to make up the semantic core.

2. Fill in with unique and useful material, as well as design your site well:

# 8212; Use pictures and videos.

# 8212; The title of the entry should reflect its content.

# 8212; Internal optimization of site pages, for example, the presence of a site description; description, etc.

# 8212; Internal linking (links within the site)

3. Select the average frequency query and enter it in the search engine, then click on the first 2 sites and pay attention to the following:

# 8212; what is the site traffic.

# 8212; how the article or page is framed (are there any pictures, videos)

# 8212; are there any comments?

# 8212; are there links to other articles at the end of the page?

4. Pay attention to the previous points, and how the top sites dealt with them, then write unique material or make a high-quality rewriting of articles. For example, you are promoting window installation campaigns and sites that have good articles and which are already optimized for a certain medium or high frequency query are in the top positions, you can rewrite this article. Rewriting is the rewriting of text in your own words.

Good luck to everyone, I hope this material will be useful for you to promote your sites to high positions.

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