How to promote a site. Website promotion in search engines.

So, first you have to decide where exactly you need promotion. Depending on this, already build a further promotion strategy. For example, you must decide whether your site will have a social media group, a YouTube channel, etc. Where exactly will the community be: Twitter, Facebook, or somewhere else? Without this basic knowledge, it is not worth starting promotion.

When there is a plan and the necessary directions are determined, this is good, but you should not start promoting if there is nothing in your groups or on your channel yet. First, you need to fill the pages with content, videos and other useful material at least a little.

Website promotion in search engines.

Perhaps this is the most effective promotion, because it is able to bring the most traffic to your project and quickly make it highly visited. The fact is that even if you have a lot of subscribers in a group or a lot of subscribers on Youtube, it still will not bring you really a lot of stable traffic to the resource, so you need to focus on getting visitors from search engines.

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It’s actually not so difficult to do this, you need to adhere to the following algorithm: Determining the keywords for which you need to write articles – Writing and optimizing these articles – Optimizing the site itself for the requirements of search engines – Promotion using links and social signals.

As you can see, the first stage is to choose the keywords for which you would like to find your pages in the future. One-word promotion is very ineffective today. For example: flowers, furniture, cars, etc. This is because you simply will not be able to bring your small project to the first place for such requests, and even if it works out, then not all people will be interested in your material.

So, keywords should be 2-7 words long. You should try to select them so that they are not too competitive, but at the same time, the frequency of searches on them was at least 10-30 times a month.

For each article, you need to select several such keys, one of them should become the most important, it must be included in the title of the article, as well as, if possible, in its description and in the text itself (1-2 times).

The easiest way to collect the keys you need is to use search suggestions. Let’s say you decided to write an article with the main key “kitchen renovation”. We enter this query into Google and see that a lot of clarifying queries come out. It is also worth doing for Yandex, and you get a set of words that can be additionally used in the article for its further promotion.

External links and optimization from the inside.

It is worth saying that it is not always enough to write just a good and interesting article to reach the top. It all depends on the competitiveness of the request, very often you need to take additional measures. For example, buy or otherwise extract external links to your site so that its link mass is of high quality and grows.

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Take this course and learn how to typeset modern websites in HTML5 and CSS3.

If you check our key for competition, then get ready for the fact that it will be huge, because so many people are looking for advice on repair, a lot of information has already been written on this topic, and even if you write a very good and detailed article, it will get to the top. not soon. At the same time, it may have to be promoted with links.

It is worth saying that today search engines are no longer interested in the number of links to your resource. On the contrary, for many low-quality links you can get some kind of filter. Quality has become a much more important criterion.

Interestingly, the way the site itself is configured from the inside affects the promotion in search engines. What engine does it run on? Are the urls configured correctly? Have measures been taken to prevent duplicates? All this seems to be less important, but in reality it is not. Technically competent setup plays a huge role.

Social promotion.

Today, the social component also plays a certain role, so you must have “Share on social networks” buttons on your articles. The more reposts and retweets you have, the better. This tells the same search engines that the material is interesting to people and they share it with others. You can start small – ask friends and iconic people to share some of your site’s content.

You can also order retweets and reposts on various exchanges for promotion. For yourself, you must determine which articles you need to promote first and focus on them.

Of course, the best option is when people, of their own free will, share your articles with others, simply because they liked them. We must strive for this. To do this, try to write interestingly.

Create something unique.

Articles are good, but this is the usual approach to promotion. If you want to quickly increase the traffic of the resource, do something new and interesting. Here are some examples:

run a competition on your topic. But not some boring and banal, like a commentator competition, which everyone is tired of. Come up with something really cool! For example, if your site is about site building, run some game or quiz that will reward the winners.

Do something to attract people’s attention. The fact is that people themselves are happy to talk about various interesting things that happen on the Russian Internet. Examples: “make 10 reposts of our records and participate in the prize drawing”, “review the project and get our course for free” and everything else in that spirit.

Release your own free training product. This is a very powerful approach to promotion. People love free stuff, so it can increase your site’s popularity and visibility in the future.

In general, what is unique is unique; here you cannot limit yourself to the simple recommendations that I gave you. Think better for yourself and determine what you could implement on your project to make it stand out from the rest.

Hopefully, from this article you have understood how website promotion occurs. Well, you can get more information from the course on the practice of blog monetization, which deals with not only promotion, but also the creation of the most profitable resource for you. And on this I say goodbye to you.

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