How to promote a site yourself.

Only 3% of all created sites cross the mark of 1,000 visitors per day. Interesting statistics, right?

In this article, I decided to share my secrets on how to promote a site on your own using different promotion methods. And here is the list itself, which will be discussed:

Internal website optimization.

If you want to receive visitors from Yandex or Google search engines, then you will definitely need to carry out internal site optimization.

Internal optimization — it is improving the technical condition of the site, redesigning and changing the content for the better.

In my blog, I wrote more than three dozen articles about this, but here I will highlight the most important factors that need to be improved first of all, so that people would start coming from search engines.

Technical condition.

Unfortunately, 90% of all sites are in a disgusting technical condition, as well as have a repulsive design. But at the same time, they want to receive visitors and even customers.

I definitely recommend carrying out technical optimization of the site, for this go to — here.

If you have a disgusting WordPress design then check out my list of WordPress 2016 templates.

Recently, I conducted a comparative analysis of top sites on various topics. As the results showed, almost all sites were in perfect technical. condition, then this is one of the key factors in search engine promotion.

Quality of Content.

Whether it’s an online store or an information site, the quality of content plays a key role in traffic. The better the text is written and the pictures are made, the more will be the desire to return to this site.

Search engines follow the sites very carefully and if a person has found the necessary information on your site, the site will go up for this request in the search. This is called a behavioral factor.

It turns out that search engines are interested in bringing sites with high-quality content to the first places, which is not only unique, but also fully meets the user’s request.

Therefore, create unique text, pictures and videos. And also make sure that the rate of views per visitor is not lower than 1.5. Be sure to dilute the text with links.

Selection of keywords.

The last and most important tip — choose your keywords correctly! First, select keywords and only then create a page and fill it. Step-by-step instruction — how to find keywords.

Personally, I first form the key core, where there are about 100-500 keywords, then from them I make a scheme for writing 100-200 articles and only then I start writing.

This scheme allows you to write articles in the correct order, and then make the correct linking between articles. I recommend using just such a scheme for filling the site.

External website optimization.

After we figured out the inside of the site, it’s time to tell everyone about your resource, which is so necessary for others. This is what external optimization is responsible for.

External optimization — this is building links, ordering advertising, creating an affiliate program and other ways to attract traffic from different sources.

The most interesting thing is that external optimization also helps to improve positions in search engines. That is, you not only get targeted visitors from different places, but also promote your site to the top.


Links literally 5 years ago were the main driving force that allowed the site to be in the top for almost any request. However, now it is a tool that helps to get additional traffic.

I have already talked about how to buy links for promotion and showed the results of my research. I recommend everyone to try Crowd Marketing.

Crowd Marketing — placement of links on different sites in order to get traffic precisely with the help of clicks on the links left.

I used to recommend trying the services, but now I recommend doing it yourself. After all, registration on forums, blogs and social media. networks are absolutely free.


If you need targeted visitors in order to make money on them, then be sure to try connecting ads to your site. Advertising will not only speed up the result, but will take you to the next level!

Approximately 1,000 visitors from advertising can cost 200-50,000 rubles. It depends on the chosen method of advertising, the topic of the site and the attractiveness of the advertisement itself.

Types of advertising on the Internet:

Contextual advertising (most effective); Banner ads (one of the cheapest); Ads on blogs (sometimes fired); On social media (one of the most expensive).

Of course, you can still personally negotiate with advertising platforms, information sites and even buy ads on social networks from large publics, but I did not do this myself.

But I tried the types of advertising from the list, and if you have a good website with good conversion, then advertising is the fastest way to financial independence!

Partnership programs.

affiliate program — this is an agreement between the customer and the contractor, that the contractor will attract people, and the customer will pay a percentage for this.

That is, by making a lucrative offer and creating an affiliate program, you can attract the most popular bloggers and other people who will gladly tell you about you.

Having received money from the referred clients, you will deduct a percentage of the performers for this. This is probably the best type of advertising that can bring a good profit.

Social networks.

Today social networks are one of the most powerful tools for driving traffic to websites. All because in the social. networks, you can very quickly find people with the desired interests.

For example, you can create and promote a Facebook group, after which 500-1000 people will go to you from just one contact. And this procedure can be done on all social networks.

Another way is advertising on social networks, I tried it once. Unfortunately it is very expensive with low conversions, so I do not recommend it!

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