How to promote a site yourself? 34 ways.

To successfully conduct business on the Internet, it is not enough just to create your own website. It is necessary that potential clients know about its existence. This should be the main task of the entrepreneur. And nothing is impossible here.

SEO, SMM and contextual advertising – professional marketing tools. In skilled hands, they are highly effective. But there are many other methods to promote your site on your own, and in many cases for free.

We have compiled a list of 34 proven ways to promote your site yourself, increasing its traffic and attracting new customers. Try to put them into practice.

Also install an SEO product — This is SEO alerts, it will automatically receive up-to-date information about semantics and SEO-audit on a daily basis.

Submit your site to search engines for successful promotion on Google.

Andrey Chorny prepared a video «SEO traffic not growing? How to search and analyze anomalies in website promotion? Examples and cases»… We encourage you to watch it and learn more about SEO 2022. Enjoy your viewing!

This item is relevant for new sites, the pages of which may not yet be indexed by search engine robots. In this case, there can be no search transitions by definition. Your task – inform them of the site’s existence. Just click on the name of the relevant search engine – you will be redirected to a page where you can add your site:

The procedure is free. If you are promoting a website aimed at visitors from Ukraine, the most traffic is given by Google — approximately 90.47%. Search engines Yandex, and Bing are not relevant for Ukraine – do not waste time on them.

An example of adding a site to the Google search engine.

Add a site to the webmaster panel to watch the results of site promotion.

This is a prerequisite for the effective development of the site. The creators of these services are the developers of the search engines themselves. – thanks to them, you will receive up-to-date and accurate information.

If you are interested in website promotion in Ukraine or other countries – sign up to Google Search Console.

Webmaster dashboards provide data on clicks, site page impressions for different periods, keywords that users click on. You will be promptly informed about the mistakes made. This is the first important step from which a full-fledged promotion begins.

Sign up with Google “My business” — an indispensable tool for website promotion.

Another service for independent and free online store promotion.

The service belongs to the search engine of the same name and was created to help site owners who want to improve the visibility of their business in search. Registering a resource allows you to receive an extended snippet in the SERP when searching for queries related to the brand name. Example:

The person who enters the corresponding request will find additional information useful. And you can attract additional visitors. One of the benefits of signing up with Google “My business” – visibility of account analytics: the number of impressions in the search results, clicks by location, transitions to the site. Google “My business” submits comparative analytics reports on a monthly basis.


Sign up with Google “My business” available here. Maps, Company Profile and Google “My business” will help potential clients find a company when searching on the Internet. It will be easier to manage pages and a map during website promotion with this service.

Expand the semantic core to improve website promotion.

Find keywords and check existing positions — the first steps to self-promotion of an online store. Constant work on the semantic core guarantees the success of website promotion.

Website promotion to the top – the process is constant, it must not stop. Analyze the results, draw conclusions, look for new ways to increase traffic and quality of service for your online store. Or ask for help from specialists.

Search for additional keywords on related topics, on the basis of which new pages can be created and optimized, – one such method. In expanding the semantic core, these tools will help:

— the webmaster shows for what key queries the site was found by users, what positions it is in. The tool allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of website promotion. — a service that collects the maximum number of keywords. Collection and clustering of separate groups of keywords should be done on all existing pages of the site.

Example: you – owner of an online store of professional cameras. All possible reviews of cameras and lenses have already been written. – look a little wider. By starting to publish articles about useful accessories, tips for shooting in different conditions, and more, you can attract new visitors. They are not direct target customers today, but they will be in the future. Don’t stop there – think globally.

Pay attention to similar topics if your task is — inappropriate traffic. The right content marketing can help convert it into more buyers. You can also use small numbers of information keys. Messages with words should remain the basis «buy», «to order»…

Optimize your pages for SEO website promotion.

SEO stands for search engine optimization – search engine optimization. Want to get traffic from search engines? Optimization of website or online store pages – required condition. Remember: to get the job done well, you will need to hire experts. But there are some things you can do yourself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Promotion of a Website Using SEO.

Benefits of website promotion using SEO:

Customers turn to smart Google for advice; Organic (SEO) traffic – always from the target audience; Even a small website (business) can grow and increase the number of orders through SEO website promotion; SEO–traffic works 24/7. Your product is always close to the target audience.

Disadvantages of Website Promotion with SEO:

Long and laborious process, long-term work; Requires a lot of investment: time, money, if a company is engaged in website promotion; There is no clear guarantee and no date for entering the TOP. The ability to get under the filter of search engines in case of incorrect optimization and site promotion; It is almost impossible to achieve success in website promotion without strategic planning.

Read more about page optimization using SEO website promotion on the pages of our blog in articles «How to optimize your online store website for SEO» and «Quick selection of keywords for the site through online services»… Most of the advice will be true for any type of website.

Independent SEO-promotion (promotion) of a site until it reaches the TOP can take months. After achieving the set goal, the promotion and optimization of pages should not stop. — otherwise, the site will quickly lose its positions.

SEO optimization includes filling pages with informative articles with keywords, linking (adding thematic links), prescribing tags in the code of each page. Remember this when undertaking website promotion yourself.

Create useful content that will help your promotion.

Start a blog or create a section with articles or news – informative, interesting to potential audience. They will help you shape your image as an expert. Publication of quality materials written taking into account the needs of the audience, – a great way to grab the attention of potential customers and earn their loyalty.

But even super-useful content won’t work without SEO.

Remember, content created with a pre-assembled semantic core and optimized for keywords that are valuable to your business will certainly generate additional traffic to your site. This is the magic.

The main thing – add new content regularly. By doing this, you not only stimulate readers to return to the site, but also confirm the status of an expert in your topic.

Register in business directories for holistic website promotion.

Business directories are popular among users, they are often used to find companies of the desired profile. Adding a site to business registries allows you to get both backlinks to it and referrals of potential customers. An example of such a resource –, you can find it on request «business directory + name of your city»…

When adding a website to the directory, include as much information about the business as possible. Make a beautiful description, add high-quality photos of products, an up-to-date price list with a contact phone number, e-mail, etc. It is worth registering only in free catalogs. Paid placement in most cases – money wasted.

What are the benefits of registries for holistic website promotion?

Increase brand presence where customers demand it; Increases the number of links from sites that are authoritative for search engines. This increases the credibility of the site, improving the quality of promotion.

Comments on other sites to promote your own brand.

A meaningful and useful comment left on the pages of a blog or other thematic site can attract additional visitors to your resource. Typically, the user indicates the address of his project, which you can go to by clicking on his name. In some cases, it is better to leave the URL of one of the pages directly in the message, if it really will be in the topic. The main thing – not to spam, but to get out of the need to bring real benefit to readers.

Use this method of website promotion and communication with potential clients – positions in search results will definitely grow.

SERM — no less important thing in promoting a website on Google. This is work with the image, unobtrusive promotion. As part of the SERM, we work with comments: replies are published, spam is tracked, information about the site / product is posted on thematic platforms. When promoting a site on your own, we recommend delegating the function of commenting and conducting a conversation on specialized platforms to employees. It takes a lot of time, which is better spent on other sources of promotion.

Social media pages as an element of branding and promotion.

Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram – many are accustomed to viewing social media solely as a tool for communicating with friends. They can be used no less successfully to promote your business. To draw attention to a site or online store, use the official brand pages and personal accounts. Repost interesting articles, new products, information about promotions or sales. The specific application is limited only by your imagination.

An example of successful brand promotion — company use “Molokia” own Instagram feed.

We recommend using a new, rarely used tool in Ukrainian business. — Instagram IGTV. This is an optional promotion feature designed for watching videos up to 1 hour in length. IGTV is similar to a YouTube channel, but it can only be used on mobile for now. Platform advantage – you can immediately view the videos of those you follow, without missing information. Ukrainian companies are not actively using the application. Unlike foreign colleagues – for example, the official @adidas account posted 2 videos, which received 107 and 154 thousand views with 21 million subscribers. This is a free niche for business in Ukraine – we recommend testing it in your industry. And do not stop in progress.

Google promotion is hard to imagine without the use of social networks – descriptions on pages can also be optimized with keywords. The page will help you get new clients and work on your own reputation. By responding to comments, you can find out the opinions of visitors about the company. And to influence the fact that it changes in the right direction. Posts are great at promoting products. Today, with its own payment systems and the ability to sell goods in a group, any page can become a budget online store. Promotion (promotion) of mini-stores in Ukraine and the world is gaining momentum. Perhaps, over time, they will replace full-fledged sites. Today it is a great image tool.

Include your website address all over the place for better promotion and authority.

Many people do not use a simple and obvious way to attract attention to the site! Include your website address in all contact details where appropriate. Business cards, email signature, social media profile, forum signature where you actively communicate, – use all the possibilities. Do not forget to include your website address on all advertising materials that are used in your business.

Do not leave an address or link in articles or sites of opposite topics. This will worsen the progress.

Collaborate with friends and acquaintances to build online brand awareness.

Do you offer goods or services in high demand? Think about how to tell as many people as possible about them with the help of your friends. Which of them could potentially be of interest to your product? Tell them that you are now doing business in this niche. Invite your friends to repost your website page in your account in exchange for a discount or a nice bonus.

Every mention of you on the Internet helps the site’s position to grow. The more good information, the better the promotion.

The effectiveness of word of mouth in promoting a business (website) in search engines is confirmed by experience. Get famous in different circles — get people to talk about themselves, repost, participate in contests and discussions. Engage users and customers in a dialogue with simple means: promotional offers, polls, quests.

Work with communities to improve website promotion.

In some niches, you can actively use work with communities. If you sell cosmetics, these can be thematic forums and social media groups. You need to understand that people perceive direct advertising negatively. – be creative.

Think about how you benefit your target audience. Offer professional advice on the selection of cosmetics for specific purposes. By positioning yourself as an expert in the industry, you can earn the trust of potential buyers. As a result, this motivates them to make a purchase from you.

Launch an email campaign to increase communication with the client and at the same time to promote the site.

Email – a time-tested online marketing tool. With a systematic approach, it delivers amazing results. Email newsletters work especially well for online stores. – with the help of this channel, the business consistently receives 20-30% of the total revenue.

Email newsletters help improve brand promotion through personal communication. We definitely recommend using the email addresses left for you to distribute interesting and useful content.

Read about the possibilities of using e-mail for business purposes in our article on e-mail newsletters as a marketing tool. We also recommend paying attention to performance indicators. They will help you understand that you are moving in the right direction of increasing positions and increasing the number of orders.

Create publications on other sites to increase authority and brand promotion.

Are you selling products or offering services in a niche that you are well versed in? Encourage sites with similar topics to write an expert article for them that will be of interest to their audience. It is beneficial for both parties. – the other site receives quality content that is potentially useful to its readers. And you – link to your site, which has a positive effect on the ranking of the project in search engines. Plus potential buyers.

A good example is the publication of thematic IT articles on

Use ad sites to drive conversions and promote your brand.

Although they are more focused on communication between individuals, nothing prevents you from using them to promote your site. This method is suitable for online stores, but it can be applied to other niches as well.

Register an account on an ad service, for example OLX.UA. Add information about the products, place them in the appropriate sections. If possible, indicate in the text the address of your online store or even the product page. Make your ad attractive – think over the text and fill in good photos.

This method is used by a small number of companies; it is not suitable for all types of goods. This is a laborious and not always justified process that takes time. The advantage is that you are present where potential customers are. This practice – a source of additional promotion and site promotion, which helps to increase income.

Create infographics.

Infographics — a proven tool for visual communication. It attracts attention and carries a semantic load. Its main advantage – the possibility of compact presentation of a fairly large amount of information. It’s difficult to create infographics, but if the result is interesting, users actively share links to such publications. They are shared on social networks, which generate additional traffic to the site and help it in promotion.

Think infographics won’t work in your industry? Here’s a custom example:

Write trending articles to promote your site and improve behavioral factors.

Keep your finger on the pulse of trends. With trending and trending articles, you can present your site and brand as an expert. Look for popular topics using Google Trends or by regularly tracking niche news. Work with «hot» themes allows you to create content that ranks high in the search results. If the news feed appeared recently – hence, the competition is not great. Controversial topics that generate active discussion among readers and often have «viral» effect on social networks.

Track analytics to understand where to go and what to improve for better website promotion.

Special reports in Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica show the distribution of traffic by channel. This allows you to understand which source is bringing you the most conversions, which still needs to be worked on. In addition to organic search, it can be one of the forums, a publication on a thematic resource or a social network. This will help you understand where visitors are coming from. – work more actively in this direction.

The results of website promotion should be compared monthly. Based on what you have achieved, plan your promotion and optimization. Perform performance analysis by determining the seasonality of your product purchases.

Optimize your site for mobile.

In some niches, the proportion of visitors who open a website on mobile devices can be comparable to stationary computers (laptops). And even exceed this figure. But if the pages of a website or an online store are not adapted for viewing from smartphones and tablets, this negatively affects the user experience. People are leaving its pages, increasing the bounce rate. Moreover, Google takes this factor into account when ranking, so you need to fix this error immediately.

How to properly check the optimization of the mobile version of the site, read more in our article. Failure or delay in optimizing pages for mobile devices means an automatic failure in website promotion.

Exchange links to increase search engine authority.

Follow the reviews about your company that appear on the web. Thank clients for positive feedback, work with negative feedback. Do this not only on the official website or pages in social networks – watch out for other resources. For example, specialized forums, price aggregators and similar sites. Solving customer problems in a timely manner can increase customer loyalty and improve the image of your business. There is no better recommendation than the advice of a satisfied customer.

Exchange links to increase authority for search engines.

This method of promotion appeared at the dawn of the Internet, and many people still use it. Invite the owner of the other site to exchange links. True, it takes a lot of time, and you need to take into account a number of nuances:

exchange only with thematic sites; it is advisable to add links to articles, and not to the first page that comes across; constantly monitor whether your links remain on the partner’s resource.

A great example of promotion, promotion and link exchange is the creation of a block «partnership» or using a banner on the site. Never create separate pages for this or a regular list of links! It is dangerous to practice such schemes in large quantities. – this could lead to the imposition of sanctions by the search engines.

Post paid reviews.

The article must be relevant and interesting – attracting the attention of potential customers among the audience of a foreign site is not easy. Make an overview of the product in demand from the catalog of your online store, tell us about the ways to use it. Describe in an unobtrusive way how your service can solve customer problems.

Remember: posting articles for money is only worthwhile if:

there is an interesting topic; a truly trust and thematic site was selected; there is organic traffic;

If all the conditions are met, we recommend that you agree on a paid publication. Otherwise — you won’t get any benefit.

Create instructions and guides.

This type of content has enjoyed consistent popularity since the very inception of the Internet. In the future, the demand for such materials will not decrease. Write detailed instructions for using your product, an article on unusual ways to use it. The best thing – shoot a video that clearly shows how everything is done in practice.

Then be sure to share the link to the materials on social networks. People willingly pass on such content to each other. – the chances of popularity will be high.

Example: despite a limited niche segment, was able to find topics and write articles, continuing to work on brand promotion. For those who are now looking for work, this is relevant and useful.

Connect with your readers.

Communication with the audience – an important aspect of the site promotion process. Publishing an article on a blog or making a humorous post on social media – don’t let reader comments go unanswered. Answer questions, thank you for being active, solve problems. Simple «thanks» allows you to feel the attention on your part.

Sometimes comments supplement the article, expanding the completeness of the answer to user questions. This way you can achieve an increase in its visibility in the search and get even more visitors.

Run contests and giveaways.

Contests and various promotions work especially well on social networks. To inform about upcoming activity, you can use other communication channels with the audience, for example, a website or an email newsletter.

When running a competition, the best way to get a prize is to use the product of your online store or the product that you manufacture. Read more about events and some interesting ideas in our article on contests for online stores.

Work with influencers to improve your reputation and promote your site.

To grow your influence in a certain niche, you need to make powerful friends. In each topic there are personalities, whose opinion is listened to by many. A few positive reviews from such people, or even a simple mention of you on their channels, can lead to new customers.

Communicate with them on social networks, comment on their publications on other sites, offer cooperation or joint action. Think about what you can offer in return, how to repay – Collaboration with an influencer is potentially important for the promotion and development of a business.

Collaborate with niche bloggers at the local level to promote your site and brand in general.

Another popular strategy – placement of advertisements for bloggers. Recent studies have shown that advertising on the channels of famous bloggers works effectively. People trust public figures more than direct advertising on television and other sources.

When to use collaboration with bloggers to promote your business:

If you want to improve your image; If you have released a new product or service and want to disseminate information; If you need to increase your audience reach.

Advertising from bloggers will not always be effective – everything depends not only on them.

Advertising will not work in your favor if:

your profile on social networks or the site that users come to after advertising is not responsive and inconvenient; you turned to a blogger who does not have the audience of potential customers you need; so far, the blogger has NOT advertised such a product; your product is expensive, for example, an apartment. In this case, use more expensive and experienced bloggers; reviews of a product or service on the internet are poor.

Use testimonials as part of your business branding.

Before making a purchase, the user is interested in reviews of a product or company. If you work in the B2C segment where the buyer is an individual, — Testimonials in text format work best. In the B2B market, your clients are firms and organizations – concentrate on video reviews. According to statistics, they trust more ordinary people. An example of a video response is this video.

Use gifts or incentives.

Everyone is pleased to just receive a gift or encouragement. Present them to your customers, stimulate further communication!

What to use as gifts:

Tips and life hacks for using the product you offer (for the B2C segment); Free consultations; Books and other products in your niche.

This is another way to learn more about customers and their needs, increase trust in your brand, get loyal customers and improve website promotion in Google.

Be part of a social group.

It is important to be present wherever your potential clients are. But just being there isn’t enough – it is necessary to actively work, conduct conversations and learn about new wishes of consumers.

Activity in thematic groups of social networks will provide an opportunity to be closer to customers. Chat, debate, pose provocative questions and be an expert on your topic.

Follow the proven guidelines:

Do not start active communication in a group with the presentation of yourself as a representative of the company; Become an advisor in the direction gradually, and not all at once and everywhere; Don’t advertise your brand product at the earliest opportunity – describe several of its advantages, compare favorably with the competitive one; Maintain the conversation constantly, and not only at the moment when you can talk about the brand; Share your experience of using certain competing products; Be yourself!

Use YouTube actively to increase your reach of leads and improve your business promotion.

In 2022, it is no longer possible to imagine a business that does not use YouTube. What is known about the channel:

second largest search engine after Google; more than 2 billion users monthly; 75% of all traffic is video; 73% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video; 96% of shoppers say the video helped them make a purchase decision.

Before making the final decision on the creation and promotion of a YouTube channel, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the age categories. If your target audience is 25-34 – you must already work on YouTube.

Browse your competitors’ channels. Analyze what video content is interesting to your audience, what exactly is worth offering to your customers. How it is more convenient to view your videos and how competitors are promoting their videos. Use Google Trends to find ideas that really interest your users.

Use the services of discounts or gifts.

Among the trends – services where you can choose different services or coupons for them. If you offer a number of services (not a product!), We recommend that you register with such services: Groupon, Pokupon or Bodo.

Use viral content for better website promotion and promotion.

Viral content — This is a photo, video or article that users actively discuss, distribute among friends and colleagues.

Viral content is useful for website promotion – it attracts the attention of target audiences, influencers and targeted traffic, acting as the first link in customer generation.

4 formats will help make your content go viral:

Articles in style «How to …» Articles «Step-by-step instruction» Articles «Collections or Digests» Articles «Hit parades»

Remember, content must be useful and relevant. Otherwise, the content won’t go viral.

Video is a common type of viral content. Watch the video – prize-winner “Cannes Lions”… The video has received over 172 million views.

Do you remember the melody and a few lines from the song? Draw conclusions.

Use content interviews or go live.

The role of video content is growing, competitors are already filming and promoting videos. Do you think all interesting topics have been used? Dont be upset – share information that really comes in handy.

One of the less developed niches of video content is content interviews. Let’s explain how this works with examples.

Are you selling a product – telephone. Competitors have filmed a video review about him a long time ago. – there is no point in making an identical video. Shoot a video in which you will have a conversation with a real user of this phone. Invite local business owners or people who are at least a little known in the area. Example by link — If you provide services, we recommend filming videos with procedures, emotions and customer reviews who have already tried this service. Example by link –

An equally common way of contacting customers – live broadcasts on social networks. Choose a question that customers often ask, schedule an air time and distribute the information among the target audience — the number of potential buyers is guaranteed to increase. The brand image will also improve.

One of the broadcast options – online review of the new phone with the ability to ask questions of interest to customers.


Not all methods will work for you, but after reading this list, you can be sure that many interesting ideas will arise. Connect your imagination and experiment – to understand what really works, you can only empirically.

Frequently asked questions about website promotion on your own and for free:

How to promote an online store without investment?

We have prepared for you a number of tips for free website promotion, most of which you can implement yourself and without investing money. It’s just that this kind of work can take a lot of time. Implementation of the recommendations will in any case bring some benefit to the web project. Read more in the article above.

How to promote an online store from scratch?

Start with a detailed study of the market niche. After the analysis, the SEO specialist will offer you a website promotion strategy and help you determine the sequence of actions.

How to promote a website for free and quickly?

The term of getting into the TOP of Google, high-quality SEO-promotion and promotion depend on more than 300 factors. Not all of them can be predicted by an Internet agency with an accuracy of a day or a week.

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