How to promote a site yourself. Website promotion methods.

It’s not enough just to create a website with high-quality content – you also need to promote it in search engines. Even if your pages contain useful and interesting information, how much benefit will it be if no one reads it? Website promotion helps everyone who has chosen the Internet as a means of generating income: owners of online stores and information portals, bloggers and many others.

To promote the site, it is necessary to perform a whole range of works, paying attention to every aspect of this procedure. Once it was enough to buy links or use other relatively simple methods, but modern search engines have become much smarter. It is quite difficult to promote a site on your own, because you have to pay attention to many nuances. But don’t let this scare you – the problem remains quite solvable!

The issue of website promotion will always remain relevant. The principles of operation of search engines are constantly changing, but there are basic requirements that have remained unchanged since the beginning of the work of all popular search engines. Self-promotion of a website is a great way to save money on the services of specialists, gain useful skills, draw attention to the project and make a profit from it.

Website promotion methods.

Selection of the semantic core.

The semantic core (SJ) is a set of words, word forms and phrases that most accurately characterize the scope of the site’s specialization. A properly selected semantic core is one of the key factors in the self-promotion of a site.

There are two ways to solve the problem – automatic and manual.

The automatic option implies the use of special programs and link aggregators. You register with the service, enter the site url in the appropriate field, press the button and get the result. The system will analyze the resource and display the required list. The advantages of automatic selection are speed and simplicity.

The manual method is longer and more difficult, but with its help you can do everything as accurately as possible. First of all, you need to study the available information. Suppose you need to promote the website of a company that sells parts for cars. Finding out what parts she sells? For which brands? For what year of cars? Customers – individuals or businesses? Any information matters. For example, if a company operates in the B2C market, you need to focus on queries that contain the word “wholesale”. It is important to add to the core queries related to the region in which the promotion is carried out – for example, “buy parts for a VAZ in Moscow”. After compiling an approximate list, use the Yandex WordStat service for accurate word selection.

Internal optimization.

Another extremely important point in website promotion. High quality of materials on the pages, correct technical optimization is about half the success.

Your site needs to meet a number of characteristics.

1. Content must be unique.

Performing independent SEO-website promotion, prepare content that has a uniqueness of 95-100%. You can deviate from these indicators only in cases where such a result is impossible – for example, when listing technical characteristics, quotes, formulas and similar information. If the basic information presented on the pages is not unique, you may not even try to promote the site yourself – you will face very big difficulties.

To check the indicator, you can use different sites and programs:, eTxT Antiplagiat, Advego Plagiatus. It is better to use several options at once – this way you are guaranteed to avoid the risk of missing non-unique fragments. Remove or correct them, then check again. Did you manage to achieve the result of 95-100%? This means that you can proceed to the next stage of internal optimization.

2. It is necessary to optimize pages for search queries.

Thinking about how to promote your site, you should first of all focus on attracting the target audience. Most visitors will come through search engines, which means that search engine optimization needs to be given special attention. If this is not done, the behavioral indicators will greatly deteriorate, which will lead to the impossibility of normal website promotion. There are several nuances that should be paid attention to.

Pages must have the correct title, that is, the title. It is important for both users and search robots. The title should indicate the direct occurrence of the key phrase. On the pages you need to place headings of the 1-6th level – h1-h6, which should also contain keywords. Remember: you cannot place more than one h1 on each page! Website promotion is impossible without keywords directly in the content. Also in the text you need to place highlight tags, photos, graphics and other elements that increase information content.

3. The site should be user-friendly.

To promote your site yourself, pay attention to its structure and navigation. If a user has to think to get information from a page, making an effort is a bad page. The visitor will quickly leave her. Search engines also analyze the usability of a resource.

How to organize information correctly? First of all, it needs to be streamlined. The best option is a tree structure that includes sections and subsections, categories and catalogs. The user should be able to quickly move from one page to another. If you are thinking about how to promote the site of an online store or other sales organization, make sure that contact information, pricing information, and the like is available. There is a “rule of three clicks”: a visitor should be able to find the data he needs with no more than three clicks. Less is better.

Correct solution of issues with the structure of the site will help to improve not only search results, but also behavioral indicators. This means that the user is much more willing to use your products or services.

4. Don’t forget about linking.

Website promotion on your own requires the preparation of numerous links. One of the main factors of internal optimization is linking, i.e. on the pages of the site you need to place links to other pages of the same resource. Thanks to this, the promotion is carried out due to the internal potential of the site. Relinking solves several problems at once. It will not only distribute the “weight” of the pages correctly, but will also help promote exactly the parts of the resource you need, direct the user to the right place where he can place an order or receive important information. The work is done manually and can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it: by posting links in the right places, you will get rid of impressive financial expenses in the future.

5. Make your site beautiful and fast.

One of the main problems of many Internet resources is the slow download speed. If the page is loading for more than a couple of seconds, something is clearly wrong with it. For search robots, a slow site is a negative signal, and the user is unlikely to agree to wait – sooner he will simply close the tab and go to competitors. If you are interested in the correct website promotion, pay attention to the technical nuances. What are the reasons for loading too slow? Here and the wrong layout, and the abundance of “heavy” images, and problems with the server.

Website promotion on your own requires design work. Nice appearance, choosing the right fonts will help users to better perceive the information presented. Want to experiment with the look of your resource? Be careful: users do not like too unusual innovations. The correct option would be to familiarize yourself with the pages of the most successful competitors and do something similar.

Self-promotion of the site with optimized articles.

This method is also related to internal optimization. It’s simple: you need a unique, carefully prepared and optimized material that contains the right keywords.

Website promotion in search engines with the help of optimized articles is considered to be one of the most effective, but rather complicated methods. If we are talking about an online store or similar resource dedicated to sales, most likely, it will have to create a separate section for articles. Post there materials that are useful to users, which will then bring traffic. To promote a site in this way, you need to take care of the quality of the content: in most cases, you have to contact specialists who can write a suitable article on the required topic.

The advantage of website promotion by this method is to improve behavioral indicators. If a visitor is interested in reading the material, he is highly likely to be interested in the goods or services provided. The more people come to a blog or a section of articles, the better results will be shown by Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica.

How to Promote Your Website with Optimized Articles? The material should contain a sufficient number of keywords. It’s important not to overdo it. If there are too many of them, readability will suffer, and search engines may react negatively to spammed text. There are several rules, subject to which the site will be promoted with maximum efficiency.

Keywords should make up approximately 3% of the total text on the page. Some of them can be placed in tags, headers and similar elements. If there are too many keywords, search engines turn on spam filters and the optimization efficiency drops. It is not necessary to use only direct occurrences of words. For readability, it is recommended to use word forms and diluted variants – they work just as well. You don’t need to use long and complex key phrases in your headlines. Firstly, it impairs the perception and attractiveness of the text for the user. Secondly, there will be no special effect – the keys in h1 and h2 are important, but not decisive.

The cost of creating quality content can be quite high, but it’s worth it.

External optimization.

When and how to promote your website externally? This should be done only after the work on internal optimization is completed. It makes no sense to proceed with the methods listed below without taking care of the quality of the resource.

Website promotion with links.

You can get links to a resource that you want to promote in several ways. There are free and paid options. As a rule, freebies have to spend more time and effort, but they can be just as effective if the link comes from a truly trusted source. In most cases, when developing a plan for how to promote the site yourself, it is better to resort to paid methods. Don’t be alarmed – they are not too expensive.

Links are temporary and permanent. Regardless of which option you choose, there are several important points to consider:

links should be placed on sites similar to the promoted resource; a page with a link should not be a simple set of words – information content and usefulness are important; links should be homogeneous – it is not worth referring to several different resources from the same material; they should be placed in a part of the page that is clearly visible to users, i.e. not in the footer or in other subtle elements; the best option is the presence of one direct occurrence of the key phrase and one modified one (for example, “buy VAZ parts” and “purchase VAZ parts”). However, there is an opinion that you can put two links to different pages of your site; the anchor list should be varied, and not all links should come from promoted phrases: links that represent the url of the page are very important, because This is the most natural kind of link that users could actually share with each other; the subject of the text around the link must match the text of the link; pages must be indexed by all popular search engines; they must have visitors; Alexa Rank indicators – the lower the better; indicators of the thematic citation index – only high; links to the donor site should also lead (however, it is important to remember about the ratio of incoming and outgoing links from the resource on which you are going to link to your site: if there are more outgoing links from such a resource than incoming links, there will be little benefit from such a link to your site ).

When thinking about how to promote a website, some SEOs do not pay enough attention to the correct selection of anchor text, which reduces their effectiveness. Remember: link texts should be different, carefully selected and attractive to the visitor! You should want to click on them – this will lead to an increase in traffic.

Finally, the main rule, following which you will understand how to promote your site and achieve high efficiency. You need to buy links regularly and gradually, and their number should be increased with each purchase. It is impossible to purchase a large amount at once for a newly created project – this can lead to sanctions from search engines. To buy, you can go to special exchanges like, and

In addition, it is important to make your resource beautiful, understandable and user-friendly, then people will share links to your site, and the link mass will grow naturally.

How to promote a site using contextual advertising.

To start promoting a website using contextual advertising, you need to understand what it is and what benefits it promises. Remember the text ads that accompany search engine queries? This is contextual advertising. In Yandex and Google, it is displayed above the main search results and does not depend on the usual optimization methods. The principle of operation is simple: the user enters a request, and in response the system shows him prepaid ads. With a high probability, a potential client will go to the site in this ad. Almost any query in popular search engines is accompanied by advertisements.

Does it have any advantages over standard methods? Yes, in some cases it is better to think about how to promote the site yourself using contextual links. Ideally, you should combine both regular search engine promotion and this method, but sometimes this is not very rational. When is the best time to use contextual advertising services?

1. If the client is needed quickly (right now). When deciding how to promote your site, determine if you’re willing to wait several months for the usual options to take effect. If not, feel free to use contextual advertising.

2. If you don’t want to spend too much money. If you set up your campaign correctly, targeted traffic will cost minimal amounts. True, this requires certain skills.

3. If you need exactly target customers. You can promote any site yourself in search engines, but there will be little benefit if your visitors don’t buy anything. Contextual advertising is a sure way to bring only those interested in the product and service to the resource.

The bottom line is that contextual advertising is the best option for when target customers are needed quickly and with minimal spending, but in the long run.

It would seem that if this method is so good, then why bother thinking about how to promote the site yourself? But it also has drawbacks.

1. The effect is relatively short-term. As soon as the money deposited into the service account runs out, the flow of visitors will stop. Search engine promotion provides more consistent results.

2. With a sloppy approach, the cost increases dramatically. You will have to pay for each word, and the more popular the request, the higher the price. There can be unfair competition – when competitors simply click on your ad, reducing the budget.

3. Over the years, the effectiveness gradually decreases. Today’s users have less confidence in contextual ads. In addition, browser ad blockers (like AdBlock) can hide ads from human eyes altogether.

When performing website promotion, it is recommended to combine contextual methods with the usual ones.

How to promote a site with contextual advertising.

The features are about the same for Google and Yandex. Below is the procedure for the Yandex.Direct service.

First, you need to make a list of keywords. It can be very large – up to several thousand requests. “Buy parts for VAZ”, “order spare parts for VAZ in Moscow”, “where to find parts for VAZ Patriot” and so on. Sounds simple, but there are actually several problems. First, you need to search for exactly those words and phrases that users ask for in search engines. Secondly, promotion for high-frequency queries is expensive, so it is better to optimize and promote your site yourself using phrases that have a low click-through rate. Register with Yandex.Direct and create an advertising campaign. Copy the selected keywords into the special fields, create a title and text for each of them that users will see. Customize your campaign: for example, specify in which part of the country the links will be shown, at what time, etc. The choice of these parameters depends on many factors: for example, your target audience. Everything is ready, but you cannot stop to achieve real efficiency. The campaign needs to be constantly analyzed, checking the level of its impact on the target audience. Make changes if necessary.

How to promote your site yourself with contextual advertising: the choice of requests.

Before starting a campaign, you need to prepare a semantic core, and in some cases it does not coincide with what was created for search engine promotion. There are two types of resource pages to be distinguished: target and landing pages. Landing pages are used to redirect a visitor who sees an ad. If it is written correctly, the potential customer goes to the landing page and becomes a real customer.

The number of landing pages can vary – up to several thousand. They are sorted by hit priority. These pages are used to analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

To get the process to the results you want, make a list of key points. It includes:

scope of the company; what goods or services are in the assortment; what is the target audience; what product or service is to be promoted; what goals are planned to be achieved (increase sales or traffic, increase brand awareness, the number of registrations, downloads, and so on).

In addition to Yandex and Google services, you can use the Begun system. The effectiveness of such ads will be lower (Rambler is used), but the cost is also much lower.

Website promotion with articles.

How to promote your site with articles on third-party resources? To do this, you need to prepare (or order from a specialist) materials that are interesting and useful to the user, containing keywords from a pre-compiled list. Some of the keywords will be used as a link to your site. This option is more effective than regular link promotion. However, it requires a more impressive investment of time and effort.

The procedure is as follows.

The keywords are selected by which the resource will be promoted. An article is being written (necessarily unique!) On a specific topic. Its subject matter will depend on the content of the link. If the request “where to buy spare parts for a VAZ in St. Petersburg” is advanced, you can talk about the peculiarities of repairing this car, about the service station of St. Petersburg, about some specific details … You should not insert links into random materials that are not related to the subject of your resource – the effect will be weak. Then a site is searched for where the texts will be placed. It can be someone’s blog, another site, an article exchange.

After the material is placed, it can be “pumped”. “Pumping” is the creation of links that will lead to the page on which your link is placed. The result is a “triple effect” that significantly increases efficiency.

Attention is important! Representatives of the largest search engines claim that robots are able to distinguish artificially created link mass from “natural” one. This does not mean that the artificial one does not work – it is just that the “natural” one works better. That is why, when promoting an optimized website, it is important to take care of its quality. The more useful your resource is for the user, the more often visitors will start talking about it on the Internet. Over time, this will lead to the accumulation of natural link mass, which will help to achieve the result.

What are the requirements for articles in which links should be posted? Everything is exactly the same as when writing optimized texts for a website. Several keywords are used (not too many) in direct and diluted occurrences, as well as in word forms. You should create extremely useful and informative materials (you may need to contact a specialist copywriter for this). The main requirement is uniqueness – from 90% and more. A non-unique article is not only ineffective – it is harmful to your resource.

The link should look appealing to the user. It should be placed closer to the beginning or the middle of the article – placing it in the “footer” will not lead to the desired result. The cost of this type of website promotion depends on a number of parameters. With the right approach, you can achieve results for the minimum amount, but for this you have to write a really good article. The invested amount will more than pay off in the future.

How to quickly promote a website on social networks.

Promotion in social networks (Social Media Optimization) is a relatively new method of promotion, the effectiveness of which is increasing every year. As it is easy to understand, you will need to attract traffic to your site from VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and similar services. Painstaking work in this direction will provide you with a lot of advantages:

the position of the promoted resource in search engines improves; manages to attract a large number of targeted visitors interested in your products and services; brand awareness is growing, which has a positive effect on sales in the long term.

Why is Social Media Optimization convenient and profitable?

Firstly, the audience of popular social networks is estimated at millions of users, among whom there will certainly be thousands of your potential customers.

Secondly, due to the peculiarities of the structure of social networks, you can use “viral” methods of distributing content. First, one user receives the information, he informs his friends about it. The result is incredibly wide coverage in a short timeframe.

Thirdly, you do not need to come up with ways of feedback – everything is already on the network itself. You can easily integrate your site into it: for example, the CMS WordPress has a huge number of tools that you can use to combine the main resource with its “representation” in the social network.

Where should you use Social Media Optimization?

In the CIS countries, the best results are shown by VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Each network has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. To work with all the options, you can make a list of what must be done:

place buttons on your website by clicking which the user will be able to go to your group in the social network; competently develop a community, maintain its popularity and activity; purchase “likes” and “reposts” – there are many ways to do this; engage in contextual advertising on social networks.

On YouTube, you also need to do video promotion.

Groups “VKontakte”, “Odnoklassniki” and on Facebook.

Building and running a community properly is an art. You need to pay attention to design, promotion, communication with users … You can turn to specialists, you can act independently. Remember that recognizable design is one of the key elements of success.

Remember: users like to chat and comment. It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve success by closing comments on posts, because feedback is one of the key success factors. Better to attend to moderation or resort to automatic options.

Promotion by press releases.

Not the easiest and most popular, but very effective option. A press release is a message containing information about an event or organization that is intended to be placed in the press. Basically, it is a news article that links to a specific resource. A press release differs from a regular article mainly in the presence of a serious reason. They can be anything: opening an online store, starting a large-scale promotion, providing bonuses and discounts.

The material contains a link to the site. There is also an important feature here – the link must be in the form of a url, not a key phrase. A link in a press release posted on the site of a reputable mass media is an excellent “pumping” of the resource, increasing trust from search engines.

Features of the creation and placement of press releases.

All you need to do is write a press release, insert a link to the site into its text, and then post the material on the appropriate site. There are free and paid sites that accept news articles of this kind. The base must be popular and constantly updated. The best option is to order a service from the appropriate organization.

What results can you achieve? You will receive links from a respected and popular resource. News from media owned resources is often copied by other sites, so your link may become even more popular than intended. This leads to better search engine results, increased visitor traffic, and a significant increase in brand awareness. In addition, TIC and PR are increasing.

Promotion by catalogs.

You can register a site in the directory. There are paid and free options. The best results can be achieved by contacting services from well-known search engines, but getting into them is not so easy. The site must meet many requirements related to design, the presence of useful and unique content, the level of traffic and other nuances. In our country, the Yandex catalog is very popular, and you can add a resource to it both for money and for free.

Previously, adding a site to the catalog was a mandatory stage of promotion, but then programs appeared that automate the process, which reduced the benefits. Nevertheless, with proper application, an excellent result can be achieved. Remember that adding a resource to a large number of systems in a short time can lead to overlapping search engine filters. It is not recommended to use services for automation – it is better to act manually, referring only to moderated directories that have good indicators of the thematic citation index.


It is quite possible to promote the site yourself, but for this you will have to pay attention to many aspects of optimization. Be prepared for the fact that the results will not appear immediately – the resource develops gradually. In any case, remember that a good site is made for people, not for search engines.

If you want to promote your own website to the TOP, then sign up for courses on SEO promotion.

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