How to promote a site yourself?

Find out my personal method of getting your site to the first positions of search engines without investing money!

Now you can promote your website to the TOP-3 search engines without knowing complex formulas and clever schemes! Do as I do and your site will come first.

Greetings! My name is Dmitry Parygin. I am professionally engaged in website development. My studio was founded five years ago and we have made and promoted dozens of successful commercial Internet projects to order. These sites bring profit to their owners on a daily basis.

Today I want to share with you my experience in promoting sites to the first positions of search engines.

You can bring your site to the first positions in any highly competitive niche in just 2-3 months and the site will be in the TOP-3 for several years.

Bringing the site to the first positions for competitive requests:

(the first 3 positions are paid advertising)

The most effective method of quickly attracting customers is search engine optimization + contextual advertising.

Promotion in the highly competitive niche of building materials:

I also promoted the online store for the sale of motorcycle trunks (which I sold as an operating business) in Russia to the first place, and it has also held the first positions for a year and a half.

Bringing an Internet site to the first positions in the country:

Also, my project for the sale of educational video courses brings me 500 visitors every day, and this figure is growing all the time.

The clients of my web studio are also satisfied with the promotion results:

You will snatch yourself a good jackpot of the market using my effective method. My clients recoup the cost of website promotion from the first orders and earn a lot of money with their websites (from 100,000 – from 500,000 per month).

So, spending a small amount of time once, you can get a long-term result. Thus, you do not have to spend a lot on advertising.

What are the main difficulties and mistakes of 95% of novice webmasters?

Many people think that you need to know the secrets and tricks of the guru, spend hours digging in the program code or surf hundreds of forums looking for super-ways.

But in fact, there are three ways to promote a site:

1. Pay the developers of the search engine from 300,000 rubles for one search query and be in the first place for a while.

2. “Black” methods of cheating and attracting traffic. Until the search engines change their algorithms. All your work will go to smark, the site will have to be promoted again. In addition, sanctions may be imposed on your site – search system filters. The site will no longer show up in the search at all.

3. “White” methods of promotion, which are used by website developers to achieve long-term results. This is a set of measures to optimize the created site, texts and graphics on the site, as well as special manipulations with the indexing of the site by search engines.

Do you think it is difficult to learn how to promote websites on your own? Nothing like this!

You have two options:

1. Scour the entire Internet, day after day looking for interesting techniques to improve your site, then testing them for 2, 3 weeks and analyzing the results. Waste of time looking for a solution without a guarantee of the result, and even a bunch of unfamiliar slang.

2. Find a specialist and learn from him. And then you are just lucky! Before you is a specialist who has personally promoted several sites and is ready to share his technique with you.

I rarely teach this technique to anyone because I don’t want everyone to know about it. And you will hardly find another sensible specialist who is ready to spend his time and help you, teach.

However, today you have a unique chance to get my knowledge, as they say, on a silver platter. I recorded a video from the screen of my computer, in which I tell you, using specific examples, how to promote websites, online stores and in general any Internet resources. You are guaranteed to enter the TOP-3.

So, without further ado, meet the new educational video course “Kick to the TOP”:

In this video course:

I will tell you how a successful project promotion company begins; I will warn against critical errors; I will save you a lot of time; nerves; and money that you would have wasted collecting information bit by bit.

In my new training course “Kick to the TOP” I will tell you how to get your site on the first lines of search engine results and attract a huge number of visitors to your site.

Your internet project will finally work to its fullest and you will discover an amazingly effective and easy-to-learn way to promote your site. Even if something turns out to be routine for you, I will tell you where hundreds of specialists can help you literally for a penny.

I guarantee you that after studying this video course you will learn how to promote sites and put your project to the top of search engines for dozens of key queries.

Considering that the topic of site promotion is quite extensive, I promise you my help and bringing to the result. Literally by the hand, step by step, we will study everything from and to with you and will sort out all the questions that have arisen in the course of website promotion.

Course content:

The course was recorded from the screen of my computer in the form of separate video lessons, in which I show step by step what and how to do, where to click. You just insert the disc into your computer, the auto-launch menu opens and you select the desired lesson. After watching the lesson, you follow the instructions and improve your site.

My video course is a master class: “How I promote sites.” All information is laid out in a user-friendly menu and grouped in the form of separate video lessons with comments, in which I talk not only about the technology of website promotion, but also share the valuable experience of improving the site to increase sales.

+ My personal advice and support.

This is how the main menu of the course looks like:

All information is divided into sections in which you will study everything step by step:

1. Introduction and some theory.

In this section, I talk about the principles and methods of website promotion. We will consider both free and paid ways to promote sites.

2. Site preparation.

Before proceeding with promotion actions, you need to optimize your Internet resource. You will learn the features of the site design, which are paid attention not only to visitors, but also to search engines. You will learn how to design a website in such a way that it is convenient to view it and in the eyes of the PS the site looks the most worthy to be brought to the TOP.

3. Website optimization.

After analyzing the current state of the site and drawing up a promotion plan, we proceed to its improvements and optimization. We will change the parameters of the site itself and individual pages, as well as link them to each other in order to keep the visitor on the site as long as possible.

4. Articles.

This will be our main promotion method. Any master will tell you that the usefulness of the site for the visitor depends on how interesting information is located on it. Accordingly, the more information the better. The more visitors there will be. And if you optimize these articles for search engines, then in this case, the search engine itself in a short time will bring the pages of the site to the first lines of the issue.

5. External links.

I will tell you the ways of recruiting external links to the site, what they should be, and we will consider both free and paid fast methods. External links are needed to make your site look authoritative in the eyes of the search engine. The more other resources refer to your site, the higher it takes a position in the search engine results.

6. Setting up the site delivery.

I will teach you how you can interact with search engines and customize search results. For example, your phone number, address, additional links, the text displayed by the search engine in the results of query processing.

7. Bonuses and recommendations.

In addition to the main course, I will provide you with wonderful bonuses:

8. Conclusion.

Parting speech and advice on ways to earn money using the knowledge gained.

And also bonuses:

Bonus 1:

The most powerful formula for a selling site.

Value: 6000 rubles.

The experience of myself and several other leading web studios has been put into designing the structure of effective marketing sites that attract visitors. They will want to buy from you, moreover, several times, and even recommend your store to their friends.

Usually, when I consult my clients, for example, if they need a website redesign or they just ask for advice, it costs from 6000 rubles. I will tell you the secret for free, as a bonus to the training course.

In the case of developing a commercial site, you will need special marketing techniques to increase sales from the site. I use special methods that allow increasing sales from the site by 5% – 30% for large businesses, and for beginners by 200% – 400%.

Trust my experience, dear friend. I personally created and sold not the first business that I developed using the Internet. You are unlikely to find another proposal like mine.

There are simply no other similar proposals.

Bonus 2:

Rare e-book “20 most effective ways to attract and retain customers in an online store”

The most effective ways to attract customers in an online store.

Value: 2500 rubles.

Not a word to anyone about these methods!

These are proven techniques that I use in my stores, recommend and implement on my clients’ websites. Thanks to this, site visitors trust the online store and make sure to buy.

You will definitely not find these methods anywhere – because no one wants to “breed” competitors, no one will tell you about these secrets.

Bonus 3.

Personal consultation to help you create a website.

If you have any technical difficulties with registering a website, choosing a hosting or working with services, I will help and advise you in this.

Attention! These bonuses are only available if you order now!

Your benefits from studying the course:

1. You will learn how to promote sites.

2. You will save a huge amount of money on outsourced services.

3. You will learn how to attract hundreds of visitors to your site.

4. You will be able to take your business to the next level and find new customers by promoting your site to the top.

5. You will avoid many mistakes by learning from my personal experience.

6. You save time, effort and money to find answers to your questions.

7. You are guaranteed to get a result – you will promote your site to the top positions of search engines for key queries.

8. You will receive support from me and can ask any questions about website promotion.

Difference from similar proposals.

Unlike competitors, I can guarantee you the result – promotion of the site to high positions and an increase in site traffic at times.

I can guarantee you that the result of promotion according to my method “Kick to the TOP” will be preserved for a long time (In my practice – up to 3 years).

In addition, I am giving you a unique support opportunity. I will answer all your questions and help in case of difficulties. It is extremely important for me that you get the result and are satisfied after completing the course.


As you know, the cost of website promotion can start from 10,000 rubles ($ 300) per month and go to infinity. The cost of training for specialized courses can reach 40,000 – 80,000 rubles. In addition, the curricula in these courses may be outdated and the methods taught there are less effective today.

In my web studio ( the cost of website promotion is 10,000 rubles per month. At the same time, for different levels of competition, the result can be achieved in 1 – 3 months.

In other web studios, the cost is the same or more. But no one can promise you a result that will be achieved and fixed for a long time (from several months to years). As soon as you stop paying them, the site will leave high positions.

Therefore, I believe that a fair price of 5,000 rubles can be set for the course (the cost of my services without additional costs and taxes).

But given that the video course saves my personal time, transferring all my knowledge to you in full, I am ready to offer it to you. not for 5,000 or even 3,000 rubles, but only for 2,000 rubles.

At the same time, at the moment there is a discount of -501 rubles. The course price has been reduced due to the release and is likely to be increased in the future.

Now you can choose one of the versions of the “Kick to the TOP” training course:

Course on DVD with delivery:

cost: 1499 rubles.

Electronic course for download from the Internet:

cost: 1199 rubles.

Special limited offer.

I also add a special bonus for the most hardworking ones. I will tell you about how you can earn on the knowledge gained on website promotion. This is a very profitable and not dusty job. You can work from home, occasionally meeting clients in a cafe or office. You can work outdoors or in any other convenient place. Yes, even in a mountain village, the main thing is that there is a medium-power computer at hand, on which you can print text and process photos and, of course, the Internet.

You understand that soon I will stop distributing my knowledge, so place your order now and be sure that you will get a guaranteed result. You will learn how to promote sites quickly and efficiently for everyone to envy.

You have the opportunity to become a real master of website promotion in a short time!

I guarantee you the result or get your money back:

Course delivery guarantee:

I assume all risks associated with the delivery of the video course to you. If it does not reach you or arrives in a damaged condition, I will send you a new set at my own expense. I am the head of the company “Agency” Megapolis “and I work absolutely legally and officially.

As you can see, you are absolutely not risking anything and this is a good deal, place your order with confidence!

Remember! You are absolutely not at risk – I give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you fail to promote your site after watching this course. The cost of the exchange rate will soon increase due to the constant depreciation of the ruble. Or I’ll just change my mind about handing out this information. Hurry up 🙂

Be sure you will learn how to promote sites with my help!

The money invested in knowledge will quickly pay off. You can also earn money in an affiliate program by recommending this course to your friends or by promoting custom-made websites. Who knows, maybe you and I will become good partners and launch a joint project. So, fewer words – order the course and go to the top!

Your course is now ready to ship. This is how the package with the disk looks like:

P. S. If you have any questions, you can ask me personally using the contact form.

Order a course on DVD with delivery (1499 rubles):

Order the course in electronic form for downloading from the Internet (1199 rubles):

If I were you, I would not even think about it, and would order the course right now.

The course is worth the money, you will be satisfied!

I wish you to promote your site as soon as possible and we will see you in the video lessons of the course!


How long does it take to promote a site using the “Kick to the TOP” method?

I was engaged in the promotion of my sites from about one to three months, daily devoting about one and a half to two hours a day to this. The result is that sites stay in search for a long time (from six months to 1 year) and simply bring me a huge number of visitors. Moreover, not just some stray users, but people interested in the goods or services advertised on the site. Just take a look at the traffic on the site and you will understand that I am telling the truth. More than fifty thousand visitors have already visited the site and I did not invest money in it.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for your order for the training course “Creation of modern sites” using:

Yandex money, Webmoney, RBKmoney, or in any other convenient way (by credit card, Internet banks, Internet wallets, cash, transfer to an account) when placing an order.

Can I count on support after purchasing the course? How to contact you?

Oh sure. You can ask any question of interest through the contact form. You will receive an answer to your question.

In addition, as I promised, you can get technical advice – I will help you with choosing a hosting, registering a domain or working with services. In addition, if you already have a question, you can also contact me right now. I will help you.

Can I order by cash on delivery?

Yes, but I strongly recommend that you carefully read this information:

Can I personally buy a disc from you, come and pick it up?

Yes, if you live in Ulyanovsk. We will meet you at any convenient place. To do this, when ordering a disc, indicate in the comments to the order where and when you would like to meet.

Is it possible to pay for the course by bank transfer, for example, from the account of the organization?

Yes, it is possible. I am a co-founder of LLC “Agency” Megapolis “and I can accept money both in cash and by bank transfer.

What are the system requirements to run the disc?

It is desirable to have a computer with Windows operating system: 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8. Computer with a 1 Ghz processor, 256 Mb of RAM, DVD-Rom. The course can be run on 1 computer.

Will the course really help you make money and are you currently selling it?

Yes, indeed the course is on sale now. Indeed, he can help you make money. If you mean the sale of goods via the Internet or website promotion to order. In this course, I have described my experience. Both the technical aspects of website promotion, and what will help sell with the help of the site. Websites developed by me personally and promoted by our studio can be viewed here: In the course, I’m just talking about how to promote such sites, and I am using tricks that other developers usually don’t talk about.

Secondly, by promoting custom-made sites, you can also earn money. You will recoup the money invested in knowledge from the first order.

This course provides the third opportunity to earn money – in the affiliate program. That is, if, according to your recommendation, someone buys a course, you will receive a good reward, so to speak, “recapture” your money, or maybe you will make yourself an additional source of income, like other partners.

More information about the affiliate program here:

Isn’t this a scam?

You can be convinced that I am a living and really existing person by looking at the materials of my blog – or find out about me on the page The offer on this page is addressed to business people who want to get a result – learn how to promote sites.

Everything is told in very simple language. I also taught people who sometimes mistreated computers. I perfectly understand that all sorts of technical words can only confuse. Of the complex words, probably only “hosting” and “domain”. Buyers of the course get personal advice and assistance in case of difficulties.

How to order a course?

You can order the course here: [delivery disk] by mail or here: [electronic version] with the ability to download via the Internet after payment.

In addition, I give you a personal money back guarantee, because I am confident in the quality of the course. If you are not a resident of Russia, please contact me using the contact form and we will discuss the delivery and payment of the course with you.

P. S. If you want – buy, if you don’t want – don’t buy. But remember, your competitors are on the alert. The sooner you start promoting your site, the faster you can get around everyone! And there are more and more people who buy online. Stay ahead and grow your online business. Don’t delay your success! And let the “Kick to the TOP” course help you with this. See you in the tutorial!

Your friend, Dmitry Parygin.

Order the “Kick to the TOP” course right now!

LLC “Agency” Megapolis “, 432073, Ulyanovsk, Ho Chi Minh 13-215, OGRN: 1097325004622.

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