How to promote a website for free in 2018.

Many people immediately after opening their own website turn to specialists to promote it, completely forgetting that there are many ways to promote their own resource without spending money. Below we will focus on such options that can help you promote your site without contacting specialists. Advertising is also not required for this.

Guest posts.

This method works especially well for resources in foreign languages. To implement it, you just need to find sites with the necessary topics and leave your post there, in which there will be a link to the site. It should be borne in mind that when publishing low-quality content, this method will quickly exhaust itself. The content of the guest post must fully match the information on the page. Otherwise, the credibility of the site will be undermined.

Benefits of using guest posts:

Backlinks. Increased traffic.

Use of forums.

This method is practically no different from the previous one. You need to find forums with topics of interest to you. It is important to publish messages from an authoritative account that has been registered on the resource for a long time. In this case, the credibility of the site will only increase.

Using comments.

This option will take quite a long time to return. When using comments, you need to find thematic sites with high activity. You can also create several accounts that will correspond «between themselves»… Comments will not be effective immediately. You need to be patient and do it all the time.

Using discount services.

Using special services for discounts will allow you to attract visitors to the site without using additional funds. There are two options for using this method. And both work.

Lower the price of goods and services by a certain percentage. Wait for the arrival of customers.

Using this option will reduce the expected profit, but increase the turnover.

Reduce the price of goods and services only for service users. For other customers, increase or leave prices at the same level.

In this case, you practically do not lose anything in any hands.

Use of social media.

Social networks have long become a very useful tool, with the right actions, promoting your own website using this tool will not cause problems. List of required steps when using social media networks looks like this:

Registration on all the most popular resources (Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte). Adding people to friends. Regular supply of quality content.

This method also does not guarantee instant results. But there are many communities and groups that, by doing this kind of promotion, have been able to achieve great popularity.

Use of ad services.

A very quick way to sell a product or service. Thousands of advertisements are posted on such resources every day and no fewer transactions are concluded. The use of such a tool not only increases the chance to sell a product or service, but also to increase the traffic of the company’s website.

Use of subject catalogs.

There is a large number of catalogs of companies (Prom,, etc.) that allow you to create a company page for free. You can place feedback data on it, through which the flow of customers will begin.

Using city portals.

This method is no different from the previous one. It is great for regional and national companies with a presence in specific areas.

Viral content creation.

This method involves the use of remarkable creativity. In the era of memes and funny videos, he can, as if by wave of the hand, bring fabulous popularity. However, there are no guarantees of success when using it.

Organization of competitions.

Contests are always a great way to motivate and attract an audience to your site. However, organizing a competition for free is rather difficult. You need to find sponsors and come up with a great idea.

Publishing interesting and useful content on the site.

Of course, this is one of the main criteria that can greatly simplify website promotion. Such articles are divided into three separate types:

Reviews of anything. Cases (a successful story about achieving your goal). Instructions (how to do it right).

When reading interesting content, the user will want to return to the site over and over again.

Use of services "question answer"

The target audience of the site can also «dwell» on similar resources. Therefore, you should look for questions on the topic and answer them in detail. You can also come up with questions yourself, and then give an answer to them. This method stimulates discussion, which leads to the opportunity to advertise your site.

Promotion to the TOP in Google Maps.

Google Maps has built-in direct site navigation. As in the case with simple queries, the main thing here is to get to the top. In this case, the number of visits to your site by the target audience will increase.

Actions that improve a site’s ranking in Google Maps:

SEO-site optimization. Adding multimedia information (video, photo). Increase the number of reviews on Google Maps. Linking a site to Google+. Increasing the number of backlinks.

Using interviews.

With the help of famous and interesting people, you can achieve a significant increase in the popularity of the site. With a properly compiled list of questions and the general interest of the interview, it is possible to publish it in the local media. In this case, the number of backlinks to the site increases, and the volume of traffic becomes much higher.


As you can see, there are many ways that help to promote your site for free and yourself. However, their use requires a significant amount of time. Be patient, and then your work will definitely give results.

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