How to promote a website? Free and paid methods of promoting a web resource.

Question: how to promote a site? – practically all owners of Internet resources ask themselves. Even a professional website with quality content can be ineffective in attracting customers. In order for a resource to become visited and effective, it is necessary to analyze its condition and optimize the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines. There are many methods of website promotion, both paid and free. We will talk about them in this article.

Paid methods of website promotion.

No matter how much you want to save money, practice shows that it is much easier to promote a site using paid methods. Moreover, the result will be more noticeable and faster than with free promotion. But it is important to know how to use these tools – without understanding the processes and proper experience, there is a risk of simply wasting money down the drain without achieving any results.

Placement of press releases and articles on third-party resources.

A press release is a press release informing journalists about company news and containing information about the company and, most importantly, a link to its website. The press release must be professionally written and posted on dedicated resources. Copywriting agencies are involved in the creation and placement of press releases, the cost of creation and promotion starts from 5,000 rubles.

SMO, or promotion on social networks.

Social Media Optimization, or website optimization for social networks, implies attracting traffic to the site from social networks – Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and others. There are a lot of tools for such promotion – these are the placement of social media buttons on the site page, and the creation of brand pages and groups, and the purchase of “likes” and “reposts”. The audience of social networks is very large – no media can compete with them. For brand promotion on social networks, you will have to pay from 10,000 per month, but it’s worth it – a good agency using social networks will be able to quickly bring your site to the top of search engines, besides, information on Facebook and VKontakte tends to spread independently with the help of “likes” , “Shares” and comments.

SEO, or a method to promote a site in search engines.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a whole range of measures to improve the position of a site in the results of search engines for certain user requests. Search engines take into account many parameters of the site when calculating its relevance, that is, the degree of compliance with the entered query. Search engine optimization means bringing the content of the site in accordance with these requirements – the placement of articles containing keywords, the correct design of the site (search engines “love” pages with a variety of content – both text and graphic), the establishment of a link system, and much more. The minimum cost of website promotion using SEO technologies is about 25,000 rubles.

Contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising is placed in accordance with the content of the page and acts selectively – it is shown to those users whose area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest coincides with the subject of the ad, which significantly increases the likelihood of a response. Almost all search engines use contextual advertising systems. The most famous such systems are Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct. They allow you to place advertisements both on pages with search results for certain keywords, and on pages of partner sites that have installed contextual advertising blocks. Contextual advertising provides the most flexible payment terms – the customer decides himself whether to pay per click or per conversion, and sets the cost of each click himself.

How to promote a site for free?

There are also free ways to promote a site, but you will have to spend a lot of time to understand them and reach a certain level of efficiency. In addition, work in this direction requires a certain professionalism and skills, as well as perseverance. So the methods listed below can only be conditionally called free. Often, a much more correct solution for promoting a website on the Internet would be to contact an Internet marketing agency.

Link exchange with partner sites.

This method of website promotion is both simple and difficult. You need to find sites that are similar in focus to yours and offer them a link exchange. Difficulties lie in finding sites, negotiating with the owners and finding a place to place links – most often, you have to create separate articles for them. All this makes the method cumbersome and unreliable, and also takes a lot of time to implement.

Registration in free catalogs.

There are sites that post articles for free with links to promoted resources. To cooperate with them, you need to create a unique article and insert a link into it. Like the previous method of website promotion, this method takes time to write articles (and money if the content is written by a professional copywriter).

Promotion through blogs.

One of the methods of website promotion is promotion through blogs. The most famous platforms are,, and Promotion is done in one of two ways – by creating a satellite blog network with links to the site, or using the platforms’ own potential to attract traffic.

In the second case, it is required to analyze the information provided by such search engines as Having chosen a news that is close to the topic of the site, you need to look at which keywords it is displayed in the top of the search results and, on their basis, create a unique article for your blog.

SEO-optimization of texts.

We are talking about independent SEO-optimization in its simplest form. The essence of the method is to create content containing precise, but low-competitive keywords. This is a conditionally free method of promotion, since you will still have to spend money on the creation of high-quality unique content – as well as on the revision of the existing one.

Which of these methods will be the most effective for your site? It is impossible to determine this in absentia – it all depends on the goals, subject matter and technical features of the resource. It should be borne in mind that search technologies are constantly changing and improving, and some of the methods applicable today, over time, become a thing of the past and are replaced by others.

How to quickly promote a site?

As you can see from the above, even free methods are often not free in reality. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to study and apply these methods, and even with an investment, the result is not guaranteed. Sometimes, complex website promotion with the help of specialized companies ends up being cheaper or not much more expensive than long independent experiments with website promotion.

BeneQuire has vast experience in promoting Internet resources of any kind and has been working in the market for 5 years, helping its clients to create and promote websites. The company’s portfolio includes more than 1,500 successful projects for 400 clients, including many of the largest companies – Russian Railways, VTB24 Bank, TEZ Tours, Ingosstrakh, Home Credit Bank and others. BeneQuire offers not only website promotion services – the company practices an integrated approach, including constant updating of content, technical improvement of the site, introduction of new services and dissemination of information on external resources. This allows not only to bring the site to the top and keep it there, but also to make the resource as effective as possible.

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