How to promote a website in search engines on your own in 2020.

In this article, you will learn not only about how site promotion is implemented, but also how to optimize a site for search engines. It turns out that promoting an unoptimized site is a very costly undertaking, and as a result, you will have to optimize it. Read this article carefully from beginning to end and you will learn how to optimize and promote your site yourself. Break a leg!

For which sites this article will be useful:

Internet shops; Sites catalogs; Business card website (with a blog); Information sites; Notice boards; Forum; Corporate sites.

How to start website promotion?

If you do not have a website and you are going to develop it, you have to write a technical assignment for the website developer, which will indicate the requirements for SEO. Consider all SEO requirements when creating a website; without them, it will be much more difficult to promote a resource.

To begin with, you need to decide on the search queries, which should be distributed according to the categories of the site. Do not forget about this part of optimization, it is very important. If you do not know all the search queries, part of the target audience will be missed, and your site will not be shown in search engines for missed search queries. I advise you to read the article # 8211; the correct selection of keywords, an interesting and optimized article on the selection of keywords will not hurt you.

The best way to collect the semantic core is through the Key Collector. In it, you can collect queries from Google, Yandex, and search tips, quickly filter out unnecessary (garbage) queries, group them, determine their competitiveness, cost and efficiency. Then we export them to a table for further work with the semantic core. If you need to collect requests in the future, do not spare $ 30 and purchase this program, it will save you a lot of time. If semantics is needed only for one project, you can use Kay Kollektor’s younger brother. # 8211; Slovoyob. It’s free and pretty good at collecting keywords.

Preparing the site structure.

After collecting the semantic core, on the basis of it, you will need to develop the correct structure of the site. The standard site structure looks like this: Home gt; Category gt; Subcategory gt; Product In 2017, search engines officially announced that site nesting does not contribute to site ranking. Let the page be in the 8th nesting level, the main thing is that the search robot can get to this page through linking or SiteMap.

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