How to promote a website on Google?

Leadership positions in search results — one of the main factors for the successful development and prosperity of an online business. Every year, new trends appear in the optimization of web resources, their customization for interaction with systems. If you want to seize global dominance in the virtual marketplace, the best and most effective tool — website promotion in Google. The popular search engine and the main traffic channel for Russian and English-language sites allow reaching 95% of the target audience in the global network. But the promotion process — laborious and multi-stage. The visibility of a web resource depends on various factors. And in order to apply such a tactical technique as website promotion in Google, you need not only to know the main stages of promotion, ways to achieve leadership positions, but also to be patient.

Ways to promote your site on Google.

How to succeed in increasing traffic and growing sales? There are several powerful tools that can help attract potential audiences to your resource, products and services.

The main ways to promote a site in the Google system:

search engine marketing (SEO). A multi-stage process that includes a set of work to correct technical errors, fill pages with content, and external optimization; promotion in social networks (SMM, SMO). A large number of users are concentrated on these sites. By posting useful content, using advertising tools and keeping in touch with customers, you increase the authority of your site and attract new buyers; direct or direct marketing (sending SMS or Email). This marketing technique allows you to keep in touch with customers, inform about discounts and unique offers, new arrivals of goods; video marketing. This method increases the reach of the target audience. It consists of the initial optimization and subsequent promotion of videos. The service includes work with technical parameters and visual part; contextual advertising. Almost every user request to a search engine is accompanied by the issuance of advertisements with an answer to the question asked. This marketing tool kicks in at launch to hit your audience’s target.

With the development of technology, new trends in the field of SEO appear. The main rule — usage «whites» promotion methods to exclude the likelihood of falling under the filters. Website promotion in Google is based on search engine ranking factors, which are regularly updated and updated with new requirements. And in order to bring a web resource to the TOP, you need to take into account all of them.

Website optimization for mobile devices.

According to statistics, about 50% of users visit web resources through smartphones or tablets. The majority of potential customers will be lost if the site is not mobile responsive, meaning its design does not change based on screen size. It will also prevent you from taking leading positions in search results. One of Google’s algorithms «Mobilegeddon» will not allow web resources that do not have a mobile version to be promoted to the top. Optimizing a site for smartphones and tablets has become an important ranking factor. This not only improves user experience, but mobile adaptation yields the following results:

search engine robots approval; increase in the ranking of the issue; improving conversion.

The quality of the mobile version is determined by several criteria. One of the main — ease of use of the web resource. It is also worth working out key queries that are different for the mobile and desktop versions.

Users using PCs and devices have different goals and behaviors. The first ones are focused on a detailed study of goods, comparison of products, offers from companies, analysis of the terms of cooperation. «Mobile» visitors are mostly limited in time. They make a quick search and make a purchase decision spontaneously. The main task of website optimization for mobile devices — simplify the process of placing an order and paying for a product or service.

The site should look attractive and be user-friendly. Such characteristics as conversion, attractiveness, usability are important. To capture the attention of a potential client and «delay» it on the site, you need to pay attention to its correct operation, the absence of broken links, duplicate pages, the speed of data loading. Mobile optimization makes it easier to promote websites on Google, increase traffic and make your business more profitable.

Site Load Speed: Fastest Survives.

53% of users leave the site, the loading speed takes longer than 3 seconds. This is evidenced by research from Google. In addition, a second of delay in displaying a web resource reduces conversion by 20%.

The rate of speed is measured not only on the main page. Average, indicating good, fast loading — 1 second. The search engine divides resources into three categories based on download speed. The parameters are different for mobile and desktop versions.

Download speed.

Desktop version.

Mobile version.

Less than 1 second.

Less than 1.6 seconds.

Over 2.1 seconds.

Web resources with poor, low speed fall under Google sanctions. To improve performance, it is recommended to shorten HTTP requests, add a trailing slash, and optimize multimedia file formats. Reduced speed: lack of cache, slow hosting, large number / repetition of scripts. Eliminating these shortcomings has a positive effect on data loading.

Content and internal optimization.

Search engine optimization of sites on Google will lead nowhere if you do not devote time to content. Due to the rapid development of online business, the requirements for the quality of content are growing. The texts should be not only unique, but also relevant to the request, revealing the topic so that the visitor does not have any questions after reading it.

Writing texts and observing the frequency of using keys — not the only rule. They should be readable, expert, and most importantly — unique. It is important that the texts are easily perceived by the user, contain answers to his main questions. The better the uniqueness indicator, the higher its value for potential audience and search robots. The text should be structured: with headings, lists — it helps readers to better navigate the content. In this case, it will bring more returns. Expertly reviewed texts will help you become an opinion leader for your audience.

How to make SEO website promotion of high quality? There are a number of factors that will have a positive effect on internal optimization and help to enter the top:

Content quality and competitor analysis. Useful material can be created based on existing content. The texts should use reliable facts, statistics, key word sets and synonyms. Materials should be structured. When studying content on other sites, you should pay attention to the amount of text content, uniqueness indicator, readability, key density. To increase your position in the search results, the text should be 100-300 characters longer than the content of competitors. Uniqueness — above 90%. Density of morphological forms and phrases — within 3%. LSI copywriting. At the heart of technology — hidden semantic indexing. In such a presentation of materials, the main goal is — convince search engines of the reliability, relevance and usefulness of information. According to the LSI copywriting technique, the relevance of texts is formed not only by keys, but also by synonyms, words that supplement the main keyword or are related to the topic of the article. What matters is the quality of the materials. Relevance does not depend on keywords, but on the content and meaning of the text descriptions. The main requirements for the quality of content are: benefit to the reader, simplicity and clarity of presentation, structuring (headings, subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists), rhythm of presentation, reliability of information, density of keywords without spamming, absence of grammatical, punctuation and other errors. Video content. Vlogs and other video file formats can be used as an addition to the text content of the pages. This format is rapidly gaining popularity. According to studies that were conducted three years ago, video content will account for more than 75% of all traffic from mobile devices in 2022. The number of reviews, interviews, tutorials and webinars will only increase. To promote your site, you can use different types of video content: reviews, webinars, going live on social networks. The Google search engine already has in its arsenal two tools for recognizing and interacting with such files. — Moodstocks and Eyefluence. Improvements in video search engine optimization are expected in the future, so today it is not recommended to neglect this type of content. Microdata. Structured data enhances the ability to promote web resources. Previously, only interesting Title and Description helped to make the user pay attention to the page. Today, micro-markup is used in addition to them. Thanks to it, such elements as the rating of the article with asterisks, the presence of multimedia files next to the Title and Description appear in the snippet. But before introducing micro-markup, you should completely optimize the site, eliminate technical errors. Relinking. It is necessary for ease of use of the site and distribution of the weight of keywords. Increases relevance and speeds up indexing. Re-linking also allows you to improve the structure of the resource.

Interesting, structured content in different formats — one of the most significant elements. But for each page you need to create your own content, it should not be repeated.

Also important is such a parameter as the level of page nesting. It should be taken into account when drawing up the structure of the site. The last page should be at maximum 3-4 nesting levels.

To be out of competition, you need a comprehensive website promotion in Google, and internal optimization — one of the mandatory steps in it.

Semantics — as a factor in successful promotion.

Semantic core — the basis of any site. And it plays a major role in the successful, high-quality promotion of the resource. To compile the semantic core, the Google Ads tool is used. With its help, requests are collected that are necessary for writing content, launching contextual advertising and conducting other marketing campaigns. Sya — the first condition for the successful promotion of a web resource.

When choosing morphological forms, it is necessary to use lexical units that correspond to the topic. The entire set is divided into three categories depending on the frequency of requests during the month: low-frequency (up to 500 times), medium-frequency (up to 2000) and high-frequency (more than 2000).

The second criterion for selecting queries — competition. The higher it is, the more difficult it is to get to the leadership lines of the rating. For low-frequency requests — the lowest competition, but with their help it is easiest to break into the top, on them people most often look for specific information. Such queries allow you to hit exactly the target audience. The highest conversion rate belongs to expressions with 3 or more words. «Long tails» are auxiliary, qualifying words that are used when searching for goods.

Based on two indicators, a promotion strategy is selected. Only after compiling the semantic core can the structure of the site be developed. Requests are distributed according to their purpose, that is, according to the type of pages where they will be placed (main, categories and cards with product descriptions).

Assessment and influence of behavioral factors.

In the process of carrying out a set of works on search promotion, one of the mandatory stages — study behavioral factors. These are:

bounce rate. The number of users who left the site after visiting the home page. The lower the bounce rate, the higher the rating; download and display speed. The article has already discussed how the parameter affects the position of the site. In a highly competitive environment, he — one of the most important; the number of pages that guests have visited during the session. The more time was devoted to studying the site, goods, services, the better. This indicator indicates the information content of the content. If the rating is low, it is necessary to analyze why users leave, and make changes to the content or eliminate technical flaws; cross-browser compatibility. This is convenience and the same (or as close as possible) display of the site in different browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, Chrome.

Search engines keep track of what the user is looking for after they leave the site. When compiling content, it is necessary to rely not only on the SN, but also to provide interesting and comprehensive information. This will allow you to delay the visitor, reduce the bounce rate, and provide an answer to the question asked.

The evaluation of the site usability deserves special attention. A number of indicators must be taken into account in the analysis. First — design. The resource should look modern, be not only exclusive, but also neat. It is important to think over a design that will not slow down the download. The more dynamic elements there are, the slower the site loads. This increases the bounce rate and affects the effectiveness of the promotion. This is especially noticeable on trips, when the user logs in from a mobile: the pages are loaded very slowly, some of the functionality does not work, since it simply cannot load normally. As a result, the page with the resource is closed and the person leaves, and most likely forever.

Second indicator — convenience. Require attention: structure, menu, content, feedback function. The site should be as user-friendly as possible. Otherwise, the chances of a quality promotion are automatically reduced.

Third indicator — presentability. This includes parameters such as the presence of a corporate identity, logos — everything that sets the organization apart from its competitors.

How can you find out more about potential buyers, understand what they are interested in and what does not deserve attention at all? To do this, you can conduct a usability test based on a heatmap (for example, Plerdy). The tool determines the effectiveness, usefulness of the site, as well as how it meets the needs of users. A web resource should quickly provide potential customers with information without requiring unnecessary investment of time and effort.

Usability can be compared to a good salesperson or a bad salesperson. The first will provide the visitor with reliable, complete and specific information, and, thanks to its competence, will find a new buyer. And the bad one will get confused, speak irrelevantly or be completely silent. As a result — the potential customer will go to another salesperson.

Backlinks — authority indicator.

The times when bulk purchases from spam sites were used for promotion are in the past. The Penguin algorithm monitors the origin of sources that lead a potential audience, and does not allow artificially wind up the rating. Link quality is determined by a combination of factors that affect search engine ranking. The following characteristics matter:

age; relevance of materials to the content of the resource; authority of the site (quality of texts and the number of outgoing links).

Sites with good traffic and a constant audience allow you to attract traffic. The best thing «work» links that naturally fit into the text and bring real visitors.

The problem lies not only in the difficult choice of reputable sites, but also in the preparation of the correct anchors. Link building should be done gradually. The rapid increase in such sources is often the reason for the close attention of search robots. It is better to use a few high-quality links than hundreds on questionable resources.

What contributes to getting the site under the sanctions of the search engine? There are several factors: a fast increase in backlinks, artificial anchors of the same type and their unnatural location. Such actions may be mistaken by search engines for spam. As a result, the site will lose its position or be completely excluded from the search results.

To build up the link mass, it is recommended to use sources and sites that do not participate in exchanges. The growth rates of positions depend on the region of promotion, product category. Some sites may take 5-6 months to reach the top three, others — to get the coveted place in «ten», will have to spend about a year.

The role of local search.

The search engine algorithm allows you to generate search results based on the user’s location. After entering the request, the visitor receives the sites of stores or companies that are located as close to him as possible. This is important for organizations and businesses doing offline activities. Local search allows you to use your smartphone or other device as a pocket guide.

If you are planning to promote your site on Google, use the tools of this system for customization. Register a company in «My business», fix the coordinates in «Maps»… To improve the promotion of your local site, it is recommended:

Indicate all information about the organization (name, physical address, phone number, Email, list of services, work schedule). Add high quality photos that will present the company from the best side. Use video — they will help increase the engagement of potential buyers. Choose the right category. This will help the analysis of competitors. According to the results obtained, you can customize your data. Using keywords in the description, but without overspam. This will increase the relevance of the company to thematic user queries. Active work on the mass of links. It is important to take into account the quality, thematicity, authority of the sites, register in local catalogs and monitor the compliance of the information in them. Encourage buyers to leave reviews on your or third-party sites. Positive comments will help search robots to pay attention to the resource and change positions in the SERP. Enter a section with questions and answers, keep feedback from customers. Respond to positive and negative reviews — do not disregard any response, let customers see that you are interested in providing a comfortable environment for cooperation.

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign is determined by the CTR metric. Watch for changes to this parameter when adding new information.

When optimizing a local site internally, you need to set up Title, Description, URL, and include in them the name of the region in which the organization’s activities are carried out. H1-H2 tags inform users about the services provided in a specific area. Micro-markup is of particular importance. This data is synchronized with the search engine, which has a positive effect on positions in the SERP.

Local SEO — an obligatory stage for everyone whose business is focused on an audience in a particular region. This tool is only gaining popularity in 2022 and allows you to increase the number of sales or the number of customers.

Website optimization for voice search.

According to American studies, 41% of adults and 55% of adolescents use voice search functions. In 2022, over 50% of searches are made without using a character set. And optimization of a web resource for voice search is becoming more and more important.

One of its advantages is speed. In the shortest possible time, the user can clearly formulate his request and receive an accurate answer from the search engine. There are no prompts in voice search. The user builds a question or phrase at his own discretion. If your mobile device has the «Location», you do not need to specify the city or region. The search engine provides results based on location.

There are a number of rules to consider when optimizing your site for voice search. First — provide users with the ability to search for answers to their questions. You should use more than just keys in your headings and subheadings. It is necessary to supplement them with interrogative: «How?», «When?», «What for?», «Why?» etc. It is important to structure the information. Materials about contacts, prices, services, address must be submitted in full.

It is not recommended to use business or artistic presentation in the content. No one is looking for goods or services with such expressions. Preference is given by request «long tail»…

In the case of text queries, it is enough to get into the top 10 in the search results. The user can scroll through the presented offers, study the range and terms of cooperation with different companies. But as for voice search, in this case, you need to strive for the first position. It is this option that suits the user in most cases.

HTTPS — a must-have SEO element in 2022.

What is HTTPS? And what is its advantage? The analogue of the HTTP protocol is distinguished by its reliability. It contains encryption that protects personal data from intruders. When filling out a form with confidential information (login, password, card number, etc.), users can be sure that it is reliably protected.

How it works? The entered personal data is packed in SSL or TLS cryptographic protocols. They provide authentication and data protection, as well as exclude the possibility of violation of their integrity.

Installing HTTPS has a positive effect on the optimization process as well. By using this protocol, the Google search engine understands that you care about your users and protect their personal data. She herself begins to help you in promotion, treats the site more loyally and raises the resource to high lines in the search results. According to checks and tests, sites with HTTPS will be in the top for different key groups. Key advantages of the protocol:

the ability to securely store data; loyalty on the part of search robots in relation to the web resource; the accuracy of traffic statistics.

Why are some site owners refusing to switch to HTTPS? First reason — price. The cost of an SSL certificate can be over 10 thousand per year. This parameter varies depending on the level and number of domains used. Free certificates can also be used. But the level of their protection is weaker.

The second reason — decrease in organic traffic. The search engine indexes the transition to the new protocol. If you reach high positions in the ranking, you can lose them. But after 1-3 weeks, the site will return to its place again. It may even rise to higher ranks, which will increase the effectiveness of comprehensive promotion.

Changing the protocol requires the intervention of a specialist who knows all the intricacies of this process. Only he can do this work efficiently in order to improve positions and the effectiveness of further promotion.

Self-promotion of the site in Google.

Experts who are fluent in the art of Internet marketing know how to bring a resource to the top, choose a promotion strategy for it, what tools to use to attract a potential audience. But each service has its own price, and sometimes not small. Therefore, many online business owners resort to self-promotion of their site.

One of the most effective ways to make yourself known, to attract the attention of potential buyers to your products or services, — advertising. It can be paid or free. The most budgetary option — placement of advertisements on message boards. You can also host social media groups. Another option — write articles with a link to your site and post them on blogs.

Paid contextual advertising is characterized by a high indicator of efficiency. But the most lasting result is provided by SEO promotion. Investments in this set of activities will result in an increase in traffic. A position in the top 10 will allow you to bring new buyers and customers to the site, increase the number of applications, calls, sales, and as a result — and the profitability of online businesses.

To do everything correctly and quickly, you can use the services of professionals. But in order to save money, many resort to self-promotion. And the first thing you need to be prepared for — this time. You will have to spend more than one month on mastering skills, studying different nuances of this process. There is also a risk that even after carrying out all the manipulations, you will not get the expected result. Self-promotion — this time, constant learning and patience tripled.

The first thing to start with optimization is — choose a promotion strategy based on the semantic core. It is better to use low-frequency queries for this. Despite their rare use, they bring potential buyers to the site who know what they want.

It is important for search robots that the site has a sufficient amount of content. For each section, you need to write a text that is unique, informative and interesting, with keywords. To fill the site with content, you can use the services of a copywriter or open your creativity. But be prepared to spend a lot of time on it. The amount of work depends on the number of goods or services. And please note that not every text, even one filled with keywords, is suitable for further promotion. It’s better to give it to SEO copywriters after all.

In addition to content and a well-thought-out structure, it is important that the site does not have unnecessary pages and technical errors. Google Search Console will show you exactly what search engine spiders dislike. To get rid of errors, you can involve specialists who will conduct a technical audit and eliminate the shortcomings.

But if you value your time and want to be sure of the effectiveness of the promotion, it is better to immediately entrust the optimization of the site to professionals. Investments in this service will bring the web resource to the desired positions. — to the top of search results.

Google Promotion Tools.

Google — it is more than a search engine. It is a set of tools that help you promote your online business. The system has everything you need to analyze, edit and conduct marketing activities. What tools help in promotion? We offer you to familiarize yourself with three unique services.

Google Analytics.

We have already noted the importance of the usability properties of a web resource. And to audit this parameter, you can use the Google Analytics tool. It tracks traffic and checks statistics about visitors. It allows you to evaluate which content is better. «comes in» users. Based on the audit carried out, it is easier to develop a publication strategy. The tool analyzes the actions of users, the time they spend on the site, collects statistics of sales and conversions. All data is noted in charts and reports, which track the effectiveness of the promotion. This web analytics application answers many questions related to conversion improvement.

Google Search Console.

Without this panel, the effectiveness of the promotion can be reduced to zero. The tool allows you to improve the page indexing process, eliminate errors and shortcomings, check the visibility of the domain in the search results.

What functions does the service perform:

analyzes requests, external and internal links; checks indexing; looks for errors on the site; optimizes a number of indicators; scans pages for availability to search engines for verification.

This web assistant evaluates the site’s ranking. When using the tool, the Google search engine itself, which puts forward high requirements for resources and content, helps to achieve higher positions, bring the site to the top.

Google My Business.

The free service, as mentioned earlier, supports local SEO. The tool informs users about the company, opening hours, promotions, offered assortment. This is a mandatory stage of promotion for small or medium-sized businesses that do not have their own website. But it can also be used in optimization, if the enterprise implements activities offline. Setting up a business card supports the local promotion process and improves the company’s visibility in the local market.

SEO trends 2022: conclusions.

In general, the promotion is based on an old, proven foundation. But search engines are putting forward new requirements to stay ahead of competitors in the online business.

Which SEO trends remain or are gaining relevance this year:

optimization of a web resource for mobile devices. This needs to be paid attention first of all; internal optimization and unique, informative content. The better the content, the more chances you have to bypass competitors and take leading positions in the search results; semantic core. Updating queries and keys will provide an edge over those who haven’t done it for a long time; assessment of the significance of behavioral factors. To reach the top, they need to be taken into account and the resource must be adapted to the requirements and for the convenience of users; gradual build-up of the link mass and placement of materials on reputable sites. Otherwise, the close attention of search robots and the loss of positions are guaranteed; local search. Actively gaining popularity and helping in promotion; optimization for voice search. A trend that will increasingly be used by emerging companies in the near future to stay ahead of the competition; the transition to the HTTPS protocol in order to protect customer data and ensure the loyalty of search robots to the site.

SEO — a multi-stage process that must be entrusted to specialists. Yes, many of the nuances of promotion remain unchanged, but search engines often change ranking factors and release new algorithms. Track these changes – one of the most important areas of work, and one, without special skills, to cope with this task — impossible.


What are the SEO website promotion trends in Google 2022?

The most important search engine optimization trends for 2022:

optimization of a web resource for mobile; quality content and credibility of authors; updating semantics will provide an advantage over those who have not done this for a long time; the growing importance of behavioral factors (pay attention to UX); local search is actively gaining popularity and helps in promotion; optimization for voice search; transition to HTTPS protocol to protect client data.

What affects the term of website promotion?

The speed of promotion in Google depends on the following factors:

site age – the younger the site, the longer it takes; level of competition – in highly competitive niches, it takes more time to get to the TOP for RF queries; monthly budget – the amount of work performed depends on this; technical condition of the site and the level of optimization at the time of the start of work; the size of the Internet resource; the presence of sanctions from the search engine.

How much does it cost to promote a website on Google?

The cost of promotion is determined individually, depending on the characteristics of the site and niche. It is influenced by the volume and complexity of internal optimization work, as well as niche prices for content creation and placement of backlinks. To find out during the day how much it will cost to promote your project, contact us by phone or through the feedback form.

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