How to promote a website on Google for free and quickly.

We are often asked questions: how to promote a site in Google, how to promote a site independently and for free. we decided to share our experience. When a user searches on Google how to promote a site. he is interested in free and self-promotion. Therefore, this article will discuss how to promote a site for free.

In order to promote your site, you will need: a modern site, a semantic core and articles. All the instructions below will allow you to promote and promote your site to the TOP of Google for free.

Promotion means the growth of a site’s position in Google search results for certain keywords. First, you need to compose a semantic core (read the article selection of keywords).

Semantic core.

For convenience, open a file with keywords in one window, in another window — promoted site.

In the file with the semantic core, select the lightest group of keywords and skim through the relevant page of the site. Most likely, your site is not about the right words, but about commerce. This needs to be fixed.

In some cases, you have to redo the entire structure of the site, the tree of categories and menus, as well as start writing news and blogging.

The secret of success is how to promote and promote a website — to make the site useful to users. In order to properly promote your site for simple keywords, you need to make a separate page of the site and write on it an interesting text about a group of keywords.

After you have done this, wait two weeks and check the position of the site. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Since you want to promote your site for free, you will have to do all the work yourself and devote time to it.

Be prepared to write feature articles 2-3 times a week. Start by writing about a simple group of keywords.

Promote your site for free.

Advertising costs a lot of money, but there is always a choice: print, TV, radio, Bigboards, etc. The same goes for Internet advertising. There are many options to promote your products: website promotion in the top Google, Google AdWords. contextual advertising, advertising on forums, social networks, announcements on boards. Advertising can be either paid or free…

By contacting a company that is interested in long-term cooperation, they will always tell you where to save money and how to advertise yourself better. Up to the development of entire concepts. Actually what we are doing.

Where and how to promote?

The easiest and cheapest way – it is advertising on message boards. By regularly placing ads (at least once a week), you can advertise yourself absolutely free. You can order a service from us – placing advertisements on message boards, you will save time and costs are not worth it. You can also independently advertise yourself on thematic forums, creating topics for discussion. If you have the time, then there is an opportunity to save a couple of hundred hryvnias. You can also create groups on social networks. The main thing is to organize everything competently in order to interest the public. Thus, you will be able to increase the number of visitors to your site. Our company is ready to do it all for you – promotion in social networks and forums. You can also write articles and post them on the site with a link to your site. If you don’t have time, our copywriters can do it for you. Paid advertising on websites has never been a cheap pleasure. But as a form of advertising – one of the most effective. By placing your banner on thematic popular sites, it is your potential customers who will know about you. But it is completely free to not be able to advertise yourself in the promotion of the site itself. We’ll have to form a budget. You can advertise yourself cheaply in contextual advertising and Google AdWords. You can do this both yourself and by ordering a service. – promotion in Google AdWords or contextual advertising. This is where you pay for your leads. You don’t pay a monthly promotion fee.

Your site will begin to spin up for free in search engines in 2 weeks using simple words.

Content writing.

After website creation. it’s time to start filling it. The content of the site can be any information: text, photos, videos, emoticons, etc. Depending on the topic of the site itself, a choice is made where to get information for it. If this is, for example, a forum, then you should not expect that it will be filled mainly by visitors.

After all, attract them to this forum – not an easy paramount task, but here the main thing – the right choice of content source. And if the site is devoted to the intricacies of technical progress, then one chapter is certainly not enough.

Write original content – it is not only a desire to stand out among their own kind, but also an important task to promote the site. The more creativity is put into the text, the more unique it is, the more chances of being «approved» Google. Google does not tolerate plagiarism!

A site with copied text from another resource (copy-paste), in the index of search engines will not live long and will be banned or filtered. And sometimes it is impossible to fix it. Not to mention copyright infringement and its consequences.

So what do you do? How to fill the site with content?

There are several options:

Order copyright writing (unique text) from professionals (that is, from us). Entrust such a responsible work to a group of people who will write for you 100% unique text (this can be checked programmatically), which will be most suitable for SEO conditions, as well as have psychological techniques. That is, it will talk about exactly what your customers want to hear. What exactly needs to be emphasized and will make your weaknesses your merits. Connect all your creativity, allocate a lot of time and write articles yourself. Money-saving, but not time-saving. Yes, and only SEO copywriters can write an ideal article for website promotion, use all the keywords. As a result, you will get a self-written, beautiful text, but not practical for website promotion. Rewrite – find an article you are interested in and rewrite it in your own words. This will produce the original text, but not the original content. But as an option, it will do… Buy an article on the exchange. In this, however, there are more minuses than pluses.

In conclusion of the above, we would like to draw your attention to the updating of information on your site. Which is an equally important aspect of his life. The more often articles and various texts are submitted, the faster your site will take a stable, solid and well-deserved position in the TOP-10. What we wish you!

So, from this article you learned how to promote, promote your site on Google for free.

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