How to promote a website on Google in 2022.

Website promotion is promotion through a search engine. The main search engines are Google and Yandex. Each is actively used by SEO optimizers, but trends and algorithms.

In Belarus, more than half of users prefer Google as a search engine. The main users visiting the sites do not come to the target action, but the task of the SEO professional is to bring the reader to the target action.

It is much easier to get to the top in Google than in Yandex. The downside is that it is much more difficult to hold a position than in an analogue of this search program. There are also much more competitors than in Yandex. It is important for the employee to constantly monitor statistics.

Changes in the system.

In 2022, Google’s promotion will also undergo changes. The changes are associated, as usual, with adjustments to settings and algorithms, as well as trends, a change in the approach to marketing and the specifics of advertising in 2020.

In 2020, the task for marketers, advertising agents, SEO-optimizers has become more difficult. Most companies, structures and services have switched to remote interaction with customers. Advertising and promotion has also become exclusively on the Internet. More competitive brands have appeared on the search pages.

The task of the SEO worker is to closely monitor new items, changes and new sections in the setup. Then the site will constantly develop and be on the first lines of Google search engine. For 2020-2022, mobility and speed are relevant.

Young sites are more likely to start promoting with the help of contextual or banner advertising through Google. Contextual advertising is economical and suitable for attracting users to targeted action.

An SEO employee is obliged to constantly monitor updates, changes in algorithms. Those who want to develop their business, be sure to promote the project through the site. Since many are more often at home, the best way to learn about a business is through online advertising.

Relevance of tasks.

Mobility is relevant to advancement in 2022. Mobile versions of websites are much more attention grabbing because smartphones have replaced other gadgets. A well-thought-out mobile version of the site attracts customers. Google’s system is designed in such a way that the mobile versions of the site are promoted much faster than the desktop versions.

The mobile version also needs a separate study. The trend is that it is better to do the technical part of the site with an emphasis on mobile convenience. Some professionals are wary of this trend, because they are used to sites with a full computer version.

Ranking is the sorting of sites in the SERP. Google has developed, according to some CEOs, about 200 ranking factors. There are 3 main criteria for promoting a search engine:

Content filling Additional links Google ranking system.

Among the 200 factors, there are several key ones. Is the content of the site important? Determine which sites come out in the first 3 positions and examine the content of the sites. If the site is large, as a rule, there is a large number of requests in the text. Smaller articles – fewer requests. This is the key to adequate promotion.

Try not to use keywords in the title of the text. It is much more practical when the key request is at the beginning of the text. The key variant in the name is practically not read by the system.

The bounce rate is an indicator that shows how many people went to the site, but viewed only one page of the site and did not visit it again. The higher the indicator, the lower the site’s position in the ranking.

In order to reduce the bounce rate, write the most relevant content and the development of the technical part of the site. Usually the problem is not obvious, such as low load. Be sure to do analytics before launching ads and consider every aspect of the site in detail.

Another part of Google’s system is the SERP. This is a position that refers to quick and concise information in the search results. On the site, this can be a heading, a short text, a definition, and so on.

Zero position promotes the site and increases conversion. For this position, write briefly and concisely. Write in a structured way, insert numbering or bullets. Answers to specific questions also work.

Some things work much more efficiently in the mobile version than in the desktop version. For example, content hiding works in the mobile version, while hiding was carefully avoided in the PC version.

How to drive traffic.

C EO professionals are familiar with driving organic traffic. But how to do it competently in 2022? Brand traffic used to be attracted by visual displays of products or services. Now the time has changed somewhat and the mass collection is difficult to access, which means that the shows are only in online format.

Several promotion options are available to attract users and future customers:

Search direction using subject and region settings. In the settings, the main keys, brand and location are indicated. The downside is that other regions will not see such ads. The option is quick and convenient. Attraction by placing a vacancy in the company. People looking for a position will start looking for a company and enter the name into a search engine. Thus, it is possible to get not only new employees, but also customers, since due to the customization, brand advertising will appear on the user’s smartphone or computer. Direct use of Google Display Network. Nobody canceled the working side of contextual advertising. Content and website content promotion is much more important than any additional advertising.

For new companies, the most suitable option is to attract through vacancies. Someone finds a job, someone recognizes a new brand and takes targeted actions on the site. With the help of frequent brand introduction, the search engine remembers the name and displays the company in the form of customized advertising.

In order to post a vacancy, think over a small but clear description of the company, advantages, perspective. Also insert additional links to go to the site and learn more about the product or service.

Share your business everywhere: on social networks, on the YouTube platform, through other sites. In the context of vacancies, these are usually applications or sites with available vacancies in a region or country, as well as remote specialties and international projects. Pay attention to the fact that the company is young and starts a journey by learning from the mistakes of existing companies.

Classic SEO techniques are available and will be available. The principle of buying links has been working for a very long time. Some SEOs forget about links, practically do not think about purchased links. Technical content is also important, but external interaction brings a lot more along with the technical part.

Links are selected taking into account the content. The main thing is that the link is inserted adequately and does not arouse suspicion among users. Pay due attention to the text of the article, which will further contain the link.

With every goth, the competition increases in the search engine. Also, the algorithms of the Google search program are constantly changing, which significantly complicates the work of SEO optimizers. In spite of the changes and updates, in addition to the new, the current classic requirements.

The text is interesting, unrepeatable by anyone, actual for the user and attracting to the target action. The site is technically sound and works quickly. The design is laconic, and the content of the site is simple and straightforward.

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