How to promote a website on Google?

The question of how to promote the site was asked, probably, by every owner of an Internet resource.

Before starting to consider methods and tools for website promotion, I would like to remind you that website promotion # 8211; this is primarily the use of an individual approach and a constant search for unique promotion methods. Search engines tirelessly produce changes in their search algorithms, which are increasingly focused on the uniqueness of the site content, usability, reviews and comments of the site’s customers every day.

To stand out among millions of sites and get the desired result in promotion, you need, first of all, to pay attention to the design of the site: the site must be bright, recognizable, but at the same time simple and trustworthy. How users behave on your site, how and what they are looking for on it, how much time they spend, what goods and services they prefer, your search results depend. Today, the “human factor” in site promotion, in fact, plays a key role, because search engines look for sites that were created to make people’s lives easier.

If you promote the site with all your heart, it will certainly achieve the expected result! This is how we work with your sites. # 8211; put our soul into them

As the owner of the site, you, like no one else, are interested in promoting the site and being the first! We warn you that self-promotion of the site may be fraught with the site getting under the filters of search engines, which will lead to the fact that the site will disappear from the search results of Google or Yandex. Removing the site from the filters is then a very long and difficult process, it sometimes happens that it is impossible to do it at all and you will need to change the domain name of the site and start all promotion from scratch, removing the “black” methods that led to getting into the BAN!

If you nevertheless decide to engage in self-promotion of the site, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of time, effort and money on promotion and it is good if you achieve the desired result. Do not forget that not one person is engaged in website promotion in an Internet agency, but a team of professionals who constantly monitor all changes in search engines and immediately apply them on working projects. How to promote a site and get into the TOP of the Google search engine is probably the main question that those who want to promote their own site in Ukraine ask themselves. To be precise, site promotion will take you 3-4 months of daily scrupulous work on the project. The time of website promotion depends on many factors: the competition of the environment of the website being promoted, the lifetime of the domain name, the correctness and popularity of the selected key queries, the correct presentation of the content, the correct construction of the promotion strategy.

To promote your site in search engines, you need to use the correct order of implementation of a set of measures for promotion, constantly improving the tools.

How to stand out among the “gray” mass of sites and attract attention?

The answer is simple – always be one step ahead of your competitors! For example, try to offer a bonus to the product or service being sold that your competitors cannot offer to their customers or have not yet had time. Take care of your visitors, don’t let them forget about you.

Do not offer goods and do not advertise those services that you cannot sell or provide, so that your client does not have a negative opinion about you, always try to be loyal and understanding towards your visitors.

How to start website promotion?

How to promote a website using internal optimization?

Website promotion should be started first of all with internal page optimization. Before your site is indexed by search robots and gets into search results, you need to prepare it. There is a proverb: “As you name a ship, so it will float.” The same is the case in internal optimization: how you optimize a site, how it will be crawled by search robots, so will the site’s promotion.

Having made the decision to independently start website promotion, you must put a unique (!) Text on all pages of your resource, and for this you will need skills and knowledge of internal website optimization. Copy-paste, or easier – copying material from other Internet resources – not only will not give your site a positive result in search results, but will also do a disservice: your site will become a free advertising platform for sites from which you copy information and is unlikely to become popular with internet users. First of all, you must understand that search engines give preference to sites with unique content that cannot be found on other sites.

How to do internal optimization, where to start?

First, you need to pay attention to what meta tags you have (Keywords, Title, Description). Try to write articles yourself, without the help of books or the Internet, guided by your knowledge and personal experience. In this case, the uniqueness of the text will be 100%, which will lead you to success. The content should be updated every day, the ideal scheme for updating the content is 1-2 articles per day or from 5 articles per week.

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