How to promote a website? – site promotion in Yandex and Google.

Today it is impossible to build a business without promotion. This is due to the high competition in the market. Within the Internet, search engines decide everything. Search engines are the main source of traffic, especially for new sites. Therefore, when promoting the site, we must focus on the search engine, the specifics of its work. There is a lot of competition on the Internet. The good news is that we can track the competitiveness of every page on our site, but competitors also do this. The privilege of the Internet is that we can do everything many times faster than in real life. In addition, some automation of their work is possible. This applies to website promotion and optimization as well. The answer to the question of how to promote a website in Yandex and Google is this article.

What’s the difference between website optimization and website promotion?

Many do not understand what is the difference between «website promotion» and «website optimization»… You should be aware that the scope of misunderstanding is so wide that these words have become almost synonymous. Let’s clarify their original meaning.

Optimization – this is a complex of internal technical work on the site. These works include:

creation of high-quality content website design development website programming (its interactivity, functionality, loading speed, etc.)

Promotion – it is a complex of marketing works. The promotion includes:

Buying links Formation of PR. Email marketing (messaging) Promotion in social networks.

In other words, promotion – that’s all about external work. This is identical to the promotion of a business in real life.

Concepts «advancing» and «optimization» became so blurred that they became synonymous. Instead, an internal and external prefix is ​​used. You may hear about internal and external optimization, they are different actions.

You must understand: it does not matter what the action is called, it is important how you do it. In our article we will say «optimization»… You need to understand that internal and external optimization are closely related. If you need to promote a product page, you must implement internal linking + buy links from other sites.

Search engine optimization of sites.

When optimizing the site for the Russian region, we will focus on Yandex and Google. These are the most common search engines for the Russian contingent. The search robot evaluates the quality of each page on your site, in other words – it’s relevance. The higher the relevance of a particular page, the higher in search results it will be. Relevance is assessed by the following factors:

Key phrase frequency – how often key phrases appear in the context of your page. For example, if this page is optimized for a query: «Website optimization», then this phrase should occur with a frequency of 4-10% of the number of all words. Naturalness of content – it is an indicator of the authenticity of the text. The search robot is able to determine the automatically generated text, from the natural one. In addition, all key phrases should not be in the same case. For example, it should be like this: «Website optimization», «Website optimization», «Optimized for sites»… A balance is needed between naturalness and text for a search engine crawler. Number of internal links to this page – it is an indicator that this page is important to your site. The more links to a specific page, the more its relevance will be. The number of links from other sites to this page – such links also increase the relevance of your page and site as a whole. It should be remembered that links from other sites should be placed naturally. If the site is visited by 2-10 people a day, there should be no question of links from other sites. Ideally, it should be like this: a person comes in, he likes the resource, he puts a link to your site. In this case, naturalness plays the most significant role. Topics of links – when placing links, no matter internal or from other sites, you must respect their thematicity. Look for the 2-3 most similar pages for the content and try to link them. Behavioral factor – lately has been most important in site optimization, especially for Yandex. In connection with the release of Google Chrome and Yandex bar, search engines can determine human behavior on a particular site. This means that if there is a link, then they must click on it, at least sometimes. If no one clicks on it, this is a minus to relevance. It is the same with the page as a whole, if they leave it immediately, it will have a low relevance accordingly. Therefore, not only PR or links play a role in optimization, but also design, quality content and many other factors. Other – you must understand that everything is changing. Today we know about these site ranking factors. Tomorrow everything can change, new relevance factors can appear or old ones disappear. If your website is of high quality and is truly people-oriented, you have nothing to fear. It will always rank well and get high relevance.

How to promote a website in Yandex?

Yandex loves slowly and regularly developing sites. High-quality and unique content is especially important. When optimizing a site for Yandex, you need to understand that success will depend on how long the visitor stays on your site. That is, the task is not only to get a person to your site, but to stay on it. At the same time, the activity and involvement of the visitor is important.

How to promote a website on Google?

Google is more loyal to the quality of content and its uniqueness. The involvement and activity of a person on the page is less important. Linking plays a key role in the promotion of a site for Google. The most profitable linking scheme for Google, read the article: internal linking. Also, Google loves large texts on the page, up to 10,000 characters. For Yandex, it is not necessary to write such texts, 3000-5000 characters are enough.

Golden mean.

In website promotion, you need to find the golden mean. This approach will allow us to please two systems at the same time. Let’s highlight the key points of the golden mean of website optimization step by step:

The structure of the site should be as simple and easy to navigate as possible. Nice design that will not scare away visitors. Each page must have unique text between 3000 and 6000 characters. The text of each page should be supplemented as much as possible with pictures, diagrams, graphs, videos and other useful materials. Pages should be free of grammatical errors. Internal link power should be directed to the pages being promoted. Natural growth of the link mass from other sites. You should regularly buy links to your site. But there is no need to rush. You don’t have to buy, it’s just the most profitable and convenient. Install Yandex Metrica + Webvisor for a detailed analysis of the behavioral factor. Your site should be updated at least once a week. It is advisable to update every page. To do this, you can connect a comment system, or come up with some other trick. It gives activity and liveliness to your site, which is a plus in ranking.

This list can be supplemented. We are sure that you have much more ideas on how to make a website of high quality, interesting and useful. Constantly analyze and act in the direction of the development of your site, this will be the key point in its optimization.

In this section of the site, you can find videos, articles, books, software and other materials related to the issue "How to promote a website?"… We hope you will find new ideas and promotion methods on our website. Also, we expect reciprocity from you and active participation in discussions.

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