How to promote a website yourself: a promotion plan.

Do you need search engine promotion? This is a rhetorical question, the answer to which is obvious. For the average webmaster, search traffic is the main source of visitors to the site. For a business owner, this is the cheapest source of customers. Almost any site can be promoted in search engines, if there is knowledge and desire. Let’s talk about what knowledge you need and what constitutes the basis of search engine promotion.

Basic principles of work.

The job of search engines is to bring visitors to sites that respond to their queries. The relevance of a page (its relevance) to a search query is determined by algorithms that take into account many different factors. These factors can be divided into three large groups, which I will discuss in more detail. These are the basics of website promotion and must be understood.

It is important to note that all factors can be influenced. Some are easier to influence, some are more difficult, but ultimately, positions in search results depend, for the most part, on the actions of the optimizer.


Content – the content of the page, which gives the answer to the user’s search query. Content is understood as text, video, audio, images. Content is the foundation on which the search engine optimization of the site is based. Can a website with bad content be promoted? You can, but it will be much more expensive than if you immediately spend money on quality content.

For the search engine, the relevance of the content is important, which is determined by the content of the page. This includes:

Title; Metadata; Text, images, video and other data.

They should be optimized for the keywords being promoted.


Links help search engines determine the value of a page. They are divided into internal and external. The influence of external links is gradually decreasing, the requirements for their quality are becoming more stringent, but they still have a very large impact on positions. Internal links can also affect your SERP rankings, and they are free, so you should pay special attention to them.

A link to search engine algorithms is a signal that a page is useful once it is being linked to. But the signal must be of high quality and natural, otherwise it may not be taken into account or even punish the site with a filter (Yandex and Google have it). They can be punished not only for external links, but also for internal ones, if very gross mistakes are made. In the section on link promotion and internal linking, there is more detailed information about this factor.

Behavioral factors.

Behavioral factors include a variety of parameters, almost all of which can be measured. You can measure:

The time the user spent on the site; Number of pages viewed; Bounce rate and a number of other parameters.

You cannot measure the number of users who returned to search, only the search engines themselves know this. If you are going to promote the site, then you cannot ignore the behavioral factors. After all, it is the user’s behavior that most accurately signals the search engine whether its algorithms have correctly determined the relevance of the page.

Where to start website promotion?

The stages of promotion of almost every site coincide (there are exceptions, but we will not talk about them). The only difference lies in the details, which are often individual and depend on the type of project. There are five stages in total.

Collecting the semantic core.

The semantic core is a set of words and key phrases that characterize the site, and potential visitors from search engines will find the resource by them. Promotion begins with the collection of CY, because it helps to immediately identify the highest-frequency requests, prioritize and develop the structure of the site. This is the basis, which today can only be dispensed with in exceptional cases.

Since this is the first stage, mistakes can be fraught with the fact that all further stages of promotion will lose their effectiveness. If you missed a few key phrases that are not of paramount importance, then this is one thing, and if, due to negligence in collecting keywords, you created the wrong site structure, then this is completely different.

Filling content.

Quality content is the key to success. At this stage, they often try to save money, but this is completely in vain. You should understand that saving on content can make all the other stages of promotion more expensive (you will need to spend more budget on links, deteriorate behavioral factors, etc.).

Terms of reference for writing materials for the site is drawn up on the basis of the semantic core. Every page you promote should answer a user’s question (don’t forget about PF!). The text should be unique not only from a technical point of view, but also from a semantic point of view. Yes, this is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to products, etc., but usually there are always options, you just need to think.

Internal optimization.

An extremely important point, which, like content, can have a decisive impact on website promotion. If we discard the work with content (metadata, headings, article design, etc.), then it remains:

Work on usability and navigation; Optimization of website loading speed, code and other technical points important for SEO; Internal linking; Work on the structure of the site.

If necessary, other work is carried out, for example, adding micro-markup. Everything is important here, with the help of some points, you can directly influence the position in the search results for a number of queries. The rest affects the overall perception of the site by users and search engines.

External links.

This stage begins no earlier than the first three have finished. It is clear that before the first two stages of the link are completed, it will not be possible to buy for sure, but why can’t you buy them before internal optimization? Yes, just for economic reasons. I noted above that if the site itself is bad, external link promotion can be very expensive. And today it is also insecure if you need a lot of links. Also, suspicious external links can harm the new site, so at first (2-3 months) it is better to work on internal factors.

In addition, you still need to first exhaust and bring to mind all the internal methods of website promotion, and only then proceed to the purchase of external links. After all, it is quite possible that for some requests links will not be required at all, why buy them?

Buying or getting links for free belongs to external optimization, which can also include working with social networks and crowd marketing.

Analysis and improvement of behavioral factors.

This stage is the last and it is continuous for a good optimizer. I have the following articles about behavioral factors:

; Improving PF; What makes PF worse.

They explain everything in great detail. Here I will just note that you cannot ignore this stage in website promotion.

Other methods of driving traffic to the site.

Website promotion in search engines is not only a laborious process, but also a long one. If traffic is required quickly, then alternative methods of attracting visitors are used. Let’s consider the main ones.

Contextual advertising.

An expensive but fast and efficient way. It’s not all that simple, you need to be able to set up advertising campaigns to optimize the ratio of costs to attract one visitor. Usually, commercial sites and online stores use contextual advertising, informational ones very rarely resort to such an opportunity, since their income per visitor rarely exceeds the cost of attracting him in this way.

The main and most popular networks of contextual advertising are Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords. Today they are out of competition.

Social networks.

On social networks, you can post advertising posts in communities, leave links in the comments, launch targeted advertising campaigns, see all about this in the appropriate section of the site about SMM.

Plus social networks in their huge audience and great opportunities. If you search and think very well, then attracting visitors to your site can be cheaper than using contextual advertising.


Instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram have been the trend in recent years. Webmasters create chats in them (similar to groups on social networks) and publish actual information in them in real time. For some niches, this is very convenient, because the user does not need to go into the browser and monitor the appearance of new information, and he immediately receives a notification in his smartphone when it appears.

Also, some people use mass mailings in the same messengers, but this method is practically no different from sms spam, therefore, it is not something remarkable.

Teasers, clickanders and more.

To be honest, I have no experience in this area, so I can only rely on third-party sources of information. Therefore, I can describe all these methods with the word “potentially”. After all, potentially, in comparison with other methods, they can be:

Cheaper; More efficient.

But they are not suitable for all sites, but there is such a channel for attracting traffic and you should not forget about it. The traffic will not be of high quality, but it will be relatively cheap.


There are so many ways to promote that you have to make an effort to select the right tools for specific tasks. This resource will try to help you with this!

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