How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch? 16 life hacks to promote YouTube.

This headline that you just read, this is an example of a hook, a hook, or else it is called a hook – this is a phrase said from the first second of the video and which steals and grabs the viewer’s attention. This super mega ultra is extremely important, because the first seconds are more important than ever, because most people just drop by to just check out your video, whether they will be interested or not, and if from the first few phrases they do not understand what awaits them next, they leave the video, because there is no time, and on YouTube besides you there are still a lot of other bloggers! Therefore, 70% of viewers do not even live up to 30 seconds. But this phrase, it will suck them with fucking, because there is a reason!

Damn it, this is why it is extremely important to grab the viewer’s attention in the first 30 seconds! If you don’t, you’re a loser!

That is why in this article, which you are reading now, I put such a heading and the first paragraph, and now my article, like a mad vacuum cleaner, sucks all the traffic from the search! because it works not only on video, but also on text. And since 90% of bloggers on YouTube are some kind of shit who don’t know this, that’s why they have a catastrophic share of viewers leaving the video in the first seconds! Therefore, well-trained youtubers make a HOOK – they insert the most interesting cuts, for example, like Yuri Dud. However, many make bad hooks, they twist the fun into the hook. – BUT!

– This is a shameful mistake EPT!

Because you revealed all the cards at once, you showed everything interesting at once, and therefore there is no reason to look further!

In fact, you have to do it differently! You need to choose those moments that create even more questions! It is necessary that the viewer generally a * ue from curiosity. Take a look again at the headline “Without knowing this thing, you’ll be a YouTube disgrace! “- do you feel how intriguing he is? Because he teases, he doesn’t seem to say anything new, but he intrigues, creates a wild feeling of curiosity! That’s how it is!

You won’t believe your ears, but it turns out that you can even improve the hook on old videos! Now YouTube has a built-in editor, this gives us the opportunity to cheat, cheat YouTube, take and cut out an unsuccessful start, where people usually greet for a super tedious three hours, tell what they are going to tell, and how they are going to get together, and so on. In short, we throw all this muddy into the trash can, so that the video, like a Tarantino film, abruptly puts the viewer right at the epicenter of events. Experience shows that after such manipulation, the retention of attention on the video jumps up sharply, and YouTube notices this, gets overexcited and starts poking your video wherever possible, and as a result, you grab millions of views from scratch. That’s how it is!

✔️ “4 easy steps to make a video in a million”

How to promote a channel on YouTube?

Forget everything you knew about YouTube channel promotion. This article will not contain the next 33 banal advice, such as – put a call to action, run contests, create playlists and make a beautiful header.

You already know all this # 8230;

There is a lot of information on the Internet about this # 8230;

There are many opinions on how to promote a YouTube channel from scratch and for free. But, here I will give my view of the promotion. You can disagree with him.

There is no better time than now to learn how to promote a YouTube channel.

Why now?

Every third person on the planet sits on YouTube. Youtube recently surpassed Facebook as the second most visited site on the web.

YouTube is the second most visited website on the Internet, with over 1.9 billion monthly visits.

Some companies spend a lot on advertising because they have promoted their name through YouTube.


Back in 2012, YouTube promoted videos that received more clicks. YouTube now counts watch time as well.

But this does not mean that now you only need to create long videos.

YouTube does not take into account the actual time, but the ratio of the time taken to the total length of the video.

The total number of views still affects the promotion, but not so much. Its influence is now blurred by other factors.

In my opinion, of all the ranking factors on YouTube, engagement rate is the most important right now. If the viewer watches the video to the end, then for YouTube algorithms this will be a good signal and YouTube itself will begin to promote this video by the corresponding key request, and show it to people who are potentially interested in this video content.

Have you noticed how recently, many YouTube bloggers, at the beginning of their videos, urge you to watch the video to the end?

Every effort should be made to keep the viewer’s attention. For example, to promise the viewer that he will receive some kind of bonus at the end.

If the viewer subscribes after watching, or looks into the feed of the channel to watch other videos, this will have a positive effect on promotion.

The presentation is important.

Content is king of promotion!

But nothing is more important than how you present information.

The engagement rate is influenced by competent speech, when the viewer is conveyed information in a simple and understandable, spoken language, quickly and not bored. When speech is without water and only in essence.

The most common comment on YouTube:

.. at a speed of 2x it is better to watch ..

Because most YouTubers pour water and talk slowly, and even without intonation. What can be told in a minute, they stretch out for half an hour.

Therefore, serving is extremely important!

And don’t forget to warm up before recording your video. Record some trial versions, and you will be surprised how your speech, voice and diction will get better every time.

If the budget allows, you can order a voiceover for some video formats, as in the dubbing of Hollywood films. For example, on the Kwork exchange, voice acting is not expensive.


It is important to say the most valuable thing at the very beginning, not to delay it to the end. Incredibly, on average, 70% of viewers leave in the first 30 seconds. The viewer in the first seconds decides whether to watch your video or close it.

This will affect engagement, you need to grab the viewer’s attention from the first seconds. It is not necessary, like everyone else, to say at the beginning what this video is about, you need to immediately get down to business. However, do not reveal all the cards and create intrigue.

And delay the most delicious to the end.

In general, I don’t even introduce myself in my videos, from the first seconds I start talking in essence. My video about networking gradually came to the top, and at the moment it is in 2-3 place in the YouTube search results for the query “networking”. The engagement of this video is 45%.

But for the request “landing”, which is quite popular, I have already come out on top:

The first place does not count, this is advertising:

I recommend watching this video by Danil K, in which you will learn more than in some expensive courses:

Sound and personality.

The sound is more important than the picture.

The picture is also important, but if the speech (audio) sucks, the video sequence will not help, no matter how cool it is. Personality is not always important, contrary to popular belief.

My experiment has confirmed this. I recorded a video where I am not in the frame, instead of me, the streets of New York are shown in time-lapse, nevertheless, the video has become one of the most popular on the channel. And the ratio of likes to views is very high, like that of top bloggers, such as utopia shows or yang topless.


Use analytics. See which videos viewers turn off immediately, and which they watch to the end.

It’s like a lie detector that doesn’t lie.

Pay attention to what you say at the moment when the audience closes the video? So you can understand your mistakes and eliminate them in the next videos, each time increasing the effectiveness of the YouTube channel promotion.

I do not mean the analytics of the entire channel, you can analyze each video separately, the section “Audience retention” in the video analytics:

This graph is smooth, it shows that people are watching to the end. There are no jumps. For example, if I said that all BM-shiks are sentimental sectarians, then all fans of business youth would be offended and close the video without watching it to the end. Then the schedule would be uneven.

YouTube knows every spoken word and phrase from your video, it understands your conversation, and then uses all these words to promote the video.

Even if they are slurred.

Words are key phrases for which your video will be ranked and displayed.

When I entered the query “Matrix” in a YouTube search, in addition to the usual videos, in the second place was a video about Morpheus, the main character of this film.

YouTube somehow figured out that these videos are related. Although the title of the video did not have the phrase “Matrix”.

Also, YouTube substituted this video for me in the recommendations when I watched the review about the matrix.


All promotion efforts will come to naught if you don’t come up with a catchy headline.

If the headline sucks, nobody’s going to watch. Don’t believe me? Here’s a study.

In fact, everything above will not help if the title is bad.

You need to come up with a title that makes it feel like a must-see video. I covered in more detail how to write killer headlines in this article.

Still, here are a couple of tips:

Creates intrigue Specific and unambiguous Specificity and numbers.

Don’t forget to include key phrases in your tags. It is advisable to make a unique description using keywords. It is better to write the key phrase closer to the beginning of the heading.

Please note that very often Google does not display sites in search results, but YouTube videos.

Try to enter something now ..

For almost any request, you can stumble across YouTube.

If you add the word “video” to the title of a video, it will greatly increase the chances of the video being listed on Google and Yandex.

Short rollers.

Short video clips are in vogue now, in the era of information fatigue.

Research by Buffer Social shows that the ideal YouTube video length is 2 minutes 54 seconds. However, I believe that there is no perfect timing. If you can intrigue for two hours, why not do it?

However, at the start and at the beginning of the YouTube channel promotion, it is better to make short videos, breaking the video into topics. Thus, increasing the number of traffic sources.

And insert a key request in the title. For example, “how to lay the foundation”, “how to keep accounting”, “how to choose a DVR” and so on.

This will allow us to more widely cover the semantic core, and, as a result, get additional traffic from Google and Yandex.

Articles from speech.

If you transcribe text from audio, you can get a very good article that can be published on the website, in the guest blog or on social networks.

In other words, take the script and adapt it to the article.

Thus, my article about networking, which I published on VC, received more than 10,000 reads per day, although it was just a speech for a video, initially I did not even think about the text, I had no idea that such viral articles could be obtained from scripts.

You will probably say that this is an accident and I was just lucky. But, I repeated this on another site, and the article had such a powerful effect that the editorial staff of Spark magazine fixed my article for two days on the main page.

This will not give a bad head start at the beginning of the way to promote the YouTube channel.

Uniform preview style.

Beautiful previews are crucial in YouTube promotion and entice you to click.

But, I think that you need to make miniatures not only beautiful, but also in the same style. It would seem like a pointless idea. However, previews in a uniform style become recognizable over time.

If you look at YouTube channels now, many make beautiful previews. But, this is only at first glance, in fact, they are all different, and when you look at the YouTube channel as a whole, it feels like it’s a trash can, into which pictures from 20 different sources were thrown.

We need a uniform style.

Because, after watching one of your videos, a casual viewer will most likely open the entire channel (feed) to rate other videos. Imagine how surprised he would be when he sees tons of other beautifully designed content?

This greatly increases the likelihood that a person will subscribe.

Research has shown that having a consistent Instagram style has a huge impact on viewer-to-follower conversions. There people follow more often when they see a holistic profile.

And viewers who accidentally come in turn into subscribers.

I think that on YouTube it is necessary to do the same, nowadays very few people do this, but I think in the future everyone will come to this.

Otherwise, the canal is like a courtyard, people come and go.

The preview is also important because the viewer will see it in the recommendation block. And if the preview is beautiful and attractive, then the person is more likely to click, increasing the CAP of this video in the recommendations.

It is not difficult to guess that if the STR on YouTube is higher than that of competitors, then your video will be shown more often, expanding the reach of your audience.

According to research, previews are better at promoting YouTube channels if they have faces. And also if the picture is with flowers that do not merge with the general background.

Lighting and background.

The picture is also important and the light greatly affects its quality.

If you are shooting yourself, then the lighting should be diffuse and bright. The light should not be from the side, but straight. Then you will look more solid, pleasant, and facial imperfections will be smoothed out.

The background is also important, it should be one non-catchy color, for example, as on the channel at Wylsacom, which reviews electronic gadgets.

Many people get too close to the lens, because of this, their face occupies the entire screen.


Don’t rely on follower counts, especially if you’re a businessman.

It happens in such a format that a person only needs to look once and that’s it. Why would he watch the pouring of the foundation or the creation of an acrylic bath 1000 times.

If there are no subscribers, that’s okay.

People will still constantly come new from organic, if you properly set up SEO.

What is better, mountains of subscribers with scanty views on a half-dead channel, or thousands of views without subscribers?

Entrepreneurs tend to create educational content that solves a problem. The subscriber solved the problem and forgot, he didn’t need to subscribe. He will not solve the same problem all his life.

Therefore, do not care about subscribers. My opinion!

I don’t care about likes either.

The number of likes does not play a big role in the promotion of a YouTube channel. There are examples when videos with a huge amount of dislikes get high places. It doesn’t matter what the viewer’s reaction is, whether people like you or not, if you managed to grab their attention, that’s a plus.

Content stock.

Everywhere they write that supposedly you need to upload content strictly at the same time.

Don’t be fanatics.

You don’t need to publish content at the same time, you just need a balance – if you made 30 videos at once, you just don’t need to upload them to the channel in one day.

Be predictable like PewDiePie, who always has a few videos in stock so that if he gets sick or burns out, he always has something to post.

Subscribers have a certain level of heating. If you post it too often, then they just don’t have enough attention to digest all your information.

You need to let them get hungry.

But, if you do not spread it for a long time, the subscribers, on the contrary, will grow cold.

Perhaps the perfect regularity once upon a time helped in the promotion of YouTube channels. But now the era of information noise has come, when content bombards subscribers from all sides so that they no longer react to any regularity.

If you have really cool content, subscribers will wait.

But, it never hurts to have one or two rollers in stock.

For example, I generally hate YouTube channels that generate videos like hotcakes. And the numbers confirm that I’m not the only one – such channels have a lot of views and few subscribers.

People don’t want to entrust their attention to someone who doesn’t care about quality.

For example, I get so worried about the content of the content, and raise the bar so much that after watching my video, the viewer has a “WOW” effect.

After watching, he is doomed to subscribe. Here’s what my subscribers write to me:


If everything is done correctly, in all aspects, presentation, speech, image quality, previews, SEO, cool useful content. Then, people will start sharing the video.

For example, many webmasters, owners of informational sites, embed the best videos on the topic in articles on their sites.

Like this article.

And this is a very powerful signal for YouTube algorithms. A study was conducted that showed that those videos that are embedded on sites have higher positions.

Secret sauce.

When your channel reaches the first results, several dozen videos and the first thousand subscribers accumulate, you can try paid advertising.

But, don’t make the mistake that 90% of beginners make.

Don’t buy ads from large channels and bloggers.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of social network it is, be it YouTube itself, pages in FaceBook, Instagram or Vkontakte.

It’s important to remember one thing – choose small channels and groups.

Advertising on large channels is very expensive and the effectiveness is negligible. Because the subscribers of large channels are already spoiled by advertising, they have seen it so often that they have already ceased to react to it and take it seriously.

And with small channels, hardly anyone advertised before you. Advertising with them will give a very high conversion.

And the price is cheap.

Small thematic channels are likely to ask for a modest amount. And the return on advertising will impress you.

Many tasks for the promotion of YouTube channels can be outsourced.

For example, I order the “Kwork” firalns exchange, there is a wide range of services:

Top 4 YouTube Books.

. How to get trucks of likes and tons of money. Authors: Kirill Zhukovsky, Nikolay Sobolev, Roman Nazarchuk /. Create a channel with a million views! Author: Robina Goodina. From the series: YouTube Star. … Step by step guide. Author: Matvey Severyanin. … What to shoot about in 2017? Author: Dmitry Slavin.


I gave quite a few life hacks. But, using all these tricks and investing very heavily in each video is not profitable. You need to choose the thickest topic in your niche, the key phrase that brings the bulk of customers (or the highest frequency), as in the Pareto principle.

And for it to make a high-quality video, investing as much time and money as possible. And for less popular queries (low-frequency), it’s better to make the video simpler.

In order to manage to cover as many requests as possible in a short time and quickly record many videos. This is a more effective approach to the promotion of a YouTube channel in terms of using the semantic core.

After all, time is money.

And the last thing. Remember that YouTube is also a social network. Therefore, follow the comments and answer questions.

Do not forget to keep this article, it will be useful to you. Good luck and stay focused # 8230;

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