How to promote an Instagram account for free: 10 tips for an online store.

Before connecting automatic following and attracting an audience massively, optimize your (as a site for SEO) and use free promotion methods. This may be enough to attract the first thousand subscribers. It’s easier further.

Follow our simple tips. You only need time.

1. Choose a descriptive title.

The Instagram search is designed in such a way that it finds accounts by name:

If in the field «Name» just indicate your brand or store name, the target audience of the account is unlikely to find you. Exception: Your brand is already known.

Bad name, so users are unlikely to find an account.

In the title, write down the keywords that better describe the field of activity.

Those looking for cakes in Kharkov will see this account in the search.

Write in the language your target audience speaks. If you want to attract Russian-speaking customers, do not register your account in Latin letters.

2. Use geolocation.

Geotag when posting. At times, users search for photos in specific locations.

For example, you have a point of sale in a shopping mall. Select it in geotags when posting product photos. And if you do a photo shoot of a new collection of clothes on the street, mark this particular place in the city. Random users can log into your account by geotagging and stay.

Anyone looking for a photo «European»will see this post.

Remember that if the photo was not taken indoors, then it is better to indicate the city or street, so that the thought of deception does not suggest itself.

3. Put # hashtags for each post.

Simple, free, but very useful tool. Solves two tasks:

attracting customers who are searching by tags; monitoring of competitors and events.

With the help of tags, you can find topics of interest and be always aware of current events. Subscribe to hashtags of interest and you can get fresh ideas for posting from competitors.

Subscribe to tags from your topic and spy on competitors.

Instagram allows you to attach a maximum of 30 tags to a post. Recommended number per post — up to 10 pieces and only on the topic. If you constantly put the wrong tags, then Instagram will be banned. Use bulk tags that are the most popular in search. For example, in combination with the word «I love» or «fashionable»: # I love sports, # fashionable clothes Moscow and others. Think about which tags will interest your audience and subscribe to them.

Choose popular hashtags for your signature.

4. Try to get into publications by tags.

TOP by tags — these are the first 9 posts that Instagram shows when searching. Get there — a way to expand your reach. There is no clear pattern of getting into the top nine, it all depends on the speed with which the post is liked and the number of comments.

The best publications (most popular) by tag #earringsstocks.

How to improve the chances of being hit? Immediately after posting a post, walk through the tags you follow and take 20 minutes to like and comment on any other people’s posts. Chances are good that users will go through your most recent posts in response. This will help you get into the TOP.

5. Publish to thematic publics.

Search Instagram for publics on your topic and subscribe. To find these communities, enter keywords in the search bar that describe your area of ​​interest. See publications and search for community accounts.

First photo in search results — community account.

As a rule, thematic publics have their own tag:

Administrators are often asked to use their branded hashtag to repost interesting posts with credits to the authors. If your post is liked and posted in the public, then readers will go to your account. Further, the success of the promotion depends on whether visitors like your profile and whether users want to subscribe to it.

If you like this form of promotion, we advise you to establish contact with useful publics and accounts, comment and like interesting publications.

6. Flag popular brands in your posts.

If famous places, cafes, boutiques are included in the frame, mark them in the photo. This is an easy way to get the attention of those who follow the marked places. They’ll see your post when they go to the Visits page, and they might be interested.

Tag places in posts just like people.

Another option: write reviews on services and products in the accounts of the respective companies. Often users, after reading a review, go to the author’s account.

7. Make guest posts.

Sharing posts with friendly profiles — popular trick on Instagram. Agree with a useful public about mutually beneficial free advertising: you make a post in which you tell your subscribers about «interesting and useful blog», in his very public posts a post mentioning the profile of your store.

They even added a special picture for the guest post.

Be open to new online dating. It is a rewarding relationship that will bring positive results. Moreover, the main secret of Instagram is live communication.

8. Participate in offline Instagram meetings.

Instamits — these are thematic meetings of users in different parts of the world, which take place annually.

In every city there is a person who deals with organizational issues. If not, then take over this function.

Select the topic of the meeting and invite the participants to upload their photos to the network with the meeting hashtag (a hashtag must also be invented). Alternatively, you can become a sponsor of an institute on a topic of interest and help in organizing it. For example, if you are promoting cosmetics, then choose the topic of female beauty.

The organizers would like to thank everyone who helped organize the meeting. And readers will surely go to the mentioned accounts.

This is a good way to meet new people who will be useful to your business.

9. Announce a challenge.

An interesting option to stir up, intrigue and attract a new audience, which does not require money. Find an original idea related to your profile and publicly announce «calling»…

Participant in a sports challenge.

Set the timing of the promotion, write down the terms (promise a prize to a random winner), and encourage people to join. In the challenge rules, specify that members should tag your profile in this step to increase awareness and engagement. For example, arrange or video challenge.

Offer to sing a song or repeat a tongue twister and post the video under the challenge tag.

10. Comment on network leaders and large accounts.

In the comments of popular companies, brands, fashionable vacation spots, the most extensive discussions are going on. Choose brands that are relevant to the topic and get involved in the discussion. For example, for a clothing store, topics for discussion of news from the fashion sector are suitable, and for an auto parts store, any male topic with reference to the city is suitable.

To find the largest accounts, type in keywords related to the topic in the search. The first profiles in the search are the leaders. Leave expert opinions, advise, answer and just communicate. The main thing is to remember that politeness and benevolence attract people more than arrogance and rudeness. Don’t impose your opinion on others.

The larger the audience of the account, the more worries: unsubscribe bots, communicate in comments, schedule posts. PublBox will help you save time. Here you can set up deferred posting and get personalized recommendations on content types and post writing.

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