How to promote and promote your site in the Google search engine yourself.

How to promote a website yourself — for this, it is necessary to carry out complex work to popularize the site and optimize it for search engines.

Self-promotion of sites – this is a set of actions, as a result of which the site traffic by the target audience increases, and the position in the search system improves.

To promote the site yourself, you will need:

Read this entire article; Read a small book (the link will be below); Follow the recommendations from the article and book.

Leave a request — receive a price and offer to your Email:


Self-promotion of a website is both a difficult and interesting task, thanks to which you can gain new experience and knowledge, as well as an understanding of the technical principles of modern information promotion. As a result, you will be able to understand all the subtleties and save money on an SEO specialist.

But there are also obvious disadvantages of self-promotion of the site:

You have to learn from your own mistakes and failures. Self-study will take a long time, and your competitors will take the lead. It will not always work out more economically, since inexperience leads to the use of low-quality sites for link promotion.

From 2018 to 2022, the search giant Google introduced many innovations.

For example, a new algorithm for ranking sites on mobile appeared, Google Bot began "ask" access to CSS styles and Java scripts, ads on the right have disappeared once and for all in contextual advertising.

A new algorithm for assessing the quality of pages and the speed of their loading has been added.

There are many articles on the Internet on the topic of website promotion with your own hands, but as for me — they are very complex and incomprehensible.

I will tell you about all the steps of website promotion in more detail and in an accessible way. In this article, you will learn how to promote a site yourself, if you carefully master the article from beginning to end. Good luck!

For online store owners, we recommend this article:

How to promote a site in the Google search engine yourself — 57 tips for website promotion and promotion.

All pages of the site must be optimized for search queries that are set in advance. Forgetting about this important part of promotion, you will miss an important part of the question of how to promote your site in search engines, and doom your resource to invisibility to the target audience coming from search engines.

1. Read a book on website optimization.

The first thing to understand is that it is not easy, on the contrary, if you do not have the skills and knowledge in this area, then first you need to replenish your knowledge with elementary foundations and terms in this niche.

The most important thing that is necessary if your knowledge of SEO is zero is to read a very interesting and simple book about search engine optimization of the site, if you wish, it will take you a couple of days to master the material (by clicking on the picture below, the book will open in a new window or start loading the book in * .pdf format — depending on your settings).

You can download the book via a direct link here.

Let’s assume that a couple of days have passed, and you have filled in your zero knowledge in the field of SEO and even learned some of the definitions and the essence of website promotion in general.

If you are just going to make a website, then pass the information on what requirements the website should meet for SEO to your developers. If you are doing a project yourself, consider all the requirements when creating a website.


For successful website promotion, your engine must support all the requirements on the link above!

So, the site is ready and it meets all the requirements on the link above. The first thing to do is to create the correct site structure based on the semantic core.

Read the article:

2. Development of the correct site structure.

In order not to reinvent the wheel again and quickly make the correct structure and semantic core, we drive the most competitive query in your niche into the search engine.

Let’s say you want to promote an online camera store, then we enter the words in the address line of the Google search engine “buy a camera”, the first site after Google Adwords paid advertising is your main competitor. We look at the structure of the site and make it even better.

Typically, the site structure looks like this: Main pagegt; Categoriesgt; Subcategoriesgt; Products.

Or like this:

We need to do the same. If we take the example of a site with cameras, then the categories will be types of photos for us:

In short, each area (type of activity, type of business, product) can be divided into separate groups (landing pages). Also with an online store of clothing, footwear or building materials.

The procedure for dividing a niche into categories is essentially the development of a semantic core. Terrible words, but everything is very easy in fact.

Our task is simple: we are looking for the main competitor in our niche, we take its site structure (categories, subcategories) and create the same categories and subcategories on our site.

3. Collecting keywords.

Next, we need to collect as much information as possible on our project, and this includes the following:

Keywords to our categories. Analysis of the supply and demand market. Analysis of competitors’ website.

Now I will dwell on all these points in more detail in order to clarify the importance of each point.

Collecting keywords for landing pages.

A landing page is a page where a visitor enters the site for a particular request. The more entry pages (categories), the more chances you have to maximize and attract your target audience.

I offer three options for the selection of keywords:

To collect keywords, you can refer to semantics (the person involved in the development of the semantic core or the selection of keywords, you can find him on the freelance website) or do it yourself. In order to quickly find keywords for your project, you can use the Key Collector program, but it is paid and costs about $ 50, if my memory serves me right. If you have the skills to use the Google Adwords contextual advertising system, then there you can quickly select requests for your landing pages. We just create a new company, then create ad groups according to our categories on the site and add keywords that Adwords offers us to them. Or use the tool “Keyword planner”…

I will not describe the whole procedure for selecting keywords in more detail, I will leave the task of learning how to select keywords as your homework, and I will just give you an illustrative example of disbanded requests for landing pages specially prepared for this article.

See an example of this core site:

Analysis of the market and supply demand.

Every year new business niches appear in Ukraine, and if you get a chance, be the first to “break in” in this movement, so to speak, it is not always good. Not good in terms of website promotion in search engines.

As a rule, if the sphere is new, then in most cases — there will be no demand for it on the Internet, and it makes no sense to promote such a site through SEO, banner advertising and social networks will help you.

Therefore, if the idea of ​​creating a website in this area seems dubious to you, and there is no such thing as you think, you need to check this theory and make sure that this product or service is in demand on the Internet.

But, again, it is not a fact that your 100,500 site will withstand the existing competition if there is enough demand.

To find out how to analyze a competitor’s website, read the article:

So, we learned that there is competition in our business, there are also chances, and there is plenty of demand, now you can go directly to website promotion in search engines.

To summarize, we have:

1) A site with all the requirements for optimization.

2) Correctly designed site structure.

3) Information on all key queries.

4. Work out the content on the site.

Content is information on the pages of the site. Content can be text (articles, descriptions, recipes), audio materials (music, audio books, sounds), videos (films, clips or tutorials), images (photos, pictures, diagrams, etc.)

All types of content combined for a commercial site (an online store, for example) give amazing sales results if it is unique and useful.

Firstly, unique content affects the ranking (sorting by the search engine) of pages, since search engines can easily distinguish interesting material from useless.

Secondly, people will share useful and interesting material with others, thereby distributing your material on the network along with a link to your resource.

Third, useful material attracts everything we need, and these are new visits, and with them an increase in purchases.

Rule # 1.

The information on the site should be useful and unique.

On all categories (landing pages) of our site, it is necessary to place:

, written for people. Video reviews matching our categories. Related images. Articles with reviews of products in this category.

Now let’s dwell on each point in more detail, and the key queries that we collected earlier come to our aid.

Write texts for people.

Options for writing SEO text for website pages:

– Order writing text from an SEO copywriter for 1-5 $ for 1k (one thousand) characters without spaces. The average text size for a site category page is 2-3k = $ 3-15.

– Write SEO text yourself. To do this, open this article in another window and read how to do it.

Shoot or order video reviews.

Recently, people are very lazy to read and more and more watch and perceive information through video. For SEO, by and large, it does not matter what a person did for 10 minutes on the site, whether he watched a video or read an article. Both are excellent.

Therefore, a person must be given the opportunity to choose. Those. post an article, as well as make a video review. Mostly for commercial topics, video reviews are relevant to products, but sometimes videos can be used to “lighting” groups of goods or services.

Please the eye – only use “clear images”

Pictures are a very important thing that a purchase or other conversion can depend on.

Site conversion is an action by a site visitor that the site itself pursues (selling, registering, downloading, etc.).

Don’t include low-quality images on your site, try to find the original source of the image, or end up buying through photo stocks. Ideally, a commercial site should have high-resolution images on a white background for a better perception of the best-selling product.

Rule # 2.

Do it nicely and efficiently.

5. SEO site optimization.

As I said above, there are site requirements for optimization if your site is “supports” accordingly, it will be positively perceived by search engines, if everything is configured and done correctly. I do not advise you to delve into all the subtleties of website optimization, as there are a lot of little things that cannot be immediately understood.

I recommend reading a simple article about internal site optimization for search engines, and leaving the technical part to people who understand this area. Website optimization will cost approximately $ 50-500, depending on the amount of work and the impudence of the optimizer.

If you still want to optimize your site for search on your own, then welcome to the guide to optimizing a site for Google in Russian.

6. External factors of promotion.

And so, let’s imagine that we have a ready and fully optimized website, we have published interesting and unique content, “flooded” all products on the site, we only have our own pictures and video reviews, the texts are so gorgeous that half of the quotes do not fly out of my head, but where are the visitors and 100,500 orders a day?

If these changes were implemented for the old site (from 2 to many years), then the results will not be long in coming, and in the first couple of months you will feel a real influx of visitors, and with them orders.

But orders will increase if you follow the recommendations from this article:

If we made a new site, then first we need to let people know about it, as well as search engines.

We add the site to all search engines, create groups in all social networks with a company page and immediately read this article:

7. Site analytics.

It is imperative to track information about visits and behavior on the site of users, it is necessary to analyze many factors:

Number of visits per month. Page views per month. Bounce rates. Duration of site visit.

You also need to keep track of site exit pages, login pages, and search phrases that visitors come to. To analyze these factors, we use Yandex Metrics or Google Analitycs.

In addition to this, it is necessary to constantly monitor the positions of our search queries in order to predict sales and develop actively working areas.

8. External links.

All SEOs understand that the influence of external links has decreased, but further will be more – it will not. It will be more accurate, but not as it is now – an anchor link containing a key phrase = useless link leading to a ban.

In the future, a lot will be decided by behavioral factors (human behavior on the site), links for money are a direct road to the ban.

If you still cannot achieve results without buying links, then do it wisely:

Buy links only on thematic resources. Post links only in interesting or useful articles. Make sure that the visitor rates the external link to your site in terms of usefulness, not spam.

It is easy to make a purchased article with a link useful – publish the full version of the material on your site, and on another resource, give a short overview with a link to your site.

So, we follow the rules and remember the tips from the article on how to increase sales in the online store, we also conduct an active social “politics”, we constantly publish new articles, update the news feed in our groups, do contests, site pages fly into the index one after another, we have a lot of backlinks, requests are in the top, but the conversion rate is very low. They don’t buy from us, although they should.

Read the helpful article:

Everything is simple here. In order to knowingly do the work on website promotion and work on external factors, try to order contextual advertising and see if your site will sell, and only then start promoting your site in search engines.

9. Adapt the site for mobile devices.

It is extremely important in 2020 to adapt the site for mobile devices — phones, tablets and so on. The share of searches from such devices is growing and will soon be more than half for all niches, and then it will be more than 50%.

Therefore, in August 2018, Google included Mobile First Index for many sites and updated search algorithms. In other words, if you do not have site adaptation for mobile or site adaptation with errors, then you will not see the first positions as your ears.

How to check if there are any errors in the mobile version.

To do this, you need to add the site to Google Webmaster Tools, and then go to this section:

And make sure that there are no errors in the mobile version:

10. Create a high-quality website design.

One of the key roles is played directly by the beauty of design, which will not only delight the eye with paints, but also convenient in functionality. Therefore, the designer’s job is not only to create a resource that will appeal to the owner, but will also arouse interest, the desire to buy on it.

Don’t overload the design with unnecessary elements (here’s an example of a failed site):

Always on the left are product categories, and on the right are products:

11. Use a good domain and hosting.

First of all, it should be borne in mind that the acquired domain could have been previously used and when a search engine filter or ban was applied, the previous owner refused it. When buying a new domain, you need to study its history in order to understand in the future what actions to take.

If a domain has a bad reputation with the search engine, then it will be difficult for you to promote it, restoring your reputation.

As for hosting, it is necessary to give preference to trusted and reliable service providers.

It is very important to choose the right domain for promotion:

12. Create a robots.txt file.

The robots.txt file is located in the root folder. The correctness of the indexing in the search engine depends on the correct setting. If the setting is incorrect, then unnecessary content or pages are included in the index, which, as a result, pessimizes the site’s position.

This file is always available at:

Instructions for creating robots for the site:

13. Configure robots.txt file.

If you are configuring robots.txt, the following settings are important:

Opening all pages for indexing that should be visible in the search. Closing duplicate content and pages from indexing. Hiding filter search pages, shopping cart, and personal account for users. Hiding broken and cyclic links that wasted crawling budget. Closing backlinks from indexing that come from low-trust resources or have inappropriate topics.

The most popular answers to questions about robots are here:

14. Create a sitemap.xml.

The sitemap.xml file allows bots to crawl a site faster, making it more efficient.

By setting up your sitemap.xml correctly, you will be able to:

Indicate a list of pages, as well as their hierarchy. Indicate the type of content posted on the site. Post information about pictures and videos on the resource. Set the priority for indexing pages. Specify the frequency with which the content will be updated.

The following services are used to generate a sitemap:

XML sitemap generator: XML-Sitemaps: My Sitemap generator:

Working with them is quite simple: enter the URL of the site, start the program and in a few minutes you will have a file ready for further placement in the root folder.

15. Register with the search engine.

If you decide to engage in promotion, then you definitely need to add your site to the search engines. It can be Google for Ukraine, Yandex for Russia, Bing for the United States.

Adding a site is necessary in order for it to be indexed faster by the search engine and become visible to users. And your task is for the indexing to be correct and fast.

Submit your site to major search engines. Just follow the links and follow all instructions:

Add site to google — link; Add site to Yandex — link; Add your site to Bing — link.

16. Inform the search engine about the changes taking place.

Thanks to this, you will be able to effectively develop the site and receive information from the search engine developers themselves. To do this, you need to use the Google Search Console.

The Google Search Console Webmasters Panel allows you to:

Get information about impressions, clicks on pages for a specified period of time specified by you. Find out which keywords bring users the most. Understand and identify errors on the site in a timely manner. Find out about the imposition of a filter or other restrictions, etc.

17. Accelerate indexing of pages or content through Google Search Console.

Acceleration of indexing of added pages. Search query «Add url», the new address is copied and press «send»…

Instructions from Google apply:

For this, the sitemap.xml is sent.

Indexing a resource in Yandex is accelerated by adding a site address and sending a sitemap.xml file to Yandex.Webmaster:

18. Add a resource to Google Analytics analytics systems

Thanks to analytics systems such as Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, you can track achieved goals, user activity for certain actions (clicks on links, registration, authorization in an account, etc.)

How to use Google Analytics:

Instructions for using Yandex Analytics:

19. Sign up with Google «My business» – an indispensable tool for website promotion.

This is another additional service for promotion for free and on your own. – this is a function from google search engine "My business"… This service is created for business owners to improve their site in search. After registering on the resource, you get an extended snippet when searching for queries that are related to the brand.

Registration of sites on maps in Google:

If you do everything right, you can see yourself soon in a search on maps in Google:

20. Adapt the site for mobile devices.

One of the key directions during the development of designs should be made Mobile First. This is due to the fact that a very large part of users use smartphones as an information source and search for the right products, surf the net.

You can check mobile optimization here:

In addition, search engines also take into account the convenience of the site for mobile users according to the criteria:

Large fonts, button sizes, positioning and clickability. Lack of horizontal scrolling and Flash elements, etc. Adaptability to the gadget and pop-ups.

There should be such information when checking the site by the service:

21. Constant check of the site loading speed.

Every extra second of waiting affects users. Therefore, with a long wait, you can lose 4-20% of users. To avoid this, it is necessary to improve not only the position of the site in the search results, but also to optimize the page load time to 3 seconds or 4-7 seconds for highly loaded resources.

To estimate the speed and find out what needs to be done to optimize the speed is possible with the PageSpeed ​​service from Google:

For mobile, the site should be at least in the orange zone:

For PC in green:

22. Develop the right structure for SEO promotion.

The site structure should be implemented based on the demand in the niche.

This will depend on:

Convenience in resource navigation. Indexing speed. The distribution of link weight among all pages.

The structure of the site is developed at the time of the creation of the semantic core before the creation of the site.

Here is an example of the structure of pages for categories of an online store:

23. Re-link pages.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following types of linking:

Hierarchical (tree-like) – used in large multi-pages (online stores and catalogs, blogs, corporate resources, etc.). In this case, the main link weight is concentrated on the main page from which the weight is further distributed. Linear – intended for users who view pages in a strictly defined order. Blocky – when all pages of a resource link to each other. Used by small resources where each page should detail the specific qualities of the product. This option distributes the reference weight evenly.

Read the article:

24. Create the semantic core of the site.

The semantic core is a list of key queries that help users find answers to their query. Such requests are collected through special free programs of search engines Google Ads Keywords Tools and Google Search Console (for Ukraine) or Yandex Wordstat (for CIS countries), or through paid programs.

Read the article:

25. Group keywords by landing page (clustering)

After the search queries of the site are collected, they should be grouped by subject according to the principle that each group will be registered on a specific page.

26. Expand the semantic core to create the basis for website promotion.

You can get the most out of your keywords if you use them as efficiently as possible. You should be careful in the selection of keywords, since you risk losing a lot of potential visitors if you cannot take into account not only the direct request, but also various additional names and possible modified options.

The search for additional sources for keys in related topics will also help. If keys are matched for landing pages, then several information keys should be added.

27. Use keywords not only in texts, but also in headings and subheadings.

Using basic rules, you can achieve efficiency:

The headings are designed in such a way as to increase the relevance of the page. Therefore, it is best to use a key request in them, but not over-spam. Keywords in the text should be applied uniformly, avoiding spamming.

28. Create useful content for your pages to help promote.

The content of a page is a key factor that influences its ranking. Search engines directly analyze the content and evaluate the reaction of users based on their behavioral factor – time spent on the page, depth of views, bounce rate, return to search.

There are important factors to consider when creating content:

Relevance to the request. This will allow the user to fully receive information on their issue. A usefulness that will help the user solve the problem he was interested in. Uniqueness. Allows you to evaluate the technical part of the content. It is checked using special programs: Advego,, Content Watch or others. Spamming. Allows you to estimate the required number of keywords in the text. Over-spamming content can lead to sanctions or pessimization. Water content. With its help, you can understand the content of stop words and other verbal constructions that will not carry informational value.

29. Create quality content for information pages.

All content can be divided into 2 types: commercial and informational. If the first one is used purely for website pages, goods with requests for the type of buy, order, price, etc., then information requests have a different purpose. – provide information about the service or product, its use and similar information that will be useful in resolving the user’s question.

This will significantly increase your traffic and benefits for the site, as they will find answers to all your questions and, as a result, will make a decision to buy from you.

Read the article:

30. Create infographics.

Infographics are useful visual content that makes information easy for the user and increases engagement.

Thanks to infographics, you can:

Illustrate the main points of the material. Focus on the main aspects. Keeping the reader interested. Communicate important information visually.

Infographics can be created using free services: Pictocart, Google Charts, Creately,, etc.

31. Post reviews.

Providing additional information allows you to improve traffic on the site. Therefore, video reviews have the highest degree of engagement and generate trust in the product.

For example, we make videos on service pages:

In such video reviews, it is necessary to notify users in as much detail as possible about the features of the product, you can perform crash testing or other tests in extreme conditions, etc.

32. Create instructions and guidelines.

Instructions and checklists can be used as a lead magnet when publishing educational content. You can offer to download for free in exchange for contacts or registration. And then these contacts can be used in email marketing to attract users for a new sale.

33. Website optimization – customization of meta tags.

Meta tags Title and Description are an important component for internal website optimization. If filled in correctly, they will play an important role in the promotion and allow you to increase your traffic.

Read the article:

34. Website optimization – setting up micro-markup.

Microdata is also an important indicator in the promotion. Embed all suitable formats on the site.

We have implemented the following:

Star Rating Cost.

This is how it looks visually:

35. Static and dynamic link weight.

Depending on what goals are being pursued, you can use various methods of link promotion:

Posting external backlinks to the page. Adding internal links to the page.

36. What factors to watch out for when drawing up a link profile.

Promotion is not carried out without a high-quality link mass. Therefore, a link profile is also very important and has a strong impact on rankings.

For this, the following criteria must be taken into account:

Number of domains. The principle is quite simple – more unique domains, the higher the site ranks. The authority of the domain that links and pages. If the backlink is on a page that ranks higher than the rest of the pages, then it is more beneficial than a link from low-ranking pages. Subject. Sites should be of the same subject matter.

37. Usability of the site.

In order to improve the usability of the interface, you should use A / B tests that are available in Google Analytics. Thanks to such a tool, you can see and analyze the reaction of users, how they react to button design, content, page design and constantly improve it.

38. Promote HF requests with care.

Keyword promotion will allow you to maximize profitability in a natural way. But you should also understand that high-frequency queries will be the most difficult to promote in highly competitive niches.

Therefore, if you choose pages for promotion, then initially you should look not at the frequency and potential traffic of the TOP search engine, but the conversion rate.

39. Create publications on other sites to increase authority and brand promotion.

External content marketing is the most effective link building method. For this, placement in paid guest publications and info resources is carried out.

Thanks to this method, it is possible to increase the link profile, thereby increasing brand awareness and consumer confidence. The only drawback is the large amount of time required to prepare the content.

40. Comments on other sites to promote your site and your own brand.

A useful and meaningful comment that is relevant to the topic that is left on the pages of a thematic site or blog can attract new users and visitors to your site.

The main criterion for such placement is not to spam, but to benefit the readers. As a result, SERM will become a good helper in website promotion in Google.

41. Registration in catalogs and price aggregators.

Adding a site to the directory will increase the level of trust in you. To do this, you need to fill in as much information about the company as possible in order to make it attractive.

By posting in business directories, you can increase:

The presence of the brand on the Internet. The number of links to the site of an authoritative source. The amount of traffic to the site from potential customers.

Add your website to the price aggregators: https : // https: / /

Add your site to directories: https: // https: / / https: //

42. Exchange links to increase authority for search engines.

Link promotion does not end with just the purchase of the necessary links. It can also be a mutually beneficial exchange with partners and similar companies. You can personally negotiate with the owners of other sites to exchange links, thereby increasing trust.

The only requirement – links should be natural, which should be a high-quality type of exchange for search robots.

43. Creation of pages in social networks.

Social networks have become an integral part, so you should take into account the factor that you can get the maximum amount of traffic from them. Creating pages that users will read will allow you to get additional organic traffic.

44. Maintaining social networks and advertising in them.

Several methods can be used to get transitions:

Writing posts. Announcements of materials from the site’s blog.

By adding buttons «Share this» you will be able to increase your audience reach and reposts.

45. Respond to messages on social media.

Communication with potential clients will allow you to quickly find a common language and increase the level of trust in the company.

46. ​​Use of targeted advertising in social networks.

Targeted advertising – it is one of the types of paid advertising that will increase the engagement of your potential users around the world.

47. Start the email campaign.

Very often it is the creation of a loyal customer base that allows you to gain growth and profitability. After all, the number of repeat visits is taken into account by the search engine and improves the ranking factor.

When creating a newsletter, you can try on email marketing tools to make your work easier.

Read the article:

48. Work with communities.

Active use of various communities will attract attention and get additional customers.

49. Create publications on other sites.

When selling goods and services in a niche, it is best to offer sites of similar subject matter to write an expert article for them. As a result, they get quality content, and you get additional traffic from links to your site.

50. Use ad sites.

This promotion method is ideal for online stores. You can offer any product that you have on the most famous message boards.

To do this, just register an account and add an ad.

Place free classifieds for goods and services on classified sites:

51. Write articles on trending topics.

You need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and write high-quality trending news or articles. You can find inspiration for such topics with the help of Google Trends tool and constant monitoring of competitors’ news.

This will create content that can rank high in search results.

52. Proactively work with reviews, orders and quality.

You should track the reviews about the company or product, thank them in time for the positive ones. In this case, everything should be done on the official website or social media page.

53. Create a Youtube channel.

Creating your own channel will allow you to quickly and efficiently convey information in a visual way. These can be either reviews or additional information on the product.

Read the article:

54. Promote products or services through Youtube channel.

There are many ways to promote that YouTube channel can offer. At the same time, you can not only pay for advertising, but also earn money on your own by advertising analogues of other products.

Add video customer testimonials to your YouTube channel:

55. Deal with objections.

Solving problems in a timely manner can help increase loyalty and improve your business image. It is necessary to track all negative information and constantly improve the quality based on objections.

Respond to all the reviews that you leave in Google Maps and on other review sites. Work with your audience.

56. Create Q&A pages.

If there is a question and answer page on the site, this will allow the user to quickly find the answer to the desired question and not take unnecessary actions in the form of a call to the manager, etc. This will not only increase the location of users towards you, but also give additional traffic in terms of attendance.

On our website, it looks like this:

57. Include the site address wherever possible.

This will increase your online recognition, you can always be found and read. These can be business cards, a profile on a social network, an e-mail signature, a signature on a forum, etc.

In the comments, add links to your site in the Facebook feed and in your profile (wherever possible):

Conclusions on self-promotion of sites:

Despite the fact that you can independently engage in promotion, you should carefully think over each step and draw up a plan, as a result of which you can understand how profitable it is to promote the site yourself or it will be faster and more profitable to contact the specialists:

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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