How to promote and promote your site yourself.

Website development is a complex step-by-step process, in which it is important to take into account all the details. However, many processes can be simplified with the help of automation and the use of modern tools that analyze traffic, collect data about leads, check resource data and monitor competitors.

“We carry out diagnostics and audit of the site ourselves”

The correct operation of the resource directly depends on the timely conduct of a technical audit. It includes the following list of tasks:

# 8212; Checking the quantity and quality of external linking mass, as well as the reliability of the linking platforms.

# 8212; Diagnostics of site pages indexed by search engines.

# 8212; Analytics of indicators (TIC, marketing, registration in directories, domain age, etc.).

# 8212; Comparison of the number of relevant pages with the closest competitors.

# 8212; Checking URLs, titles and mega-tags of pages for the occurrence of key queries.

# 8212; Analysis of information about the domain and hosting. To do this, you can use the whois service and the speed test, which will show the page loading speed (it should load in no more than 3 seconds).

# 8212; Checking for the presence and diagnosing the operation of a file for indexing by search engines robots.txt. This can be done on the Yandex.Webmaster service.

# 8212; Monitoring the validity of HTML code. You can find out the details of the compilation and eliminate possible errors using the W3C Validator tool.

“How to Organize Your Online Marketing with SE Ranking”

SE Ranking platform is a cloud service for SEO-optimizers and marketers. Using this service, you can analyze your own resource, monitor competitive sites, check the presence or absence of positions, backlinks, generate traffic reports and do semantic analysis of key queries. Additional options allow you to create a single corporate interface and transfer all the tools to your own domain, without allocating additional budget for this. The built-in “Marketing Plan” function allows you to optimize content, track the result obtained as a result of optimization, track search results and draw up regular analytics of service development. The system customizes the summary report with current tasks, which can be distributed to employees in the future.

“Parsers at the service of SEO specialists”

Parser programs are engaged in automated search and collection of information from search engines. With their help, you can track price changes from competitors, compose a selection of products, analyze HTML-pages data, search for errors in seo, etc. The most convenient tools for parsing (or scraping) are Google Spreadsheet and Netpeak Spider.

“Metrics as a tool for promoting business on the Internet”

Launching a website without analytics tracking is like walking through a dark room wearing sunglasses. As a service for web analytics, they usually use Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics. To configure them, you will need to upload the metric code to your resource, make a selection from the goals and register UTM tags. After completing these steps, the statistics of site visits will become available to you, and it will also become clear how you are found. Indicators that analyze metrics are divided into several categories:

Taken together, they give a complete picture of the profitability of your resource, show its strengths and areas for improvement.

“How to be the first and only company a customer calls?”

About half of all transactions on the Internet are carried out during a telephone conversation. However, this indicator can be improved by using automation services and training staff on customer support rules. If you exclude the factor of the loss of an incoming call, your sales can grow by 15-25%.

A significant part of incoming calls is lost in certain cases:

# 8212; The call is made outside office hours.

# 8212; The user could not understand the interface of your site and find contacts.

# 8212; Nobody answered the call.

# 8212; The client mistook you for a competitor on the search engine.

# 8212; I didn’t like the communication with the operator.

By eliminating these problems, you can achieve significant results and not lose a single potential client.

To properly handle incoming calls, take a number of measures:

# 8212; Connect multichannel number 8-800 # 8230; It should be easy to read (“pretty”) and placed in the search bar directly below your organization’s name.

# 8212; Use IP-telephony (IVR) so that calls within Russia have a uniform tariffication.

# 8212; Enter a shift work schedule for operators. With a 2/2 or 3/3 schedule, you get a constant presence of the operator in the workplace, even on weekends and holidays.

Connect an answering machine that will record the incoming stream outside of working hours. Remember that in different regions of the country there are different time zones, and a resident of Siberia or the Far East may want to use your service.

# 8212; You must call back on missed calls within 24 hours. The sooner you call back, the less likely you are to miss a sale.

# 8212; Train your operators. Their communication should be correct, respectful and lead the client to close the deal.

“Online consultant: pros and cons”

A visitor visiting your site may have questions that are better resolved in real time. For this, an online consultant has been created. The presence of this simple and convenient communication channel forms the company’s reputation, increases audience loyalty, improves conversion, and collects information about site visitors. However, the introduction of this tool requires the introduction of the position of an operator who must constantly be on duty on the site and instantly respond to received messages. If you cannot provide a round-the-clock work of an online consultant, then it is better to use other methods of communicating with clients: a feedback form, ordering a call, etc.

“Competitive analysis and affiliate marketing as ways of website promotion”

To improve the quality of the services provided, the analysis of the work of competing companies is often used. Assess the work of partner services and sites of your competitors: do you like the design, is the interface user-friendly, how easy is it to search through catalogs, how does the customer support service function? Based on the data obtained, create a pivot table and analyze your own resource. This way you can identify your gaps and improve the quality of your service.

“High-quality texts for the site: assessment of uniqueness and semantics”

When creating your own content, remember that it should be:

# 8212; compiled taking into account the key requests of users.

Even before you start working on the texts, you need to carry out SEO analysis and compose a semantic core from the keys. This can be done using the Yandex.Wordstat service, etc. After that, draw up a detailed technical task for the copywriter indicating the text parameters you need. The uniqueness of the articles can be checked on the services, Advego, etc.

“Automating SEO Processes Using Rush Analytics”

You can control and track changes in the position of a resource in the search engine using the Rush Analytics cloud platform. It was created to automate monitoring and analytics of SEO promotion. The fairly extensive functionality of the program allows you to compose a semantic core of services for the selection of popular queries, customize the site structure in accordance with them, analyze the ranking of a brand by search robots, draw up an action plan for bringing it to the TOP and monitor competitors’ changes.

“Building a communication system with clients for online and offline retail”

The system of communication with the target audience in online and offline sales differs significantly: consumer confidence in goods from the “store around the corner” is much higher than in the assortment of an online store. However, most retailers recognize the need to move sales offline, as the popularity of online shopping has only grown over the years.

To launch a new sales channel and switch to offline trading, it is necessary to perform high-quality preparation, consisting of several stages:

# 8212; Opening an online store, placing goods on trading platforms, creating profiles on social networks.

# 8212; Defining and studying the target audience, drawing up a portrait of the client.

# 8212; Creation of USP (unique selling proposition).

# 8212; Development of high-quality content, including not only advertising texts, but also useful articles, funny pictures, etc. Visual images and photographs must be of good quality – this will make it much easier to promote a service or product. It is by what your subscribers will see that they will form an opinion about you. Give the maximum description of your products, post more photos and a complete list of technical specifications. The audience response indicators are comments, reviews, discussions on various topics, reposts and recommendations to subscribe to your page. The more people read your posts, the more your target audience will reach.

But nevertheless, it is better to entrust all these concerns to professionals, for example, you can contact the web studio # 171; Cyborg # 187; and we will create and promote your site in the TOP of search engines. Call us at +380 (67) 250-60-02 and we will develop for you individually a strategy for promoting your business.

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