How to promote Instagram yourself – 45 tips.

No matter how cool the photos in your insta profile are, without targeted promotion and attracting attention, they will not collect many likes, and the page will not be replenished with new subscribers. Popularity on Instagram is directly related to activity and engagement with the audience. To promote your account, you need to adhere to proven recommendations. We present them to your attention in this article.

How to promote your Instagram.

There are many tricks that can help you promote your Instagram page. We will not dwell on high-quality content – this has long been accepted as an axiom. But unfortunately, just gorgeous pictures with picturesque subjects and perfect dishes are not enough.

If you’re dreaming of becoming an Instagram star, then the tips below are a must-have.

Choose the best time to post.

Posting content when you have to is a huge mistake. Popular bloggers always take photos in advance, and post them only at the right moment.

Create a content plan.

Your publications should be clearly planned for the optimal timing. Experiment to determine the appropriate time interval between posts.

Optimum is considered to be 1-2 publications per day with a long time interval. For example, the first publication can be posted in the daytime, and the second in the late evening.


This is the main source of traffic, because it is on them that most users find your posts. Use both thematic and popular hashtags up to 1 million publications.

Come up with your own branded hashtag. This will help increase your profile’s visibility. Place tags not only in the post description, but also in the first comment below it.


Constantly like other users’ posts. This is how you show attention and attract people to look at your profile. On average, for every 100 likes you get, you can get 6 new followers.

To save yourself the hassle of manually adding likes, try Instaplus for free.

Mass following.

Subscribe to like-minded people. This is an effective way to grow your follower base. It is important to choose people with similar interests. Under such conditions, the chance of getting a mutual subscription increases.

The easiest way is to look for like-minded people among the followers of your competitor. There is no need to follow them manually – Instaplus effectively solves this problem while you are doing more important things.

Comment on other people’s posts.

Thus, you draw the attention of users to your page. This method works especially effectively on popular publications and under the posts of opinion leaders. But keep in mind that the comment should be really interesting. Simple “Cool” will not bring the desired result.

Maintain feedback with your audience.

Ask your followers’ opinions in polls or in post signatures, ask questions. This will help to establish communication with your readers, increase their trust and disposition towards you, and find out their preferences.

Publish Stories.

It will not work to promote your Instagram without mastering Stories. This is one of the most popular sections of this social network, to which the most eyes are riveted. In addition, the most popular Stories of other users are displayed in the “Search” tab. It is quite difficult to get into the TOP, but if you succeed, then thousands of new followers are guaranteed to you.

Post a video.

According to statistics, video content is most often commented on, so it is much more likely to become viral than a photo. Plus, Instagram’s updated algorithms are very fond of the audience engagement rate, which is boosted by comments.

It’s good if you can shoot high-quality videos yourself. If this is not the case, then it’s okay. It’s enough just to select popular videos related to the topic of your account and repost them.

Use geolocation.

Try to always mark the location where a particular photo was taken. Geotagging is another source for finding like-minded people and people who are close to you.

Collaborate with other accounts.

Mutual PR has not yet been canceled. Find several accounts with similar target audience href, but not your direct competitors and offer mutual ad placement. For example, if you are photographing children’s parties, you can offer cooperation to a toy store in your city. This audience exchange will benefit both pages.

Add some blue.

According to research, posts with blue color get 24% more likes than photos with red or orange.

Encourage people to take action.

If you want your audience to be active, feel free to motivate them to take action. Ask to like if the reader agrees with your opinion, or write a comment with your vision. According to statistics, posts with a call to leave like have 89% more marks.

Don’t be afraid to post frequently.

It might seem like being overly active will be annoying, but it’s actually not. Numerous studies also confirm that the more frequent the posts, the higher the user engagement rate.

Sign photos.

Of course, Instagram is a visual social network, the users of which, first of all, pay attention to the graphic content of the post. But recently, textual accompaniment has become more and more relevant. It is not necessary to write a long story under each post. Two or three capacious phrases are quite enough.

Run contests.

All kinds of contests are an obligatory element of promotion. They increase engagement rates and bring new traffic to the page. The easiest raffle is to publish a thematic image and ask everyone who wants to participate in the competition to leave a comment.

Use other social networks.

Invite your Facebook friends. For this, Instagram even has a special option in the settings. Similar actions can be carried out with Twitter, VKontakte and other social networks. Be sure to add a link to your Instagram in your profiles.

Look for followers by hashtags.

Like and subscribe to users who put down hashtags that are relevant to your profile. For example, if your blog is about healthy eating, search for people by hashtags # ΠΏΠΏ, # healthy eating, # healthy eating and others. They will see your like, go to your profile, and may be interested in content that is relevant to them. You can set up automatic mass-liking and mass-following by hashtags through Instaplus.

Post every Sunday.

The smallest number of photo publications was noticed on this day. This means that there will be significantly fewer competitors, and your post will be seen by more people.

Publishing on Wednesday is a must.

According to statistics, posts posted on this day gain the highest number of views and likes.

Tag your friends in photos.

Do not be lazy to mark all the participants in the photo. Let your friends’ friends see the post as well.

Celebrate brands.

Whatever you do and whatever place you visit, be sure to tag all the brands that accompanied the event captured in the photo. This mention can bring traffic to the post from brand loyalists.

Take more selfies.

According to statistics, selfies get the most likes. Show that there is a real person behind all these beautiful pictures. People come to Instagram in order to observe other people’s lives. Photos showing a person’s face, according to statistics, gain 35% more likes.

Make yourself a brand.

Use your Instagram nickname not only within the social network. Advertise it wherever you can. A notebook, a case or a branded car sticker will surely attract attention.

Allow Instagram access to your smartphone.

The best way to get the first few dozen followers for free is to let Instagram sync with your phone book. To do this, open the settings menu in the application, select the “Invite and subscribe to friends” section and the “Subscribe to contacts” option.

Motivate and inspire.

Most users are looking for inspiration in posts. Share your experiences from time to time, post motivating quotes or stories.

Develop a unique style.

The Instagram trend of recent years is the design of the page in the same style. Choose a few filters that you will use to process your photos all the time. When posting content, also think ahead about how it will look next to the rest of the posts. Applications like UNUM and Concept Office will help you with this.

Be proactive.

There is a direct relationship between activity and popularity on Instagram. The more time you spend on the social network, the more likes and comments, the faster your audience grows.

How to promote your Instagram with Instaplus.

Take the Instaplus automatic promotion service as your assistant. With the help of the services of the service, you can establish a clear algorithm for attracting subscribers and fully automate this process, reducing your participation to a minimum.

The service works from the cloud and is available without installation. He will promote Instagram 24/7, independently subscribe to users, like them and even comment on posts. You will only have to observe the results.

Post custom content.

If someone posted a review or words of gratitude about your page, be sure to repost to your page. This step will show that you value each of your followers.

Promote through bloggers.

Advertising from bloggers is an easy way to get the attention of a huge audience of subscribers. You will have to spend money and put a lot of effort into finding a competent influencer who can promote the page, but the result of hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers is worth it.

Recommended users.

From time to time go to the section “Interesting people” in the settings. Here you will see the tab “Recommended users” – subscribe to them. Most likely, you have a lot of common interests and they will subscribe to you in return.

Fill in the BIO.

If you haven’t done it yet, then you have made a big mistake. These few offers are capable of luring casual visitors and motivating them to sign up. In your bio, briefly tell us who you are, what you do, and why it will be interesting to follow you.

Quality only.

No one is interested in flipping through hundreds of similar pictures of salads – publish only beautiful high-quality content that will be of interest to users. Out of 100 Instagram profile photos, only one can be awarded. The rest can be left for home collection, or it is better to delete them immediately so that they do not take up the phone’s memory.

Break into the TOP.

When you enter a hashtag in the search, then at first you will see the 9 most popular and liked posts. A place in the TOP is the attention of a huge audience and thousands of likes. To get there, you need to get the maximum number of likes in a short period of time. The easiest way to do this is with weak hashtags, there is less competition.

Insta cats.

If you didn’t manage to break out in the TOP by thematic tags – do not be discouraged, but pump up at the expense of the target audience itself. Post a cute photo of the cat and follow the popular thematic hashtags to all the cats you find. Many will do the same in response and you are almost guaranteed a place in the TOP.

Avoid direct competitors.

Don’t seek support and likes from users who are your competitors. People are envious everywhere and even the best posts won’t get a response.

Give value.

Users subscribe to those accounts whose content is of some value to them. Post content that might be useful to others.

Ask for bookmarks.

Instagram’s algorithms take into account the number of bookmarking for advancement on the news feed. Share your interesting developments with users. According to statistics, the bookmarks most often include recipes, exercises, instructions for processing photos, travel routes, diets.

A bit of humor.

High-quality humor will dilute the atmosphere and win over the audience to you. Post sometimes funny photos and videos on your topic.


You need to not only actively maintain an account, but also communicate with other users. To select publications that are interesting to users, Instagram algorithms even take into account the number of messages in Direct.

Broadcast live.

Live broadcasts attract most of the attention of users. It’s an easy way to share your thoughts and chat with your subscribers live.


If you want to quickly promote the page, but do not want to spend a lot of time, then order targeted advertising. You can do this by linking your Facebook page to your Instagram. Read also the article “How much does advertising on Instagram cost” in our blog.

Take advantage of paid services.

If you have no desire or skills to promote the page yourself, entrust this business to a professional. But be prepared for the fact that such services are not cheap.

The main thing is patience.

To promote a page, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Don’t lose your motivation if, after a few days of active action, you have only +5 followers. Systematic execution of actions is important. Lack of patience – automate processes.


Promotion of an insta profile is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. First, you need to combine many methods of promoting your Instagram account. Secondly, all actions must be repeated regularly and systematically.

Instaplus will greatly simplify the routine work. All readers of our blog can try the tool for free at this link.

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