How to promote Instagram yourself: the best ways and step-by-step instructions.

Denis Perevoshchikov is in touch. Today we will describe in simple words the working ways of how to promote your Instagram. From the article, you will understand what you can do on your own and measure the potentials in relation to the time spent.

We will only touch on free promotion options, but… You decided to promote not for the sake of likes and inspiration? Do you want to earn — get ready to invest. Soul and wallet.

We do not delay. I do not recommend skipping the first paragraph.

And read the conclusions.

Before promoting Instagram.

Captain Obvious hints if the profile is not pleasant and does not make you want to subscribe — do not expect returns and subscriptions.

Honestly. 80% of accounts in their current form are poorly promoted, they cannot generate either subscribers or customers. They must be packaged, that is, they must be designed in accordance with the pursued goals and the selling content must be set.

They are greeted by clothes. Compare for yourself.

Do you feel the difference? The first uses a mountain of marketing tricks and is powerful and powerful. Creates trust and covers customer needs with content.

Look for chips from successful competitors, do it in the likeness or better. Common Sense When Borrowing — this is good.

A couple of secrets of how a selling Instagram looks like in a complex was shown in this article.

Minimum checklist.

The presence of an avatar. A hat with key audience benefits. In the name, a key phrase + city, if geo is important. There are 5-10-15 eye-catching publications with texts according to the needs of the readers. for collecting statistics and paid advertising.

These 3 points immediately signal to the new visitor about the quality of the place where he is. Already on the basis of this observation, a decision will be made whether to subscribe or pass by.

Advanced checklist.

All business. Services, goods, private specialists, blogs, coaches, experts, information businessmen.

Add to the items of the first list:

There is an SMM strategy (commerce) Multilink or landing page created on Taplink Not ordinary posts and publications, but the creation of a unique visual style and the presence of custom icons in this section We are preparing to post not only pictures, but a variety of content: valuable texts, videos, stories.

Marketing meanings will strengthen and the results of promotion will significantly improve.

I don’t write about markups in principle, they are harmful and meaningless. Using them, you knowingly sign your helplessness and inability to captivate YOUR audience, to achieve business performance with your mind and tactics. There are also liketime and other motivated garbage. This is not serious and does not bring any benefit. You will receive shadow bans (reduced coverage) or sanctions that are worse than the level of temporary blocks, up to the final ban.

11 Ways To Promote On Instagram Without A Budget (Free)

By the way, independence is supposed to be a minimum of skills and a lack or minimum budget.

So, you signed up for an instu, published a little content, but there are no subscribers. There is a popular myth that people are reluctant to subscribe to zero profiles. Because of this, the owners love to wind up the first 100-200-500 subscribers. Yes, there is a small (!) Correlation, but I still urge you not to cheat. This one hundred or two dead souls will be ballast. They don’t care what you do.

Do you want Insta to work for you? Be on the wave with the fans.

Know who your audience is and how to become interesting and in demand for it. No budget, work with your hands using the options below. And you will quickly gain the first 1000 engaged fans.

As one good person noted, today only the iron does not offer him to bring target subscribers for very cheap. It doesn’t work that way. Uncle Vasya came, wound it up, conjured it up and the results happened. Nothing will happen. This does not work. Send co-co-co-spam promoters to 3 letters. Boldly and sharply.

The maximum that they can: give advice with the design and make a normal mass fall. You can do that too.

Posts from experts with familiarity.

Networking and meeting the audience — an expert heading useful for promotion, where connections are made and clients are located. Present yourself on an expert page. It’s possible to get a dozen new contacts and subscriptions here.

Everyone is good, the publisher — activity. Your project — eyes and new friends.

Find and subscribe to popular influencers from coaches, infobusinessmen, experts, marketers, private blogs. They periodically publish similar publications.

Participate in all of them. A + B.

A. Do not skip the post and comment it out in the first couple of hours of its life, but rather right away. B. Show yourself on the right side.

You should not expect great results, but there is no reason not to do either.

Guerrilla communication in the comments.

The technique works on the principle of expert sales.

In a simple way, actively communicate and conduct discussions with subcontractors, experts. Wherever there is a congestion of the target audience. Demonstrating competencies, where appropriate, get transitions to a profile, subscriptions, requests.

I practice this method all the time and I think it is flawless. In fact, this is the ideal passive sale.

Yes, yes, I just read the feed, watch the comments and communicate. They write and buy. Yes, it was possible.

In fact, you sign in dialogues in which you already feel like a fish in water. Others look closely, add to friends, get involved in your content, or immediately write to contacts.


1. Collect profiles where there is live communication in your topic and subscribe 2. Actively communicate about where you understand best, the main thing is to demonstrate experience. 3. You are great.

Without stress and immediately within the zone of interest.

Chip. Strong disagreement and constructive criticism of the positions of the commentators or the publisher has the best effect. True, you need to act carefully, otherwise they will be banned 🙂

More suitable for profiles where the personality is at the center, that is, services, experts and personal blogs.

# Hashtags.

On Instagram, they are watched, read, subscribed to. The functionality of the social network provides for a subscription to content from hashtags, therefore, if the specifics allow, they should be used. If the content proves to be popular, it will take the lead in the hashtag top, garnering more attention.

For this, cheating likes are often used, but this leads to a shadow ban. Its presence knocks it out of natural display systems.

The publications of young profiles are well displayed in the top tags by targeted advertising and giveaway contests.


Choose sets of hashtags individually for each post so that they are a useful addition, and not spam. I do not recommend using more than 15 at a time. If possible, put them in the comments, and not in the body of the publication, so it’s more harmonious. Collect 30-40 of the most important # so that you don’t remember every time.

If you use the same set of hashtags for every post — get a shadow ban.

Geotags, geolocation.

There are good tactics.

You know in advance in what geolocations, places, shopping centers, stores the audience is marked. Link to publications Get additional coverage.

For Stories, this is also relevant, but this fact is overlooked by many.

If you have an offline business, take care of creating your own geo points, where users can also check in by uploading photos from there.

Stories — stories.

A significant proportion of Instagram users generally only watch Stories. This is already a given. They do not bother, they are perceived as a series, and they also switch themselves. Yes, people are lazy assholes.

Use them in your promotion strategy. 5 to 7 Stories per day — this is the norm. Interactive polls, opinion collection, sliders. Even the basic engagement functionality is impressive.

At the very least, fresh publications are posted through the stories and the level of involvement in the life of akka rises. At the most, they stand out in a separate promotion channel, where their content is just as important as that of the feed.

Manual mass following.

The way is easily done by those very first subscribers that beginners dream of, fearing that their promotion will not work.

We select competitors, people from related industries (for example, makeup artists from manicure masters). By avatars and nicknames, we select live and active. We look to have subscriptions and subscribers in the range of 50-400 in order to get into the visibility zone for sure. We go in, watch the content, like, subscribe, if appropriate — leave comments.

We go in once an hour, we make subscriptions for 15-20, so that the inst does not swear. And so on for a week. The first 100-200 subscribers will gain, although the degree of their involvement remains in question.

Mass following services.

Or massive automatic subscriptions, likes (including tagging for comments). You can deeply filter your audience, subscribing only to the most active and hot followers from the collected lists of competitors and places of concentration of the audience.

It is still the easiest and fastest technique to bring in cheap buyers and fans. This is a gray tool and should be used with caution, within limits and guidelines.

On the adjacent material, I wrote step-by-step instructions on one of the most effective mass following systems for the day.


If you run other networks, then there is a useful cross-posting functionality for you.

First, in the settings, activate the basic one, where the publication flies off Vkontakte and Facebook. Such posts on those social networks will have a label «posted via Instagram» and an active link to your profile, which will be a passive signal to go there. And periodically make direct calls to subscribe to your account on your own sites.

Giveaway — gifts for actions.

Contests act as a catalyst for promotion. Stimulate the audience to be active, increasing the impact and increasing engagement.


The goal of the subscriber marathon: To achieve N results under your supervision, working together with other marathon runners.

You can conduct it both independently and promote Instagram together with a user who is close in relevance. In this case, you will make joint announcements for mutual PR by receiving reciprocal subscriptions.

Complex but working method. At the beginning of life, a profile should not be carried out. But, as soon as you have a couple of thousand real live and engaged users, you can increase their involvement in the idea or sell something.

See examples of implementation by hashtag #marathons and in search.

Offline promotions.

For implementation, a permanent or temporary action is created that motivates «alive» visitor to come in and subscribe for the benefit. For example, discounts.

Flyers or level stands are placed in a conspicuous place: «Take a selfie in the establishment, post it with the hashtag N and participate in the fight for Z»…

With good cross-country ability, a tangible effect is created.

Conclusions and personal opinion.

For dozens of business projects in insta under the personal supervision, I came up with a simple idea. The better the preliminary preparation and your involvement in the process — the further you go. You have to tinker yourself, try and work.

Or it’s bullshit.

Paid promotion methods are in my area of ​​responsibility.

Giveaway targeted advertising for stars and bloggers Influencers — influencer marketing.

From them, experts and entrepreneurs collect the juiciest and fastest results.

Each of the methods described above is applied in parallel there and makes the picture even better.

My advice. Learn to target advertising at a minimal level. This skill will yield the greatest benefits.

And apply at least half of the recommendations.

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