How to promote on Instagram.

45 Ways to Promote Instagram Yourself – Blog.

No matter how cool the photos in your insta profile are, without targeted promotion and attracting attention, they will not collect many likes, and the page will not be replenished with new subscribers. Popularity on Instagram is directly related to activity and engagement with the audience. To promote your account, you need to adhere to proven recommendations. We present them to your attention in this article.

How to promote your Instagram.

There are many tricks that can help you promote your Instagram page. We will not dwell on high-quality content – this has long been accepted as an axiom. But unfortunately, just gorgeous pictures with picturesque subjects and perfect dishes are not enough.

If you’re dreaming of becoming an Instagram star, then the tips below are a must-have.

Choose the best time to post.

Posting content when you have to is a huge mistake. Popular bloggers always take photos in advance, and post them only at the right moment.

Create a content plan.

Your publications should be clearly planned for the optimal timing. Experiment to determine the appropriate time interval between posts.

Optimum is considered to be 1-2 publications per day with a long time interval. For example, the first publication can be posted in the daytime, and the second in the late evening.


This is the main source of traffic, because it is on them that most users find your posts. Use both thematic and popular hashtags up to 1 million publications.

Come up with your own branded hashtag. This will help increase your profile’s visibility. Place tags not only in the post description, but also in the first comment below it.


Constantly like other users’ posts. This is how you show attention and attract people to look at your profile. On average, for every 100 likes you get, you can get 6 new followers.

To save yourself the hassle of manually adding likes, try Instaplus for free.

Mass following.

Subscribe to like-minded people. This is an effective way to grow your follower base. It is important to choose people with similar interests. Under such conditions, the chance of getting a mutual subscription increases.

The easiest way is to look for like-minded people among the followers of your competitor. There is no need to follow them manually – Instaplus effectively solves this problem while you are doing more important things.

Comment on other people’s posts.

Thus, you draw the attention of users to your page. This method works especially effectively on popular publications and under the posts of opinion leaders. But keep in mind that the comment should be really interesting. Simple “Cool” will not bring the desired result.

Maintain feedback with your audience.

Ask your followers’ opinions in polls or in post signatures, ask questions. This will help to establish communication with your readers, increase their trust and disposition towards you, and find out their preferences.

Publish Stories.

It will not work to promote your Instagram without mastering Stories. This is one of the most popular sections of this social network, to which the most eyes are riveted. In addition, the most popular Stories of other users are displayed in the “Search” tab. It is quite difficult to get into the TOP, but if you succeed, then thousands of new followers are guaranteed to you.

Post a video.

According to statistics, video content is most often commented on, so it is much more likely to become viral than a photo. Plus, Instagram’s updated algorithms are very fond of the audience engagement rate, which is boosted by comments.

It’s good if you can shoot high-quality videos yourself. If this is not the case, then it’s okay. It’s enough just to select popular videos related to the topic of your account and repost them.

Use geolocation.

Try to always mark the location where a particular photo was taken. Geotagging is another source for finding like-minded people and people who are close to you.

Collaborate with other accounts.

Mutual PR has not yet been canceled. Find several accounts with similar target audience href, but not your direct competitors and offer mutual ad placement. For example, if you are photographing children’s parties, you can offer cooperation to a toy store in your city. This audience exchange will benefit both pages.

Add some blue.

According to research, posts with blue color get 24% more likes than photos with red or orange.

Encourage people to take action.

If you want your audience to be active, feel free to motivate them to take action. Ask to like if the reader agrees with your opinion, or write a comment with your vision. According to statistics, posts with a call to leave like have 89% more marks.

Don’t be afraid to post frequently.

It might seem like being overly active will be annoying, but it’s actually not. Numerous studies also confirm that the more frequent the posts, the higher the user engagement rate.

Sign photos.

Of course, Instagram is a visual social network, the users of which, first of all, pay attention to the graphic content of the post. But recently, textual accompaniment has become more and more relevant. It is not necessary to write a long story under each post. Two or three capacious phrases are quite enough.

Run contests.

All kinds of contests are an obligatory element of promotion. They increase engagement rates and bring new traffic to the page. The easiest raffle is to publish a thematic image and ask everyone who wants to participate in the competition to leave a comment.

Use other social networks.

Invite your Facebook friends. For this, Instagram even has a special option in the settings. Similar actions can be carried out with Twitter, VKontakte and other social networks. Be sure to add a link to your Instagram in your profiles.

Look for followers by hashtags.

Like and subscribe to users who put down hashtags that are relevant to your profile. For example, if your blog is about healthy eating, search for people by hashtags # ΠΏΠΏ, # healthy eating, # healthy eating and others. They will see your like, go to your profile, and may be interested in content that is relevant to them. You can set up automatic mass-liking and mass-following by hashtags through Instaplus.

Post every Sunday.

The smallest number of photo publications was noticed on this day. This means that there will be significantly fewer competitors, and your post will be seen by more people.

Publishing on Wednesday is a must.

According to statistics, posts posted on this day gain the highest number of views and likes.

Tag your friends in photos.

Do not be lazy to mark all the participants in the photo. Let your friends’ friends see the post as well.

Celebrate brands.

Whatever you do and whatever place you visit, be sure to tag all the brands that accompanied the event captured in the photo. This mention can bring traffic to the post from brand loyalists.

Take more selfies.

According to statistics, selfies get the most likes. Show that there is a real person behind all these beautiful pictures. People come to Instagram in order to observe other people’s lives. Photos showing a person’s face, according to statistics, gain 35% more likes.

Make yourself a brand.

Use your Instagram nickname not only within the social network. Advertise it wherever you can. A notebook, a case or a branded car sticker will surely attract attention.

Allow Instagram access to your smartphone.

The best way to get the first few dozen followers for free is to let Instagram sync with your phone book. To do this, open the settings menu in the application, select the “Invite and subscribe to friends” section and the “Subscribe to contacts” option.

Motivate and inspire.

Most users are looking for inspiration in posts. Share your experiences from time to time, post motivating quotes or stories.

Develop a unique style.

The Instagram trend of recent years is the design of the page in the same style. Choose a few filters that you will use to process your photos all the time. When posting content, also think ahead about how it will look next to the rest of the posts. Applications like UNUM and Concept Office will help you with this.

Be proactive.

There is a direct relationship between activity and popularity on Instagram. The more time you spend on the social network, the more likes and comments, the faster your audience grows.

How to promote your Instagram with Instaplus.

Take the Instaplus automatic promotion service as your assistant. With the help of the services of the service, you can establish a clear algorithm for attracting subscribers and fully automate this process, reducing your participation to a minimum.

The service works from the cloud and is available without installation. He will promote Instagram 24/7, independently subscribe to users, like them and even comment on posts. You will only have to observe the results.

Post custom content.

If someone posted a review or words of gratitude about your page, be sure to repost to your page. This step will show that you value each of your followers.

Promote through bloggers.

Advertising from bloggers is an easy way to get the attention of a huge audience of subscribers. You will have to spend money and put a lot of effort into finding a competent influencer who can promote the page, but the result of hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers is worth it.

Recommended users.

From time to time go to the section “Interesting people” in the settings. Here you will see the tab “Recommended users” – subscribe to them. Most likely, you have a lot of common interests and they will subscribe to you in return.

Fill in the BIO.

If you haven’t done it yet, then you have made a big mistake. These few offers are capable of luring casual visitors and motivating them to sign up. In your bio, briefly tell us who you are, what you do, and why it will be interesting to follow you.

Quality only.

No one is interested in flipping through hundreds of similar pictures of salads – publish only beautiful high-quality content that will be of interest to users. Out of 100 Instagram profile photos, only one can be awarded. The rest can be left for home collection, or it is better to delete them immediately so that they do not take up the phone’s memory.

Break into the TOP.

When you enter a hashtag in the search, then at first you will see the 9 most popular and liked posts. A place in the TOP is the attention of a huge audience and thousands of likes. To get there, you need to get the maximum number of likes in a short period of time. The easiest way to do this is with weak hashtags, there is less competition.

Insta cats.

If you didn’t manage to break out in the TOP by thematic tags – do not be discouraged, but pump up at the expense of the target audience itself. Post a cute photo of the cat and follow the popular thematic hashtags to all the cats you find. Many will do the same in response and you are almost guaranteed a place in the TOP.

Avoid direct competitors.

Don’t seek support and likes from users who are your competitors. People are envious everywhere and even the best posts won’t get a response.

Give value.

Users subscribe to those accounts whose content is of some value to them. Post content that might be useful to others.

Ask for bookmarks.

Instagram’s algorithms take into account the number of bookmarking for advancement on the news feed. Share your interesting developments with users. According to statistics, the bookmarks most often include recipes, exercises, instructions for processing photos, travel routes, diets.

A bit of humor.

High-quality humor will dilute the atmosphere and win over the audience to you. Post sometimes funny photos and videos on your topic.


You need to not only actively maintain an account, but also communicate with other users. To select publications that are interesting to users, Instagram algorithms even take into account the number of messages in Direct.

Broadcast live.

Live broadcasts attract most of the attention of users. It’s an easy way to share your thoughts and chat with your subscribers live.


If you want to quickly promote the page, but do not want to spend a lot of time, then order targeted advertising. You can do this by linking your Facebook page to your Instagram. Read also the article “How much does advertising on Instagram cost” in our blog.

Take advantage of paid services.

If you have no desire or skills to promote the page yourself, entrust this business to a professional. But be prepared for the fact that such services are not cheap.

The main thing is patience.

To promote a page, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Don’t lose your motivation if, after a few days of active action, you have only +5 followers. Systematic execution of actions is important. Lack of patience – automate processes.


Promotion of an insta profile is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. First, you need to combine many methods of promoting your Instagram account. Secondly, all actions must be repeated regularly and systematically.

Instaplus will greatly simplify the routine work. All readers of our blog can try the tool for free at this link.

12 ways to successfully promote your Instagram account.

Whether you are just getting started or have been on the gram for a while, there is always a chance to learn new strategies to successfully promote your Instagram account.

There are a lot of competitors on Instagram these days. Instagram now has over 1 billion users worldwide! Not only that, you have an Instagram algorithm to follow. This is to ensure that your posts grab attention every time you publish them.

There is definitely something to think about!

If you really want to stand out and promote your Instagram successfully, keep reading to discover 12 different strategies (with examples !!) to help you grow your followers and boost your engagement.


Instagram’s new Nametag feature is a fantastic tool that you can use to successfully promote your Instagram account online and offline.

This new feature has so many uses that it makes us squeal with excitement!

To create an Instagram badge, go to your Instagram profile and click the badge icon (next to the archive button).

From here, you can change the background of your Instagram tag. You can choose an emoji, a selfie (with a funny sticker), or a colored background.

Once you’ve successfully created your Instagram badge, you can save the image to your phone’s camera roll and start using it creatively both online and offline.

Here are some ideas to help you successfully promote your Instagram with this feature:

* Share your Instagram Nametag picture on LinkedIn, or better yet, at the end of your LinkedIn articles! * Add your Instagram name tag to the end of your PowerPoint presentation when you are giving a speech at an event to make it easier for audience members to find you and follow you on Instagram. * If you run pop-up events or have a business as usual, print your Instagram badge on a poster to entice visitors to follow you on Instagram.

PSSST -> Want to know more about the Instagram Nametag feature? Click here to see the full version!


If you have a regular business or even an office with a small reception, you can use a social media counter to successfully promote your Instagram.

Have you ever seen one of them in action? This is what it looks like!

You can hang it on the wall, place it on a table, or put it on a shelf.

To draw even * more * attention to your counter, you can even hang some garlands around it. You are now ready to make your way to more Instagram followers. Woohoo!

PSSST -> To find out more about this super duper funky social media counter, check them out here.


If you know someone with a similar target market offering an additional product or service, why not team up to compete together?

You can only partner with one business owner, or you can go ahead and work with multiple companies to collect an amazingly awesome prize.

(Or some prizes!)

On our journey, we found that the most effective Instagram contests have a login method where a member must follow your account and tag a few friends in the comments section to win.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind? You * must * have this special little offer at the end of your Instagram competition title …

“This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or affiliated with Instagram.”

Instagram specifically asks anyone running a competition on the platform to include this signature, and it is also recommended to have clear terms and conditions and a deadline for applications.

PSSST -> Need ideas for Instagram content? Here are 33 of them!


Working with influencers on Instagram can seem a little daunting at first. But if you can manage to piece together a detailed campaign description and an amazing group of influencers, you are sure to make a lot of profit for your money!

For best results, you may need a mix of micro and macro results, and it is also worth sitting down and figuring out your payment budget.

PRO TIP: Before picking an influencer, be sure to ask them for a media kit so you can see their Instagram analytics and see if they have anything else they could promote (like a blog).


If you run Instagram as a business, it is likely that you also have at least one other social media profile.

* YouTube * Twitter * LinkedIn * Facebook.

Wherever you are, think about how you could cross-promote your Instagram profile on another social network.

A great time to cross-promote is just a few days before you are about to announce an exclusive contest or Instagram giveaway. Tell your social media audience to log into your Instagram account, follow it and stay updated because something * awesome * is on the way.

Cross-promotion may sound simple, but it is a really effective strategy for successfully promoting your Instagram account.


Surely if you’re on Instagram you have an email address, right ?!

Well, you can use your email signature to successfully promote your Instagram account.

We know, we know this is not rocket science … but many of us forget the power of our electronic signatures.

It is likely that you are sending emails to different people around the world every day. If you really want to gain more Instagram followers easily, hire someone to design a beautiful email signature that promotes your Instagram profile.


NS . and now I’m happy to share this with you!

If you have a cafe, restaurant, or bistro (or whatever in the gourmet realm), you should definitely consider how you can sneakily promote your Instagram account in areas where your competitors are likely not to be.

As an Instagram marketer, when I’m about to grab a bite to eat in a place I’ve never been before, I usually flip through the company’s Instagram account by flipping through the menu. This is so that I can see pictures of what other people ate and also see what people are saying about these foods.

The funny thing is, while I do it naturally, with a little effort to add the Instagram logo and your Instagram username to the top or all of your menu pages, you will be able to successfully promote your Instagram and get new followers every time you have. customers. #VICT.

If you’re too fond of putting the Instagram logo on your menu, you might instead have something at your outlet (like a social media counter) to do the job for you.


If you’ve never thought about Instagram ads, maybe now is the time to start doing it.

Instagram ads are a great way to successfully promote your Instagram with guaranteed results.

You can advertise on Instagram Stories and Instagram Newsfeed using videos or images. Heck, you can even make a combination of them if you really want to give your best!

For some tips on how to create your first Instagram ad, check out our guide right here.


Guest posts or “guest blogs” can be an extremely effective way to increase your Instagram following as well as give your site more SEO options.

Why not give it a hack ?!

Think of various industry websites or online news sites that you could benefit from. Then send them a quick email with your blog article.

At the end of the blog post, you can include a biography of the author in this biography as well. Then you can share the link to your Instagram account.


There are two different approaches to capturing Instagram Stories, both of which can help you successfully promote your Instagram account.

Influencer Acquisition:

With Influencer Takeover, you will be promoting your Instagram account when Influencer shares with their audience that they will “take over” your Instagram Stories for one day.

Typically, the influencer tells his audience through his own Instagram Stories as well as a post on his Instagram grid. While this is pretty standard, it would be a good idea to outline how you want the influencer to promote the takeover when you are just starting out. discuss cooperation.

Business acquisition:

If you have a business friend with a similar target market and additional value proposition, why not team up to grab Instagram Stories?

You both can create content for each other’s Instagram audience. On a set day, you can post each other’s content on your Instagram Stories.

This is a great way to share your audience with an additional business owner and grow both of your accounts.

There is power in collaboration, so give it a try!


One great way to find new people to follow on Instagram (and successfully promote your Instagram) is with Facebook groups.

Join multiple Facebook business groups for your niche, or better yet, find Instagram-focused groups that welcome promotion.

This is a really quick way to promote your Instagram account and is worth trying.


Speaking at events in your industry or on a topic that you like will always help you successfully promote your Instagram account; provided that you include your Instagram account at the end of the performance!

Thanks to the power of the Instagram Nametag feature, you don’t need to mention it at all! Just make the last slide of your PowerPoint your Instagram badge (after you’re done speaking). Audience members who enjoyed your talk are sure to take the leap and become your new Instagram followers.

So this is it. You now have 12 different strategies that you can start using right away to successfully promote your Instagram account.

Ready to take your Instagram to the next level? The desktop version of Plann is coming soon with even more advanced Instagram analytics, photo editing filters and features you already know and love. Click here to get the first chips when it launches!

against FB Ads Manager.

Every day, Instagram ads generate new sales in our dropshipping stores. People really like this social network and they usually spend a lot of time on it. This is why promoting your ecommerce business on Instagram and introducing potential customers to your online store is a great idea! So let’s figure out how to promote Instagram posts with maximum efficiency.

In our experience, advertising on Instagram leads to an immediate increase in sales: after the launch of the ad campaign, the store owner starts receiving incoming orders very quickly.

Here’s another tempting fact: When we use Instagram ads to promote our own stores, the average cost per conversion stays around $ 2 for an Add to Cart and $ 5 for a Purchase.

Sounds awesome! And this is especially interesting because it is quite easy to set up this type of ad.

In this article, we’ll show you how to promote Instagram posts through mobile apps. In addition, we will also explain how to create ads in Facebook Ads Manager.

We will analyze the effectiveness of each method using two examples: this will allow us to point out the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.


Getting ready: improving your Instagram bio.

Whichever method you choose to set up your ad campaign, make sure your own Instagram profile is informative and attractive to newly acquired visitors.

Check out these awesome Instagram bio ideas that turn your visitors into customers!

Ready? Now let’s get down to creating your killer ad!

Creation of advertising in the mobile application Instagram.

“Instagram Promote” is a great feature that allows you to promote posts from your Instagram account and drive more visitors to your site.

If you want the Promote feature to be available on your store’s Instagram account, you need to connect that account to the corresponding Facebook page. You can then turn your account into a business profile.

As an example, we decided to advertise themed products to a target audience of My Neighbor Totoro fans.

Choosing an Instagram post for promotion.

We created a post in the Carousel format: uploaded 5 collages with products that we want to advertise, added advertising texts.

As soon as we published the post, a “Promote” button appeared below it: this is the button that allows us to create ads.

We recommend that you wait a bit after the post is published so that subscribers have time to like it. We’ve noticed that post likes contribute to wider and cheaper audience reach during paid ads.

To start promoting the post, we clicked Promote.

Set up a goal and call to action.

Instagram allows us to choose an advertising target from several available options, in particular, we can:

Refer our target audience to our website Refer our target audience to our Instagram profile Send our target audience to a specific web address Show our target audience the phone number on our business account.

In our case, we chose the goal “More website visitors”.

We then inserted the web address of the advertised product. At this point, we also need to select a call to action. In our ad, we chose the Buy Now option.

To proceed to the next step, we clicked “Finish”.

To properly track sales for this ad, be sure to add utm tags to the URL. This will give you the opportunity to collect important statistics to further research and improve your strategy.

Once the link was added, we clicked Next.

Determination of the target audience.

As an experiment, you can use the auto-audiences that Instagram has set up for you; however, we strongly recommend that you do not use this feature: with this type of audience, your ad will be less effective and more costly.

We selected the “Manual” option and clicked “Next”.

In a new window, we set the parameters that will define our audience. At this stage, we need to choose:

Audience Name Location Interests Age Gender.

After you clicked “Finish”, you cannot edit the audience. If you want to change something, you need to create a new audience.

After we selected the created audience, clicked “Next”.

Setting the budget and duration.

Here we select the duration of the campaign and the advertising budget.

We recommend spending at least $ 10 per day on one ad.

Then click “Next”. In the new window we select the ad options. We can also set the payment method for our ad.

To complete the creation of the ad and start serving it, we clicked “Create Promotion”.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Facebook’s Advertising Policy before launching ads. If your ad does not comply with the guidelines, it will be rejected, which sometimes leads to a complete ban on your Facebook account.

Once your ad is approved, your potential customers will start seeing it!

We will describe advertising analytics below.

How to Promote Instagram Posts with Facebook Ads Manager.

Choosing a campaign target.

In Facebook Ads Manager, you can choose different targets for your ads. For our campaign, we have chosen Traffic as our main target.

After naming the name of the campaign, we clicked “Continue”.

Choosing basic targeting and budgeting settings for ads.

In choosing where to direct our potential clients, we chose “Website” as our target destination.

We then clicked “Use Saved Audience” and selected the audience that we saved when creating ads in our Instagram app on mobile.

Here you can see the audience size and other parameters that we have specified for this segment. To check your audience targeting options, you can click the Edit button.

To adjust the parameters (demographics, location and interests), we used the same algorithm as when creating an audience in the mobile application.

Here you can check your interest-related targeting settings.

On the right, you will see audience size information.

We have 240 thousand people. That’s a good audience size!

We then selected “Change placement” to specify where our ads will appear.

We are editing Instagram ads, so we chose Mobile under Device Type.

We then went to the Platforms category and selected the Feed option in the Instagram section.

Then we decided to serve ads on all mobile devices.

After that, we chose a budget that will be spent on advertising on a daily basis.

We then selected Link Clicks as the Optimized for Displaying Ads option.

Now it’s time to click “Continue” to continue customizing your ads.

Creation of an ad.

In this step, we need a Facebook business page created for our online store and an Instagram account connected to this page. We will serve ads from that account.

We chose Carousel as our ad format.

We wrote ad copy for our ad.

We made the same images that we used to advertise products through the Instagram app on a mobile device.

We then inserted a link to the related products.

In the “Additional URLs” section, we put a link that leads to a complete list of our store’s products.

Be sure to tag your links with UTM tags to help you track the effectiveness of these ads. Please note that the campaign name is different from the one we used when creating ads through the Instagram app.

After selecting the appropriate button in the Call to Action dropdown, we chose the Buy Now option.

After that, we made sure Facebook Pixel Tracking is turned on.

This is what this ad looks like in your Instagram feed!

As you can see, ads configured in Facebook Ads Manager are not really different from ads created using the Instagram app.

So, we clicked “Submit” and waited for the ad to be approved.

If you’re using an identical audience to create ads in both the Instagram app and Facebook Ads Manager, don’t run both of these campaigns at the same time! Your ads will compete with each other and you will get unsatisfactory results.

Instagram Promoted Post vs Facebook Ads Manager: Conclusions from the Experiment.

Now let’s analyze how the ads worked and see if there was a difference in their effectiveness. Ads created with the Instagram app received over 2000 likes and 30 comments! This is a very impressive interaction and shows that the ads for the selected products were interesting to the audience.

This number of likes will potentially reduce the cost per click on your next promotion.

Since the Instagram business profile is connected to the Facebook business page, we can also see the ad statistics in the Facebook Ads Manager.

An ad customized on the Instagram app produced the following results.

Clicks on links – 166 Range – 17 469 Amount spent – $ 10.01 Cost per click – $ 0.06 Purchase on the site – 0.

Post-commitment – 942 Post reactions – 731 Publication of comments – 30.

So, an ad set up in the $ 10 Instagram app attracted 166 people to our site, and this ad had a lot of interest! These results are especially good for ads where the main goal is to drive traffic.

However, this ad did not go on sale right away. Perhaps, after a while, sales will begin, especially if retargeting of catalog ads is configured: they help us retain customers who have visited our site or added products to the cart, but have not completed their purchase.

Now let’s analyze the ads configured in Facebook Ads Manager.

Clicks on links – 24 Departures – 2068 Amount spent – 9.37 US dollars Cost per click – $ 0.39 Purchase on the site – 2!

Post-obligation – 79 Post-reactions – 46 Posting comments – 0 Number of likes on the page – 0.

Clicking here cost us $ 0.39. Despite the high cost per click and low engagement, this ad generated 2 sales!

In the short term, ads configured with Facebook Ads Manager performed better as we got sales from our online store.

However, ads customized with the Instagram app can also bring us future sales. This ad was shown to more people, had more engagement and attracted more people to the site, which is very promising in terms of future sales.

How to Promote Instagram Posts: Final Thoughts.

The pros of Instagram posts.

Quick and easy ad setup Free organic traffic for a cheaper promotion Lower CPC A fast and cheap way to attract new followers to your Instagram profile.

Instagram promoted post vs.

No additional ad configuration settings Cannot be activated when setting up ads for Facebook Pixel There is no option to add an additional link to all products.

Facebook Ads Manager p ros.

Detailed ad settings that allow you to accurately tailor ads Possibility to connect Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking Additional features for advertising analytics.

Facebook Ads Manager cons.

Longer and more complex setup process High CPC No free organic participation.

In our day-to-day practice, we use Facebook Ads Manager to promote our stores as it allows us to tailor our ads very carefully. We experiment with copywriting and creative content, which significantly reduces the cost of going to the site.

But you have to carefully study and evaluate these options and decide how to promote your Instagram post in order to attract more customers to your online store. Feel free to share your preferred setup method for Instagram ads in the comment section below!

How to successfully promote your post on Instagram.

Sep 05,2019 β€’ Proven solutions.

So, what do you think about Instagram promotion? Have you ever encountered curating content after hours of hard work, but the answer was sad? The reason is that your post did not receive any likes or followers, and also did not receive the kind of interactivity that you expected from it.

We understand this is rather unpleasant. With over 700 million users posting content on a regular basis, it can be assumed that your message is lost before its big day arrives.

In this article, we’ll show you how to promote your Instagram posts.

Part 1: How to Promote Your Instagram Post with Ads.

To promote posts on Instagram, you need to take care of various aspects. Each one plays a vital role in determining the popularity of your post on social media. The better the promotion, the higher the popularity of your post.

5 different types of Instagram ads.

First of all, you need to understand what kind of Instagram ads exist. Knowing them will help you best match and promote your Instagram content. There are 5 different types of Instagram ads, for example:

Photo ads.

This shows off an image of your product, which piques the interest of the viewer to find out more. It’s almost the same as an image, like a post on your Instagram account.

Announcement Stories.

These ads are part of your Instagram Stories. You can post a video / photo of a product or service in your Instagram Stories for people to see as a story.

Video ads.

You can upload a video about your product as an advertisement. When people browse multiple channels on Instagram, your ad appears, and if they’re interested in it, they can click on it to get to your business page.

Carousel advertising.

Carousel ads are like a photo album in which several products and services are combined in one place. Instagram users can flip through them and then contact you.

Slideshow Announcements.

Instagram slideshow is a slideshow that combines multiple services and videos.

How do I advertise on Instagram?

Before you start promoting on Instagram, make sure to take care of the following things:

Create an Instagram business profile. You must be the administrator of the Facebook page through which you manage your Instagram account. Ask the administrator to add you as one if you are not the administrator of this page.

Steps to promote your post.

Here is a step-by-step guide to promoting your Instagram post –

Go to your Instagram account and click on the post you want to promote. Click Promote right below the post image and enter the details of the post.

Note: Who will be your audience, what budget have you set, how long are you going to carry out the promotion, etc. Filled in without fail.

Now click “Next” and then click “Promote” again to start promoting. After that, the promotion on Instagram is considered in about an hour or longer. Once it complies with Instagram’s ad policy, it gets approved and can work on Instagram.

Part 2: How to Promote an Instagram Post by Influential People.

Here are tips on how to launch a successful Instagram promotion by connecting with influencers.

1. Find the influencers first.

Use hashtags to find influencers in your niche. They can use products / services from your niche and can be helpful in promoting your product / service on Instagram.

Another way to find influencers is to use influencer platforms. You can reach them through their existing clients, whom they consult or listen to on social media. For example, people follow beauty / makeup or fashion / health / instagram bloggers who can make an impact.

Influencers can promote your brand and product for a certain boost on Instagram. Either give them content or ask them for feedback on your product.

2. Talk to them directly.

You need to start negotiations with Instagram influencers to promote Instagram. Influencers consume the product and, if satisfied, ask the brand to promote it. Sometimes there is no direct partnership between the influencer and the brand to promote a product.

You can reach out to an influencer to try out your new product and view it on Instagram, or you can work in joint fundraisers such as contests and giveaways. Genuine influencers who use your product and product voluntarily are really helpful to you.

3. Great platform is a shortcut.

Instagram influencers believe the influencer platform is the best way to connect with brands. This platform offers a third-party neutral meeting place with brands. You can discover new influencers and they can find you too. Both parties feel safe as the platform is governed by certain terms of use.

Part 3: Benefits of promoting an Instagram post.

1. Higher conversion rates.

Softer interactions, such as signing up for content or downloading assets, increase conversion rates through Instagram ads. In the case of a purchase, the conversion is the same. Visually engaging product ads can increase the number of purchases and increase your ROI.

2. Instagram is linked to Facebook.

This fact has a big impact on Instagram promotion as Facebook data can be used to target your Instagram audience. Since planning and budgeting, creating and setting up ads is done through Facebook, you don’t need to repeat this for Instagram.

3. It targets the millennial generation.

Creating and promoting Instagram posts for Instagram ads targeting the millennial generation is the best solution as more young people under the age of 30 are becoming active Instagram users. Capturing their attention and gaining their trust will ensure high engagement on your Instagram account.


We’re sure this article has been a great source of help for you on how to best promote your post on Instagram. What’s more, it provided insight into the vital aspects of Instagram posting and how to promote it on social media to accelerate your online presence and your brand’s ROI.

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