How to promote travel content on Instagram and TikTok.

At TPAS2020, marketing manager of Aviasales Daria Nazarova told what is the secret of popularity on Instagram and why you urgently need to create an account on TikTok.

How to get promoted on Instagram.

People go to Instagram for more than just posting photos and liking friends. The social network has become a source of news, interesting information and inspiration. Thus, according to PhocusWire, 83% of travelers are inspired by visual content when planning a trip. You can become the one who gives this feeling and helps with helpful advice.

To keep your account successful, follow a few rules.

Make quality visual content.

When it comes to travel, photographs are the first thing people pay attention to. Attractive locations work much better than beautiful writing about them, so focus on the picture.

It’s great if you have your own pictures or videos. But even if they are not there — not scary. You can use free photo stocks like Unsplash. There are many attractive pictures in the Travel category. Feel free to use them on Instagram and don’t worry about unoriginal content: the site does not pessimize your posts for this.

You can also ask another blogger for a photo and post it with attribution. He can then repost your entry. — so his audience will know about you.

Whatever the source of the content, it is important to competently process photos and videos. The following applications will help with this:

VSCO (iOS, Android) — simple editor for photo and video editing. Loved by users for the cool filters, most of which, however, are paid. InShot (iOS, Android) — a convenient video editor tailored for Instagram. Chromic (iOS) — application with interesting filters for videos. Snapseed (iOS, Android) — a full-fledged photo editor from Google with a bunch of tools and filters. Huji (iOS, Android) — handy application for creating photo content. Unfold (iOS, Android) — cool minimalist templates for creating stories.

Share information with subscribers.

Try to be helpful. Tell us about ticket prices, interesting places, successful and unsuccessful hotels, life hacks for travelers, ways to save money — the audience will be grateful to you.

Daria Nazarova in her speech cites as an example [8:28] several accounts, the authors of which do it especially well. Take their techniques into service.

Post content regularly.

Don’t get lost. The more quality content you make, the better the contact with your followers. You will constantly be in their field of vision.

If you have a crisis of ideas or don’t have time to write a text, just take some photos or videos and make a story. This is also a working way to remind of yourself, which does not require a lot of labor.

Connect with your audience.

Instagram — a great platform to communicate, share your opinion or interesting information and get feedback. Answer questions from subscribers and try to keep the conversation alive. This will increase user engagement and build a community.

A good way to start a discussion — write about some facts that surprised you. Daria Nazarova talks about a girl who managed to collect more than 1,000 comments under a post with 200 standard comments for this account. Here is her case [4:18].

Collaborate with bloggers.

At the start, you simply cannot do without promotion. It can be either free or paid. The main thing here — find the right blogger. It is better to do it manually: select at least one account that is similar to you by topic, number of subscribers, audience, and click on the button «Subscribe to»… Similar bloggers will immediately appear in the recommendations, which can also be checked according to the specified criteria.

Do not strive to immediately become a top blogger with an audience of thousands. Most likely, he will not be interested in cooperation with you. Focus on accounts that aren’t much larger than yours.

How can you be useful to each other?

1. Advice. If you liked someone’s account, write to the author and ask them to share their experience. How does he edit photos? How is travel organized? How is it going? The answers can provide food for thought.

2. Mutual PR. This is a format that will be useful to both parties. Agree with the blogger to talk about your account and make a note in the story. So his audience will know about you, and someone will subscribe. They will expect the same story from you in return.

3. Take over campaigns. Another way to exchange audience. You invite a blogger to your account to keep a story, and he invites you. Make the most of this opportunity: tell us about yourself, your travels and share something useful — in the end, for this you are being watched.

4. Paid placement. Do not be shy about promoting for money. This is a completely normal tool for increasing the number of subscribers, especially relevant at the initial stage.

When choosing an account for advertising, ask the blogger for statistics and pay attention to the following indicators:

Story views, or reach. If it is 30% of the number of subscribers or more, then the audience is sufficiently involved — can be accommodated. If the percentage is lower, cheats and bots are possible. The number of transitions on a sticker (not on swipes). Divide this value by the reach and get the CTR. — click-through rate. If it is higher than 3–5% — super.

Record the number of your subscribers before advertising and keep track of how many people come to you. Feel free to post more cool content this day and welcome a new audience — this will help keep her.

After posting, evaluate if your investment has paid off. In her speech, Daria Nazarova tells [20:00] how much one transition and subscriber should cost on average.

How to get promoted on TikTok.

TikTok is not yet as popular with Russian users as Instagram: its audience is 15–18 million people and younger in general. But this site is gaining momentum very quickly. A lot of people are tired of beautiful pictures and just want to relax by getting into funny videos. TikTok does a great job at this.

If you go to this social network, you will see an endless stream of short videos. Each one lasts an average of 15 seconds. Among them — challenges, parodies, funny dances to popular music and sketches. You just go from one video to another without noticing it. The videos are selected by a recommendation system, so you see content not only from users you follow.

If you are not yet on TikTok, then it’s time to start an account. The travel niche is still free there, which means that you can compete for the audience’s attention. Here’s how to do it.

Try to get into the recommendations.

As we said, TikTok is based on a recommendation system. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have. Much more important is what kind of content you make. The following parameters can affect its success:

1. Searches. To keep users from falling off, video authors choose a short format or use phrases like «End — super, watch it!» Such techniques work: the video is watched in its entirety, it is more likely to be included in the recommendations.

2. Originality. It must be at least 85%, otherwise the video will not be recommended to users.

3. Hashtags. For example, there are relatively few videos on the #travel tag, and you can upload a bunch of content that will not get lost in the general mass.

4. Music tracks. Insert music from popular TikTok accounts into your videos.

5. Regularity of the release. The more often you post content, the better.

6. The number of shares. The system takes into account the number of times users share your content and go to your profile.

7. The use of new chips of the site. For example, masks and effects. TikTok tracks this and promotes these videos.

Collaborate with bloggers.

Since the site is new, there are no proven rules for working with bloggers yet. But brands are already conducting their first experiments, and Daria Nazarova shared her experience with Aviasales. The following formats are used by the company:

1. Voice integration. The author of the video pronounces the name of the brand.

2. Display of the service interface. There is no direct mention of the brand, but some users may remember its visual identity.

3. Mention of the brand in the text of the video. Despite such an obvious integration, the video did not cause any negativity and gained 500 thousand views.

There is nothing wrong with people recognizing ads. If done well, you will get a lot of positive comments and support from your audience.

Whatever you choose — TikTok or Instagram, think about users first. If you solve their problems and create great content, then you will be in demand. But do not forget about the features of promotion on a specific site and use all the opportunities for audience growth, including paid ones.

You can find more interesting cases and accounts for inspiration in the full version of Daria Nazarova’s webinar.

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