How to promote your site in search engines.

Hello, friends! In this lesson, we will talk about how to promote a website for free in Google and Yandex search engines.

Of course, website promotion on the Internet is a painstaking business and usually quite long. The result of promotion is influenced by many factors, from the popularity of queries on the subject of your site to the speed of page loading and the responsiveness of the site on mobile devices. Below I will give a list of necessary measures that do not require absolutely any financial costs and everyone can do them!

Correctly configured permalinks (cnc)

This is the foundation and foundation of the entire site. The correct link structure (URL) has not only a positive effect on SEO website promotion, but also makes the links logical and pleasing to the eyes of your website visitors.

More on setting up permalinks:

Internal SEO optimization of site pages.

The key to success in SEO promotion; correct optimization of site pages. This point includes interesting and well-written text, image optimization, correct title, and the use of h1 tags.; h5.

Map of site.

In the lesson on creating a sitemap in WordPress, we discussed in detail why it is needed, and how to create it in just a few minutes. A sitemap is also required when adding a site to Google and Yandex Webmaster Tools (more on this later).

map of site; required attribute of any site. Without it, Internet promotion can be avoided

Adding a site to the Google and Yandex webmaster tools.

Immediately after creating a sitemap, you need to add the site to the Google and Yandex webmaster toolbar. What will it give and why is it needed?

Google Webmaster Tools:

Analysis of search queries Information about internal links and links to your site Indexing status Keyword content Crawl errors Indexing settings A bunch of other useful things.


Indexing settings Analysis of search queries Analysis of incoming links Information about the number of pages in the search Statistics TIC General information, etc.

You do not need to choose which is better, you need to add the site to both Google and Yandex. When promoting your site, you will use these tools very often

Website loading speed.

The speed of loading pages of the site and its smooth operation is important not only for visitors. This factor affects both the ranking of queries and the search result in general. This factor cannot be called the most important, but you definitely should not forget about it!

Lessons to help speed up your website:

You can check your site speed using the PageSpeed ​​Insights service.

Responsiveness (responsiveness) of the site on mobile devices.

On April 21, 2015, the Google search engine began to raise websites adapted for mobile devices in search results. If your site is not responsive; be sure to think about improving the site theme or completely replacing it.

In conclusion, I want to say that the SEO optimization measures described in this lesson are not the only ones, but they can be confidently called the key ones, and at the initial stage of optimization they are mandatory.

If you have any questions or have an interesting experience in website promotion; write in the comments.

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