How to promote your site in search engines.

Hello friends! In this article I will tell you the basic principles of how to promote a website in the Yandex and Google search engines. So let’s go!

How to promote a site in a search engine.

After you have created a site for doing business and making money, you need to promote it. SEO promotion makes the resource famous. In addition, if you thoroughly engage in promotion, setting a specific goal, which is to increase the number of site visitors, then it will steadily grow every day.

An SEO optimizer, like an artist, architect or writer, designs a website that must meet not only the expectations of people, but also of search engines. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, because a reader who sees an overly optimized text will simply leave your resource.

To get the maximum effect of website promotion in search engines, you need to follow three directions.

Understand what keys are and how they are formed;

Engage in external SEO optimization. Engage in internal SEO optimization.

What is SEO key generation.

Keys are keywords. In the event that there is not a sufficient budget for website promotion, then it is better to choose a topic that has a non-commercial focus. Indeed, even despite the fact that queries are made very often for key commercial words, progress in this direction will be very expensive. And when one popular request out of the whole number weakens its position, then a huge number of site visitors immediately disappears.

If you need to select the number of non-commercial low-frequency popular queries, then it is quite possible to create a stable base for increasing traffic. To generate keys, you can use any statistical resource on the Internet. One has only to make a request based on the topic of your site, then in response to it, a whole list of popular and not so popular results will be presented. After that, having found a selection, you should start writing or buying articles containing words from this list.

External website optimization.

It is unlikely that anything will work if you rely only on the use of keywords. Given the high competition today, you need to increase the number of external links to your site. You can independently register in various forums, participating in discussions and wherever possible to post links to your resource. This method will also be effective if you leave comments in announcements and blogs.

If you are too lazy to do this, then you can just buy external links. They are sold on specialized exchanges on the Internet. Thus, the site will be run through a variety of directories, which will make the optimization of the resource faster and more efficient. But the main thing in this is not to overdo it and do everything correctly so as not to fall under the Yandex filter. # 8211; Minusinsk, for the link explosion and non-thematic backlinks.

Internal website optimization.

In order to optimize the home page of the site and effectively promote the site in search engines, you need to select a high-frequency query that reflects its subject matter. When filling the resource, it is worth remembering the placement of the main keys. The main thing in this case is to control that the frequency of their use is not higher than 2.5%. Otherwise, search robots will regard it as spam. And also for additional popularity it will be useful to arrange subheadings, lists in articles and break them into paragraphs. Don’t forget about illustrations.

Another condition for internal optimization is the introduction of a system of internal links (interlinking) between the pages of the site. To do this, you should select several pages for promotion. Then, with the help of internal links, their weight increases. This is another method for website promotion, using which prolongs the time of visitors’ stay on it. After all, after reading one article, a person will see another link, and, having become interested, he will follow it.

In detail about how to correctly perform the linking of site pages, I tell in the video:

Summing up, it can be noted that these are only general tips and tricks that are effective at the moment. Do not forget that information technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, if there is a desire not to stand still, then you should often study the materials on the topic and consult with people who know this area. It is quite possible that you will find another effective way of how to promote your site in the search engines Yandex and Google. Timely development is the key to success.

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