How to promote your site yourself?

Putting all your efforts in the right direction, you have achieved your goal – you have created a website. Now he needs promotion. How can you promote a website yourself and how difficult is it? In this article, I want to describe in more detail the possible steps and stages of the set of activities required in order to make your resource popular.

Of course, it would be easier than ever to use contextual advertising and your site would become known the next day or even earlier. No! … I want to talk about another, more time-consuming method that requires a certain contribution (mental, and maybe financial) to the development of your site. After all, if you have created a website in order to earn money by placing advertisements, then the last way to promote it for you is the only appropriate and expedient solution.

Stages of website promotion.

1. First, you can register your site in directories using the 1ps program (read more here). This will allow your site to get into the index of search engines faster due to the fact that external direct links will be installed on your site. In addition, in this way, you can promote the site for low-competitive queries or, as they say, bring it to the TOP of search engines.

2. If not so long ago (a year ago) after registering in catalogs it was possible to exchange links with related resources, now this approach is not effective. In addition, it can now be called a gray site promotion method. And then, the overwhelming majority of webmasters agree to exchange with non-zero sites, i.e. having non-zero indicators TIC and PR. If earlier, by registering in catalogs, it was possible to obtain TIC = 200, now this allows achieving, at best, TIC = 50, and even then in six months. Therefore, your task now is to come up with articles containing unique and interesting information that can really be useful for site visitors. In this case, be sure to indicate its authorship, and at the very bottom of the site (footer or basement, as this place is also called), indicate that copying of information is allowed only with the permission of the site owner, or only with an active hyperlink to your site, as the primary source of information. What does this give, I also wrote about it here. Submit articles to other sites!

However, the second option is still unprofitable in the sense that search engines, especially Google (and Yandex too), do not like duplicate pages and stick them together. You can read the following opinion of Yandex employees. How does a high-quality website differ from a low-quality one from Yandex’s point of view? In addition, copying your materials makes the site’s content non-unique, and this can greatly reduce its position on Google. And Yandex can apply a certain filter to your site, which greatly lowers its position in the search results. But I’ll talk about this later. However, it is almost impossible to protect yourself from the uncontrolled actions of negligent webmasters, which consists in ripping off articles and other materials from your resource. However, you can reduce this likelihood (read How to protect information on a site from copying?). I did it in a similar way with one of my sites.

3. You can also search for resources that publish various interesting articles that you can send them by e-mail or filling out a form. There are even article directories. However, I know from experience that the link ranking from their pages is rather minimal. It’s another matter if you post articles on well-known authoritative resources. This can be done in the following ways: exchange of articles on the topic and paid one-way posting of articles (without reciprocal posting of their article) on resources close to the topic.

4. Having achieved a few visitors, you can organize your mailing of information (news), using at the beginning one of the free services, for example This will increase the flow of visitors to your site.

How else can you run the site yourself.

For an anti-crisis solution to the issue of website promotion or how you can easily promote a website yourself without resorting to the web studio service, read the article Website promotion using the online service Sape.

Also, not so long ago, a service appeared, thanks to which the search engine optimization of the site is greatly simplified. Here it is:

Why pay SEOs when you can promote yourself.

Not so long ago, a new service for promoting sites in search engines appeared on the Internet. You can get acquainted with it here.

You can promote your site using the services of freelancers who will complete a list of necessary work aimed at ensuring that your web resource receives more targeted visitors.

You can also post articles on other resources thanks to the original service, where you can not only optimize sites by posting articles with links on them, but you can also order writing articles. In addition, if you have an interesting site for people, you can earn money by posting articles.

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