How to promote your site yourself for free and quickly.

Friends, hello everyone! Absolutely everyone who made their first site for themselves is interested in the question of how to promote the site yourself for free and quickly, is it real at all? I will try to sanctify this topic in this article.

How to promote your site yourself for free and quickly.

The main question on the Internet is the following: why do all the “bison of SEO optimization” claim that it is easy to promote any site, but in fact nothing happens, no matter how hard you try? Here you can also find the answer to this question: most likely you are doing something wrong, therefore there is no result. It is clear that this answer does not clarify anything, but it should be: everything related to SEO is always vague and unclear, but not because SEO website promotion itself is so difficult, but because no one needs competitors, and all the secrets of SEO professionals hide very carefully.

However, it is not the secrets themselves that are hiding, because these are secrets – (open secrets) and even beginners know about them. But these secrets are declared heresy by all sorts of “SEO-bison”, and in return, newbies are exposed to secrets of a completely different kind, just those that look very plausible, but which do not allow beginners to promote their sites on their own and achieve success. Personally, I myself have already untwisted more than 10 sites with my own pens up to the attendance of 2000 people per day. You are on one of them now (the attendance counter in the lower left corner). And 6 years ago I had no idea what a site was and how to promote it.

In general, any beginner who asks himself the question of how to promote a site himself for free and can quickly do it without any problems if he observes only three rules:

The site should be interesting to people. The site should not be promoted on competitive topics. The site must be multi-page.

That’s basically it. The rest is all – the details that we will now consider.

Basic rules for website promotion.

Rule one:

Never try to optimize your site for search engines. This is an incorrect setting, because the search engines themselves serve exclusively their users, and therefore the sites that are in their search results should be optimized exclusively for people. Think about what exactly might interest the audience of your site, and move along this aspect, and try to forget about the interests of search engines.

Rule two:

For a site to be interesting to people, unique content is not enough. The main thing is that this content is interesting to people. And in this case, the requirement for unique content disappears. On the site you can put articles taken from other people’s sites, the main thing is that they are interesting and unused. Thus, the beginner is freed from the need to solve the problem – where to get high-quality content and how to promote the site yourself for free and quickly. The saved money and time can be spent on more useful things related to website promotion.

Rule three:

In principle, interesting content will also not play its role if the site is not usable, that is, “friendly” to the visitor. Very often there are sites so disgusting in appearance that you want to run from them as quickly as possible. Poisonous design, eye-catching text, confusing linking – all this makes the site frankly unuseable and “unfriendly” to the visitor. Such sites do not make their way into the TOP 10, and in general they do not last long in search engine results. For example, my site is more than 5 years old and how I promoted it, a separate post was written about it.

Rule four:

Inexperienced newbies shouldn’t be promoting sites on competitive topics. They generally don’t have to read any “webmaster’s resources” that tell you how to correctly compose semantic cores for sites. There is no need to make any “cores”; choosing keywords is also an empty exercise. You just need to make an information site and fill it with articles. Of course, it is advisable to observe some thematicity, but if you decide to make a site “about everything”, then it is best to group different topics into different sections – and you get a kind of “encyclopedia like Brockhaus and Euphron”, which is also not bad – search engines love such sites too , and also promoted quite well.

Rule five:

Low-competitive, low-frequency keywords, for which newbie sites are promoted, bring very little traffic in particular, that is, for each individual request. That is why it is necessary to increase the number of requests, but not to fill every page with them to the eyeballs, but to make a large number of pages, each of which is “sharpened” only for one key phrase. The more pages a site has, the better, but it should be understood that “many pages” # 8211; these are not hundreds, but at least thousands. To estimate the amount of traffic that can be obtained in this way, assume that on average (on average!) Each request (that is, each page) will bring you 1 unique visitor per day. Of course, these are averaged calculations, some pages can bring several unique ones stably, and some will also stably bring nothing. However, it is better not to dive into the calculations, but simply add pages to the site and reflect on the wonderful future.

Rule six:

To get as much money as possible from mix traffic (not targeted visitors), use affiliate programs like Teasernet. These affiliate programs handle any traffic, the main thing is that they are not robots, but people. This, of course, does not mean that you cannot use other types of affiliate programs. But you need to collect a lot of such programs in order to “fill up” the entire site with their advertisements (not literally, of course, but figuratively). Mixed traffic, besides Teasernet, is especially good at converting on online game stores, e-cigarettes, contraceptives and penis enlargement stores, as well as on prostitute sites.

Rule Seven:

Today, sites are not promoted by links, link ranking does not work, so we do not recommend wasting time looking for links. It is enough to add the site to the webmaster zones of Yandex and Google for it to start indexing. And even if you have the opportunity to get a free link – first check how that site is dealing with traffic. Even if the site is “bold” (that is, promoted in search engines), but there is no traffic on the page from which the link leads, then such a link will most likely be useless. Don’t waste your time and money on these things.

Rule eight:

In order for the site to quickly begin to rise to the top, start pouring traffic on it. Traffic sources can be different, and if you have money, then it is better to buy it. If there is no money, you can register your site in “fat” directories, which, as a rule, have a large amount of traffic. Thus, you will demonstrate to the search engines the quality of your site, and if the behavioral factors are good, then the pages of the site will quickly “crawl” to the top of results for a variety of queries.

So, we have described only the main rules of how to promote a site yourself for free and quickly in search engines, but there are many more of them. However, if you take into account at least these, then the site will be promoted very quickly.

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