How to promote your site yourself in 2022 step by step guide.

Hello. Just one article can bring 200 people to your site a day. Five such pages will make your blog a thousandth, 100 publications will gather 20,000 people around your site. Every day they will come in, read, learn something new and bring you profit. How can this be achieved?

Today I will tell you how to promote a website yourself step by step for free: attract, retain, make your blog even more popular. I don’t want to talk about what you already know for the thousandth time. I am going to pay special attention to little-known methods of promotion from scratch.

What you need to focus on.

The main source of visitors to my, like many other sites, is search engines (Yandex and Google). Many beginners are guided primarily by them, forgetting the readers themselves. Don’t make this mistake. Always remember that the portal should not only be well optimized, be understandable and liked by search engines, people should also love it.

Ideally, before you get to grips with the promotion, ask 100 random people to write a small review about your project: do they like it, what flaws they see, could they be on the portal for a long time and if not, what hinders this. Also invite them to leave a comment on any article to identify their mistakes or the author.

This is called marketing research. In order not to spend thousands of rubles on the work of a company, I suggest you use the Advego service. A 1000 character comment will cost $ 0.20. A hundred reviews will cost just 20 bucks.

You can, of course, not do this, but it will be a shame if you spend a lot of energy, and for some reason people will come in and immediately dump somewhere else. There will be those who will like it, but marketing research will help increase the percentage of time spent on the site and reduce the number of bounces.

Semantic core and optimization.

I have already written in detail about keywords and internal optimization. If you want to know more information, be sure to read these articles.

The site should be built on the principle of “Pyramid” from general to specific, from global to narrow, affecting all areas of interest to the reader. If this is a portal about dogs, then you must tell everything: childhood, upbringing, feeding, breeds, and so on. Show yourself as professionals in this field, let visitors and search engines know that you completely own the information.

There should be a lot of publications, and they should contain the search queries that your potential readers are looking for. They can be in the title, description and the text itself. Use no more than 10 phrases. Do not highlight them and write not only in direct occurrence.

Each article should be linked with others, that is, contain links to other publications on this topic from your blog. So you give the weight of the TCI and PR to the page, and also increase the time spent on the site of the reader. First, a person will read one thing, then the second, and then he will no longer be stopped.

The content itself should be interesting and unique. Nobody wants to read the same thing a hundred times. Add something of your own: examples, stories, thoughts. If you use third-party sources, try to find reliable information. For example, I love essays, term papers and graduation projects. They contain a lot of rare information.

Google is now building a worldwide knowledge base, and every article is factually verified: you have to use certain words and information. They affect your ranking in search results.

External optimization and links.

Previously, everything was easy, fast and simple – I bought links to my site and you are already in the TOP. Now the situation has changed. Links are still counted, but not so significant, and the filters have become so complex that any mistake can lead you to a ban. One day the project will simply disappear from the search engines.

To prevent this from happening, I recommend using my base of trust sites. In it, you will find links to fat sites that will give you good weight and improve indexing. You will more often appear in the first places.

Read on for a more detailed article on 12+ Methods to Get Free Links. I can give you some more useful advice on links. They will help to increase not only the weight of the site, but also its traffic. It is surprising that creators of electronic resources rarely think about this factor.

So. Write trust articles. For example, you find the publication “What to feed a puppy” on a cool bold site, read it carefully and see a list. Do good analytical work and prove that in some points a mistake was made, or vice versa, find clever confirmation of these facts.

Suppose this advice is “Don’t give your dogs pasta.” You find information that dogs need special carbohydrates, which are found in pasta, and this would be a great addition to the main food. You can even consult with veterinarians or other specialists on your topic at

Then you return to the bold site and write a “live” and rather long comment with a link to your project. Make it as interesting as possible so that readers go to your site and developers leave it, as the information is really valuable. This is real.

I do not argue, for this purpose you will have to try, but the result will exceed all expectations. You will be able to take from 10% of page visitors for yourself. Of course, for this you need to find a fact that catches readers to the quick, and create a quality review. It won’t work right away, but such work can bring another 100 people a day. I did it several times.

Double benefit. Not entirely simple, but very effective. And do not care if the link is open or closed – it leads people, search engines cannot ignore it.

Additional methods.

It is never possible to finish this work, so I don’t dare to call this stage “final”, and nevertheless, when you start using all the previous methods automatically, you will definitely want something more.

I suggest you use social media. Create your own Vkontakte group. Choose a few basic phrases from your article, copy an interesting list or write a short description and paste a nice link with a picture into your post. This is done very quickly.

You get not only new readers, an increase in page rank, but also a platform from which you can also earn. You don’t have to worry about promoting the group. I am convinced that your friends will help you repost and popularize information. At first, it will work with a creak, but over time, the public will work for you. All that remains is to create new publications.

Don’t forget the video. It allows you not only to make information more interesting and dynamic, but also to create your own YouTube channel. This is also money and regular readers. Screencast recording takes no more than an hour, especially if you know the technology. Don’t believe me? Read an article on my blog on this topic.

I think that now you have something to think about. Want more tips? Take the awesome Zombie to Internet Entrepreneur course. You will find even more valuable recommendations in it.

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