How to promote your site yourself.

How to learn how to promote websites yourself if your SEO knowledge is clearly not enough? First of all, pay attention to the extent of the current optimization. Internet projects should be optimized as carefully as possible – there is a great risk of falling under the sanctions of search engines, and therefore freezing the possibility of increasing traffic for an indefinite period. We will give some tips for promotion, which are fundamental.

Title, h1, description and keywords.

For effective promotion, it is necessary to optimize all areas of the document important for SEO. Let’s start with Title:

Formation of Title taking into account keywords; The exact occurrence of the main query in the first part of the title; Readable and error free; Entry add. requests if possible; The optimal length is no more than 120 characters; The entry of the region in which we are moving *;

* The name of the region must be indicated in the title for sites that are promoted in 1 region. If you are promoting in several, then we do NOT recommend specifying the toponym in the title for several reasons:

It is impossible to list all regions in the title (the weight of the promoted words is lost + title becomes unreadable). When specifying 1 city; the headline in the SERP is no longer attractive to visitors from other regions. Thus, you reduce the click-through rate on it in other cities. Those. if your efforts led to the site taking the TOP for key queries; he will lose them over time due to low click-through rates.

The h1 heading must be formed according to the following rules:

Occurrence of the most frequent phrase that is not in the title If all phrases are taken into account in the title; occurrence of the most frequent phrase.

The meta description tag should be formed as follows:

A unique text of 200 characters, compiled by hand and does not repeat on the site and does not duplicate information from the page. Key phrases must be included in the meta tag.

You do not need to form the keywords meta tag. It does not affect search results.

For more effective promotion, it is necessary to analyze the textual optimization of competing sites. You can learn more about how to do this on our SEO coaching.

How to promote your site yourself through content optimization.

Unique and well-optimized content (text, graphics, multimedia) will allow you to position the search engines. It is important to take into account all the SEO parameters in the texts (uniqueness, keyword density, absence of “overspam”, water content, etc.).

How to promote your site yourself by increasing the link mass.

Increasing the incoming link mass is an effective way to increase the position of a resource in the search results for key queries. Please note: links must be of high quality, otherwise there is a high probability of being sanctioned by search engines (“Minusinsk” from Yandex and “Panda” from Google). You can buy links through specialized exchanges or by negotiating the placement of articles directly with the owners of third-party resources, where there are no other selling links. The second option requires more funds, but is more attractive. Links don’t have the same impact on SERPs as they did in the old days, but it’s too early to neglect them.

How to learn how to promote sites yourself at the level of a specialist?

The answer is clear: become an SEO specialist. For example, after completing training at the Search Engine Education center. In this case, you will be able to comprehensively promote the resource using only up-to-date methods and tools.

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