How to promote your site.

A detailed definition of search engine optimization and its need for website promotion. For beginners, and perhaps not only.

When newbies read SEO forums, as a rule, they cannot understand anything due to the terms and slang used by the forum users. Check out what would not "swim" in terminology.

The most unexpected questions from SEO newbies. A lot of interesting. You can also ask questions.

It is useful for beginners. It’s no secret that this is the most difficult task before creating a website. There are many tips for newbies.

Eternal debate, which is better – subdomain or folder. The author is trying to clarify the situation.

Again a question about subdomains and folders, but already regarding blogs. There are different options.

Many people do not know that for search engines, the addresses of pages with www and without are completely different. Hence the appearance of duplicate pages in the search, as well as receiving backlinks to different addresses (albeit to the same page). Read to understand why this is happening and what needs to be done to avoid duplicates and not spray the link mass.

It is not uncommon for you to move your site to a sharp drop in traffic and positions in search engines. A useful article with detailed recommendations for avoiding the negative consequences of moving.

You can promote the resource and raise traffic as much as you like, but there may be no result. Find out what should not be on your site so as not to scare away visitors. Mostly usability.

A very important article for online store owners! Most lose profits without even knowing the basics of the ease of use of such resources. Required reading.

You have created an interesting resource (as you think), promoted it, received good traffic, and users do not stay long and are not interested in your site. Find out what needs to be done to improve the usability of your resource.

An interesting topic about (re) optimization.

Some (but not all) useful optimizer programs.

List of programs and extensions for the optimizer.

Review of the effectiveness of software for optimizers.

The author shares his own ways to promote the site. Basically buying links.

Everything is chewed up to the smallest detail. In my opinion, even too much.

If you don’t want to waste money buying links from GS and the like, be sure to read this article.

Briefly about the initial stage of website promotion. Interesting, but does not pretend to be details.

Competition to identify a promising site and its joint promotion. Non-standard methods of promotion are presented and implemented, which have led to impressive results.

Chewed and sorted out how to promote sites from birth. Invaluable experience.

Some mistakes of novice site builders in promoting their projects.

Search Engine Optimization Guide for Beginners from Google.

Well, everyone should know this! First-hand website optimization tips, i.e. Google.

An interesting article on internal website optimization. Read to check your knowledge.

Small but well structured material on internal optimization. It will come in handy for beginners.

Quite detailed material on internal optimization. I think it will come in handy for everyone.

Several interesting methods for getting free backlinks.

The most basic advice for novice webmasters and optimizers.

Non-standard ways of promotion. Extremely useful for real-world sites.

Some tips for building your keyword list. The topic is hackneyed, but necessary.

Video tutorials on the selection of keywords and discussion of this very important topic.

Compiling a list of keywords for a large number of pages. The work is time consuming, but solvable.

A detailed guide to compiling a CL using the service.

I am often asked how to compose the semantic core. But the forum has a lot of material on this topic.

Here’s another detailed instruction.

The age-old question. The author partially answers it.

If you need to advance on a specific phrase, the article provides tips on how to do it.

Small but well structured article categorizing the types of keyword occurrences. Educational enough.

Mistakes made by beginners (and not only). It’s better to know in advance what you can’t do.

The main technical errors of sites. Here is a list of errors that most people do not pay attention to, but which can significantly lower your site in the search results. Detailed fix instructions are given.

Many novice SEOs are in a hurry to get the results of website optimization. To understand why you can’t do this, read this article.

Describes effective methods for outputting more than one page at a time into a sickle.

Again, a frequently asked question on our forum. I advise you to read so as not to make elementary mistakes.

Are you doing everything right, but you just can’t get to the TOP? Check out the article, maybe not everything is so good.

Another detailed attempt to describe the output of a resource to the TOP. Educational enough.

Quite interesting tips on HF and VK topics. It is difficult for commercial sites to break into the TOP for the right queries. In the article, algorithms for achieving this goal are partially explained.

Debunking some of the myths and postulates of search engine optimization.

Check out this thread. It will help you protect yourself from common mistakes that have serious consequences.

Is it possible (and most importantly, is it necessary) to promote the site using misspelled words or slang. Different opinions on this issue.

This method of promotion is still little known in the Russian Internet. However, it is very popular and, unlike satellite construction, is durable and gives good results.

An article about the need to constantly update and add content to the site for its further promotion.

The article describes how to fill the site with a blog. It will be interesting for beginners.

Some methods of preventing content theft from young sites are discussed.

Don’t trust SEOs? Perhaps you decided to master this science yourself? Then this article is for you. Basic recommendations for beginners.

Reasonable recommendations for abandoning black promotion methods. Especially useful for beginners who are going to make millions on black hat seo.

Some black and gray promotion methods. Do they make sense?

Does social bookmarking make sense? The answer is partly given.

Getting traffic from social networks, forums and other public places on the net.

Very useful resources for people who can speak not only Russian.

An interesting seo article for commercial sites. I recommend reading to those who want to increase sales from their resource.

A lightweight article on what to do and what not. Just Vladimir Mayakovsky – "WHAT IS BAD AND WHAT IS GOOD"…

Many people buy links on sapa and elsewhere. Do you think you haven’t wasted your money?

Are you buying links correctly? Even if you are sure of this, I advise you to read the article. Your strategy may need to be adjusted.

Some tips for attracting natural backlinks to your website.

If you are promoting a local business project – this SEO article is invaluable to you.

If you are hiring a SEO or optimization company, it is good to know their qualifications. A small cheat sheet so as not to run into crooks.

In general, these are not myths, but delusions not only of novice optimizers. Described in detail and debunked. I advise you to read.

It is believed that link exchange does little. If you still decide to change – do it wisely. Detailed instructions on link exchange.

On our forum, they often ask questions about the competent linking of sites. Here are some simple yet effective guidelines.

Some of the methods for obtaining links are outlined. Not everything is so simple, but how the direction can be considered.

Optimizers – this is for you! Even if you do well, it doesn’t mean that the client thinks the same way. Be competent in reporting your work!

Elementary, but sufficient ways to speed up the indexing of both the site and individual pages. Everything is ingeniously simple! Use it.

It happens that, despite the fact that no small efforts have been made to promote the project, it still does not make a profit or rolls back to its previous positions. Read this article to avoid repeating the mistakes of poor optimization.

Until now, there are a huge number of links that are ugly in appearance on the web. When you start explaining that you cannot do this, people say that this is nonsense. But read at least Google’s guidelines (above). And also this article. May help to avoid common URL composing mistakes.

Important tips for getting and posting backlinks.

I am often asked a question on the forum – how to speed up the indexing of the site and new pages. Read, there are almost all the answers.

Without internal optimization, it is almost pointless to deal with external ones. Much more expensive, at least.

Everything is laid out on the shelves. The article is old, but in principle, almost everything works.

Perhaps it will help you in acquiring links to your site. In fact, all this is extremely difficult to take into account. But you need to know!

Very useful material for young sites. I know from myself, six months after the opening of the first normal site, I began to think, why do I have only 10 people a day?

To avoid asking such questions, read this article.

The entire set of seo tools that can be useful to you when analyzing any resources.

I recommend reading the article.

In general, elementary SEO tips. But in my experience, most not only webmasters, but also SEOs do not know about them. Read at least to make sure you’re not doing stupid things.

In general, what is written in the title. Very useful for promotion.

Promotion by press releases is a very popular way of promotion in the West. It is rarely used in Russia. But in vain!

Very effective, adds trust, backlinks and traffic. This method is not easy, but I am sure that the article will help you.

Again, Western tips for building and improving your link mass. Abroad, of course, we are not a decree. But read it, it should come in handy.

I recommend you to read it! Lots of useful links and tips. Make life much easier for your resource (but not yourself).

More tips for getting backlinks. Some are funny and not doable. Can you do all the ways?

More structured tips for acquiring inbound links. Read on, you will not regret it.

Free bourgeois article directories. Most have good puzomerki. It can help in promoting not only English-language sites.

There are many more white-hat ways to increase blog traffic. Not for the lazy. We’ll have to work!

A very urgent problem. Especially when there is an active promotion of articles, and the budget is limited. I highly recommend reading.

Valuable recommendations are given for the promotion and increase in site traffic. Useful for everyone!

The author here of course bent. But as a direction it is very interesting.

Is revealed "A BIG SECRET"… Some people think that when they hit the top 10, they have already caught their luck by the tail. From the article you will learn that not everything is so simple.

Simple ways to increase traffic. Sometimes it works.

In general, basic recommendations for page optimization.

Continuation of recommendations. Read it, perhaps you either don’t know or don’t follow through.

The gradation of search queries and methods of optimization for them are given. Many important and, for most, unknown things.

Some sites do not have their own map. It’s okay for small projects, but if you have a growing and constantly updated resource, you should have a sitemap. Why? Read on.

Do you like fairy tales? Perhaps you loved in childhood? Read another one.

Hints and tips for registering in the most important directories.

A very important topic for fans of the popular phpBB forum engine. Valuable optimization tips.

Dedicated to Simple Machines Forum (SMF) lovers. We make the display of the forum as convenient as possible for search bots and at the same time we do not litter with unnecessary, from the point of view of SEO, page words. It can help in raising low and medium frequency requests.

The most important modules for WordPress. Lots of SEO plugins, as well as others for the most important occasions.

Optimizing WordPress with SEO plugins. Explained in detail and intelligibly.

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